Research Steps

The question how to start a business on the internet on average is asked to Google 46 times per day. Many variations of the same question are also sought in the network continuously, and the number of searches for similar terms increases year after year. That denotes a growing curiosity for everything that has to do with businesses online and how to make money on the internet. Which is not to be surprised at all if we bear in mind that the internet is a very green landscape and with much promise for anyone who wants to use all the advantages offered by the technology in his favor. To start a business on the internet there are a series of mandatory steps that you give if you want to start with the right foot and dramatically increase your chances of success throughout your growth and development as a businessman in line. First steps to start an Internet business: As a very important note before explaining the steps you should take to start an internet business, let me tell you that at the end of this article you will find a link to a training explaining in depth and in video each one of the steps that you’ll see here. Step 1: Research of market the majority of the people listen to the words of market research and they immediately think that they will have to spend hours in a library reading newspapers and encyclopedias or scientific and psychology publications trying to understand the behavior and motivations of consumers who are trying to attract. They generally consider this the most boring step of all and for the same jump and pass directly think that it is the next step. This is one of the worst mistakes that you can commit if what you want is to achieve prosperity in line and you want all your efforts are rewarded in the shortest possible time.

Retail Research

Did you know that the online trade to the retail will grow 19% in Spain in 2011, reaching the estimated 9.4 million euros, according to a survey by the Center for Retail Research? This fact means that despite the current economic situation, Internet represents a great opportunity, since so many are not yet SMEs who use the web as a selling point in Spain, and the market presents a great potential to develop their own businesses. Open a business on the Internet is one strategic decision that any company or professional should begin by defining what are its objectives. With this fundamental idea in mind, there are several tools that the market offers, all-in-one solutions that help us conduct our business or online store and that do not need prior technical knowledge. The same domain, or hosting provider can facilitate us a tool of management and administration of our shop. The majority of this type of electronic commerce tools offers a catalog of products where to be able to offer our products, graphic templates, systems of payment by credit card or paypal, languages and currencies options and all the necessary tools to be able to assemble our own business and be able to start selling online. When you create an online store, it is important to take into account the following points: Security: is important that our e-commerce tool provider is adhering to the standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer), guarantee of maximum security in the encrypted transmission of data on purchases made by credit card on the net. Customization: our tool should offer us the possibility to customize the store online with our logo and corporate identity: it is important to have a varied amount of available graphics and the ability to customize the CSS and HTML code are intended to satisfy any need for ease of use graphic design: an important point is that the tool of our choice is easy to use; Normally this type of tools offers a control panel intuitive, without having specific expertise that will allow us to easily create and manage our store, with an ecommerceprofesional site. It is a key task that the Organization of the product catalog, the promotion through major Internet sales platforms and the order management very simple operations are.


On many occasions we find ourselves in situations in which we are not aware of the impact that cause certain actions or decisions we make. It may be that our decision does not have greater impact, however, there are times in which the consequences can even be unimaginable, even when apparently it does not. And it is here where it is important to know the concept of PRECESSION. Precession is a concept that has its origin in physics and was defined by Dr. Buckminster Fuller. The precession occurs when a body in motion interferes with another body also moving at an angle of 90. Put another way, we do something and at an angle of 90 it happens something much more important. When something in motion is aimed at a specific target, the precesionales events, occurring at 90, they are much more far-reaching.

The classic example to understand this concept is the bee. If we could ask you what is your function, we would probably say that produce honey. However, the action of letting the nectar from flower to flower, makes the bee polinice. And thanks to such pollination flowers playback occurs. Without flowers, without vegetation would not be possible the life on Earth, since they are responsible for the production of oxygen.

If you see it in perspective, perhaps now fall into the account that we cannot live without honey but not without plant life. This is precession. An act of greater importance than we can appreciate or understand at the very moment in which we carry out our actions. So PRECESSION is of a factor does lack in-dis-pen-sa-ble: action! And as everything in life, the precession can also be both in sense positive as negative. If we think about it for a moment, we can recognize which type of actions can create positive PRECESSION: generosity, charity a simple handout, allowing a boy at the height of the semaphore clean you the windshield and you give a coin-, honesty, innovation, donations, new opportunities to those who need them, lowest prices on products or services offer, etc., and which can also lead to ALTRUISM and abundance. We can be found by the side of the negative actions: greed, selfishness, dishonesty, pettiness, lawsuits, frauds, higher prices than what we may really healthily, charge etc., and which finally lead to shortages and greed. Persons seeking to transcend with your make (great executives, large employers, your same dear reader, or I) no matter what we do, are like bees looking for honey/benefits/money/transcendence and to play the game of win – win, create wealth pouring honey in our surrounding. And we do this by adding value to everything we do. Goethe once said: If you think that you or dream you can, begin. The boldness has genius, power and magic. Dare to do and you will be given the power (of conduct). Even Henry Ford said: so if you think you can and if you think that you can’t, in both cases are right. And perhaps without consciously me account such as the bee-the fact of publishing this article be a positive precesional Act.

Marketing Business Success

Currently in the world there are various business options, however the marketing networks are those that provide the greatest chance of success, in which ordinary people can develop global business. How to operate the networks of marketing with the advent of the Internet has made possible to reach directly of the manufacturer to the final consumer, suppressed steps that were previously indispensable; with previous marketing system had many intermediaries to reach the end consumer and this towards that money will stay in that process. With the implementation of the marketing networks, producers have come more quickly to your target audience, making them faithful to their products, this allows that the common people can acquire a franchise with which can do business throughout the world, recommending the products offered by this company bringing with them a true business opportunity that will allow long-term obtain financial freedom. A real chance to Robert kiyosaki in his book the dial of the flow of the money, ensures that the best way to achieve financial freedom is through the marketing networks, it is there where are the opportunities of business, although his fortune not gained through this type of business ensures that these allow any type of people to create a successful business. We are no strangers there are many companies currently on the market, what we have to do is know to choose the best, there are several features that can determine the success or failure in these businesses of network marketing.