Representation of their position in negotiations during the negotiations, often need to present their ideas, thoughts, products, arguments, that is, make a presentation. Presentation includes an address before an audience or partner, the presentation of any information, possibly with a display of visual material. The purpose of this action – 'bring' information to the listener, to teach something, to convince of the correctness or usefulness, encourage use of this information. Emotions during the presentation may enhance the effect of credibility. Also with the help of emotions can be attached to key statements or important moments of the presentation. For example, a meaningful phrase or 1.Proiznesite Emphasize to students the important point. 2.Obratites look to partner audiences. If you smile, make a serious face.

3.Vazhnost time or statements to back up a little pause, while maintaining an emotional condition serious. 4.Sdelayte affirmative gestures such as shaking his head. 5.Izmenite emotional state, slightly smile, slightly accelerate it. 6.Prodolzhayte speak at a normal pace. Very helpful during presentation to change the tempo of speech, increase or decrease the tone of voice.

Lower pitch creates a sense of confidence, of calmness, as it allows the audience to call or partner necessary emotional. For example, if you need to calm the audience to focus their attention: 1.Snizhayte rate of speech. 2.Sdelayte pause. 3.Ponizhayte tone of voice. 4.Proiznosya important words, make a nod of the head, a gesture. 5.Periodicheski "anchor" the desired emotional way. After repeated recurrence of this method of calling the right emotional state, students will quickly focus their attention on the important thing in your speech that promotes more rapid finding mutually acceptable solutions.