The Company

Despite the profound changes that are being raised on the web over the past years, over static structure to dynamic applications, and now with a new transition called Web 2.0, and even talks about Web 3.0!, yet it is incredible that a vast majority of companies focus their efforts in carrying out graphically designed web pages for the sole purpose of showing the catalog of your products or services, without taking into account the potential promotional and seller, that this means puts at your fingertips. Probably at the root of the problem is the lack of knowledge about the environment and, of course, lack of counseling directors. The well designed website is much more than a display case, is a place to interact with people and to communicate things constantly. But today, what has become more important is to allow the user the right to say: create spaces for people to opine openly and publicly about the products and services we exhibit. And on-line surveys and suggestion boxes are out of time! Of course, this mode scares the corporate executives because they are aware that there are going to publish good and bad criteria. But experience says otherwise: the blog is the best focus group a company can have. On the web must have courage to receive the good and bad comments.

What can you fear if you have good products? Just enough to glimpse in these community networks to realize that among the users themselves out in their defense. Furthermore, just where is the business opportunity to describe the advantages and benefits of their products and to captivate new customers or consumers, who by the way, are there, right there opining.