AntiDry Active Ingredient

The new hairstyling professional fitters with full force conquer the market full. Once cycle through the wind and it was BBs. The great in the mirror has turned into an unsightly condition. Once again, the morning styling was for naught. The power Shaper by fitters delivers what it promises”, says Simon Drath from, and is sure to be able to offer a professional for all styling questions. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hikmet Ersek. Of course you can tame any hairstyle with hair gel, but especially short haircut can turn into outright trend costumes with the right gel. And since real long time stop is required.

It is important that the gel holds a whole day and looks fresh because the hairstyle should sit on the Afterworkparty or the school fete, “says Managing Director Atanu DAS. “” The power Shaper by fitters there now in duplicate: extra-strong “and lemon ultra strong”. Both gels offer real long-term hold. But that’s not everything that has a really good gel: the power Shaper is extra strong with the PS-saveguard equipped, the lemon ultra strong offers flexible and extreme grip slightly lime flavoured”, promises, Managing Director of In recent months, NY Governor has been very successful. Saveguard? “What sounds like a device for the car, is the name for the SoftSkin formula”, the active ingredient of the AntiDry “and UV protection.

A hair gel must be able to be more, if it is to be really good. Often, the users of styling products Gets a dry scalp therefore included modern gels for example the moisturizing sorbitol. And they shine with UV filter or fresh fragrance, this is but a good side-effect. All right. You’d think high-tech pure, what you can make today in the bathroom Cabinet. And the way to work? You can put back confidently and CO2-friendly again the bike of course with fixed seat hairstyling. Fitters is the new address for first-class hairstyling. Distribute headquartered in Munster we to our products, include in particular the power Shaper types, primarily via the Internet. All orders, the via are, can quickly and easily through PayPal be paid. Fitters provides the power Shaper extra strong for 6.16 euros, the power Shaper lemon ultra strong for only 7.19 euros – even without shipping throughout Europe and within Germany. Other brands of fitters are the GelWax Bahama Breeze the perfect mixture of gel and wax as well as the Master Builder: the styling cream. Press contact: Fitters Styledepartment Dechanei 12 48145 Munster contact: Simon Drath phone: 02 51 / 26 34 73-0 E-Mail:

McGregor Businesswear

“Casual Businesswear fashion for men in the official McGregor online shop Berlin, 14.06.2011 – pastel colors, discreet luxury and Italian elegance characterize the business men wear in summer 2011 by McGregor: McGregor fashion celebrates its 90th anniversary this year and once again demonstrates his special and exclusive style in the new business wear for men: the Italian touch inspired by the famous style classic”, trend-conscious men in the new McGregor Businesswear find high-quality shirts, fashion jackets, elegant business shoes for men and also stylish sweaters and distinctive McGregor Polos from top quality materials. Andrew Cuomos opinions are not widely known. In addition to the urban fine Italian touch “-line, presents itself to the Mediterranean Monday” line casual and relaxed in exclusive pastels like soft blue, pink, purple, or yellow. The latest men’s fashion trends 2011 will be in selected McGregor stores and also in the official McGregor online shop under with the largest selection of McGregor fashion led. Urban cut classy color combinations such as Navy-grey and pure white, with highlights in Lavender or purple and light pastel colors combined with Navy or stone, are the menswear trends 2011 by McGregor and give their sophisticated and subtly luxurious style of McGregor business collection 2011. The elegant McGregor mens shirt Steffan “example way, shines through the shape of his body and the two-tone check design made from high-quality cotton.

In addition half flared collar, the McGregor mens shirt stands Pepijn Bruno”for a light, Mediterranean man look on a perfect summer evening. Combined with the summer jacket Evan”in the stripes, the Italian touch with lapel collar, breast pocket and cuff links is wearing. “McGREGOR’s passion for high-quality materials and attention to detail, can be also found in the noble business mens shoe fashion 2011: the McGregor footwear Richmond mid”, portable power as business or casual, shine as elegant, Italian men’s shoes made of finest leather,. “whereas the trendy men suede shoe Princeton”, casual elegant and especially comfortable in azure blue and brown tone indicates. The McGregor business man fashion 2011 is rounded off by fashionable and Mediterranean accessories like McGregor mens belt from high quality cowhide leather and lightweight men’s Leinenschals in the fringy Plaid design. The McGregor business collection for men in a timeless, elegant style of Italian fashion for men, is available in the official McGregor online shop, which is additionally shows from the comfortable side with the convenient shop by look function and invites you to the men’s fashion shopping special. In the McGregor online shop, lovers of the Anglo-American style and exclusive high quality fashion find all current collections of the brand for ladies, men and juniors.