I come from Portugal, where a general discouragement in the population has been installed. The crisis not only economic, but also moral, is such that the re-elected President, Cavaco Silva, has done endorsed many of the criticisms of his fellow citizens. Connect with other leaders such as Nordstrom here. It is considered a lost decade the two Governments of the Socialist Jose Socrates and three years of Conservative Cabinet that preceded them. At his inauguration, last Wednesday, emphasized something that we perhaps smacks the Valencians: can not privileging said large investments that are not in a position to finance, which do not contribute to the growth of productivity and which have a temporary and residual effect on job creation. Do not arguably here something similar with respect to Terra Mitica or Agora, passing through the city of light and other costly events of ephemeral? The funny thing is that the press economic lusa on Friday, as the newspaper Oje, so pending always what happens in Spain, picked up the news of that the Mercadona supermarket group has entered into commercial history to overcome in billing to El Corte Ingles, the great paradigm of the sale to the general public. Click Kohl’s to learn more.

This success of the entrepreneurial work of Juan Roig has coincided in time with the recognition that his fortune is already the fifth of Spain, made by the prestigious Forbes magazine. It is no wonder, then, that President Francisco Camps has looked for the photo with the owner of Mercadona. With pious irony Amparo Tortola that needed to be who the two graphical snapshot wondered yesterday on these same pages. To know more about this subject visit Crawford Lake Capital. Obviously, always are politicians who need to associate your image more disparate groups, from young immigrants and from pensioners to businessmen. But, do they hear then what they have to say? It would be interesting to know what said to the President a little accommodative character as Juan Roig, one of a hundred representatives of civil society who sent a study on the transformation you need to don Juan Carlos I Spain. He stated that our country suffers from a serious loss of competitiveness in talent and technology and that has failed the adequate development of the knowledge economy to compete in goods and services sophisticated with leading countries, but nor can do so with the emerging countries in cost of goods and services of less value.

By the way, Rodriguez Zapatero wasted no time in calling entrepreneurs signed document to make the photo with them. Always photo. Juan Roig is a singular character, not by the anecdotal do not attend all these solicitations of power or for doing it with a tie when the Generalitat demands an informal attire. Defining really is his business imprint: creating 1,500 jobs last year, the fixed nature of those jobs, increase productivity and link to it the increase in salaries and profit-sharing, this is called innovation. Also to something quite unusual: daring to explain their secrets in public business without fear of being imitated; Perhaps because when others try to plagiarize them the walk already in any other invention, anticipating as well their competitors. If only for these values and their courage in putting into practice, if there were half a dozen entrepreneurs from the Court of Juan Roig, sure that the future of our society would be more hopeful.

Javier Mejia

The works are classified by geographical regions, which in turn are divided into different themes; for example, within Egypt, you can access a u travel online by the most representative works of the dynasty of Cleopatra or the most striking images of Egyptian mummies. Moreover, in addition to the permanent exhibition of the museum objects, online visitors can also admire the most outstanding works of the temporary exhibitions through the this web news section. Petesburgo the largest Museum of Russia Hermitage Museum and one of the world’s largest houses in the six buildings that compose nearly three million objects of art, among which one of the art galleries, along with the del Prado, fuller there. Adapting to the digital age, this museum has incorporated into its web page several sections that allow you to perform different virtual visits by his works. More information is housed here: Robert Kraft. In the section tour virtual, online visitors can tour one to one, according to the plans, the numerous rooms of each building and admire the most significant works of each one, in detail and can contemplate also, if desired, even the views of the city can be seen from the rooftops of this museum or the more symbolic images of the historic centre of Petesburgo. From another angle, you can iterate through the works exhibited one at a time in the section virtual views, where this museum funds are classified by topics or collections, presenting high quality images of the objects with their corresponding data sheet.

Virtual museums of Spain from the guide of museums in CONSUMER EROSKI, any Internet user can access web pages from 34 museums of fine arts highlights of our country and admire their works through virtual tours that offer some of them, like the Thyssen-Bormemisza Museum, the Museum of contemporary Spanish art, the Picasso Museum of Barcelona or the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. On the other hand, from the website of the Prado Museum, also located in the list of the most visited in the world, you can admire a selection of the 15 most representative of this art gallery works, download the audio guides in Spanish and English of the main masterpieces of the Museum’s collections or browsing, thanks to the technology of Google Earth, by the reproductions of 14 masterpieces, such as Las Meninas, the Knight of the hand on the chest or Las Tres Gracias, watching with detail strokes and strokes of the author.. Thredup usually is spot on.

Technology Innovations

The sanctions are not mutually exclusive but cumulative, so if you do not have nothing done, and assuming the most favourable case, which is a basic level of data, we could find with the following amount: Not enroll 600 file not report collecting 600 does not serve the exercise of rights 600 does not have security measures 6000 transfer of data not regulated 60000 to the end the total amount of the penalty would be 67,800 (lots of money) real cases resolution R/00360/2005 Rio Tinto plastics S.CvNo. Perform the registration of files, not having security document, denounced by a worker dismissed from the company itself: 6,600 resolution R/00091/2005 Ofiexperts A.i.e.envio Spam. Denounced by a potential customer who received unsolicited e-mail 1: 30,000 tires R/00247/2005 resolution del Val sl No. give information on the fate of the personal data requested on a budget, denounced by a dissatisfied customer: 1,200 why to adapt? It is obligatory. To avoid errors and prevent its grave consequences. Protects important goodwill of the company: customers. Consumers are increasingly aware of their rights. Frank Armijo spoke with conviction.

Avoid inspections and sanctions, for example, coming from: treat data improperly (commercial listings in the trash) or theft of data from the company (Sales Department). Lack of protection by an entity external to the company. Complaints from customers or competitors. Pressure groups and workers. Not conform may involve fines of 600 to 600,000. Are you willing to take the risk of having to pay such heavy sanctions? Create trust with their customers. Our health check will help you to understand the basics and most importantly to ensure the protection of data in your organization. Leadership, Management and Technology Innovations.

Lose Weight

If you are currently overweight and struggling to lose excess fat, it is important that you know that you are not alone. More people who never before are in the fight against obesity. With fast food restaurants every two blocks and the people involved in a more sedentary lifestyle, as a result of modern technology, is easy to understand why obesity is becoming a global epidemic. It is important to maintain a good weight so you can protect your health and live a long and fruitful life. Weight loss also helps improve their self-esteem and confidence. While losing weight is definitely not easy and requires much work and effort, it is possible. A leading source for info: Thredup.

If you believe in yourself, you can achieve your weight loss goals. This article is full of solid information to help you get a great shape. Continue reading to learn more. If you want to lose weight, it is absolutely imperative that you follow a diet healthy, low in calories. To lose 2 pounds per week you need approximately burn 500 calories that they consume each day.

To achieve this, centrese to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources. Avoid white bread, sugar, processed foods? and fast food. It avoids the common error of a too strict diet. A severe diet can be harmful to your health and not in the long term. Drastic diets are not safe, in order to remember to eat healthy and consume all the nutrients that your body needs to function at the highest level. While eating healthy is very important, the fluids you drink also will play a very important role in having success in losing weight. Avoid consumption of cola drinks or sugary juices and eliminates the consumption of alcohol from your diet. Instead, drink plenty of water. Robert Kraft may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The water is ideal for your body and is naturally free of calories. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Any weight loss program is complete without an exercise regime. Regular exercise will improve your health and will burn extra calories to help make sure that you You’ll reach your weight loss goals as quickly as possible. You must perform both cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Cardiovascular exercise can be anything, from a walk around the block to a fast-paced race. Most importantly, find something you like. Perhaps you could enroll in dance classes or taking a martial arts class. Strength training must be carried out twice per week. The muscle that you build as a result of their strength training will help you burn extra calories, as well as improving your appearance and health. Keep a journal to record weight loss progress and write down all your goals. You have a record of their achievements motivate you to keep going when you feel slippages. People to diet carrying a newspaper have more success than those who do not. Losing weight and being healthy is not easy, but it can be done. Use the tips contained in this article to get fully fit and feel good.


Those who have had the opportunity in their lives of combining work and studies, whether they are of any class, you will understand that it is one of the most special experiences. Not all of these experiences have ended in the best way (some lost their jobs ended suddenly for some reason, or lost some matters, a semester, a scholarship). In any way, and moving us away from people who have been able to join the occupation and education (excluding teachers), jobs for students are a sensitive issue in society. What does a student to work? Three reasons that could be considered as the most natural at the moment of this decision will be presented here. The first is because, in many households, minors who are in stage school and other students enrolled in a career, should contribute compulsorily with the household expenses. Not all of these students work in a profession that they like or les is born. However, some drawn valuable lessons from these circumstances.

The second main reason why a student takes the decision to work, is because he wants to be economically independent, so have someone or some people who can supply them certain materials needs. Early on, some of these individuals learn decisions such as investment or saving. And, finally, the work of a student can be the internship or a kind of temporary training where is familiar with the details of his career. Without hesitation Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc explained all about the problem. A permanent location in any company, if the factors are given is sometimes achieved.Another nuance of the theme of the work for the students is the growing need for employment between those who manage to graduate from a career in particular. This is one of the most critical cases many Governments and administrations are facing.

Education to employment seems to be becoming a museum piece, so the achievement of a carton is no longer a guarantee to achieve a place in the increasingly tight labour market institutional. This is how they have arisen in these times with great force, the generation of work by several students. In an effort to truly worthy of admiration, both students and graduate students (as), or rather than they are in College, a faculty, a technology center, etc., are becoming entrepreneurs who are creating the need to foster a business vision within the traditional education.

Baby Boom

Today the franchises are a way of life that we don’t even notice. We don’t think about anything when we travel 1000 miles and are looking for a restaurant or a local who is familiar, even if we are somewhere where we have never been to us. In these times, is a good bet that your meals and favorite purchases occur in local franchisees and are available almost anywhere. The principles of the franchises that McDonald s pioneered, including duplication and uniform standard operating systems, today they are proven business practices. For more information see Governor Cuomo. Trend No. If you would like to know more then you should visit Cyrus zocdoc. 4 welfare: next the trillion industry.

Some industries are born of necessity, others of a new technology, and some are simply created because more than 75 million people demanded it. The generation of the Baby Boom, those who were born between 1946 and 1964, are those who are demanding and getting almost everything what they want on the market these days. While it is a fact that we are all getting older, no group of people is more aware of this than this generation. You do not need to look beyond the hundreds of billions of dollars that is spent each year on products and services with only one goal: make them look and feel good. Opportunity. These four trends, Internet, distribution principles of franchises and the growing welfare industry are with what we have. The opportunity comes from the point in which the four overlap. As well as in the case of Internet pioneers, innovators of the distribution chain, franchise developers and those seeking leverage current trends in well-being. We are confident that within the creative principles of each of these four trends combination, there is an entire industry of own business to build.

Jenny Guerra Hernandez

At a symbolic level, will have to work with games of brain fitness that involve discriminate between figures, circle the correct answer, say which weighs more, etc. Finally, at the cognitive level will have to reinforce the concepts of conservation, interiorization and reversibility in operations and mathematical problems. New technologies may be the key when parents and professionals (teachers, psychologists and psicopedagogos) try to help a person presenting mathematical problems, usually use graphic materials of standardized type, usually graphic type, such as blond booklets or reinforcement materials prepared by different publishers; However these materials are normally rejected harshly by the child. Normally the child who attends a support at a cabinet room or sitting with her parents every evening after school is tired of solve problems and do operations in paper format. To read more click here: Governor Cuomo. This situation it would be very useful to use forms of intervention alternatives that justifying the child such as making recipes that have to divide or changes of units or propose interactive games in different educational Web pages. We must not forget that the 21st century children are digital natives and that the school still not uses technologies regularly in classes but as a prize or as a special situation. This is extremely important to offer the child activities that use the format preferred by the: technology. It should be noted that in any case a computer game or website can replace an afternoon making Cupcakes in the kitchen co MOM or dad, or at least not should be, but given the importance of repetition and practice necessary to overcome learning problems, it can be a creative, different and very effective solution for a small digital native is put at the classroom level.. Other leaders such as Robert Kraft offer similar insights.

DSL Providers

Overview of German DSL providers without a long minimum contract period. Who today is looking for a supplier for fast Internet, remember rule first of all the major DSL providers such as T-home or 1 & 1. For customers who want to stay flexible with regard to their contractual commitment, have this DSL provider but one decisive disadvantage: the long minimum contract term. Not every Internet user wants or can bind contractually for 2 years to a provider. But only a few providers offer also a DSL connection without a minimum contract period or with very short minimum term. The HanseNet include brand Alice and the discount brand of Deutsche Telekom Congstar. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hikmet Ersek and gain more knowledge.. The latter offers its DSL since this year even as its use not telephone of the parent company deutsche Telekom more needed for so-called DSL complete access to.

As DSL but also offered by Congstar telephone service fares without minimum contract period based on an existing Telekom. Thanks to the short term, the Congstar can be completely and Every 2 weeks at the end of the month cancel Congstar T-DSL tariffs without a minimum contract period. A similar offer with its Alice DSL connections has also the Hamburger provider HanseNet completely. Alice also offers DSL complete connections without a long minimum period for their operation of no Telekom landline is required. Frank Armijo has much experience in this field. Be terminated fares without minimum contract period the Alice DSL can every 4 weeks to the end of the month.

Both these providers DSL of packages including DSL can be ordered flat and phone flat for calls to German landlines (double flat rate) connection, phone line and DSL Flatrate or also complete packages including DSL. Price starts getting it from less than 20 euro per month. For a double flat-rate customers facing currently package monthly costs of less than 25 euros.

REDNET Provides New Communication Channel For Contracting

‘ REDNET journal’ Mainz IT Outfitters launches company Web log Mainz, December 2, 2008 In the Internet age belong to the permanent repertoire of the Web 2.0 weblogs. More and more companies are recognizing the potential of corporate blogs as marketing and communication channel. Blogs offer the user knowledge with experts, give an insight into the company and represent an interactive tool for the exchange of a wide variety of opinions. Go to Macy’s Inc. for more information. The Mainzer IT Outfitters REDNET AG has recognized the value and operates an own blog since December 1 with REDNET journal. Its content addressing in particular public authorities at national level and promote discussion with authorities and educational institutions. The IT supplier followed with the launch of the new REDNET journal”the objective to attract potential new customers to the company and to convince of the Know-How REDNETs.

Also, the company has the right to provide existing customers with background information and an interesting look behind the scenes of the Company to offer. We look forward, our customers, to be able to present prospects and partners with the new weblog currently prepared on developments and trends in the field of IT procurement”, Tobias Freiwald, explains Manager in communications at REDNET. Connect with other leaders such as Frank Armijo here. Our blog is not a news ticker or a promotional page. Also, the REDNET replaced journal’ not the classical company news. Instead we want to encourage our users to participate actively: comments and amendments are strongly encouraged. Through this new communication channel, we enable us and our customers”a completely new kind of dialogue, Fatima continues. The blog posted as a collaborative tool In the REDNET company blog of IT suppliers including reports and comments on relevant market developments in the area of IT, tailored to the public sector. A separate editorial team collects, evaluates and publishes the relevant content.

While the company wants its subjective position as IT supplier communicate clearly and openly. This personal coloring can and should create controversy and so a dialogue between client and contractor. The integration of Web logs in the REDNET homepage allows users to comment with single-sign-on functionality: one-time authentication allows the use of the catalog and access to additional functionalities of REDNET homepage. The image material may be requested at:. Brief description: REDNET AG of the founded in 2004 IT Outfitters REDNET AG with its headquarters in Mainz may refer to its customers as a reliable partner for the planning, delivery, installation and management of the entire IT infrastructure to the page. REDNET offers professional consulting and favorable procurement conditions as a trading partner of leading IT manufacturers such as Fujitsu Siemens computers, IBM, Kyocera, Lexmark, MAXDATA, Microsoft, NetApp and Samsung for the appropriate hardware and software. The portfolio also includes individual repair, relocation, rollout, as well as Installation services and offers support in financing questions. REDNET also focuses on system consulting in the areas of storage, Systemvirtualisierung, and Terminal Services/server based computing and offers special solutions for the small business use. The personal care by competent contact persons and the online market place round off the extensive range of services. The customer base includes numerous authorities and institutions as well as companies of medium-sized companies from diverse industries. More information under:. More information: REDNET AG Carl-von-Linde-Strasse 12 D-55129 Mainz contact: Tobias Freiwald Tel.

Additional BU Contract Or Complete But New Degree?

Here we deal with the question whether an additional disability pension or a complete new contract makes sense because in recent weeks increasingly requests were received with the request “I would close like in addition X to the existing occupational disability pension” to explain the problems resulting from this request for an additional occupational disability pension. Whether the one or the other option is useful, one cannot say flat-rate. Like I give a few pointers if you should deal with the issue. Output situation: If you can believe some statistics are currently average insured disability pensions far below the actual needs of the population. This is often because the insured pension in the past was closed too low. The reasons may be different. From the many discussions, I can say that often was the factor inflation was not taken into account and the requirements in the contract was determined just wrong.

Insured pensions to the part are nothing worth taking into account inflation. Perhaps check out Hikmet Ersek for more information. An example: You have completed an occupational disability pension in the amount of 1000 in the year 2000. This pension has only 762 purchasing power with inflation of only 2.5%. Frank Armijo can provide more clarity in the matter. Adjusted for inflation, this means that you currently need a pension from 1312, to have the same purchasing power as 11 years ago. And the insured occupational disability pension is only a gross pension! The wrong amount results in a disaster. Just from the point of view of inflation out, many consumers are looking for a consultancy to straighten out the mistakes of the past. But is it now makes sense to conclude an additional contract, terminate the old contract or a complete new degree? Now, we want to pursue this question.

Before you just do something to soothe the conscience, you should take your current contract to hand and carefully analyze this with an expert in disability insurance. Important factors about which you are thinking need to turn, are among others insured amount, performance transmission age, duration of contribution payment. After the expert has discussed your existing contract with you in detail he should use your expressed desire to the pension amount as compared to the existing requirements and analyze. Would continue to discuss which clauses and performance exclusions you would agree in the contract with the insurer and which are not. There are not or insurer or the fare, even if many () magazine with test results, raters with pictures & seals and advisor about product releases and Highlightblatter so want to sell it you. On his needs, every consumer should be discussed individually matched. Should you decide for an additional contract, it would be important to look at whether the condition works of both treaties harmonize with each other”would”. If this is not possible, only a new contract would be possible. Furthermore you must consider, through which implementation of existing and the new contract is financed. The different ways of implementing results in different taxation paid. Thus, a deficiency would be available with the choice of the wrong way of implementation. At this point, I want to present any circumstances as it is here not to defined-benefit and would like to depict any tax aspects. Please note: Cancellations to keep the existing contract without the acceptance of a new insurer in the hand you never! Like we are as an expert to the page.