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and as you belong to the 5prozent, which actually make money with your Web site to earn money on the Internet is probably the dream of many people. In times of economic crisis and insecure jobs, many people are looking for alternatives to their current job. It is to earn a few euros to along the way, or to build up an independent business in the Internet. The Internet allows almost anyone without high investment costs capital or to do a side job independently. But like at every startup in the self-employment countless hurdles waiting in the Internet, to be taken.

It is guaranteed not as easy making money on the Internet, how many self-proclaimed Internet marketing guru wants to talk a you. Following will I tell you the 5 most common reasons, why 95% of all Internet entrepreneurs fail: 1 the right attitude: the right mental attitude is the most important principle of success. A leading source for info: Anne Lauvergeon. ALL successful people have in common the unconditional will to success. No one is born as a successful entrepreneur. If you want to achieve something in your life, you have to want it. With every fiber of your body. 2. objective of the question the why as well as the unconditional will need a strong motivation, a goal.

Only if you know what you want at all, you can find a way to your destination. Why want to build up an own business on the Internet? Is it the money that you can earn? The freedom to work when and where you want? 3. knowledge, skills, willingness to learn it still no master of the sky has fallen. Also not in the Internet marketing. To permanently succeed, you must work consistently in itself. You must be willing to learn lots of new things. 4. endurance, resistance, and discipline are the keys to a successful Internet business. No success grows overnight. Be consistent and don’t give up if at the beginning not so everything, as you would like. Be disciplined and work daily in your business. 5. focus you focus on a specific goal of focusing on a single project and working until you see success. Due to the countless possibilities that make the Internet the money offers, many people make the mistake that you start too many things at once. Want to learn 15 more reasons, why the bulk of the Internet entrepreneur fails? In the following article I would like to give 20 factors which decide success or failure on the Internet. Why 95% of all Internet entrepreneurs fail Klaus Kubielka Internet marketing for beginners tips on earning in Internet

Business Directory

A future trend: company entries are becoming increasingly important for companies and customers. Industry directories as a telephone book of economics before there was the Internet industry books in printed form only, with the exception of micro form. Later the first records appeared, which could be read from the computer. Contact information is here: Nordstrom. These records were not available the masses. Only with the advent of the Internet in conjunction with the browsers mid-90’s, the user it was possible fast and precise industry books perform a search in the. Growing acceptance leads to more offers from company records the most important advantage of online directories to the print industry leaders is can be accessed by the user comfort of home from it. Because the Internet has now become part of our daily lives, the company entries in directories are searched also targeted. A typical company entry contains an address, phone number and a Web address.

There are also portals, in addition to these data also Reviews, special information, or additional references have to similar, relevant entries. Interesting is also the fact that the categorization of industries and companies from any portal is different. So far, there is no standard here seems enforced to have. The categories of industries on the corporate directory Inventari shall be limited to the most important areas for example. Other portals, however, drive a wide range of industries and categories which have all each other subcategories. Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages. An agreement for a standardization of the industry categories is not in sight.

Contract Law In The Internet

To be able to handle proper transactions in the Internet to legally proper shops on the Internet, several criteria must be met also according to the laws of the respective country. Go to Governor Cuomo for more information. So, the contracts for digital media and other legal transactions completely excludes certain age groups. So is also the business ability in 3 groups: legal limits insane persons persons unlimited legal capacity divided. So also the pocket money section in the limited legal capacity in the game is brought, which proposes a business capability in the discretion of the parent/guardian on one side. To legally shoot off a legal business in the Internet are also between the so-called: purchase agreement loan agreement distinguished.

So, a contract can be completed by telephone or through the Internet without a written contract. In a loan agreement, which will be completed over the Internet, speak first and foremost to a loan application, which must have the written form. This prevents that the applicant which is limited or legally classified, can take a loan. So, you include children the age of 7 as well as limited groups of people who are of legal age on the one hand, but mentally confused, or insane etc. on the other side to the same group. Validly concluded an agreement within the European Union, especially the terms and conditions of the initial basis between the parties must be observed in addition to the laws of the country as well as the Vienna Convention UN purchase Law Convention and European contract law.

A good ad agency can help in the creation of the general terms and conditions. Here, it should be noted however that a purchase/lease is closed by a bilateral Declaration of intent, that which occurs in electronic transactions with the order confirmation email. It should be a contractual fault, by delivery, Acceptance and payment come, both through contract law are protected. Often also a purchase or service contract is concluded handshake, which subject to the good faith and principle of contract law. Manni friend

Multimedia Promotional Counters

The iPirouet of pasture now uses the fascination of this modern and attractive presentation displays and integrated the iPad on his desk. Braak, 19.05.2011 Apple sets new standards. IPad or mobile phone. The iPhone was the first touchscreen phone and the iPad was the first portable touchscreen media and only really established the Division of Tablet PCs. innovation is a top priority in the philosophy of Apple. The iPirouet of pasture now uses the fascination of this modern and attractive presentation displays and integrated the iPad on his desk. Western Union often addresses the matter in his writings. Safely and precisely this multimedia medium in the counter is mounted and can be presented interactively as the customer, what makes the company. Further development of the products of greatest interest is also displays for pasture.

Now reinvent the wheel can be not always though, but innovation is based on tried and true. That’s why Apple always developed its products, therefore pasture into the suggestions of its customers displays innovative products and this in usual high quality. As the iPad for technical innovation with full mobility, so does this mean the iPirouet the innovative presentation of important information about the company, coupled with the possibility that this full-fledged counter by one person on – and can be reduced again. In addition, the pack size is so handy that the iPirouet in a normal car can be transported. Willow displays but also the mobility is as important as innovation. Western Union shines more light on the discussion. Handy and fits the iPirouet can be built by just one person in just a few minutes. Accessories, to serve as a secure store, either a hard fibre suitcase or a padded Rolltrolley. So it can be used with this innovative product fairs or presentations at any time and anywhere.

In addition to innovation and mobility, the usual demands for the quality of product and service always in the focus of pasture remain but displays. To find sustainable and high-quality solutions for future-oriented customers, the stated mission of pasture is displays. With the iPirouet an important step has been done, to come closer to this goal. The pasture displays GmbH offers one of the widest product ranges for over 16 years for the modular and three-dimensional presentation. Tailor-made solutions are only possible by a competent advice. Many prominent references demonstrate the know-how in this area and significant production. In the 150 m2 showroom can all display variants considered, be collected or also the handling live tested.


Can invite themselves into the world of the costs and expenses. Andrew Cuomo shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Use our search function to find your expenses or an appropriate offer targeted. Do you know already the food icon? In the food icon, you will find the cost of a particular activity or service. More information is housed here: Governor Cuomo. If you are so wondering: how much is actually an identity card? Or a suckling pig? Then you should try the food icon. Here the cost calculations are provided on on hand rounded figures, to make the expenditure expected predictable. This saves many phone calls or written requests for costs or prices of certain services and products in the case of doubt.

The food icon is committed to the task to collect prices for certain services or offers nationwide and to provide the users. Through this service, you know in advance what issues you need to count. The food icon is dependent on the help of the users. I be here as on Wikipedia, the contributions by the user set and maintained. You are for better orientation Posts always provided with the location of the emergence of cost and the information centre, so that the costs remain transparent. So you can learn how to vary the prices for certain deals in comparison. The food icon offers a quick and brief overview about the issues that you would expect to have. On the basis of the costs mentioned, you can then perform your further plans calmly.

The food icon is not intended, to specify accurate prices to cent. Much more should a clue provide it, probably the total expenditure will be as high. Also no offers for certain products should be made to allow competition. It is to offset important in order to make early insight into possible prices and costs.

Internet Agency

To keep a corporate Web site up to date and relevant, it is sooner or later need to they undergo a thorough revision. Hamburg, 12.02.13 – for patients, doctors, surgeries, laboratories and clinics the amedes group with more than 2,600 employees at 35 locations in Germany and Belgium and established laboratory centres is a comprehensive network for diagnosis and treatment advice. Medes offers unique interdisciplinary medical diagnostic services as well as high-quality laboratory services in this form. As a specialist in the management of clinical laboratories, amedes serves more than 150 hospitals nationwide. To keep a corporate Web site up to date and relevant, it is sooner or later need to they undergo a thorough revision. No longer modern navigation and usability expectations, the layout is deprecated or integrated applications are not up to date. Medes commissioned the Hamburg-based E-Commerce and TYPO3 specialist atlantis with a media comprehensive relaunch of its Internet presence, to formulate and implement new claims. It was the clarity of the page, a more specific targeting, and the placement of the sensitive topic of health information in the foreground.

To further violations of the relaunch objectives, the Internet Agency conducted a workshop at amedes first. Here, a coarse relaunch concept was developed taking into account the Status Quo. On this basis, the new basic layout and the detail pages have been developed. Functions and old website based on TYPO3 already content were adopted and adapted to the new structure a – as well as visually. The new layout looks much fresher and more modern. A spacious impression is conveyed by the clear structure and large images.

While the new site presents itself tidy and welcoming, where the seriousness but not too short. Using the content management system TYPO3, the competent employees of the amedes can maintain content by hand. All changes can be initially created and tested before they are visible on the live site. To see. About atlantis media: atlantis media is an experienced full service provider for advanced Internet solutions. Founded in 1994, the Hamburg-based company has evolved into one of the leading E-Commerce agencies in Germany. From the outset, atlantis works media out of conviction with future-proof open source software solutions. Type various Web-business projects for the implementation, size and complexity of skills acquired over the years and a comprehensive know-how at the disposal are the service providers. Atlantis is a media specialist for modern online shops with the shop software Magento as well as high-quality websites, intranets and portals with the content management system TYPO3. This portfolio with the innovative CRM system by SugarCRM is supplemented in the important area of the customer and contact management. As an official partner for Magento, TYPO3 and SugarCRM has Atlantis media special expertise in the seamless integration of these solutions to existing systems and their connection to fully integrated business processes. This is true particularly in the development and implementation of interfaces and extensions. All of atlantis developed media solutions are appropriately planned and implemented with a focus on efficiency and growth.

Innovative Licensing

New standards for product videos by CULTCLIP CULTCLIP GmbH operates the largest platform for product videos. As the first video portal with clear business-to-business focus uses CULTCLIP modern Web 2.0 technologies to provide product videos for sales promotion in Internet trading. Copyright infringement, use abuse, counterfeit and poor quality are video portals in the network of the order of the day and often serious image damage. As the first professional video platform, CULTCLIP has developed a process that puts an end to this problem. With a unique licensing model, CULTCLIP offers its business partners and platform users protection against counterfeiting and illegal use of video material. The innovative concept is very simple: the product video portal offers the (online) trading and the possibility of directly from manufacturers licensed product videos to subscribe to information platforms. This must allow the shop owner to unlock only the own Web site CULTCLIP and is given a unique API key.

The videos are delivered automatically via the CULTCLIP API interface. Manufacturers have the control use of their product videos on the platform, because they can determine exactly by a release procedure who uses the videos and where it should be streamed. A wide range is achieved through the CULTCLIP network, at the same time ensures that the video footage it remains unadulterated. Also, manufacturers can obtain information about the Viewzahlen of the streamed videos as a whole or on individual platforms. Overall, the CULTCLIP Trust Center ensures that on the CULTCLIP platform only legally and in terms of content safe videos in high quality are provided. Information video: CULTCLIP offers transparency, safety and quality with this trend-setting concept and sets new standards for professional Web 2.0 contact: Mr Sylvain Remy CULTCLIP GmbH In the bird’s singing 5 60488 Frankfurt am Main, Germany FON: + 49 (0) 69 / 380 976 38 62 fax: + 49 (0) 69 / 380 976 38 69 mob: + 49 (0) 176 / 23 50 89 09 E-mail:

Internet User Behavior

Most important reasons for a home page do not have many small and medium-sized enterprises always an own homepage, or not effectively used the existing homepage. So, potential customers are lost. Rich communications specializes in the design of websites for small and medium-sized enterprises and also cares for an effective search engine optimization. Although more than 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria have an Internet connection, only half has an own homepage. But small businesses could take advantage of an own homepage for themselves, to differentiate themselves from other competitors. The Internet represents an important communication platform for all markets and all sectors.

Any company can represent his achievements, his ideal by texts, images, as well as new media items, products like podcasts, live streams or streams on demand. A perfectly designed website shows a company that it is innovative and new technologies used. A new clientele can be achieved, information can be exchanged quickly and effectively. Companies are always present through the Internet for their customers. Potential new customers can be obtained using the optimal design of a website and marketing in all the major search engines. The presence of online companies achieve a far greater attention than with commercial and often very expensive advertising (such as flyers, newspaper articles, PR article). Current statistics of Statistics Austria pinpoint human Internet behavior (source Statistics Austria European survey on ICT usage in households 2008 created on 06 27th, 2008): total, 87.8% of Internet users use Internet to search for information 88.9% use the Internet to communicate, 54.7% use the Internet to find contact with offices and authorities, and to learn about their services. We look at the different ages, another trend is reflected so: 91% of people between 25-34 years 35-44, 45-54, and especially 55-64 use the Internet for information search, but the ages and 65-74 years catch up immensely.

At least 88% (79.8%) of relatively financially strong age group of 55 – 64 (65 – 74) use the Internet to search for the information. Following information will be obtained on the Internet: service providers and their products, locations of the company and their services, product information, corporate presentations. Internet users in particular one is important: the timeliness and speed of information, interaction and offering expert information, searches in databases. 80% of Internet users can and no longer do without the Internet. These data and values show that small and medium-sized companies through an optimal Internet presence can score huge. Who as a company not in the Internet is represented, or on the rear sides located at search engines, does not exist on the Internet and is therefore of potential customers not found.

Bernauer Internet Agency Celebrates Anniversary

Five years two steps ahead on the 1st of October the Bernauer Internet and multimedia agency two celebrates steps ahead its first round birthday. -Run agency combines the holder a strong understanding of the Internet with the technical expertise to fully exploit the possibilities of this medium. SYPartners may also support this cause. The world of the Internet is more than just numbers and texts: images, Visual and acoustic animations. We will ensure that the business idea creates the maximum success our customers in combination with the potential of the Internet”Frank Wendorf describes the approach of his company. With three employees, he offers the full spectrum position freelancers, companies or corporations successfully on the Internet: Web design, programming, online marketing, and search engine optimization.

Extensive expertise in these areas, as well as in project management acquired the Bernauer entrepreneurs on various professional stations, including in the management and technology consulting firm BearingPoint GmbH. Frank Wendorf and his team develop the right composition for each company Information, design and user friendliness. Taking into account the accessibility experts as well as the latest findings in terms of design and usability. You know very well the needs of their customers and provide future-proof, easy-care Web sites and low project costs through the use of content management systems and consistent modification. Since the company was founded in October 2003 the Agency has numerous projects, including big names such as image T-Online or Sixt AG as well as artist, Freelancer or regional companies. For example, the Internet experts have developed complete the website of the hotel Barnimer Hof in Basdorf. A draft design, which on the one hand meets the warmth and coziness of the family-run House, on the other hand reflects the modern technique of meeting – and seminar rooms can be found under.

Technically the Internet specialists with the necessary templates, set to XHTML/CSS and put the future of the Internet presence through the establishment of a Typo3 editorial system sure, the website can be easily maintain with the. Under most conditions Hamdi Ulukaya would agree. Another project by two steps ahead is the website of artist and model agency top ten Show box. Artists, DJs, catering, and event technology – offers the complete program for functions and events. The Web experts comply with the range of entertainment with a Flash-based website. While the various contents are dynamically read by a MySQL database. So that the operator can at any time to update your offer or extend, for example, to new artists or services – the Web specialists have written a bespoke content management system. Just young companies and companies from the region are important Frank Wendorf. “He knows their needs from their own experience as well as by the five-year history it comes, to be equal with a professional design at the start, around from the first day on fully to convince even if the financial resources are still limited” explains Frank Wendorf. Therefore, two steps ahead has special Conditions for founders in the offer and is partner of pilotage for founders of new businesses. On 15 November, the Internet and multimedia agency on an existence founders day shows Praetorius – Gymnasium in Bernau, need start ups for a successful Internet presence in the Paul -. For us, each project is interesting, because it always comes to fully exploit the possibilities of the Internet for a specific target group. But if we can help startups from Brandenburg, which particularly pleased”Frank Wendorf justified the focus on entrepreneur.

Mass Mailing To Facebook

Once you know the different disciplines and to understand whether in a large BetriebUnternehmen or does little in a small company, without advertising. To read more click here: Hikmet Ersek. A big company employing such proper professionals or employs its own internal Department for marketing. A midget with a much smaller budget for advertising, should know the possibilities of marketing and advertising and, where you can take advantage of which offer. Several tips and tricks can help, especially a small online shop or another small company to a sales. Content must be disseminated it is extremely important that your information is never stuck. The information must be found by those who need them.

Thanks to social platforms, it is easier to understand how to spread content. Exciting information should be published not only on the company’s own corporate homepage. Use also the services of Facebook, YouTube, Google + and further to the Range of information to increase. Internet videos are looking through the latest generation of televisions online videos often also in the living room. You can use this shift for their operation. You can introduce your online shop in a video.

You can be presented also the products. Can be explained in detail the application of the products. Should be taken as further questions. At the end leave them more satisfied consumers come to Word. The videos can then be distributed via YouTube. YouTube and co. can thereby help them to a significant increase in unit sales. Content should be found! The normal advertising for the mass remains today more often on the track. This is the new, very out selective media behavior. Because the payment target group concerned today the information which they need more targeted. Their information deploy so that they will also be found. Advertising with a flyer that is advertising, which now ends up in a mail box, must be individual. The Contents of flyers should be precisely tuned to the customer group. Mass mailings are nowadays not much good. The customer should be addressed potential-oriented. Cheap analysis of customer data indicate the geographical, psychographic or socio-graphical distribution of the target group. A target group relevant content increases the acceptance of the advertisement at the customer. It applies transparency and communication, to talk to a prospective customers at the same height. The staff that writes with potential buyers, should never be saved. It is now very important quickly to criticism, to respond to praise and questions. To involve potential clients in an interesting way with playing games, games and games once again is much more promising than to deliver a dry advertising. Get involved-events are increasingly important. The customer can collect points playfully with his PC, for example. Then, for these points there are vouchers and other benefits. The author of this text also writes articles on