External Transcription Service

Apr 6
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EASY SCRIPT out food informed its customers whether Office work is craft, insurance agencies or companies anywhere on and is a kind of business card for the company. Customers receive, for example, letters that are written dirty and illegible, it puts the company in a bad light. Therefore, it is essential to place value on an absolutely correct correspondence. Opinion, letters, interview transcriptions from tape or by digital audio files or capturing text from the manuscript. Schreibburos excellent work and provide timely all important documents in fair and consistent grammar and legal writing rules.

So the company can be safe at all times a proper correspondence. Also, more benefits through the engagement of an external Schreibburos arise for companies. Which tasks takes a writing service and what benefits it offers in detail, explains the typing EASY SCRIPT from Essen. Just as entrepreneurs they are on benefits at a glance a uniform and absolutely correct correspondence instructed. Often lacks the time to incorporate it yourself or is a small company and does not have the financial capabilities to make a solid staff. Further advantages are: enormous time savings by outsourcing deal with personnel shortages discharge of employees at increased workload there are no costs of downtime (illness, holiday, maternity) by the issuance of the tasks to an external copywriting leaving more time, the core business of the company to care for you only pay for the actually incurred work, therefore no costs arise modern, more effective work organization through outsourcing, there are no office rent and no office equipment required it no wage for detailed information about all services costs provided the copywriting EASY SCRIPT from food at any time.

Managing Director

Apr 1
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The software replaces the parallel operation of insulated telephone systems, which are used in call centers and enterprise telephony. Logical interconnection of different locations creates a seamless connection between different tasks, knowledge institutions and departments. SAP business communications management is very stable on SAP CRM and SAP ERP matched and effortlessly through standardized interfaces with other IT solutions to integrate. In addition to installing YouCon is also responsible for the training of staff, who serve the customers in the new service center as a first contact point for questions and concerns. They independently manipulate a request not on right off the bat, then forward the request to the appropriate Center of tenants.

When the connection between the service and the tenant centers business communications management is used also in the area of communication with suppliers, fully and completely on VoIP and SAP”, explains Matthias Kruger, Managing Director of the YouCon GmbH in Munich. In addition to the implementation also our role as a partner for the training is important, because a software can only unfold their benefits if properly used and installed, and if the employees know they good to use.” The IT service provider with headquarters in Vienna focused on its solutions on the interaction between humans and technology. This applies to the integration of VoIP software into existing and new infrastructures as well as for process optimization and the creation of customized software solutions. As a successful product is the in-house Myrmex”this internally as well as in the supporting outsourcing use. The wide range of means full product solutions from a single source for individual tasks. Since 2007 the company service partner of SAP. Due to the proven cooperation, SAP for YouCon has a sales and integration partner opted for the all-IP solution SAP business communications management. The software is in contact centers and the daily Corporate communications as a versatile platform.