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Aug 30
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They should measure both costs as benefits arising from the use of the information, the information system is evaluated based on global indicators appreciating the Organization against different scenarios of evolution of the same. Details can be found by clicking Hikmet Ersek or emailing the administrator. Business management in today’s business world has incorporated new concepts in its management: Internet and advanced technologies, management of human resources and knowledge, business intelligence, greater power in the client and change, these elements which are integrated in business management, make the traditional business model to evolve towards new management models thus improving competitiveness and business results. Human resources play an active role in any organization and must be managed as such. Leadership and the ability to attract and retain the best professionals are critical elements. The approach to the customer and innovation become indispensable.

These elements must be shared by everyone in the Organization and introduced in culture Enterprise. Information management is one of the most important elements for the proper functioning of any organization, have information can lead to achieve best results, but only if the organization is ready to use that information in an intelligent manner. It is important to take into account the realization of strategies, therefore: give a vision of the future, with active and anticipante character. They provide a framework for the unified direction of the organization according to its primary goals. Oriented resources and concentrated on the development of competitive advantages. They indicate the need for systematic adaptation to the environment. They emphasize on finding more favorable positions.

They framed the future actions, considering diverse and probable scenarios. They have a significant bottom-line impact. In this way there would be an increase of productivity, seeking continuous improvement. Is necessary in addition to formulate goals to provide a sense of direction, focus efforts and assess the progress. HR the success of any organization depends on several factors such as the selection of human capital, training, among other important processes, starting from the need for proper management of human resources. Human resources management deals with the nature of the relationship of employment and the set of decisions, actions, and issues related to these relationships, deals with policies and business practices that consider the use and management of workers as a resource of the activity in the context of the overall strategy of any organization, aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness. It is a term which usually describe the business approach of managing personnel, prioritizing participation of workers normally. All active members of the Organization, taking people as active resources of organizations involved in the process of human resources management. CONCLUSIONS at present, the management of information for its large complexity requires constant search for alternatives that enable its further development. This work opens up new possibilities for the application of information management in the institutions within the human resources management.

Guild Recruitment

Aug 26
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Criteria for the selection of recruiters, the who of who in human resources consulting article: criteria for the selection of recruiters, who of who of: Christian Pape, Director Pape Consulting Group AG recruitment introduction recruitment is not very long there, stimulates the was very timid and covered employees Guild in Europe through out United States imported \”Executive Search\”, the direct search and speech by senior executives. for all aspects of recruitment and selection. Rob Daley is likely to agree. But: Evidence of reputable consultancy firms there is no unfortunately. Also belonging in the BDU (Federal of German management consultant) for example is possible to anyone who is in the business for some years, simple proof and can be therefore no sole seal of quality. The still on the market \”signposts\” contain almost only full-bodied self representations. Quality standards do not exist, almost everyone can be there, and so there is hardly an industry in which so many new faces come, and usually just as quickly again. About one Quarter of firms are younger than 2 years, half moves in the lifetime of between 2 and 5 years, and only one-quarter of all consulting firms manages to establish itself in the long term.

Many consultants are still working \”on success\” to exist, a methodology that actually violates the ethics in the industry. The consultant works without concrete orders, mostly still parallel to others for the same project. He presents candidates without detailed briefing, whose curriculum vitae he owns, and which he considers suitable probably. Only in case of success, he then gets a fee for its efforts. This methodology has produced quite a lot of trouble, the procedure allows no high-quality work, candidates become of the goods, on the other hand, the results are often random products. This process degrades the recruiters to \”CV brokering\” and requires little expertise. It is a short and dubious entry in this sector for many.

Internorm Provider

Aug 24
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The full service Web service provider sets ecomplexx despite banking and economic crisis on growth and expands its sales team. The company is so optimistic in the year 2009. Since January 2009 Michael Osterkamp (39) new Director sales Germany at ecomplexx. In this newly created position, he is responsible for coordinating the sales activities of the full service Web service provider and manages the nationwide sales team. Sports Oldenburg, avowed dog lover, and trained graduate in business administration was previously more than 8 years in the sales of RedDot Solutions AG the leading provider of content management systems.

He brings now ecomplexx his many years of sales experience in the 2008 merged Web service provider, which mainly provides services in the field of content management, as well as in the field of rich Internet / Flash as one of the leading European partners of RedDot Solutions AG. A creative head expands, launches the team of ecomplexx optimistic in the year 2009 and is no chance of the economic crisis. As a next step that should Sales team be expanded at the Austrian site in Wels. ecomplexx – brief ecomplexx originated from the GmbH (Leverkusen) and the ecom internet technology gmbh (WELS), which together Act since seedings as ecomplexx on the market (see). With a team of 75 people the Web service provider is represented ecomplexx at the main locations Wels, Austria and Leverkusen, Germany. Further offices in Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Paris. ecomplexx is the leading European RedDot partner and the leading Adobe Flex partner.

The company operates with the business areas of strategy, design, technology, marketing and services as a full service solution provider for the challenges of the E-business era, and the implementation of digital communication, content and business processes. Many well-known and international companies from Austria and Germany are managed by ecomplexx. These include in particular Hervis, Spar, Berner, Hella, Hettich, Olympus, Schluter-systems, Wilo, Internorm. Vivatis, Federation, Angel or NSK Europe. Media inquiries contact: ecomplexx Germany Christoph Mause management old garden 60-62 + 49 214 33017 161 51371 Leverkusen ecomplexx Austria Mag. Romana Puhringer Carl Blum Street marketing 3 4600 WELS + 43 7242 71 000 46

Right Resources

Aug 23
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This means to have right to the exploration of the maritime resources; to the scientific inquiry, it fishes to control it on the part of foreign boats and the right to the exploration of oil and natural gas of the marine stream bed (Convention of United Nations on the Right of the Sea). Since the great discovery, many debates had occurred to defend and to preserve a bigger part of the wealth for the country. The accumulation of Tupi (located in the Basin) only possesss a volume esteem between 5 and 8> daily pay-salt is great trunfo Brazilian. Petrobra’s invested heavy in technology for the extration of new oil.

In August of 2009, the Brazilian government created a state one, the Petrosal to manage the mega-fields and to contract companies to explore them in partnership with Petrobra’s. The government says that this measure will have to prevent that the wealth falls in the private sector. Moreover, in March of 2009, the House of representatives approved the emendation that foresees the distribution of royalties of the exploration of the oil between all the states and cities, modifying the project of the System of Allotment that foresaw that the producing states (RIO DE JANEIRO, YOU ARE, SP) were with almost the totality of the resources of the oil.

Network Bergische BUnNet

Aug 20
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All need a little closer entrepreneurs network Bergische BUnNet in tough economic times. This can be done through partnerships, mergers, investments or but also associations and bodies. But always the personal placement and commitment is crucial. Very interesting the BergischesUnternehmerNetzwerk is called BUnNet – short -. Oberbergischer Kreis / economic region Bergisches Land is one of the affected regions in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Here we specialists and companies in the fields of textile find craft and engineering. Several decades ago, especially the textile industry broke completely away, and numerous vacant and dilapidated Clothiers – villas from this heyday document the economic collapse of this region. On behalf the company of Waka – family mention, which today is operated as a museum by former employees. Here, the visitor experiences the enthusiasm for the company, because the family Wulfing never lost the social aspect from the eyes. Also heard the Waka- Family to the founding members of the Deutsche Bank. It is a company which has shaped the history of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Bergisches Land. The fate of irony: the Deutsche Bank provided for the closure of the company.

In this economic region understatement is not very much, if entrepreneurial, operational, there is no substance. Down-to-Earth and conservative most companies present themselves. The fast business is here as good as anywhere. That is the fate of the region, with its numerous small and medium-sized enterprises at the same time. To promote in particular the economic communication, the business economists Dr. Jorg Kopp founded the Bergische BUnNet UnternehmerNetzwerk. Addressed are mainly companies in the Bergisches Land / region Oberbergischer circle with its towns of Gummersbach, Wuppertal, Remscheid and Solingen. On the Web page of the BUnNet, entrepreneurs from the bergischen region present themselves with their services. Aim of the BUnNet is the primary to award to awarded contracts from business and public sector companies in the region. So Dr. Jorg Kopp is committed not only to the companies, with one such networking strengthening an entire economic region. And the are the Bergische businesses amid the global economic war, remembers the one or other medium-sized companies on his competition, which all of a sudden no longer comes from Hesse, Germany or Bavaria, but from the far East or the United States. In addition it also makes sense to leave monetary resources in their own region, even though some offer seems to be suspiciously cheap. If you are instructed, as down-to-Earth and reliable business contacts, you look at the Web page of the Bergische entrepreneurs network is. Or directly take part interesting business meetings, which are held by the BUnNet. Contact information for the company: BUnNet the Bergische entrepreneur network Dr. Jorg Kopp at Mt. p. 2 51674 Wiehl phone: 02262 / 75 10 86 fax: 02262 / 75 10 87 Internet: Contact information for the author: Dieter Gao Hartkopsbever 15 42499 Huckeswagen telephone: (02192) 9358927 fax: (02192) 935223 email: Internet:.

ECI Fordergebietes

Aug 17
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Another $ 30 million in State subsidies are available for payment to fund closing the XVII KG on May 10, 2013 Stuttgart, 24.04.2013. After the drilling platform Spartan 151 “due to occurring in autumn and winter weather conditions in the ice-free port port Graham uberwinterte, before a few days back in the kitchen lights unit in the Cook Inlet, Alaska brought in order to take up their work for the upcoming Bohrsaison. Last night, around 2 o’clock Pacific time, the drill the third hole in the ECI regional aid and the round 2 weeks ahead of the original schedule began. Previously, the team of the U.S. partner of energy capital invest had successfully completed all necessary tests and examinations of the State of Alaska on the environmental legal requirements and the operation of the drilling platform together with the drilling platform operators. Then granted all necessary permits for the third hole. Thus, the US partner of energy capital invest is how agreed not only with the ECI fully in the plan. Also, he was with the State Alaska agreed and already by 2016 exploration plan approved so far completely fulfilled. Also the size of the reservoir of the third hole above the original assumptions should be like already in the two previous holes. This is done in close proximity to the first two successfully completed holes and thus in the same geological formation. At one of the essential components of the safety concept of the Alaska funds, the State subsidy of all drilling and infrastructure costs, everything is proceeding as planned. So payouts of the State of Alaska as refund for previously performed investment due in soon again: this time in the amount of $ 30 million. Total subsidies in the amount of approximately $ 100 million from the State would have been done already Alaska for the development of the ECI Fordergebietes. A participation is due to the previously very successful placement of the US oil and gas Fund XVII KG only up to May 10, 2013 possible. The Meanwhile established concept as short term offers a maximum profit share currently 41 percent with a maturity again until 30 June 2016. Konzeptionsgemass are the profits for the investors, taking into account the retention of progression tax-free.

Corporate Planning

Aug 16
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Thinking networks complemented TN planning connector for SAP NetWeaver BI / read and write access allows precise planning SAP customers / flexible planning solid data based in Aachen, on May 31, 2012 thinking networks, provider of software for custom made corporate planning, has developed for SAP NetWeaver BI a connector and presented at its user conference in may 2012. With the TN connector for SAP NetWeaver BI, SAP users can use the full functionality of TN planning planning tool. For this, the interface provides both read and write access to SAP BW, so that planners can easily exchanging data between the systems. All SAP data are available in TN planning planning available, the result returns after completing the planning in SAP. Keith Yamashita shines more light on the discussion. About the BW connector TN planning on InfoCubes, MultiProviders, accesses flat BI data store objects (DSO), queries, master data, tables and permissions information from SAP NetWeaver. So the BW connector TN planning provides metadata information Access rights, currency rates and actual data from SAP NetWeaver BI.

Then, planners can use the full range of TN planning for flexible modeling, customization, implementation and control of the planning process. If you would like to know more about Hikmet Ersek , then click here. After completed planning, TN connector for SAP NetWeaver BI writes back the plan data in SAP BW data store objects (DSO) or InfoCubes. Here they are then as only one version of the truth for further analyses available. The TN connector for SAP NetWeaver BI SAP support in versions 7.0 and 7.3 for the connection to SAP BW uses the BW connector from thinking networks the remote function call (RFC) technology. In contrast to classical BAPI and ODBO approaches, thus a significantly improved performance and higher data throughput can be achieved.

Many companies appreciate the value of information in your SAP System. At the same time, they want more flexibility in their budgeting and forecasting processes. This can give them only powerful planning tools such as TN planning “” offer,”explains the rationale for the development of the interface Dr. Jurgen Faisst, Chairman and CEO of thinking networks and continues: the TN connector for SAP NetWeaver BI utilizes the data from SAP BW not only for TN planning, but updated the plan data in SAP BW compared to other interfaces also after creation of budgets or forecasts.” using native SAP protocols such as SAP RFC and ABAP is particularly powerful TN connector for SAP NetWeaver BI “, explains Jorg Boke, Managing Director of BIAnalyst GmbH & Co KG. “The former manager of at Gutersloher syskoplan AG, has supported the thinking networks in the development of the interface, added: the SAP BI can interface of the TN connector for SAP NetWeaver in combination with other front ends, such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot are used.

Enterprise Management

Aug 16
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organizations exist in function of the people and for serviz them, not contrary it. The forms as the people if relate inside of an organization to a large extent (at least in the formal direction) are defined by the adopted organizacional structure, that is, the hierarchic levels and the interactions between the same ones. The formal structure is necessary so that the individual work and in group efficiently is co-ordinated. The structure is ' ' column dorsal' ' of the organization, establishing functions, positions and hierarchies, affecting the degree of internal cooperation, freedom for external contacts, flow between the departmental borders, intensity and direction of communication between leadership and subordinate, forms and strategies of negotiation and the power to decide process, amongst others. From there, it appeared the necessity and the interest for the thematic one through studies on Enterprise Management, where each organization must have as base a organizacional culture, where new organizacionais pacts if they insert of ostensive form, and new forms of comunicacionais relationships are developed becoming present in the company.

This work has as objective generality to identify as if it processes the organizacional culture, from the perception of its collaborators; to observe the processes of relationships in the scope of a small business company? having as model the Sotelha Material of Ltda Construction and as objective specific, to.descrever the organizacional system; To identify the leadership model; to analyze the programs of existing training and development in the company and to ahead identify the used canals of linking for the team of management of people for its performance of the internal public. We know of the importance of the subject organizacional culture, placing in practical in our daily one, as well as, observing the necessity of this, in is inserted in the organizations as transforming agent of changes. To identify as if processes the organizacional culture, from the perception of its collaborators.

Install Alarms

Aug 13
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Generate significant revenues and create your own alarms company, using your knowledge of electricity. The installation of alarms is not something unknown by electricians, however, very few dare to venture into this fascinating profession. To be owner of an alarm installation company, I decided to investigate on the matter. Doing a survey on internet to electricians, I asked the why not appended the installation of alarms to your category, since their knowledge of electricity and its tools, venture into the category cost them so much. Ten percent of those surveyed responded that he had dabbled in that category and half of that 10 percent had been strongly devoted. What you answered ninety per cent? Those who dared to answer me with the truth I expressed: 1st reason-. To do it well and not lose my reputation, I have to learn. Keith Yamashita will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 2nd reason – do not want to complicate me, is difficult 3rd reason – No I can ask anyone if problems occur.

I dare not 4th Reason – No I’m accustomed to schedule things and fewer alarms 5th reason none that install alarms will want to share their knowledge. 6th reason – I will take lot of time learning and I don’t have time. 7th reason-. Yes, I have installed an alarm condition, but I do not know how to solve the problems that were presented. And I can not give service then select and analyze these responses it reaches the conclusion that there are two factors in common: 1st. Learn where to learn? And how to learn? 2nd.

the fear of the new, the unknown, and to leave the State of comfort. Learn, as it was already stated above, raises many questions in them. Who learn?. For those who have such information do not want to provide it and jealously under the keys of the silence. The possibility of sharing such knowledge to others and thus create a new competition, makes those who dominate the field of security, hermetic in providing such knowledge. And the fear to venture into an unknown world, Although very profitable, makes electricians (including many with bastos knowledge) prefer placing the reasons or excuses of not want to, before you try to start making significant money extending its field. The solution to these reasons that blocked the opportunity for extra income and even encouraged to create a small company’s installation of alarms is training in the subject and encouraged to grow. Currently circulating information is so great that it stuns, and is very difficult to detect what is seriously important, the rest I but looking with patience I investigating, excellent materials can be found and cursosque can take them step-by-step to enter in this growing and demanded profession. Knowledge of the basic principles of electricity and using tools you already own electrician are main factors to undertake this category. It must then learn to program systems one of the most important tasks and also learn to sell and organize maintenance services that provide. Venture in the exciting world of electronic security is highly profitable and places the person who makes it, in a step above in the social status. Alarm Installer is not one worker, is a professional whom the customer gives his trust and puts the safety of your family and your assets in your hands. Businessman and Marcelo Giles technical Esp.

Don Juan

Aug 10
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The the Turkish fleet Center, shot Canyon coup, remains undone, as before his right flank. Ali Baja, despite its value, was gunned down by 7 shots of arquebus and a soldier of the thirds, Andres Becerra, picked up the Ottoman banner and a galeote cut off the head of Ali offering Juan of Austria. This scorned with gesture of disgust and ordered that he throw it overboard. With this symbolic gesture, the battle had ended. Turkish power destroyed and the Spanish naval prestige, cemented to infinity. In the battle of Lepanto died some 30,000 Turks; 5,000 were taken prisoner, including high-ranking officers. In addition, 15,000 slaves were found chained in the galleys and were released.

More than 200 ships and Galleons were lost between the two sides. A Council was held and felt of terminating the campaign of that year. Pius V and the Doge of Venice acknowledged that victory was mainly due to Spain and Don Juan de Austria. Although Lepanto was apparently a victory total for the members of the Holy League, the finality of the Christian victory has been discussed by many historians. Postponements, mistrust between the allies and the death of Pope St. Pius V resulted in the embezzlement of the victory of Lepanto. Philip II, King of Spain, he was fearful of a new consolidation of the franco-turca Alliance; the Venetians were willing, some time after, to make a separate peace, and if it had not been for the enthusiasm of Don Juan de Austria, the League would have rolled back but the mistrust of – her jealousy – Felipe towards Don Juan de Austria, their characteristic slowness, have resulted, to a few months after, the fall of Tunisia and the schooner in the power of the Turks (1574). So was faded glory of Lepanto, but never the glory of infinite for having defeated an army which seemed invincible.