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Despite the profound changes that are being raised on the web over the past years, over static structure to dynamic applications, and now with a new transition called Web 2.0, and even talks about Web 3.0!, yet it is incredible that a vast majority of companies focus their efforts in carrying out graphically designed web pages for the sole purpose of showing the catalog of your products or services, without taking into account the potential promotional and seller, that this means puts at your fingertips. Probably at the root of the problem is the lack of knowledge about the environment and, of course, lack of counseling directors. The well designed website is much more than a display case, is a place to interact with people and to communicate things constantly. But today, what has become more important is to allow the user the right to say: create spaces for people to opine openly and publicly about the products and services we exhibit. And on-line surveys and suggestion boxes are out of time! Of course, this mode scares the corporate executives because they are aware that there are going to publish good and bad criteria. But experience says otherwise: the blog is the best focus group a company can have. On the web must have courage to receive the good and bad comments.

What can you fear if you have good products? Just enough to glimpse in these community networks to realize that among the users themselves out in their defense. Furthermore, just where is the business opportunity to describe the advantages and benefits of their products and to captivate new customers or consumers, who by the way, are there, right there opining.

Balearic Credit Bank

The Balearic credit bank is a subsidiary registered in the bag for people’s bank group, which is a group of banks formed among others by the above mentioned bank credit Balearic popular Spanish bank, Bank Andalucia, Bank of Castilla, Bank of Galicia, the Basque bank, bank mortgage popular, and this set of banks make up the people’s bank group. Returning to the issue of Bank of Credit Balear, we should clarify that this bank has not always had the name of Bank of Credit Balear, this the right time to be founded was the name of credit Balearic its foundation took place on 9 February 1872, apparently the Balearic credit bank had a name that is awarded at the beginning because this is in the Balearic Islands, and in 1874 the Balearic piggy bank move to integrate with the Balearic bank, which merged with the name of the Balearic piggy bank, credit step Balearic simply called at the time, but not yet finished the process of forming what is now known as the Bank of Credit Balear, and 95 in 1893 and merged with banks Mallorcan change respectively and after the merger in the year 1967 has definitely taken the name of Bank of Credit Balear, although the community Balearic Island is known as Credit, since then he began to form close business connections with the people’s bank group and at the end of the decade happened to be one given the group’s subsidiaries. The Balearic credit bank is domiciled in a plaza of Spain Palma de Mallorca – Spain, and offer an excellent service for all financial aspects that you as a person or company may become required. Among its extensive portfolio of services include the following: Finance Facility: The Balearic credit bank loans granted to different types of financing rates quite low compared with other banks in the financial sector, among the various loans granted by the lending bank Balearic have: Mortgage credit. Personal credit bonus. Permanent credit.

Renting Leasing. Financing of studies. Additionally, it has the required credit as free investment – is one that you can devote to what he deems appropriate – Savings and Investment Service. The Banco de Credito Balear offers a wide range of options for adequate savings between them is even the option of saving in a foreign currency (U.S. Dollars). Insurance Service. The Balearic credit bank offers all types of insurance for any type of risk, including the most common: life, health, home, auto, business, travel and payment protection. Multi-channel service. The multi-channel service Balearic bank credit, it offers very complete coverage via the Internet through its ‘Internet Banking’, the ability to communicate via phone and make transactions swiftly and also offers the service “Mobile Banking” for transactions or look through their movements mobile phone.