Morris Labor

Barcelona returned to the prepared track to continue its recital dnsivo supported in the ctividad in attack of Perovic, eight points, to destroy the local painting. A 12-3 partisan allowed the Bara to arrive at the ten of advantage (31-41), before a Labor Box that appealed like unique argument to the heart of San Emeterio and his nine points. Those of Paschal began the definitive act with seven points of advantage (46-53), before a Labor Box that was entrusted to individual actions of Ribas, Kitchen gardens or Teletovic to plug its deficiencies and limitations. One of those impulses took to him only to be placed to three points (59-62) to less than two minutes. This campaign was the last act of faith of the Labor Box because two free shots of Blonde and one basket of Navarrese choked CONATO of overcome to certify the ticket to the end of the ACB by fifth consecutive season. List of credits 61. Labor box (16+15+15+15): Kitchen gardens (8), Oleson (0), San Emeterio (14), Teletovic (9), Barac (8) – five Ribas initial (10), Palace (3), Batiste (4), Logan (3) and Dragicevic (2).

71. Regal Barcelona (20+15+17+18): Sada (0), Navarrese (13), Anderson (12), Lorbek (9), Perovic (10) – five initial, Blonde (7), Grimau (2), Vzquez (7), Lakovic (3), Morris (0) and N' Dong (8). Referees: Arteaga, Bulk, Peruga. Eliminated Barac (M. 37). Incidences: Third party of semifinals ACB disputed before 9,500 spectators in Buesa Sand of Vitoria. The Regal Barcelona overcomes series 3-0 and obtains happens to the end of Liga ACB. Source of the news: The Bara ends the Labor Box and will play the end of the ACB

The Advent

The part external it party is an agitated environment, collective, but its interior world, its feelings and its mind are imbudos of a total abandonment, solitary. The modern life if it shows repleta of attractive for the people, the advent of the new technologies, the Internet, are elements created to brighten up the solitude of the men and women. But the market of work, its competitive character, backwards as consequence a feeling of distanciamento between the people. To the step that these advanced techniques of communication approach the people they cause a certain abyss, as for the isolation. In accordance with ARAUJO (2009, p.4: The question of the solitude is one of biggest packs of the modern man. Each human being already discovered by itself that although all the difficulties gifts, need if to relate with its half one, and in case that it does not make it, it must arcar with definitive consequences. Perhaps cruelest of all they are the fact of the solitude to force the individual to one will autoavaliaro emotional and affective and almost always the subjective note is very low. The affirmation above suggests in them that from the solitude state the citizen makes a questioning, an evaluation on the reason to be alone.

In this direction you distress it appears them, frustrations and the guilt. It can many times, to think that he is not somebody capable thing to please the other and therefore to be solitary. The study of this subject he possesss relevance in the direction to extend the quarrel on the treatment of the solitude in literature. To construct this article I cover some stages: of beginning, I will analyze stories of Abreu (2005) and Bridges (2008) having demonstrated to its content, making one brief communication concerning the plot and of the related personages; immediately afterwards I look for to relate these authors investigating the similarities and differences between them and in its way to work the subject solitude.

Is Jose

3,3 Species of Bee In general way in the different establishments the great majority of the products is of Apis, even so in the quarter Crowned in relation to the establishment of the type supermarket met only products of bees without sting. The products commercialized in the small markets in the quarter of the Crowned one, are of Apis, quarter of Is Jose was of Apis and of Melipona sp and in the quarter of Zumbi was of Melipona sp (Table 2). Mellifera Apis ESTABLISHMENTS BEES WITHOUT STING COMPACT DISC SJ ZB COMPACT DISC SJ ZB Pharmacies 100% 97% 100% – 3% – not permanent Fairs 100% * * – * * permanent Fair – 100% – – 100% 100% Supermarket – * * 100% * * Small markets 100% 66.7% – – 33.3% 100% TABLE 2? Origin of the products commercialized in relation to the species of bees in the different commercial establishments in Manaus. * This type of commercial establishment in this quarter was not found. 3,4 Educative aspects on the Honey: 3.4.1 The consumption of Honey of the Bees Without Sting the honey is considered a viscous, aromatical fluid and candy, elaborated for the bees from the nectar of the flowers and/or sacarnicas exsudaes of alive parts of the plants, having been able still to be proceeding from the excrees of insects teething rings that if they feed of alive parts of the plants. These products, after collected, transformed and combined with proper specific substances, are stored and ripened in the mass ofs cells for the feeding of the bees (BRAZIL, 2000). Due to its old domesticao and by being originary of the main consuming countries, the bee mellifera Apis L. is considered as the main producing species of the honey used for human consumption, although to exist a great diversity of bees that produce honey of good quality, as the bees without sting of the tribes Meliponini and Trigonini, some species of social wasps (e.g.: Brachygaster spp.).

Major Fallen

The risk premium is placed to the closing in the 398 basic points. The European places register the fallen majors of the year. The BCE will give during six months to the commercial banks the money that need. The Spanish Treasure manages to place 3,300 million in bonds to a high interest. The Spanish finances exceed the psychological limits again. The Ibex-35 lowered to the closing to the 8,686, 6 points, a 3.89% less.

The major fallen in all the year. The risk premium returns to escape, by third consecutive day, the 400 basic points at precise moments to close in 398. This record of slope has been breaking the previous annual minimum, reached for two days. The Ibex-35 left then a 3.24% and the premium cleared the 377 points. The accumulated losses in this exercise ascend to the 11.89 percent. In Europe, with the Euro to 1.417 dollars, the main European places registered the fallen majors of the year. Frankfurt under a 3.4%, levels of past October; London, a 3.43 percent and in prices of September of 2010. ; Paris it yielded 3.9% until levels of July of the past year; and Milan, the great victim of the day, lowered 5.16% backing down to levels of April of 2009.

The Treasure and the BCE After the opening of stock-market of Madrid, the Spanish Treasure has managed to place 3,300 million bond Euros to three and four years, but paying an interest of 4.90% and 5.05%, respectively, levels that did not reach from 2008. The Treasure has decided to postpone the auction anticipated for the 18 of August. The declarations of Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central bank, confirming that the emitting institute continues with its program of bond purchase have had a little CTO, and it has increased the pressure of the markets. The investors hoped more consistent words on the part of the organism to restrain the speculators. In spite of to have announced that will buy debt of Ireland and Portugal, the lack of action on the Italian and Spanish national debt lead the investors to penalize to these countries, especially to Italy. The yield of Italian bonds to ten years it even advanced 6.189%, closely together of 6.284% Spaniards. The fall of the yield of bonds German to 10 years, the good news for the bad country teutn and for the rest, increased the risk premium. The sobreindebtedness that Spain must pay with respect to Germany has arrived shortly after the 17,00 at the 401 basic points. Day in the park In the morning, the premium of risk and Ibex 35 they notified good. The selective one began with ascents of 1.48% after the opening of the session and all the values quoted to the rise that hour, headed by the Santander, that raised 1.99%, while the BBVA advanced 1.53%; Iberdrola, 0.97%; Telephone, 0.86% and Repsol YPF, 0.76%. The risk premium got to lower to the 360 basic points. But after the appearance of Trichet they returned the negative tendencies, with the Ibex-35 perdindo the level of the 9,000 and the premium climbing positions again beyond the 400. The great values, headed by the banks, cleared fall: Telephone it fell 2.88%, Santander 4.43%, BBVA 4.12%, Iberdrola 3.54% and Repsol 5.71%. Source of the news: The Ibex-35 lowers a 3.89%, the major fallen in all the year

Social Inaquality

To follow, one brief description of some solutions of support to minimize the world-wide hunger and the subnutrio. They are action that they aim at to change paradigms taken root in conventional agriculture. – Alimentary Accessibility: to diminish wastefulnesses: something between 30% and 40% them foods in the Europe and the United States finishes in the can it garbage; to pacify conflict zones, where even though foods proceeding from humanitarian aid do not obtain to arrive at its destination; to improve the logistic one of production of foods, therefore good part of foods if loses before arriving at the plate – the Ministry of Agriculture calculates that, in Brazil, 10% 15% of what is produced if loses due to adequate infrastructure of storage, transports, agricultural communication and commercialization. – Social Inaquality: creation of a net of social protection for more vulnerable populations; to extend and to improve programs of income transference, as the Stock market Family in Brazil, that helps to fight the poor indices of hunger in region – one of the item of prominence in the project Hunger Zero it is the pertaining to school program of merenda, that she offers to gratuitous meals the children in pertaining to school age, and in which at least 30% of bought foods they must be proceeding from small agriculturists. – Systems of innovation: to develop and to universalizar new technologies – in last the 50 years, 1 billion of people had been salutes to die of hunger for advances in research and development farming, mainly in the control of plagues and illnesses; to develop the use of new technologies of genetic modification of organisms livings creature, clonagem in cattle and the nanotecnologia to create more productive varieties, that present resistance the illnesses and that they can grow in adverse saline ground conditions, dry or that they suffer floodings; to privilege politics of incentive to fuels you renewed that they do not diminish offers of raw material for foods, as etanol of sugar cane-of-sugar and etanol lignocelulsico, produced from residues; – Change of habits: to change the prodigal standards of consumption of the rich countries, with programs of alimentary re-education, as incentive the vegetarian diets. .