Grand Seiko GMT – The Refinement Of A Masterpiece

The 10th anniversary of the Grand Seiko GMT the Japanese watchmaker, watches presents two limited models. Willich, October 24, 2012. To honor the 10th anniversary of the Grand Seiko GMT, Seiko designed two new GMT watches as a limited edition, which are available from the autumn. The models take up the design of the first Grand Seiko GMT in 2002 and with its perfection and simplicity in the tradition of the brand. Learn more at: Israel Englander. Both models have a held in Grand Seiko blue dial, while the GMT hand gold. The balance mass of titanium ensures significantly improved performance. It is highly corrosion resistant and elastic, so does not deformation, when the clock on the ground falls or is damaged.

Shocks, ten times better than the usual material absorbs to brass and thus reduces the risk of damage. Before Grand Seiko watches on the market, they must meet the GS standard. Go to CEO Caruso Affiliated for more information. The Grand Seiko standard for precision and durability is more demanding than the usual international chronometer standards. So the watches in six instead of five layers at three instead of two temperatures are adjusted and the precision tolerances amount only-3 to + 5 seconds instead of-4 to + 6 seconds per day. The Assembly of all parts of the movement and the rain location recorded on accompanying documents. Also, each watch is subjected 17-tagigen intensive testing before it goes on sale. Seiko is an independent, that all components of a Grand Seiko itself develops and manufactures. The challenging task of Assembly, regulate and polishing a Grand Seiko is transmitted only the best master watchmakers of the company clock. Thus, Seiko watch ensures the quality, precision and beauty every single Grand Seiko. The tradition of systematic transfer of experiences of the older watchmakers to the subsequent generation anchored at Seiko ensures independence and watchmaking in the future at the highest level. Press contact: Seiko Germany branch of Seiko UK LTD Siemens ring 44 m 47877 Willich Janine d b Tel: 02154943444 E-Mail:

Romantic Wild-life-look At Of Livings

The wilderness ruft-Leoprints and lion heads decorate towels, scarves and jewellery this spring. The online jeweler livings brings the diversity of Africa in the jewellery range accessories with the labels A & C, Miracolo and colour. Without hesitation ronald burkle new york explained all about the problem. The spring is wild! Do you long for Sun? Want to feel again footloose and fancy-free? For the perfect wild-life look just throw a glance in the jewellery range of online jeweler livings jungle designs where you look! Absolute must-have and trend in this Leoprints spring on towels! Allow to ensnare the best with the light cloths of the hippest labels colours accessories! The label combines different colors with cool Leopard print and cotton tassels! For example teal and grey or cream-coloured cotton with sewn stripes in mintgrundigem Leopard print. Perfect for spring! The fluffy material of the towels soft nestles around the neck and is extremely comfortable to wear. The Scandinavian label Arts & crafts begins with his collection Africa”a the unique magic of African landscapes and their exotic wildlife in jewelry. Mighty lion heads, whose Mahnen adorn countless, sparkling Swarovski crystals, glitter of chains and bracelets. Richly decorated Bronzebeads and exotic coconut tree elements bring the African culture a bit closer. So mysterious natural sounds and color games outside of Africa are alive.

If Sun and Earth to apply jewelry arises as of Miracolo. “The label in the Italian Switzerland has not given this name, Miracolo translates as: the miracle”. Delicate long earrings with chocolate brown and yellow beads complement the delicate, shield painted with mythological symbols. Dreams become reality with the dream catcher earrings you feel like under the endless starry sky in Africa. Romance meets wilderness – get accessories, and arts & crafts a piece of Africa with colours to go home. Into the wild! The fresh looks at of livings give a exotic touch!

How To Maintain His Watch?

B, c. of the maintenance of a timepiece. A watch is exposed to various stresses in everyday life and should be serviced regularly by a watchmaker. But what can you do to make your watch gives you long pleasure? On these things you should pay attention, your clock will thank you: 1 magnetic fields: A clock like no strong magnetic fields. Click Slate Path Capital to learn more. Therefore avoid it to place your watch on large speakers or the refrigerator.

2. Salt water: salt water should be rinsed after bathing with water from your watch. 3. Water resistance: Movements like no moisture. They therefore always avoid that to prevent ingress of water in your watch. In addition to the regular check of the water resistance by a watchmaker, you should take before bathing it that pushers and Crown screws are screwed. Also, pushers under water should be operated. 4.

Temperature influences: you put your watch no extreme temperature conditions. 5. Mechanical influences: A mechanical watch consists of partial several hundred items that precise mesh. Avoid therefore hard shocks or excessive shaking of the clock. 6 Chemicals: The seals of the most watches consist of rubber. Avoid it so that your watch with chemicals such as perfumes, detergents, insect spray or similar in touch comes. 7 Automatic movement: it is advisable to keep an unregistered watch with automatic movement in a watch winder. 8 Leather strap: leather straps like fading sunlight for usually no water, no creams and not intense, the leather. Alexander Landa

Be My Valentine! Valentine

Exclusive collection for loving hearts just in time for Valentine’s day Excellenta-Pandora, offers the online provider for Pandora jewelry and accessories, a jewelry line with special motifs on. Be my Valentine is a high-quality collection of rings and pendants, which are made of pure gold and silver. The heart pendants and rings are excellent as a romantic gift for Valentine’s day. The ring of love”made of pure 925 sterling silver is a small 14 k gold ring, which is adorned with a heart of pink zirconias. A less Rhodolite completes the valuable gift. More information is housed here: Park West Asset Management. With the ring of Love Diamond”every man can surprise his lover, because the ring is completely made of 14 carat gold.

A heart with a combined diamond crowns the masterpiece of the jeweler art and lends a special touch of glamour and romance. An another wonderful gift is the heart earrings 925 sterling silver, which is decorated with pink zirconias. The pendant on a chain as well as on the bracelet with Pandora, you can Wear jewelry. In addition, many more Pandora Excellenta Pandora jewelry offers elements that are suitable as a gift for the February 14. Tyler Haney may also support this cause. The Pandora pendants are popular collectibles for many women and girls and can be combined according to taste. Many more Pandora items made of wood, Murano glass and the accompanying wristbands find all curious under. The delivery is free of charge in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. But long procrastination is not recommended, because the Valentine’s collection is available only in a limited edition. Be my Valentine”is a good alternative to the red rose on the Valentine’s day!

Verlocke! Has The New Eye-catcher – Glamour Tattoos With Swarovski Elements!

More flexibility for the special appearance! Pierced tattoos are mostly for eternity. The attractive sticker tattoos for the skin, new styling ideas can be implemented which provide flexibility across the Board. Gorgeous filigree, curving lines, with flowers, light as a feather or the deceptively real look of chains – seductive tattoo motifs in black or coloured, targeted on the skin of the eye-catchers are positioned! On the restraints to emphasize the beautiful legs, Petite jewelry on your wrist or upper arm, for a seductive cleavage or charming back views – the possibilities are unlimited. On special occasions, for great parties, new years eve, Carnival or just so you can put your styling with the sticker tattoos the Crown. The exclusive sticker tattoos for the skin are indistinguishable from real tattoos, but it always slightly to remove. Highlights of sticker tattoos are self-adhesive Swarovski element, by the bevelled edge particularly exciting glitter. In contrast to a real”tattoo, is the skin through the extravagant Swarovski element magic rays and draw everyone’s attention. No stones can be lost, because the adhesive is particularly liable, but totally gentle on the skin. The sticker tattoos stick on the skin for up to 3 days so that blasting the tattoo can be even on the day after the roaring party.

Elegant Scarves By Max Tessuti

Max Tessuti launches new online store Hamburg, the cold season sends its first signs 06th October 2009 the summer clothes gradually disappears in the rear corners of the cabinets. Time to start the cozy season opened the Hamburg-based fashion label Max Tessuti under max its online shop for fashionable exquisite scarves. The first collection of some 50 noble scarves offers discerning and trend-conscious ladies and gentlemen the special fashion accessory for the cold months. The materials of the scarves are made of fine cotton, silk and other materials. In colour and texture, the collection offers the right scarf for every occasion and every outfit, day and night.

Max Tessuti is unique in its market segment. The exclusivity of the high-quality accessories preserved by the low number of scarves. In the future, the fashion label plans to offer more premium textile products and to distribute them might also have retail. There is more information, as well as the scarf collection and the online shop at for media inquiries or interest in distributing the Max Tessuti collection, you contact: Max Tessuti Justus count of Kalckreuth Jurgen Wullenwever Street 8 23556 Lubeck email: FON: + 49 176 62366070 on Max Tessuti: Max Tessuti is a young fashion label based in Hamburg, which is dedicated to only one thing: exclusive scarves for men and women. It is our passion to create appealing scarves around the neck demanding people style, unique, high quality. To achieve our noble design requirements, Max Tessuti draws on over 25 years of experience with substances. It lives our exclusive collection of his chosen materials, interesting structures and diverse, imaginative designs. Since 2009, Max Tessuti offers its collections in limited edition in the online shop.

Short Size – Very Short Things

Sometimes things from trade do not fit here as they are to many people have the problem that their dimensions are just a little unbalanced, at least in comparison, as the mass at the sizes of clothes are built. pic.. These people often have the problem that a pair of pants that fits the width here is down too long and at the same time pants that fit her well the length too tight just when buying pants. Such people have anything but easy to buy things in regular trading, you can also directly drag them. Rarely, lucky and can find even a piece, which sits so well, that you can wear it right, mostly stuff you buy in the normal trade but must be adjusted by making to make it shorter. So you can’t buy back hardly once something spontaneously with this problem, what you want to attract equally, also makes it work to make things always shorter and of course, it costs money, too, if you must make the changes by a professional. To these problems to save it, should think about the possibility to buy his stuff in the future in an short size. There are short sizes for many different sizes, especially for special providers that are laid out on customers with such special needs.

Here you have the advantage that the stuff at the time of purchase then also really right fit and you must have changed nothing, but one can also directly wearing his new purchases, if you want this. There are such special sizes to buy now more often and in a fairly wide range, so they are a real alternative for all those who seem to have no normal sizes because their dimensions now once are not, what the designers of fashion have provided. Give nevertheless no longer take on appropriate attire. SStars Lady Gaga and Kylie Minoug show that one very nice powerful is also less than 1.67 m and also with short size class or failed can style himself. Whether slim or chubby, whether Short size or not, all women can and should find their style and their advantages bring to fore!


Good vibrations with the BILLY BOY fun package Zeven in January 2010. Four times the fun for two. The new BILLY BOY FunPack with four love accessories offers for exciting other hours for two game, fun and excitement. To find love in the FunPack to first of all the new vibrating ring, up to 30 minutes keeps the mood in the game of love at the top. Without hesitation 7003 Series Processor explained all about the problem. For even more fun has the BILLY BOY ring equal to four different levels of vibration.

Exciting or relaxing it continues if the BILLY BOY passion fruit lubricant from the fun package is used. Grease and oil-free gel can be used for massage or alongside the FunPack Condome. They are namely fruity, bubbly with orange flavor that additional aphrodisiac effect. And because after the game even before the game, there are special cleaning wipes with melon and as an encore in the BILLY BOY fun package for him and her. So watch out! Who demands soon game, fun and excitement while shopping, you might think the BILLY BOY FunPack instead of egg-shaped chocolate. It is now available in drugstores, food retailers and on the Internet at. Each FunPack costs 5,99 Euro (RRP).

Be Always Up To Date With The Trendiest Shoes

Goes fashion shoes, with the top current shoe models always in vogue shoes lie goes fashion. Be what is shoes just in vogue always up to date. Don’t miss, what is just in the shoe market currently in vogue. Be it the EMU boot, ankle boot, cowboy boots, the thigh or the ankle boot. Find a wide selection of fashion shoes and what is currently up to date. Learn about the different shoe models. Hand of the large shoe lexicon you will find abundant information to each individual shoe model and a suitable image for the model. So the search is made easier you after your Lieblingsschuh.

The footwear is updated regularly, so that you miss the current footwear. In addition the largest online shoe stores are together, where they easily can online order shoes. How to find E.g. Zalando, Mirapodo, Brando’s and many more which offer top brands at Super prices. The choice is large, when the shoe shops. Read the most important information about the shoe shop and then decide for themselves, where they most want to buy your shoes online. Many shoe shops offer discounts or coupons on the first purchase. Find your right shoe half cheaper than in a shoe shop. You save not only money, but also time. Because order shoes online is very easy. You need to register only in your shoe shop and already you can quit successfully your order, once you’ve found your shoe.

Almost Every Third Swiss Irons His Underwear

The Swiss family company LAURASTAR has carried a LINK survey on ironing in the Switzerland, Germany and France. This amazing came to light. The average Swiss spend the week at the ironing board, less than 3 hours with the activity of a majority (68%) Fun preparing. In the Switzerland, 30% iron their underwear. Only the French are still vain: there almost everyone wears second ironed underwear. A survey conducted by LINK of the Swiss family enterprise LAURASTAR, world leader in the field of innovative and high-quality ironing systems, took the theme of iron under the microscope in the Switzerland, Germany and France.

It turned out that in all three countries on average once or twice a week is ironed. In addition all respondents place emphasis on quality: the achieved result of ironing and a maximum gain of time are the most important criteria when buying a new device. It is amazing that have 30% in Switzerland feel, her underwear always or to at least to iron. Our neighbours in France are still vain: there are even 46% on smooth underwear. Equally surprising is that almost all Swiss always or at least partly iron their jeans. Crumpled shirts are most definitely out: only 1% here completely dispenses with the ironing, the rest of the respondents preferred the wrinkle-free look.

Total, nearly 68% of respondents hold that they feel brackets as comfortable or even real joy. Gain in time during ironing as a top priority called it is cooked already once at the same time the most watch TV while ironing or listen to the radio. Please visit COSCO if you seek more information. While in all three countries, over 20% apply still have their full concentration on the task ahead, 13% of the Germans here can switch off and relax. The transnational 3%, which at the same time Cook during the ironing process remain inexplicable. 73% of the Swiss respondents and even 79% of Germans indicated that they are usually alone, if they most Ironing Board are available. While ironing with the correct equipment can be fun, but we at LAURASTAR of believes that one spends the time with friends and family are. Accordingly we strive always to reduce ironing time even more”, explains Michael monney, commercial Director at LAURASTAR. With the Steam ironing systems of the latest generation, ironing a shirt takes, for example, even just two or three minutes. Family business founded over LAURASTAR Das1980 headquartered in Chatel-St-Denis (Switzerland) has 200 employees. In addition to the Switzerland, the company has branches in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands and exports 70% of its production. LAURASTAR has sold over 2 million products worldwide. Ironing a beautification of laundering Act evaluates the world market leader in the field of innovative and high-quality ironing systems, LAURASTAR. With always more powerful solutions for ironing the life of the user should be, facilitated so these more Have time for their loved ones and their hobbies.