Sea Fishing In Denmark On The Yellow Reef

The Yellow Reef in Denmark has built in the 80s and 90s, an almost legendary reputation as Grossfischrevier. Nowhere else could they catch many big fish so and so. It has become a little calmer, but there is really nothing going on, as some alarmists are trying to make us believe? The Yellow Reef is an underwater plateau in northern Denmark, about 30-40 km from the coast. It falls back to Norway from 30-40 m water depths up to 700 m in the Norwegian channel – with an irregular soil profile. Ie are here to find individual surveys, as well as channels, a variety of ship wrecks provide shelter and food to the fish. This profiled substrate the yellow reef fish is too difficult for commercial fishermen, too big is the risk of damaging the nets or to lose it. The reef fishing trips for the yellow go from Hirtshals and Hanstholm.

Here are the interested angler different boats for day trips and multiple day trips to choose from. Also from Tyboron and Skagen drive launches for the yellow reef, but have this one a little longer directions, so that sufficient time is to build the equipment and tie the assembly. The main fish species belonging to the family of cod: cod, ling, coley (saithe), pollack and haddock. But flatfish occur, such as plaice, turbot and halibut. In addition, catfish (catfish) and monkfish on the Yellow Reef is home. Rare are the porbeagle shark and rays, the red tuna is almost only a memory from the 40s – 60s, he plays on the reef today no longer relevant. The fishing tackle should be strong: one 30 lbs Bootsrute, multi-role he and 0.20 until 0.30 braided cord.

These jigs in weights up to 700 g, by-catch in size 8 / 0 to 12 / 0 and strong natural bait assembly with corresponding Bebleiung. In the '80s, when people began to discover the Yellow Reef angle Risch, mass kapitaler catches fish were almost the rule. Fish from which one could only dream of: cod of 40, 50 or more pounds, as capital burbots and monkfish. After the first run, it is indeed gone a bit quiet and the very rare Great, which does not mean that there is nothing to get on the Yellow Reef. Also today is still: the opportunity to catch big fish within reach, are nowhere better than here. (Unless you take the long drive to northern Norway on themselves or fly to the Big Game fishing for southern Europe), the fish are above the average sizes are anywhere else reached: the cod are at 50-20 pounds, 20-30 pounders are on almost every tour caught fish in the league 30-50 pounds and more are possible at any time, but naturally rare. To get the really big ling, a few boats to offer special deep-sea tours. It can be manually assigned deep channels and wrecks, fishing depth is 150 m and more. The equipment must therefore be of best quality, otherwise they will not survive the occurring loads. Rare on porbeagle fishing tours are offered. Here it is better to with like-minded people together and book includes a full charter. The captain will assist the anglers best efforts so that they come to their Fangerlebnissen. The Yellow Reef is far better than is sometimes portrayed. There are plenty of fish and there is a chance to catch the fish of his life. The legend lives on also.