(MAXIMINIANO, 2000) It is in this scene of fast changes that the organizations use strategies to become different and search ways to be lead of market. To be different in a competitive and sped up world, the organizations start to prioritize the abilities human beings, therefore a significant factor is capacity human being of the organization to establish the competitive differential in the same one. For the attainment of this status one becomes necessary to count on people motivated in the organization, these need to feel themselves important for the company, as basic factor for the success of the same one, therefore it is the human asset of the organization that coexists the oppositions of day-by-day of the businesses. (VERGARA, 2003) Therefore, the motivation in the world of the work is one of the basic characteristics for the confrontation of the complexity of the new times as well as an 0 variable that the managers cannot ignore inside of a small or great organization. (VERGARA, 2003) 6 FINAL CONSIDERAES After to analyze the point of view of some authors, in different situations and times, are impossible not to recognize the extreme importance of the motivation for the development and success of an organization, either which branch of performance will be. Some operational problems exist that occur in the day the day of the companies who well are not known and valued by the responsible controlling. Problems these that hinder the productivity and a bigger quality them products. In this context, it is important to carry through a participativa boarding of the employees, being stimulated them in such way so that they always search to identify the problems and if they feel blunt to decide them.

Adopting this mechanism to stimulate the people who know the work processes at great length, they are few the capable problems of if becoming a barrier for the quality and productivity of the company. At the same time where the motivation if becomes a management tool, it generates benefits for the company, the worker if it feels motivated, more important more and if it becomes compromissado more with the organization. More integrant part of the company passes if to feel each time and with this, if it worries and if it dedicates for the resolution of the problems and fulfilment of the goals. One concludes that, using the motivation as tool, the companies obtain to use its human resources of more efficient form therefore stimulate the employees to contribute with the maximum of its efforts. As Bateman (1998) a person when motivated it works with pontualidade to reach goals of performance. After all the surveys and studies made regarding this subject, also we conclude that the companies are if mobilizing and if bringing up to date each time more in the question motivation. In them you finish three decades, the companies had waked up for the importance of if having motivated employees, as much for the development of the employee how much for the growth organization.

Dynamic Labyrinth

I think identical twins are thirteen to me. Circular Dynamics: Vast is his gaze, penetrating, while the notice in my head, inspecting the recesses of my mind and far beyond, to see what comes now and then I think, so is expected always to me … Now I feel that he, with his eyes wide, it's me, because it lets me be, because it takes all my actions before that I can do. Live my life before me, and think and talk before I can. Steals my thought and word, and walk all day in front of me with his eyes wide, penetrating, while the notice in my head inspecting the recesses of my mind and far beyond, to guess what I think and now then think about it. Cyclic dynamics: The water falls from the sky and no clouds, only a transparent atmosphere, but water, like a torrent, I rolled back to the way a sugar cube. My substance, diluted in the river water flows through cracks in the stone slipping into places unknown, as well as the water falling from a clear and cloudless sky, it broke me like a sugar cube, to slip into unknown corner of a place that is wet with my whole substance and an unexpected water clear and cloudless sky that rushed like a torrent upon me … Dynamic Labyrinth: Within any doubt there are further questions that originated in the inability to define what is the doubt that contains moving circle expands and regenerates, which feeds on the very absence decision.


In this case the imagination of those who believes that it can infected, there is a great value. " Today we must recognize that in this matter inquisitors were pretty close to the truth. Experiments trainer vl Durova on telepathy example, here is what the experiment demonstrated vl Durov scientist in his menagerie February 21, 1914. Commission members asked Durova mentally convince the lion prince, so he attacked the lioness was lying peacefully in the far corner of the cage. The famous trainer was against such ill- experiment, but "for the sake of scientific truth" was forced to take this step. Looking into the eyes calmly in front of him a lion, he vividly imagined as a lioness princess steals a piece of meat, supposedly was lying in front of the Prince, and that its yellow paw issued claws are about to touch it. Commission members did not have time or anything to figure out how the lion roared, rushed to the lioness and bit her. Animals quickly merged into one huge ball of rolling around, and staggered cell buzzing from the blows of their bodies excited for a long time did not leave the lion, he even badly hurt his paw and is close to the lattice minister.

Prince reassured Durov. And again – same look. Leo walked nervously back and forth in a cage. I came up and caught his eye. His eyes glowed green fosforiticheskim light. That he lay down. Continue, without stopping, looking at the lion, mentally caress his fingers, move my mane Prince, scales behind his ear, and all thoughts