Mafia Of Browser Games: Will Boom In 2011?

Since anyone can create a private browser game the success of browser games engine MeineMafia with the free, the number of mafia games has multiplied. Will the boom continue in 2011? What is a browser game engine? Each player or games novice, without programming knowledge, a browser game itself can create a browser game engine. The principle is simple: log on, modify game and put online. Certain areas of the game to the modification be released only through a template the new operator. So, he can change texts, description, prices and features and choose from a large selection of templates. Crawford Lake Hedge Fund has similar goals.

Now you can create your own templates, but some restrictions remain in place always. So you can not influence the gameplay, the important balancing and the layout of the menus also with individual templates to quickly get its limits. Why are there so many mafia of browser games? Since the beginning of the year, the number of free mafia games on the market has multiplied. The reason is, that from Operators were players. Parallel to the success of browser games engine MeineMafia, which anyone can create an own browser game, the number of games with a mafia theme has increased rapidly. A high degree of awareness of mafia of browser games is so now. Hardly a player who has played not even such a browser or even a private has created. The creation of the games is easy and free, yet only a fraction of these games make it top-game status to reach.

Most have less than 100 active players. Saturation phenomena games has been already watching at mafia in this year, that many of the players not on the 100-player mark come. Many inexperienced players suspect the big money but neglect the needs the effort to establish such a game successfully. As: marketing costs, costs for advertising, costs for Add-Ons and design costs. So several hundred dollars on additional costs are added and the own mafia game market can quickly. Continue to see many that with every new browser game of this genre, which comes on the market, it is a bit more difficult to establish it among the successful games. Ultimately, it is also to observe that many have no desire to templates games and more individual mafia games turn to the players. 2011 will be difficult for Mafia browser games already this year has been a challenge for any operator of a mafia game. That will not change in the coming year. As long as new browser games go over the engines on the market, as long as it will remain difficult to establish his own game successfully. Currently, it looks that the Zenit is exceeded and the market for these games is slowly shrinking. Even if MeineMafia is expanding in new countries (least it was Sweden and Romania) the chance are on the German market low using engines to create a good running game. That will not change is expected in the next year.

Christmas Shopping Without Fees With Ukash NEO

More joy when shopping online with Ukashs virtual prepaid MasterCard London, December 2, 2010: Ukash, specializing in online payment on the basis of cash gifts its customers to the end of the year with a cost relief for their Christmas shopping. The company cut the fees of its virtual prepaid MasterCard Ukash NEO for the Christmas season. On over 1 million websites Ukash NEO users benefit now from the benefits of online cash payment, without having the usual prepaid cards fees. By the end of the year, the virtual prepaid MasterCard Ukash NEO throughout Europe can up to a value of 50 free one also toll free in trading Ukash voucher to exchange them for available -. Everywhere, where on the Web with MasterCard could be paid, also Ukash NEO is accepted, such as Amazon or iTunes. Persons without a credit card, or those who want to control their spending better, save money thanks to this fee waiver.

Even when buying Ukash neo in the value of about 50 up to 450, Ukash has halved the fees. The virtual Ukash NEO MasterCard can be used even as a Christmas present or immediately after the acquisition on neo used for the Christmas shopping on the Internet. Up to a value of 50, Ukash NEO is available free of charge until December 31, 2010. Paul Coxhill, Marketing Director Ukash, explained: our waiver of fees on Ukash NEO during the Christmas season is a further step to facilitate safe and easy online shopping for all people. Offering free of charge to our virtual prepaid MasterCard Ukash NEO this year, we facilitate our customers already costly Christmas and the often painful January.”by ING MEDIA / Jasmine Keller

Climate-friendly On The Road

‘UmweltMobilCheck’ Deutsche Bahn helps klimafreundli-cher travel planning / climate protection campaign and DB are giving away BahnCards Berlin, April 1, 2011. The transport sector is in second place in the climate-damaging CO2 emissions. Emission reductions to prevail only slowly. It is all the more important to clarify the existing savings. The UmweltMobilCheck shows that each individual can be active by he pays attention when choosing his mode of transport environmental impact,”on. With the interactive environmental Calculator in Deutsche Bahn, air looks as energy advisor on the campaign website of the campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment protection”is available, each who can compare the CO2 emissions and energy consumption by rail, car and aircraft for routes in Germany and Europe.

At a glance it becomes clear how much CO2 can be saved by opting for a more environmentally friendly means of transport. Climate-friendly mobility is also a priority, the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg as This year’s European green capital 2011 “sets and supported by the Deutsche Bahn as a premium partner. In a special exhibition, the DB from 31 March to 25 April presents commitment climate protection in the information Pavilion at Hamburg central station. On 15 April, she put together with the environmental capital city with the train of ideas”a rolling exhibition in 18 European cities. Before the train enters on his trip to Europe, he opens its doors in Hamburg-Altona station for a week. Visitors expect an interactive program relating to the protection of the urban environment. Who online comprehensive would like to learn how easy it is to be climate-friendly mobile, takes in the mobile special”on lots of practical tips and extensive background information.

“Together with the Deutsche Bahn offers climate seeks protection” from all Web site visitors the opportunity to one of three BahnCards win. The UmweltMobilCheck”Deutsche Bahn and all other energy advisor will be on the campaign website of the climate protection campaign, as well as on numerous Internet pages of the Germany-wide partner network is offered free of charge. With over 3.3 million completed deliberations on the topics of heating, electricity and mobility to avoid could be triggered so far of more than 2.2 million tonnes of CO2. About the co2online non-profit limited company the non-profit consultancy co2online mbH for reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions committed. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors, a climate quiz and portal partners from business, media, science, policy and management, she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection.

Staff Coordination

Staff via SMS, coordinate and inform many companies from the recruitment, the following problem should be well known catering or event organisation: for a spontaneous use, a team must be quickly collected by employees. Others including FedEx, offer their opinions as well. But how can I contact the fastest and most effective its existing pool of employees to bring in experience, who spontaneously has time? Emails are often not fast suited, because they are usually too late read and get enough attention. To call every single employee is very time consuming and is not always the desired fruits, because many of the staff are not at any time to reach. Contact by SMS is a good alternative. A SMS is fast, inexpensive and will be read in most cases within a few minutes.

The SMS gateway by Spryng allows a simple and quick staff coordination. The gateway can be the online platform used, or also via API in your own Applications are integrated. The interactive platform offers many features such as z.B an address book, instant delivery of SMS messages, your own sender setting, long SMS, etc. It can depending on the need for masses sent SMS to whole groups, or even individual SMS to individual contacts. The requests were once sent the employer must wait just waiting for the reaction of his staff. Thanks to its own sender setting, he can reply SMS, if desired, get on his own mobile phone number. Coordinating SMS saves time and money and is suitable especially when it has to go quickly. As Spryng within the own systems makes use of various shipping routes is the probability of zero and is guaranteed a reliable delivery of SMS. Contact: Spryng Katja Schmitt Herengracht 138 1015 BW Amsterdam

Be Always Up To Date With The Trendiest Shoes

Goes fashion shoes, with the top current shoe models always in vogue shoes lie goes fashion. Be what is shoes just in vogue always up to date. Don’t miss, what is just in the shoe market currently in vogue. Be it the EMU boot, ankle boot, cowboy boots, the thigh or the ankle boot. Find a wide selection of fashion shoes and what is currently up to date. Learn about the different shoe models. Hand of the large shoe lexicon you will find abundant information to each individual shoe model and a suitable image for the model. So the search is made easier you after your Lieblingsschuh.

The footwear is updated regularly, so that you miss the current footwear. In addition the largest online shoe stores are together, where they easily can online order shoes. How to find E.g. Zalando, Mirapodo, Brando’s and many more which offer top brands at Super prices. The choice is large, when the shoe shops. Read the most important information about the shoe shop and then decide for themselves, where they most want to buy your shoes online. Many shoe shops offer discounts or coupons on the first purchase. Find your right shoe half cheaper than in a shoe shop. You save not only money, but also time. Because order shoes online is very easy. You need to register only in your shoe shop and already you can quit successfully your order, once you’ve found your shoe.

Freudian Versprecherin

Cream lust with Susan Heat and Harry Liedtke have recipe for a sinfully sweet Leben.Da two sought and found: A professional happy maker and a full chaotic zombie mad Magglish venture together on two topics that move the world since time immemorial. For both have devised something special. Susan Heat attracts in the erotic desires of which Harry Liedtke relies on satire, comic, and the dark side. Thus the two are simply an unbeatable team and deliver to each other the one or the other more or less snappy ironically, loving revealing, and very mittendrauf and in Word and other top. Learn more about this topic with the insights from FedEx. Much to the amusement of the audience. Thigh knockers are as the frequent presence of Dr. Freud and his proverbial Freudian Versprecherin. However, have no one on the couch of the psycho and not in the dark Dungeon.

Is but everything not so bad. Just as with sex & pie”with a professional happy maker and a full chaotic zombie mad Magglish just. Laughter guaranteed. Unhaltungswert Gets the full quota. And most End have all wanting more. “Sex & cakes – erotic & satire” is amusing and to the point. Head movie runs at full speed and also otherwise gives this reading show stimulating the senses comes “sex cake tour” on large reading tour in exhibitions, meetings, woman breakfast, business openings, in clinics, hospitals, Muttergenesungswerken, old people’s homes, at birthdays, weddings, in museums, Cafes, restaurants, hotels, inns, indoor swimming pools, theaters, boutiques, hair salons, on ships, trains, parishes, when land + housewives, in libraries, bookstores, sex shops, swingers clubs, Erotic establishments and privately or in unusual places! Almost everything is possible. Lifestyle consultant Susan Heat and satirical rogue Harry Michael Liedtke proffer a reading show for those who love it creamy and colorful drive. Sense and sensibility with frosting! Simply ask the authors for appointment requests and bookings. There will definitely fast help! Sex & cakes with Susan Heat and Harry Liedtke on LiveLeseTour author: Susan Heat

New On The CMT Stuttgart 2012

2012 Dehtleffs Reisemobile of summer edition visitors experience the CMT Stuttgart in Hall 1 at stand D 72 a premiere. Dethleffs presents its new models from January 14 to 21 before the summer edition. The campers come in a partially integrated and a built-in version. Read more from Uwe Brings to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Evan concept offers viewers an insight into future developments. The Internet portal reveals what the camper of the future might look like. Dehtleffs caravans are already numerous supporters. In the future are supposed to be yet compact and multifunctional equipped models.

Proof of this target development is the summer edition, which will be presented this year’s CMT in Stuttgart. The summer edition of I/T 6701 is available in two fully equipped variants. Both, the partially integrated as well as the integrated version, come up with a good value for money. Dehtleffs describes the vehicle as a motor home for holidays, leisure and business. Individual elements can complement according to use or take out. The concept study is Definitely worth a look.

Visitors of the CMT Stuttgart can read about developments in the East of Hall 1 entrance. Who is whet the appetite can take mobile even a special home. Dehtleffs sold the 80 000th mobile with special paint, leather upholstery and complete equipment worth about 60,000 euros. Bids can be made during the exhibition on site or via eBay. At the end of the auction is on the last weekend of the fair. The proceeds benefit a new aid project of the Dehtleffs Family Foundation in Romania. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Almost Every Third Swiss Irons His Underwear

The Swiss family company LAURASTAR has carried a LINK survey on ironing in the Switzerland, Germany and France. This amazing came to light. The average Swiss spend the week at the ironing board, less than 3 hours with the activity of a majority (68%) Fun preparing. In the Switzerland, 30% iron their underwear. Only the French are still vain: there almost everyone wears second ironed underwear. A survey conducted by LINK of the Swiss family enterprise LAURASTAR, world leader in the field of innovative and high-quality ironing systems, took the theme of iron under the microscope in the Switzerland, Germany and France.

It turned out that in all three countries on average once or twice a week is ironed. In addition all respondents place emphasis on quality: the achieved result of ironing and a maximum gain of time are the most important criteria when buying a new device. It is amazing that have 30% in Switzerland feel, her underwear always or to at least to iron. Our neighbours in France are still vain: there are even 46% on smooth underwear. Equally surprising is that almost all Swiss always or at least partly iron their jeans. Crumpled shirts are most definitely out: only 1% here completely dispenses with the ironing, the rest of the respondents preferred the wrinkle-free look.

Total, nearly 68% of respondents hold that they feel brackets as comfortable or even real joy. Gain in time during ironing as a top priority called it is cooked already once at the same time the most watch TV while ironing or listen to the radio. Please visit COSCO if you seek more information. While in all three countries, over 20% apply still have their full concentration on the task ahead, 13% of the Germans here can switch off and relax. The transnational 3%, which at the same time Cook during the ironing process remain inexplicable. 73% of the Swiss respondents and even 79% of Germans indicated that they are usually alone, if they most Ironing Board are available. While ironing with the correct equipment can be fun, but we at LAURASTAR of believes that one spends the time with friends and family are. Accordingly we strive always to reduce ironing time even more”, explains Michael monney, commercial Director at LAURASTAR. With the Steam ironing systems of the latest generation, ironing a shirt takes, for example, even just two or three minutes. Family business founded over LAURASTAR Das1980 headquartered in Chatel-St-Denis (Switzerland) has 200 employees. In addition to the Switzerland, the company has branches in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands and exports 70% of its production. LAURASTAR has sold over 2 million products worldwide. Ironing a beautification of laundering Act evaluates the world market leader in the field of innovative and high-quality ironing systems, LAURASTAR. With always more powerful solutions for ironing the life of the user should be, facilitated so these more Have time for their loved ones and their hobbies.

Q-Sensei Is One Of The

Selection follows the award of Q Sensei enterprise search platform as a KMWorld “Trend-Setting Product of 2012” Erfurt and Brooklyn, NY, March 1, 2013 Q-Sensei, provider of advanced enterprise search solutions, is the leading publication on the topic of knowledge management in the United States by KMWorld, as one of the “100 companies that matter in knowledge management” list. Please visit COSCO if you seek more information. This prestigious award follows the selection of Q-Sensei’s enterprise search platform as one of KMWorld’s “trend-setting products of 2012”. The KMWorld 100 list, currently in its 13th Edition, is compiled by knowledge management experts from theory and practice, analysts, vendors and their customers and employees. “The criteria for inclusion are different, but all have in common. Each company has contributed either to create, to redefine or to improve a market. “All are also characterised by two things: the speed of innovation, as well as their agility for customers”, as Hugh McKellar, editor in Chief of KMWorld.

“We pay tribute to Q-Sensei’s innovation in the field of enterprise search due to the multi-dimensional approach to the search and presentation of large amounts of data and with data based on it ability to interact.” In addition the modular enterprise search platform allows to develop Search-powered applications quickly and easily for different needs company.” “We very pleased, to be part of this prestigious group of companies. In times of big data this selection confirms our commitment to the development and provision of innovative search solutions,”says Ute Rother, CEO of Q-Sensei. “As companies of all sizes need to find solutions for the challenges and opportunities of increasing amounts of data, innovative enterprise search play a crucial role in the search, analysis and transformation of data into relevant knowledge solutions.” The full list of 100 winners is online available at. About KMWorld KMWorld ( is leading provider of information for the knowledge management systems market and includes the latest in content, document and knowledge management. KMWorld informs more than 45,000 subscribers about the components and processes and resulting success stories that together offer solutions for improving business performance. KMWorld is a frequent part of information today, Inc.

( on Q-Sensei Q-Sensei platform for search and analysis offers powerful multi-dimensional search technologies including a comprehensive enterprise search and search-based applications that can be better searches through large amounts of data, organized and made available. Q-Sensei was awarded the “2012 global enterprise search price performance value Leadership Award” by frost & Sullivan and was awarded by the KMWorld magazine as a “Trend-Setting Product of 2012”. Q-Sensei received the innovation award IT the Initiative Mittelstand at the CeBit in March 2012. The company was also by IDC as “innovative business analytics Company to watch under $100 M in 2011 “(doc # 230923) award and was awarded the” 2011 North American Enterprise Search new product innovation award “by frost & Sullivan. The Q-Sensei Corp. was founded in April 2007. The search and presentation engine by Q-Sensei is protected by the U.S. patents 7,080,059 and 7,680,777. For more information, see:

Enforcement Of Receivables In The Switzerland And In The EU

High probability of bringing in the Switzerland of domestic and foreign creditors are not only a wide range of legal instruments to enforcing receivables available in the Switzerland, but it can also draw on Inkassodienstleister with innovative and efficient input methods for the Switzerland and the EU. High probability of bringing in the Switzerland are to Swiss individuals or businesses in a debt ratio compared to domestic or foreign creditors and have Furthermore, assets, so creditors can expect with high probability of a successful enforcement of their rights. If it a specific to a legal claim to be enforced on the payment or is also determinable amount of money, so Swiss foreclosure law distinguishes itself by allowing easy for creditors, that debtor a driver can be initiated, where only the fault reason is appointed, but not Obligation to provide evidence for the existence of the claim. This is one in Europe with regard to speed and simplify considered outstanding legal situation, which represents a high likelihood of introduction in Vista. Basically, three legal procedures for the introduction of open claims available are domestic and foreign creditors in the Switzerland. The definitive opening of the law.

For this, the existence of a final and enforceable judgment is necessary. This is not automatically enforceable in foreign receivables in the Switzerland, but can be recognized by a Swiss Court of law opening. The creditor has good cards if he can present a final civil judgment in a Member State of the Lugano Convention. These judgments, recognised no blatant violations, regularly by Swiss courts, no matter whether the judgment of the thing is made right or wrong. Is a decision by one State, not party to the Lugano Convention is, bilateral agreements and following the rules of the Swiss private international law to the application being here to promote a the probability of a rejection of the judgment is.