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Nov 2
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Once you know the different disciplines and to understand whether in a large BetriebUnternehmen or does little in a small company, without advertising. To read more click here: Hikmet Ersek. A big company employing such proper professionals or employs its own internal Department for marketing. A midget with a much smaller budget for advertising, should know the possibilities of marketing and advertising and, where you can take advantage of which offer. Several tips and tricks can help, especially a small online shop or another small company to a sales. Content must be disseminated it is extremely important that your information is never stuck. The information must be found by those who need them.

Thanks to social platforms, it is easier to understand how to spread content. Exciting information should be published not only on the company’s own corporate homepage. Use also the services of Facebook, YouTube, Google + and further to the Range of information to increase. Internet videos are looking through the latest generation of televisions online videos often also in the living room. You can use this shift for their operation. You can introduce your online shop in a video.

You can be presented also the products. Can be explained in detail the application of the products. Should be taken as further questions. At the end leave them more satisfied consumers come to Word. The videos can then be distributed via YouTube. YouTube and co. can thereby help them to a significant increase in unit sales. Content should be found! The normal advertising for the mass remains today more often on the track. This is the new, very out selective media behavior. Because the payment target group concerned today the information which they need more targeted. Their information deploy so that they will also be found. Advertising with a flyer that is advertising, which now ends up in a mail box, must be individual. The Contents of flyers should be precisely tuned to the customer group. Mass mailings are nowadays not much good. The customer should be addressed potential-oriented. Cheap analysis of customer data indicate the geographical, psychographic or socio-graphical distribution of the target group. A target group relevant content increases the acceptance of the advertisement at the customer. It applies transparency and communication, to talk to a prospective customers at the same height. The staff that writes with potential buyers, should never be saved. It is now very important quickly to criticism, to respond to praise and questions. To involve potential clients in an interesting way with playing games, games and games once again is much more promising than to deliver a dry advertising. Get involved-events are increasingly important. The customer can collect points playfully with his PC, for example. Then, for these points there are vouchers and other benefits. The author of this text also writes articles on

In Munich

Jul 15
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There are certainly many more arguments for both possibilities. Also this is a Web design agency can help with their profound know-how. Finally, the decision for or against a CMS should be made always on the basis of the individual requirements on the Web page. To find a good service provider for Web programming, is in and of itself not particularly hard. In Munich alone, there are many good agencies in this area. But like in any industry, there is the occasional black sheep unfortunately also in the online business. In the selection of the service provider we must therefore carefully proceed.

An Internet Agency gave its imprint as a location, this can be considered mostly first Pro-argument. But rely it cannot be. There are many other criteria that you should consider when choosing. So, for example, the references allow an agency to make a relatively accurate picture of their abilities. If an agency gets repeatedly larger orders, which speaks clearly for the The quality of their work. Skeptical you should be mind, if an Internet Agency to demand mention no references. Various rating portals on the Internet can be partially. However, such reviews should be always questioned and never simply taken at face value, because of course can be manipulated in this area. You may wish to learn more. If so, Yitzhak Mirilashvili is the place to go.

Other factors such as the price/performance ratio for most entrepreneurs play an important role. It is easily possible to engage an agency from Munich also for entrepreneurs from other parts of Germany. Finally not the sole catchment area for potential customers is for an agency for Web programming already, even if it there is (main) established. Has it finally opted for an agency, you should remain and are available even for future available with competent staff in regular contact. Ultimately, a Web page can only be as effective as possible to be built, when entrepreneurs and service providers work together and communicate smoothly. vishesh editorial

Self Service Usability Testing

Nov 17
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Apple makes it: user-friendly products inspire customers, increase revenue and mean a clear competitive advantage. To test the usability of software programs and Web sites, so-called usability tests are used, involving customers in a usability lab use a product or a website. At the same time, they are observed problems can be so identified and developed suggestions for improvements. The benefits of usability testing is undisputed, but the high cost to deter many companies, carry out such a test. The self service user feedback platform solves this problem and offers low-cost usability tests for companies in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. With user feedback, usability tests are instead performed in the usability lab at the customer home. Instead of renting premises for a usability test or the tests themselves carry out, it can be ordered through the Web site. Within 24 to 48 hours are the first Results before.

At a price of EUR 69,-per person, subjects from the desired target group visit a Web page and perform various tasks. Visit Chobani refugees for more clarity on the issue. During this test, the test persons create a video that captures the screen and webcam of the test person. At the same time the test person loudly pronounce their thoughts their comments are combined with the video. Managing Director Bernhard Schindlholzer almost the benefits together: A traditional usability testing in the lab often costs several thousand euros and the organization takes several weeks. Therefore, it is many companies cannot perform a usability test. User feedback allows well operators of small and medium-sized websites to check their usability and improve. This will make the site user-friendly and you can get a head start in the competition with other companies.” Many companies already use this platform to save costs and to other usability testing in areas to employ, in which until now was only rarely possible. So has a Swiss insurance group by user feedback can save about 80 percent of the cost when compared to a lab usability testing.

An online bank had examined already in the early stages of development with testers designs of the new homepage, you could amend still at an early stage, before the actual development of the Web site began. User feedback ( is the leading online usability testing platform of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Website operators can use the platform to create usability testing itself. On the basis of various criteria (age, gender, income, land, Internet life) people are selected, test a site and give feedback on various aspects. During this test, the test persons create a video of your screen and expressing their thoughts. In this way, look visitors to a site about the shoulder, hear their thoughts and impressions. With the feedback of the visitors can be improved the page, customers and increased sales. Not only website operators use the platform, but also Web agencies, which can offer a new service to.

Internorm Provider

Aug 24
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The full service Web service provider sets ecomplexx despite banking and economic crisis on growth and expands its sales team. The company is so optimistic in the year 2009. Since January 2009 Michael Osterkamp (39) new Director sales Germany at ecomplexx. In this newly created position, he is responsible for coordinating the sales activities of the full service Web service provider and manages the nationwide sales team. Sports Oldenburg, avowed dog lover, and trained graduate in business administration was previously more than 8 years in the sales of RedDot Solutions AG the leading provider of content management systems.

He brings now ecomplexx his many years of sales experience in the 2008 merged Web service provider, which mainly provides services in the field of content management, as well as in the field of rich Internet / Flash as one of the leading European partners of RedDot Solutions AG. A creative head expands, launches the team of ecomplexx optimistic in the year 2009 and is no chance of the economic crisis. As a next step that should Sales team be expanded at the Austrian site in Wels. ecomplexx – brief ecomplexx originated from the GmbH (Leverkusen) and the ecom internet technology gmbh (WELS), which together Act since seedings as ecomplexx on the market (see). With a team of 75 people the Web service provider is represented ecomplexx at the main locations Wels, Austria and Leverkusen, Germany. Further offices in Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Paris. ecomplexx is the leading European RedDot partner and the leading Adobe Flex partner.

The company operates with the business areas of strategy, design, technology, marketing and services as a full service solution provider for the challenges of the E-business era, and the implementation of digital communication, content and business processes. Many well-known and international companies from Austria and Germany are managed by ecomplexx. These include in particular Hervis, Spar, Berner, Hella, Hettich, Olympus, Schluter-systems, Wilo, Internorm. Vivatis, Federation, Angel or NSK Europe. Media inquiries contact: ecomplexx Germany Christoph Mause management old garden 60-62 + 49 214 33017 161 51371 Leverkusen ecomplexx Austria Mag. Romana Puhringer Carl Blum Street marketing 3 4600 WELS + 43 7242 71 000 46


Jul 28
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Thus MyHandicap is consistently pursuing its approach of mutual networking and assistance in the mobile area. Due to the large benefits for people with limited mobility the MyHandicap app was awarded Summit Award (WSA mobile) mobile 2010 in the category M-inclusion & empowerment, inter alia the world supported by the UN. The free software can be downloaded under myadress.html. Your link to the MyHandicap Android app in the Google play store: MyHandicap the charitable MyHandicap want the life situation of people improve, which are significantly affected by a disability or serious illness in their everyday lives. This is done by providing comprehensive information and advice on all areas of everyday life with the goal, to lead a largely independent life affected. For this purpose MyHandicap offers, an Internet portal, are grouped together on the information, knowledge and experience to all walks of life with disability and mobility impairment. Desire and right of MyHandicap is a portal of entry for affected individuals and their families to be about quickly find the information and contacts. The community and various forums on the portal offer affected and interested users, with each other and with subject matter experts to interact, to benefit from the experiences of others and each other to support.

For more information, see to about the Bavarian savings bank Foundation the Bavarian savings bank Foundation is an expression of the social engagements of the Bavarian savings banks and their responsibility for the common good. It promotes a variety of non-profit projects currently significant specialising in innovative museum education, environmental education and tele-medicine. You are involved in projects of uberregionaler to Bavaria-wide importance and thus supplements the general interest work of around 100 Bavarian savings bank foundations on site. Sani-TRANS with a platform lift or lift lift by sani-trans, you can overcome easily and wheelchair stairs or vertical height.

Regional Transparency

Jul 6
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An Internet portal for good food in Berlin and Brandenburg. Food from local farms are increasingly demanded by consumers. Is not just a short way of transport and associated freshness in the foreground, but also knowledge about the origin of food products. The team of the portal reported on agriculture in Berlin and Brandenburg. On the Web page, they inform on a regular basis about innovative projects, new developments and committed people who deal with regional food production. focuses on regional issues, on the portal should be looked as well outside the box. So exemplary projects are presented, for example, also outside of Berlin and Brandenburg. We want to reach consumers with the theme.

Bio the term suffered in esteem unfortunately, regional, however, not “, says Lea Schulz the project initiator. It builds the page and embarks on the search for more environmentally-friendly, healthy and social food production. We make a documentary about the regional agriculture and will accompany this TV production on the Web page,”says Stefan Czimmek, and adds: already during the production we want to share our experiences with interested people. That’s why we have decided to call in the life.” The users of the Web site can actively participate in the production. The film will be so at the end also from the audience content. Also the online marketing expert Danny Hopfgartner, the journalist Stephan Gunzel belong to the team as well as the initiators of Lea Schulz (media pedagogue) and Stefan Czimmek (TV-producer) and for business questions Matthias Nienaber.

All five combines the love for good food. The manner how food will be produced and how important is food in our society, motivated the team to make the documentary about local, organic food. There is a way to support the project with donations on Also depends on how quickly the project operated by the team during leisure can be completed.

Managing Director

Mar 13
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Hosiery and fashion label Falcon commissioned online solutions Group (OSG) with the complete marketing of the Falcon online stores Munich, 04.12.2012 – the Munich-based full service agency for online marketing online solutions Group (OSG) is their online stores by the Falcon group with the complete marketing”has been commissioned. The contract for the national full service online marketing could be won thanks to a convincing presentation and shown competence in all areas of online marketing. The OSG Falcon receives offered all services in the future from a single source: the job includes search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) also usability, conversion optimization, display advertising, mobile advertising, affiliate marketing, social advertising and retargeting. Falcon is one of the leading providers for hosiery in Europe. Falcon also offers also sport apparel, menswear and accessories. Products of highest quality and sophisticated design combine with the name Falcon. FALCON generated a turnover of more than EUR 240 million and employs over 3000 staff 2011.

Florian Muller, Managing Director of the OSG: We are pleased that we must take over the complete marketing for Falcon and thus our in-depth online marketing expertise in the fashion and lifestyle segment is rewarded. “Our experts will Falcon in achieving their objectives in the E-Commerce work continue with much passion and creativity to support actively.” About the OSG: The online solutions Group (OSG) from Munich is a medium-sized Agency for complete and customized solutions in the field of online marketing. In addition to the classical Agency services like SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing or display provides advertising the OSG also online shops and E-commerce solutions to. The OSG markets including the online shop of textile discounter NKD and operates the search engine optimization for s.Oliver. Painted Daun