Integrated Management

The studies will always be the development of more knowledge than prepared to solve different problems that arise in various situations are of daily living or work activities, in order by those studies may be develop each again so we can go getting more and more achievements to enable compliant and pleased to be with oneself, and therefore after the completion of a profession, the way of education is not over, since there is one more step to give that are the masters, which are presented as a graduate and so the knowledge obtained through these are more advanced, thus providing better conditions for the time to act on problem solving and presentation of development proposals. One of the masters which are of great intellectual contribution to the integral development of an individual, is the master in integrated management, which offers the option to gain more knowledge about such important areas of the workplace as is the quality, and prevention of various occupational hazards, allowing not only create a better environment within the premises in which labor, but that promotes improved outcomes, particularly through the implementation of different media and techniques developed in.

Based on lessons learned from the master in integrated management. Master’s program in integrated management is directed to those who have already achieved the college degree, yet they are in search of more knowledge regarding management systems, plus a better way to consolidate the previously acquired . In the various institutions offering master’s program in integrated management, primarily seek to meet certain targets relating to the formation of the different people who access the course, among which are: That people can develop a model appropriate management to prevent various risks within the company or at different points of the realization of the work. In addition to the above, it must be able to make a planning preventive action to the various components of risk that may occur. In addition to the work activity must know the different laws affecting terms of work activity, therefore it must also be able to monitor the compliance of the law at all levels regarding the prevention, which seeks to prevent some accidents or illnesses caused by industrial action and thus avoid the presence of sanctions against the company by the lack of optimal conditions for the job. To achieve the different objectives in the comprehensive management master gives different knowledge about safety issues within the workforce, ways to help improve the quality in terms of working conditions, which is accompanied not only a good deal but also the creation of an enabling environment in terms of hygiene as well as information management in different provisions establishing legal guidelines for corporate action..

Marketing Consultancy

With this philosophy, they bring all their experience and business know-how, said Nino Murcia, architect of some of the corporate image campaigns most important of our country “the only thing we have made applying our methodology and experience to a field, the election really needs professionals without political affiliation.” From this election focused marketing consulting services within the parameters of “excellence, independence, transparency, professionalism and honesty.” And this is possible because MKE integrates a multidisciplinary team of over twenty top-level professionals capable of working in very diverse areas, to achieve a comprehensive service in which a candidate can have all the tools necessary to achieve their goals. a In this sense, Jose Luis Casero, trachea was director of economic and industrial promotion in Madrid for five years, means that “parties and candidates could be analyzed with some variation as political firms producing goods such as political ideologies, services and decisions. And in competition with others. So you can not even wait until the last minute, ie the campaign. That is the great error. Citizens need to be in constant contact with their politicians, not only in time to get the vote.

Society demands every day ideas, credibility, honesty, trust, experience and expertise in management, and this is a process in time, also won every day with adequate preparedness. ” MKE’s client has a clear profile that point both managers: “We advise the best professionals with proven experience and expertise in the field privadoa and want to join la public sector management, people and institutions that have values that contribute to society , a even if not raised within any political party of so-called traditional. ”

This is why this initiative wants to change the treatment so far has given the election campaign: “What happens is that has been developed in the right way, has not integrated the real protagonists are the citizens and has been marked by an exercise-dependent, non-partisan and professional. This has led to disappointment from the people about parties and candidates. No need to look at the latest polls for assessing the current political class, in which no leader approves “said Murcia. a About MKE, Marketing Consultant Electoral This marketing consultants and election management stems from the initiative of a group of professionals from various sectors, with an experience of over 20 years, specializing in corporate and institutional communication, public relations, image and identity, as well as management and the enhancement of innovative projects in the electoral field. The consultancy, based in Madrid, to try to respond to these electoral processes and situations providing the necessary tools to assist and advise in the projection of the image, and popular figures citizens to know and deal with any process that involves a choice among several candidates, including through partnerships of all kinds, chambers of commerce and small pueblosa mayors and municipalities.