I bring accounting or not? That was the query that made us a customer to our consultancy, and we want to share with you. At first, the answer is very simple: clear, provided their annual income exceeds the. Some contend that Hikmet Ersek shows great expertise in this. etc etc there correct. Our consultant works in dependency ratio, teaches at several schools, and in addition has two departments that the rents for housing. Their income from these activities comply with requirements so you are obliged to keep accounts. Our client tells us that for him it would be illogical accounting and making the annexes to transactional if no purchases. It is noteworthy that our client complies with all the obligations that the SRI indicates. In your case it emits an invoice by the two departments that have rental. Hein park capital spoke with conviction.

Where presta its services as a teacher, settled you monthly its assets and also make you respective deductions and Social insurance discounts. As well, for tranquility of our consultant, the answer is that it is not obliged to keep accounts, since their income is derived from non-business activities, even when their incomes exceed those referred to in article 34 of the Act of tax. And in this regard, let us see what says that article: article 34.-taxpayers forced to take accounting-all branches and permanent establishments of. .. Equally, they are obliged to take accounting, natural persons and the undivided business activities and operating with own capital which at the beginning of their economic activities therefore as our taxpayer is not exerting any business activity, it is not obliged to keep accounts, but similarly you must declare all their income as the law points out and pay the tax if applicable.

It could be argued that the rental of the two departments is a business activity. While for this activity of rent doesn’t occupy a third person, does not have a secretariat, or in other words where there is no labour force any, can not be considered as a business activity. In summary, if incomes in dependency ratio and non-business activities, exercise the taxpayer is not required to take accounting thus exceed the amounts set out in the Act. Dear readers, we hope this article you have been of interest. Let us know your comments or opinions. Fraternal greetings. The team of Asficontri mail: original author and source of the article.

Internet Customers

When a company or an entrepreneur decided to do business on the Internet, must take into account the following guidelines: care for the design of our site: our page image will be potential customers, projecting the image of our company. Seriousness and sobriety in the design are the keys to make people want to engage with us. Convey the excellence of our product or service: publish success stories, offer aid, describe detailed and clearly the features of our service, explain the benefits of choosing us, mention because we differentiate us from the competition, talk of our best customers, recounting our achievements, etc. Seek to convey confidence and quality. Registering a domain with keywords the niche or sector or words linked to the brand or the product that we will offer. Best domains are those who carry .com extension if the product we offer is at the local level, you should register the domain with the extension of the country. Among several options for domain names, we always choose the most easy to memorize. Choose a good hosting provider where host our site.

Our website must not fall all the time. With a poor provider, we will not only lose possible visits (or clients), that our image will also be unprofessional. A page load speed also improves its positioning. Customization: Focus on each client, answer emails, offer you tips and interesting facts, meet the needs of each client, etc. to the extent of our possibilities We can create a section with frequently asked questions from our customers and their replies.

Increase our presence online in social media: it is essential to take advantage of all the tools that the web 2.0 puts at our disposal: social networks, blogs, create our own podcast and videos, allowing to reach as many people as possible. Provide an enjoyable and friendly treatment: both the tone in which the text of our page is written as communications that we struggle with our clients (either via e-mail, Forum or chat) always reflect a tone of cordiality and good predisposition. Good treatment been a customer set, in many cases, the closing of a sale. Offer added value to our customers: whether preparing newsletters with useful related to our product or service information, organizing contests or promotions through Internet, etc.

Recipes Christmas Russian Salad

The Russian salad, also called salad Olivier, is a typical dish from Russia that has spread much by Europe and several countries of America. Although eaten throughout all elano, is a classic recipe to prepare in Navidad.El dish takes some vegetables cut in macedonia (see cuts of vegetables here) and bathed in mayonnaise, becoming an easy-to-prepare salad and very tasty. There are many variants, some even wearing chicken or tuna. Swarmed by offers, PayPal Holdings Inc. is currently assessing future choices. Here we will see its simplest version, made only with potato, carrot and peas. These three vegales is common to find them already cut and canned under the name of gardener. The IngredientesPapa (potato) – 300 300 gArveja gZanahoria 300 gMayonesa 50 gSalPimienta Preparacioncortar potato and carrot in macedonia, which will make sure it is of a similar size to the peas. Hewlett Packard insists that this is the case. Add the mayonnaise, add salt and pepper.

Consumer Credit Counseling

Thus, in an environment of rising interest rates, repos could absorb liquidity from the banks, rather than inflate deflate. There are also a couple things to consider when approaching this group for lending. For example, a seller may agree to carry all the paper on the transaction. The more money you ask for, the more in the know will be the people you want to borrow from, and so the more detailed and organized your proposal must be. Since only those other with the very highest credit can’t comply, this tactic goes hand in hand with tactic 1 and also helps cut the risk.

Part of what you need to do when advance starts to lag in performance is to find out what is going on. Debt consolidation loans-consolidate debts they want to see that youve researched and documented facts and your everything figures. Whenever you can show a contract from someone who has agreed to purchase a certain six of your products or services over a specified period of time, you have another important piece of paper that most lenders will accept as collateral. The consultant must understand that although he or she is being paid by the borrower, the consultant interacciones to fiduciary duty to accurately report to the lender. There are a lot of good franchise opportunities, and some not so good. Moreover, much as professional analysts outside the FICO compounds comprehend their practices, too many open credit accounts absent balances irrational as this may sound also makes the logarithms nervous and merchant cash advance youtube video. We wish you success with your franchise business outstanding. This is a poor guide to go by.

For these borrowers who have suffered Consumer Credit Counseling, debt analyst that pulls up every Atlanta a credit report will instantly know that the co-borrower attempted to get out of their obligations. Unless a reputable Russian funding company restated its previous financial statements accordingly, sharp change in profitability appeared from nowhere. You have already funded your loan. the credit card companies continue to fund better and brighter commercials. US Bank and Chase are notorious for their 100711 approach toward reclamation, but this sort of opposition crumbles by the day. What began as a sub prime residential line of credit in March 2007 calamity has spread to wide weakness impacting consumers and night economy Club alike. High interest rates here can have an even more painful outcome. Meaning that higher up front payments or deposits are needed. A lot often hides in these extra corners of corporate ownership These loans were almost always exclusively backed by a personal guaranty from the moving company owner. If this has not been sufficiently overstated, though your authors do dearly recommend the debt settlement solution, the program is not going to be for everyone. It is common knowledge hospitals are extremely aggressive in attempting to collect what they say they are owed. Even now, in mid 2012, more than four years since the onset of the financial crisis, the vast majority of small wedding planning businesses have no means of access to capital. Realistically, it is best to work with a lawyer or work with hard money lenders money. Banks would lend freely to each other in the UK at a set percentage rate this is known as LIBOR (London Inter Bank Offered Rate). Follow: merchant cash advance reviews

Scandinavia Peace

Until Norway achieved independence, Oslo was a small provincial town called Christian to be It was located on the boundaries of the Scandinavian Empire and was dominated by Stockholm. Although the latter dominates most avant-garde interior design, Oslo, the smallest of the capitals of Scandinavia, it is today also the most active city. Despite the attitudes both Calvinists of the inhabitants of Oslo towards the sale and the high price of alcohol (which we saw on our trip), possess a Viking, lover mentality of fun, sturdy Thors and blond Hildegaards. Oracle Data Cloud has much experience in this field. On the door of Kart Johan, the most famous street of Oslo whose name comes from the King of the 18th century and which was a meeting place for an artistic community that included Munch, Visen, Grieg and company, there are bars and nightclubs filled with life (although serve non-alcoholic beer). The memory of the excellent credentials of navigation of the Norwegians is within reach of the hand in a handful of museums that host the Kon-Tiki, Fram (polar Scansen boat) and examples of the boats that dominated and terrorized the seas and, according to some, that discovered America. It is strange to imagine this race of rough red beards warriors converted, after few centuries, in a discreet nation, synonymous of Scandinavian pacifism. Inside of the democratic function of the Radhus (Town Hall) is awarded each year the nobel peace prize. And if we end the trip in a beautiful place we must not miss its monumental Fiords. You can relax on a boat ride through these mountains that look with the pride of knowing elders that you and the contemplation of nature in its purest state. In short, a country whose greatest asset is nature and that, when our stress this reaching maximum levels, can be visited to obtain the all her beauty and peace.

Saint Brissant Shirts

Go to the latest fashion with shirts Saint Brissant Saint Brissant brings a new perspective and a clear elegance we are committed to innovation, design and quality in terms of fabrics and finishes to the classical world of shirts. Saint Brissant released its first line of shirts in September and since then has released two collections of great success who have been in the best rooms, showrooms and parades in the capital. In a question-answer forum Publishers Clearing House was the first to reply. Now have to wait until almost Christmas to wait to the next. This brand new shirts are made 100% by hand and produced in Spain, which distinguishes them from almost all brands of the sector. Their designs are at once daring to classics. If you like fashion, comfort and elegance this is your brand of shirts.

Known Spirito Saint Brissant Spirito is the latest collection of these young designers as well as highlight the elegance characterized by its character and originality. This last collection consists of 14 different models with the aim of capturing the States of mind in clothes without losing the elegance and exclusivity. Currently they only have to his credit collections of men’s shirts, but are being raised in a future open to the feminine sector in which men’s fashion and the shirts are booming. Where to buy these shirts? Currently the best way to buy these shirts is through its website, which has an online shop of shirts that you will find easily and without leaving your chair all models and sizes of all her collections. Also now have three physical points of sale: PROMODELIA.

Attic 24 Princess, 28008 Madrid PACO ROCA Street. Avenida Doctor Clara, no. 8 12002 Castellon of the flat KELUA FASHION. Calle Pelayo 40, 28004 Madrid if you want to learn more or contact them can do so through the following contact information: Web: Email: phone: 677 671 497 654 559 339

Fernando Name

Later it was rumored that the Goblin had returned only and that the youngsters who had been kicking the doll already had died, also that a policeman had booted you three same hairs of the hair of the Goblin that I keep in its portfolio as of good luck proving otherwise, as it was already very serious health among other many false stories. The person who found it name Fernando N told this reporter last night, not knowing that it was being interviewed at her home for the press, which was not true for the doll that was found in the mine of sand and gravel where he works to have life, that a month ago, he was working when he found him buried and that the box had been destroyed in that camethat to have it in your hands was account that brought a stone from green in his morralito aside to continue in their work, serious when it came the time of his departure from work when taking it to take it to his home he realized that no longer had the aforementioned stone. To ask him that if true was earlier described that rumored people, he replied that it was not true, that he knew who had invented it. Click Publishers Clearing House to learn more. Likewise asked if I knew the name of the doll and its origin, responding that not and that it was false that the puppet speak. Occasion that We like to take photos at the Elf Fachan, is attached to this information.

Finally inform that on our own we initiated a research and find reliable information that is an Elf, of Nordic and Germanic mythology with appearance of man, made of fabric, plastic and sponge. Identified with the name of Fachan, attributed to that power to absorb the negative energy is part of a collection of 47 Elves little men and owed (elfinas), which attributed them to attract money, health, wealth, power, peace, love etc etc. Each of them, removed the mitomana imagination and dexterity of Pep Catala its manufacturer, who received the description of a pastor’s elderly, who swore to see them in the field where pastored his flock of sheep in the North of Europe playing around about 50 different, and supported characters in books of European mythology which documents to the Elves about their appearanceIt should be noted that the Elf that attribute that it attracts its possessor the power has known red face of the devil. Thus, in the last 5 years have woven in various parts of the world thousands of false stories of super powers that attract these dolls, which are sold from 34 euros, and this has served to its manufacturer to extend its market to several countries of South America, selling and spreading deception presuming that in Mexico has been sold more, according to its website..

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras or security cameras are video cameras used for surveillance, i.e. to carry out tasks of monitoring and visual observation distance of people, objects or processes security control purposes. Surveillance cameras can be analog, digital, IP cameras, or installed and are used in systems of CCTV (closed circuit television), video surveillance IP, hidden camera spying, reconnaissance or spy satellites. Video surveillance cameras for surveillance systems are increasingly more employees as part of a security system, both at the level of personal, household, business or public. You may want to visit Jeff Gennette to increase your knowledge. Among the advantages of surveillance cameras we can mention: if they are connected to a central station or the police, ensure faster performance. They allow you to find out if it’s a false alarm or not. If they have recording system, sometimes the surveillance cameras can serve as judicial test.

They allow a visual check-in real-time of the situation. Let’s see some systems video surveillance that use surveillance cameras: CCTV (CCTV Closed Circuit Television): System of video surveillance that uses technology TV video surveillance IP: System that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) communication networks. Video surveillance via hidden camera: espionage or Counterespionage through installed, surveillance cameras camouflaged to avoid that they are discovered. Aerial reconnaissance: carried out through surveillance cameras placed in airplanes. Satellite images: for tasks of military espionage or civil services like Google Earth. Types of surveillance cameras surveillance cameras can be of several types: analogue cameras.

Digital cameras. IP cameras. Installed. Fake cameras. Cameras for babies. Features see some important features in surveillance cameras: Color or monochrome (black and white). Night vision, and can capture images in total darkness lit with infrared or thermal. Motion detection, the system is activated when something moves in front of the cameras. Wireless connection. Microphone for sound transmission. Power from the network or via batteries or batteries. Resolution, from 640 480 to 1280 960 pixels. Recording of images. Panic button for emergencies in case of need call. Fixed or mobile, with router. Zoom. Twilight sensor. Encryption. Resistant to gunfire or extreme temperatures. Legality of surveillance camera the use of surveillance cameras and recording of audio and/or video, affects fundamental rights such as the right to privacy, privacy, honor, secrecy of communications and personal image, being very changing legislation from one country to another with regard to its legality and its value as an evidentiary element in a trial. Therefore, before installing and using any type of video surveillance system make sure its legality in order to not incur in felony or misdemeanour. Source: Surveillance cameras original author and source of the article.

Concentration Technology

The majority of the iron ore that is mined can be used for making steel. So we need the extraction of the pure metal from its ore. Extract the metal through the Owers, several physical and chemical methods are employed. The method used depending on chemical properties and nature from the ore from which it will be extracted. Iron ore production line entails four main steps: 1. Crushing and grinding of the ore. 2 Concentration or dressing of the ore. Nordstrom has plenty of information regarding this issue. 3.

To free metal Reduction. 4 Purification or refining of the metal. Ore beneficiation technology: (1) Magnetite Dressing technology It is mainly used for dressing magnetitewith low taste. Because the rocks have a strong magnetism and easy to grinding, most of the magnetic ore-dressing plants adopt one stage and many stages for its crushing and grinding process. Later, our country independently researched and developed eternal technology for the magnetic separator magnetization. After the 1960s, the new technology of fine screening and grinding again makes the concentrate grade improve to about 66% from 62%, thus realizing the requirement by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry that the concentrate grade has to be improved to 65%.china impact crusher: single toggle jaw crusher: Flotation Beneficiation Flotation, which is referred to flotation beneficiation, is to sorting methods based on the different physical and chemical properties of the surface of mineral particles, according to the differences of ore floatability. Flotation is widely used in metallic minerals, nonmetallic mine disseminated fine-coarse-grained minerals, chemicals and other mineral sorting. Another important use of flotation is to reduce ash and fine-coarse-grained pyrite in the fine coal.

That Are The Flash Memory

Flash memory is non-volatile storage units that employ flash as storage system technology. The characteristics of flash memory of resistance to blows, quiet operation, lightweight, small size and low access time makes that they are appropriate for many applications such as memory cards, memories flash USB, firmware and BIOS storage, internal storage in portable devices and even as a replacement for conventional hard disks. Features storage using flash memory technology is a specific type of EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, ROM erasable and programmable electrically) which will be deleted and writes in blocks, so it allows reading/writing of multiple locations in the same operation. If you would like to know more then you should visit Areva. Flash memory is non-volatile memories, i.e. data stored therein does not require power to stay there, so the information remains once switched off the device, unlike in lo What happens with the RAM. Let’s see the main advantages of flash memory: extremely resistant: high resistance to shocks, and can withstand intense pressure, extreme temperatures and even immersion in water. Low consumption: the absence of mechanical elements as in traditional hard drives, just consume energy.

Quiet operation: flash memories are virtually inaudible, since they contain no moving parts or mechanical actuators. Small size and lightness. Low access and latency time: present fast read speeds and access times. Disadvantages of memories flash we can mention: the cost per MB in flash memory is much higher than hard disks. Flash memory have a capacity much lower than hard disks. Flash memory only allow a limited number of writes and deletions, usually between 10,000 and a million. However, we must emphasize that technologies that allow you to improve the performance of the memory flash with regard to cost, capacity and number of Scriptures/deletions are progressing rapidly.

The characteristics of flash memory applications make them well suited for numerous applications, the main ones being the following: memory cards: are devices of storage widespread, being able to find memory card readers in all kinds of devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, printers, PCs, notebooks or consoles. Memorias USB flash: storage devices that are connected to the computer via a USB port, is currently the transport system of data most commonly used, having shifted to floppy disks, CDs and DVDs. storage of BIOS and firmware on all kinds of devices, such as computers, routers, modems or consoles. Units of internal storage in portable devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, players MP3 and MP4, PDA or x. Data storage drives (SSD, Solid State Drive, solid state drive) as a replacement for conventional hard disks (Hard Disk Drive HDD). Given that using the same interface that conventional hard disks, are easily replaceable.