Documentary Photography

New at, his paintings quenched the longing of a generation for glamour and the big wide world. Mark Mender was to be in the 60s and 70s as one of the top fashion photographers in Germany. A related site: Everest Capital mentions similar findings. In the way of today 75 led only detours to fashion photography. As sales and advertising manager for a Munich fashion company, and he photographed the in-House collection in the 1950s. His talent and potential are quickly evident. in 1961 he set himself up then as a fashion photographer. Between 1962 and 1981, he realized as one of the top fashion photographers of in Germany photo spreads for advertising and magazines. “1968 was one of his paintings from the Alaska series with the first prize as a fashion photo of the year” award.

After his impressive career, which brought him not only to remote paradise places this world, but also brought together with interesting personalities from the film and fashion industries, Mender was awarded within the framework of the photokina 2006 for his life’s work. Menders original-Vintageprints, as well as his fashion photographs are exemplary for the staging and techniques from the 60s and 70s. You be realized today or arise only through digital manipulation. Menders photo works present not only the fashion of that time, but also your life feeling. The elaborately staged fashion photos reflect the dream of distant and exotic, glamour and elegance. Still inspire his photographs of current fashion lines and publicity photos. The online gallery of german art project ( presents a fine selection of Menders best images.


Deposition of images on different surfaces with compressed air and paint is the airbrush. It looks like a small airbrush pen, which was invented in America in 1879. Verbatim from the English Airbrush can be translated as 'air brush'. Wondery will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Because of the high granularity of individual pieces and color accuracy, we can achieve very realistic images. Amazon Studios has much to offer in this field. For airbrushing there are no barriers, the figure can be of any complexity – landscapes, surreal paintings, wild animals or any other image. Due to the rapid growth of the automotive industry, has received a new aerografiya stage of its development.

Previously, airbrush work in artisanal conditions Now experts are engaged in it that have been 'airbrushing courses'. To obtain a qualitative picture, as a rule, professional tools used airbrushes Organization of Japan Iwata and Paint materials leaders in this area: Sikkens, PPG, Standox, Spies Hecker, DuPont. Soon, airbrush art became – giving an unusual charm and originality of the car, the visual improvement. The picture underscores the nature personality, style, car owner, because the picture made for your order anywhere else will not happen again. Looks nice airbrush machines. She adds, even more expressive forms of metal, allowing achieve a visual effect: riveted metal, armor, silver titanium, etc.

For several years, contests, exhibitions of cars made with airbrushing, can be found on the Internet sites uniting around connoisseurs and admirers of art, and in any magazine, dedicated auto / motor technology, you will find an article or pictures airbrushing. Among the wealthy are increasingly becoming a prestigious gift gifts in the form of a new car coated with a delicate pattern of his beloved woman. A car with airbrushing, no doubt, will attract attention and cause a feeling of admiration in people around them. Through showiness, your car is well protected from theft. According to statistics, the number of stolen cars is ten times lower than the same simple model. The fact that the picture is very noticeable and easy to remember, in turn, leads to decrease the likelihood of theft (you can quickly catch the culprit). Separately discuss the course of airbrushing. Exstudio aerograficheskaya leading studio in Moscow, which trains artists drawing technique of airbrushing. A teaches courses renowned artist P. Levin, his work has repeatedly won prizes in various competitions and exhibitions. On the courses you can learn Exstudio technique of airbrushing, and eventually, to become a professional in this field. If you do decided to do airbrushing, the choice of studios strongly recommend to see the work. At times of the photos on this site do not correspond to real images. Specify the details regarding the price that would avoid a sharp rise at the end of work. One of the key moments in the airbrushing is whether the company's painting booth or in what circumstances is drawing a picture.

Role Playing Game

New art book of photo work on role players of the Alf Maron photographer for the fashion and advertising photographer Alf Maron has been photography already always inextricably linked with his artistic work. Beginning of 2011 he finished his project of “Instant”, the first section of a photographic documentary about role players. The work so far shows photographs of 7 role-players from different part role-playing game genres: LARP (live action role playing), cosplay, and trading card game. The games of the people is an expression of his need to playfully compete with others and this demonstration of joy of life and imagination. Since the beginning of mankind, man plays.

Through the global spread and the form as communication between people of any age, playing represents a universal language. It can be regarded as elemental human need. In the game, recognize themselves human, establishes relationships, and occurs in communicative Exchange with others. The reasons for playing role-playing games are as varied as the People who play it. Nevertheless, particularities of the fantastic role-playing game work out and pointing out similarities.

There are some Gratifications of role-playing games, but probably is the most significant: the desire of the player to slip into other roles and to assume other, self-created identities. More dimensions of gratuity are the entertainment, explorers and power wishes of the player as well as the interaction and maintain social contacts. For the players, the role playing game offers not only the possibility of distraction and suppression of everyday life. Rather, it is a medium which allows the player to create a Charakterrolle to join a virtual room. He can create with this on his specifically assigned place in the social virtual world through an independent action and move in the game room. To credibly can try convey our own actions the players many role players through the studies of appropriate readings, a so complete as any background knowledge to gain. Game actions should no longer the player as a person to be mapped, but the character-specific role. Good roleplay is produced not only by credible Theater game assets, but first and foremost by a continuous process of the work himself. Suitable for a realistic”experience is the genre of fantasy. Long time and apart from a few exceptions, it was only as a marginal phenomenon. Films such as Lord of the rings and Harry Potter helped to emerge this genre out of the shadows and to bring into focus of the perception. The fantasy genre allows to subordinate his actions to no physical or historical correct facts in contrast to other areas of the fantastic genres such as science fiction. Proposes to roughly the range of fantasy literature, one finds eras situates them frequently in medieval-like. Excellent basic material for the construction of an own world offer but the for myths surviving from the middle ages and legends usually constructed from a plot of good versus evil. Thus is the possibility of experimentally evaluate non-realisable actions and desires in the virtual space in everyday life and experience. The subject of role-playing is also the subject of the photo work “Instant”. Fashion photographer Alf Maron’s photographic work is now incorporated into a photo book with a limited edition of 6 pieces. One can get insight into the work of under the Web address under which also an excerpt of the book in digital form is to find. ALF Maron / 2012

Khrushch Valentine

March 27, 2010 at 19:00 in art-center "Nick" on the 7th floor of the gallery "Athena" in Odessa, on the Greek Square, held the event, which combines painting, collage, light installations and video art-premiere composition by Alexei Bogatyrev, "FAUST." Alexey Bogatyrev. Born in 1962 in Odessa. Since childhood, became interested in sports, played volleyball at the youth national team of Ukraine. He served in the Soviet Army from 1982-1984 in Novosibirsk, where he also continued a career. On his return to Odessa, Alex led Khrushch Valentine – an artist whose name says much fans of non-conformist art of the 1970s, he began to master the skill of the artist. Author events Alexei Bogatyrev, calls him "the end of the world" or "children's room for adults." What kind of art we feel in this March evening? It will be a mixture of poetry, music, video sequence, the play of light and shadow, painting, watching from the walls, like windows neighboring worlds – and all this together will be combined in only one: the creative personality of the creator, the author, who is one of two persons. He and knowing the world Faust and Mephistopheles, the tempter. For even more opinions, read materials from Siemens. Contemporary artist inevitably tempted myself art, joy of creation, the possibility of knowing the Truth.

And he himself laughs at himself, because realize that no matter what, he is just a man. Just a man. But someone with a gift, kindling a Creator creative spark. "The event that I had in mind, like a Zen meditation, – says Alexey Bogatyrev. – I want to be in spite of careful preparation, we now hold, it turned out as an impromptu, and plunged the audience into being in its purest form. Throw away all the stereotypes and algorithms – and simply surrender to pleasure in art, allow yourself feel the emotions and impressions, to open the flow of creativity – here is the true meaning of events that will occur March 27. " Art – is one of the most beautiful way to wake up from sleep and daily life of the mainstream of co-existence with the artist. EVENING PROGRAM 19-00 – Event start, contemplation paintings and video installations 19-20-19-40 Premiere videokompozitsii "Faust" 19-40-20-00 Talk about Faust, art and other lofty matters. 20:00 – Dinner, free communication.

Living, The Way To Paradise (F. Flower)

Petitonen and excerpts from the works of F. flower petition so, I think you need a basic consensus, which has ethical nature… for Europe Policy must be social, so ethically, it must be fair… The law of the inviolability of human dignity, in favour of the life and the dignity of each individual. Do justice to only this dignity, when everyone can life has any capital, the capital must be distributed throughout the world, although slight differences remain, every one of his dignity has the right to similar capital, basically because each work requires effort, am I road workers and managers, both must be equally recognized and be rewarded… Patients must be supplied. You must sue worldwide, so also Europe-wide taxes of which, who in the ubfluss and life, not even aware… it’s presumptuous, so unconscionable some I call that one promotes every life and gives cash injections alone for the life of the individual and of all for the common good…

This project is creating peace with himself and with then there will be more also no terrorism and war all other States or continents, because if one meets the dignity of all, you need not invest in security, but alone in progress… So it saves in the end and achieved much more, I urge and do hereby petition. Control of financial markets. Also the killing of life (pill, abortion, research with embryonic stem cells killing of embryos) is incorrect, you can reach everything with adult stem cells, because everyone has the right to life and to eternal life in principle. It says even the wisdom of Christ! However, if the economy of social market economy becomes, then there is the danger that all kolobiert and no ecological balance is more in the world, it leads to a shift, so quite poor and rich, this can’t happen, that’s why the world and Europe, money of which must ask that in abundance have to encourage every lives and can give each age and medical safety More sociality and Charity of the people in Europe and the other States I would ask, share and economies and research…! I have received the letter you attachment to the petition (No.

Klaus HA Springmuhl

“England is not the only island in the world of the artist and self-taught Klaus HA Springmuhl (Zwickau 1950 Leipzig 2006) is an unrecognised” (Klaus Werner). “The importance of the him as the original powerhouse” (Paul Kaiser and Claudia Petzold) within the oppositional art scene of Karl-Marx City (since 1990 again: Chemnitz) of the 1980s from companions and lovers is attached, is contrary to his low popularity. Since the early 1970s, Klaus HA Springmuhl pursued a processual and I-related, intermedial and adventurous art concept, which stood in open opposition to the officially promoted understanding of the art of the GDR and whose Bezuge to the avant-gardes of the 20th century and the Western contemporary art were seen early. His gestural painting showed although figurative elements, was never telling and campaigned for a realism of the material”(Ute Ackermann). Photography was his medium for documenting psychological and aesthetic moments and starting point for collages and Overpainting. Destroy and the rhythm of his work specific back linking. With the playwright and writer Heiner Muller (1929-1995), and the writer Joerg Waehner (* 1962) he created artist books.

Since his artistic beginnings in Cottbus and Dresden already also the musical for him in the interplay with his images stood. With the saxophone, he created potato sound collages, inter alia with Gitte HA Springmuhl, Erich Wolfgang Haider and Frank Rassbach in the formation”or also in Duet with television and radio receivers. This artistic facets to Gesamtkunstwerken joined in excessive, collective actions. This opened new opportunities for an expanded concept of art, who was looking for his peers in the GDR. Representatives of a younger generation of artists, who entliefen the provincial slumber”(Klaus Werner), he is considered in addition to Carlfriedrich Claus (1939-1998) pioneer and reference. Museum honors and reputation reached Despite major advocates and numerous solo exhibitions in galleries in HA Springmuhl little. He lived the ascetic life of a radical outsider for his art.

The altered sign of a free art market, in which he only bad found himself along, causing a gradual retreat from the art scene and also the art in the 1990s where he through Europe and to Japan in 1992 also traveled and moved to Leipzig. 2006 died Klaus HA Springmuhl in Leipzig. D21 art space Leipzig shows documents of his musical improvisations and a photographic action log by Karin Walton in this exhibition photo overpaintings, paintings, publications, a film together with Erich Wolfgang Haider. In a sound installation in the outdoor area, Frank Rassbach recalls his former companions. The exhibition has no retrospective claims, but wants to push for dialogues on Klaus HA Springmuhls role and the importance of his uncompromising experimentation for the Type present. An exhibition featuring works by Klaus HA Springmuhl, Erich Wolfgang Haider, Frank Rassbach and Karin Walton duration: 27 August to 19 September 2009 opening: August 26, 2009, 7: 00 Finissage: September 19, 2009, 18: 00 D21. KunstRaum-Leipzig, Demme ring road 21, 04109 Leipzig, opening hours: Thu Sun 13-19: 00 this exhibition is a cooperative project of the D21 of KunstRaum-Leipzig and Chemnitz Oscar e.V., promoted by the cultural foundation of the free State of Saxony and the culture Department of the city of Leipzig.

Interesting Dichtaloge Lead

A poet’s blog, the online poet called potato Zebra, invites you to the poetic dialogue, shortly to the Dichtalog. Once a banana with Whale fins and now a banana with kilt, are decorated with the logo of the poet logs, including the word potato Zebra”. Some contend that BWX Technologies shows great expertise in this. In the art scene is called on the likely Dada”or Dadaist art. It shows that in this blog much style freedom, as long as the content is not infringing or offensive. The collection of poetic works of love poems, Trost poems to short stories, is constantly expanding by the writer of the blog, the so-called Dlogger.

Answer verses are given by visitors and friends. Is considered a reply, something other online poet, so the blog, after reading a work, similar to the comments with normal logs. Although repeatedly used all kinds of rhymes in artistic form, other poetic styles give up completely. The most important thing is to open the heart to express thoughts, to raise questions. You can of course also in the normal way chat, but the densities, playing with the words allows so much more in the expression. The ideas expressed in the Dichtalog, should not need to make a compromise with the rhymes or Phonetics, rather delche should serve as support for the expression. The snake, the steam engine and the poem in the poem. Oh, of course also some features into the works of the artist with the most terrible artist name.

Which by several poems and short stories zeihenden iconic figures such as the snake, the world of the grade or a sad steam engine in a kind of lonely parallel world have the interaction have a life win. Unusually, also the poem in a poem, may be similar to the film in the film in the film. An example is the work of the love poem and short story “.” The artist also speaks of a new style extension, in which the interaction of the Dichtaloge on the one hand, and a neuro meditation of the poet on the other hand, considered to be Muse. A new style will be inspired by this strange Muse. Also keep coming more, in addition to the pure Word buildings, videos, and animations to to expand the message accuracy and possibilities of expression with the additional sensory, episodic and symbolic resources. Paul Schauer

The New Yorker

The Bible what is the Bible? THE word Bible is derived from the Greek word biblia, meaning Papyrus scrolls or books. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nukem Energy is the place to go. The Bible is a collection or library of 66 books written in the past thousand six hundred years, since 1513 a.E.C. until about the year 98 C.E. This book is the Bible is estimated that printed, have been total or partially, almost five thousand millions of Bibles, which is more than five times the figure of the Red Book of Mao, the second work of greater difucion.In just one recent year the Bible complete or partly reached a distribution of over fifty million copies, the Bible is the book most sold in the year, every year, advises The New Yorker.La Bible magazine has been traducidad in whole or in part on more than two thousand four hundred languages.Ninety per cent of humanity provided at least from some book of the Bible in their own language. The Bible has left a deep imprint on the arts, as some of the pictorial, musical and literary works attested to by more famous.The Bible has left airy official prohibitions, burning at the hands of religious enemies and the ravages of criticizing it any other book has withstood greater opposition throughout history. The Bible offers guide in matters of morality, and describes effective solutions to the problems of crime, hunger and pollution. But there is a snag: the majority of people no longer sees the Bible as an authority on such matters however, it today is common be skeptical in terms of everything: customs, ideas, morality, to the existence of God.

Especially there are doubts of valuable Bible. It seems that the majority of people believes that the Bible is out of fashion and does not apply at present. There are few modern intellectuals who see it as the word of God. But is for you the Bible the word of God, or is word of man? Regardless of how you would answer that question, consider this: If the Bible is only human Word, then, logically, there is no clear answer to humanity’s problems. The only thing that may make the humans will be cope as best they can, with the hope that somehow avoid poisoning death themselves or fly apart in a nuclear war.

Juan Manuel Lopez

There are 2 types of people who join a working net MLM company: 1) consumers: are the people who love your products and are ready to be eaten by a long term, I can tell you that they do business, but in reality, they are not interested, they are consumers and are the base that supports any company and any network. (2) Distributors: They are the people who consume the products because they are good, but his interest is not in products mostly, his interest is in the network, in making money, in dream and their dreams (of these 97% fails). If you really want to get your financial freedom, you need 5 successful dealers who obtain results and these in turn are getting successful distributors more satisfying the needs of the consumer base. But it is not easy to obtain a successful dealer, insurance what you’ve experienced. One problem is that in this industry you’re a businessman, and people who enters does so out of desperation, without have never been an entrepreneur, entrepreneur or marketing skills have not developed.And the worst thing is that the new duplicated this scheme which is designed for one thing: failing, because it takes them 3 to 5 years develop the necessary skills, and the 6th month will be out, and you feel guilty for having gotten to a friend or a relative who is not generating money, on the contrary, lost money. The first thing that you must teach new members is not the compensation plan or the characteristics of the product, recalls, the company is only an axe, but what moves that axe you’re your with your skills and knowledge, you need to teach them leadership and marketing.

And within the leadership is to create brand, Branding, you and your leadership, that people die because they are on your computer, that no cares in which company you are, in which you are, they want to be with you, because your les das a huge value-added: leadership, increasingly and teach them to teach new members, leadership and marketing. So forget about your net working company and its products and focus on creating a huge brand, different from you and your leadership branding. Become red in the illustration above, differentiate from others, no matter if you are very young or very old, if you’re male or female, if you’re high or low, pelon or grenudo, get thee a brand relevant which communicate leadership and teaches marketing. With that said, go to the box’s side, fill out your information and get ready to receive very valuable information in a few instantess to your email address, is free and without any commitment on your part. Go to the box’s side, fill out your information and you speak in a few moments.


I come from Portugal, where a general discouragement in the population has been installed. The crisis not only economic, but also moral, is such that the re-elected President, Cavaco Silva, has done endorsed many of the criticisms of his fellow citizens. Connect with other leaders such as Nordstrom here. It is considered a lost decade the two Governments of the Socialist Jose Socrates and three years of Conservative Cabinet that preceded them. At his inauguration, last Wednesday, emphasized something that we perhaps smacks the Valencians: can not privileging said large investments that are not in a position to finance, which do not contribute to the growth of productivity and which have a temporary and residual effect on job creation. Do not arguably here something similar with respect to Terra Mitica or Agora, passing through the city of light and other costly events of ephemeral? The funny thing is that the press economic lusa on Friday, as the newspaper Oje, so pending always what happens in Spain, picked up the news of that the Mercadona supermarket group has entered into commercial history to overcome in billing to El Corte Ingles, the great paradigm of the sale to the general public. Click Kohl’s to learn more.

This success of the entrepreneurial work of Juan Roig has coincided in time with the recognition that his fortune is already the fifth of Spain, made by the prestigious Forbes magazine. It is no wonder, then, that President Francisco Camps has looked for the photo with the owner of Mercadona. With pious irony Amparo Tortola that needed to be who the two graphical snapshot wondered yesterday on these same pages. Obviously, always are politicians who need to associate your image more disparate groups, from young immigrants and from pensioners to businessmen. But, do they hear then what they have to say? It would be interesting to know what said to the President a little accommodative character as Juan Roig, one of a hundred representatives of civil society who sent a study on the transformation you need to don Juan Carlos I Spain. He stated that our country suffers from a serious loss of competitiveness in talent and technology and that has failed the adequate development of the knowledge economy to compete in goods and services sophisticated with leading countries, but nor can do so with the emerging countries in cost of goods and services of less value.

By the way, Rodriguez Zapatero wasted no time in calling entrepreneurs signed document to make the photo with them. Always photo. Juan Roig is a singular character, not by the anecdotal do not attend all these solicitations of power or for doing it with a tie when the Generalitat demands an informal attire. Defining really is his business imprint: creating 1,500 jobs last year, the fixed nature of those jobs, increase productivity and link to it the increase in salaries and profit-sharing, this is called innovation. Also to something quite unusual: daring to explain their secrets in public business without fear of being imitated; Perhaps because when others try to plagiarize them the walk already in any other invention, anticipating as well their competitors. If only for these values and their courage in putting into practice, if there were half a dozen entrepreneurs from the Court of Juan Roig, sure that the future of our society would be more hopeful.