Right Resources

This means to have right to the exploration of the maritime resources; to the scientific inquiry, it fishes to control it on the part of foreign boats and the right to the exploration of oil and natural gas of the marine stream bed (Convention of United Nations on the Right of the Sea). Since the great discovery, many debates had occurred to defend and to preserve a bigger part of the wealth for the country. The accumulation of Tupi (located in the Basin) only possesss a volume esteem between 5 and 8> daily pay-salt is great trunfo Brazilian. Petrobra’s invested heavy in technology for the extration of new oil.

In August of 2009, the Brazilian government created a state one, the Petrosal to manage the mega-fields and to contract companies to explore them in partnership with Petrobra’s. The government says that this measure will have to prevent that the wealth falls in the private sector. Moreover, in March of 2009, the House of representatives approved the emendation that foresees the distribution of royalties of the exploration of the oil between all the states and cities, modifying the project of the System of Allotment that foresaw that the producing states (RIO DE JANEIRO, YOU ARE, SP) were with almost the totality of the resources of the oil.

ECI Fordergebietes

Another $ 30 million in State subsidies are available for payment to fund closing the XVII KG on May 10, 2013 Stuttgart, 24.04.2013. After the drilling platform Spartan 151 “due to occurring in autumn and winter weather conditions in the ice-free port port Graham uberwinterte, before a few days back in the kitchen lights unit in the Cook Inlet, Alaska brought in order to take up their work for the upcoming Bohrsaison. Last night, around 2 o’clock Pacific time, the drill the third hole in the ECI regional aid and the round 2 weeks ahead of the original schedule began. Previously, the team of the U.S. partner of energy capital invest had successfully completed all necessary tests and examinations of the State of Alaska on the environmental legal requirements and the operation of the drilling platform together with the drilling platform operators. Then granted all necessary permits for the third hole. Thus, the US partner of energy capital invest is how agreed not only with the ECI fully in the plan. Also, he was with the State Alaska agreed and already by 2016 exploration plan approved so far completely fulfilled. Also the size of the reservoir of the third hole above the original assumptions should be like already in the two previous holes. This is done in close proximity to the first two successfully completed holes and thus in the same geological formation. At one of the essential components of the safety concept of the Alaska funds, the State subsidy of all drilling and infrastructure costs, everything is proceeding as planned. So payouts of the State of Alaska as refund for previously performed investment due in soon again: this time in the amount of $ 30 million. Total subsidies in the amount of approximately $ 100 million from the State would have been done already Alaska for the development of the ECI Fordergebietes. A participation is due to the previously very successful placement of the US oil and gas Fund XVII KG only up to May 10, 2013 possible. The Meanwhile established concept as short term offers a maximum profit share currently 41 percent with a maturity again until 30 June 2016. Konzeptionsgemass are the profits for the investors, taking into account the retention of progression tax-free.

Enterprise Management

organizations exist in function of the people and for serviz them, not contrary it. The forms as the people if relate inside of an organization to a large extent (at least in the formal direction) are defined by the adopted organizacional structure, that is, the hierarchic levels and the interactions between the same ones. The formal structure is necessary so that the individual work and in group efficiently is co-ordinated. The structure is ' ' column dorsal' ' of the organization, establishing functions, positions and hierarchies, affecting the degree of internal cooperation, freedom for external contacts, flow between the departmental borders, intensity and direction of communication between leadership and subordinate, forms and strategies of negotiation and the power to decide process, amongst others. From there, it appeared the necessity and the interest for the thematic one through studies on Enterprise Management, where each organization must have as base a organizacional culture, where new organizacionais pacts if they insert of ostensive form, and new forms of comunicacionais relationships are developed becoming present in the company.

This work has as objective generality to identify as if it processes the organizacional culture, from the perception of its collaborators; to observe the processes of relationships in the scope of a small business company? having as model the Sotelha Material of Ltda Construction and as objective specific, to.descrever the organizacional system; To identify the leadership model; to analyze the programs of existing training and development in the company and to ahead identify the used canals of linking for the team of management of people for its performance of the internal public. We know of the importance of the subject organizacional culture, placing in practical in our daily one, as well as, observing the necessity of this, in is inserted in the organizations as transforming agent of changes. To identify as if processes the organizacional culture, from the perception of its collaborators.

Don Juan

The the Turkish fleet Center, shot Canyon coup, remains undone, as before his right flank. Ali Baja, despite its value, was gunned down by 7 shots of arquebus and a soldier of the thirds, Andres Becerra, picked up the Ottoman banner and a galeote cut off the head of Ali offering Juan of Austria. This scorned with gesture of disgust and ordered that he throw it overboard. With this symbolic gesture, the battle had ended. Turkish power destroyed and the Spanish naval prestige, cemented to infinity. In the battle of Lepanto died some 30,000 Turks; 5,000 were taken prisoner, including high-ranking officers. In addition, 15,000 slaves were found chained in the galleys and were released.

More than 200 ships and Galleons were lost between the two sides. A Council was held and felt of terminating the campaign of that year. Pius V and the Doge of Venice acknowledged that victory was mainly due to Spain and Don Juan de Austria. Although Lepanto was apparently a victory total for the members of the Holy League, the finality of the Christian victory has been discussed by many historians. Postponements, mistrust between the allies and the death of Pope St. Pius V resulted in the embezzlement of the victory of Lepanto. Philip II, King of Spain, he was fearful of a new consolidation of the franco-turca Alliance; the Venetians were willing, some time after, to make a separate peace, and if it had not been for the enthusiasm of Don Juan de Austria, the League would have rolled back but the mistrust of – her jealousy – Felipe towards Don Juan de Austria, their characteristic slowness, have resulted, to a few months after, the fall of Tunisia and the schooner in the power of the Turks (1574). So was faded glory of Lepanto, but never the glory of infinite for having defeated an army which seemed invincible.

Educative Resource

Circle Time is a used resource so much in the schools as in the homes, independent of if these assume in their totality the education of children or no. (Not to be confused with Western Union!). In this article we are going away to center in its use in family. In Castilian it could be translated like " Hour of crculo" or " Time for crculo" or we could even call it " small assembly familiar" or " The hour to be juntos" , and he is a little while special in that songs share, rhymes, stories, games of movement, activities of relaxation, In fact each can adapt it to the characteristics of its family and include in his circle Time what it goes well and it works in its house, after all and like all the things, circle Time only works if it adapts your family. This matutinal ritual would not have to last more of half an hour and although the scheme usually is the same, you will have to be adapting it so that it works according to are varying the ages and the needs of your children. The advantages of circle Time are that it provides a little while to listen and to develop attention, to promote the communication, to learn new concepts or abilities Is in addition a sensorial experience: as much at auditory level, as tactile and also it is a experience motorboat if we just a little bit added of dance or another small physical activity. To unload just a little bit of energy before putting itself with the formal activities will help them to concentrate better. Also we worked in him the memory, the interaction between people (adult and young) and by all means the diversion, because circle Time always would have to be funny, to begin the day with joy. Another one of the advantages is that it provides a little while of calm to begin the day, a small backwater of peace between the daily haste of " despirtate/despirtales, convnceles of which clears the pajamas and they get dressed, to prepare breakfasts, to do the beds, " In order to begin circle Time, the components meet in circle, seated or standing up but without obstacles by means, other great objects would not have to exist movable or that they act like barriers. .

Microsoft PowerPoint

First, try to be brief. Scientists have found that the audience loses the essence of speech, will expire as soon as the first ten minutes. Therefore, if your performance lasting longer safely crush it at such short intervals, alternating his presentation slideshow, video clips. So the audience will be much more interesting and easier to take your information. Secondly, try not to follow patterns. This is particularly true of beloved by many programs, or Microsoft PowerPoint are also very popular OpenOffice Impress. You can, of course, stop at the proposed options for presenting information: to make a title on each slide, and the rest to fill the place broken into and items sub-text.

But such an approach to design will inevitably kill the audience's attention to your speech, especially if the text you insert a slide from the heart, there are many. In this case, the attention of the webinar is dulled, because the information is fed too monotonous. Do the opposite! Try to give up a text or leave it at least on the slides. Accent interest of listeners to informative illustrations. Third, do not forget rehearse before the performance. It would seem that the school reception and is inherent in it, rather diffident people. Not at all! Repeat again and again, you cooked it, say it aloud in front of a mirror or video camera, live it, feel every word! Then your words will sound confident and natural. But it is also very important for a full perception of your report.

Fourth, do not get carried away reading the text on the screen. Why duplicate text that is written on the slide? After all, it and so can read each participant webinar. Emphasize better audience for his words, commentators writing on the screen. And finally, fifth, be emotional! Imagine yourself in the place listeners: is interesting to listen to a monotone speech, from which you want to sleep? Play voice, facial expressions, gestures, feel free – and then your confidence will give your audience and your speech will be remembered for a long time.