The Poor

The poorest people would never think to buy or invest in the knowledge of your most important asset? your brain. Certainly the easiest way to meet the financial literacy is through educational publications on the subject. However, those who desperately need this knowledge is almost never read. Believe that the poor and thus do nothing to change it. Too often we entertain the idea of there may be a shortcut to wealth. We dream of winning the lottery or investing in a popular trade, or jumping into a marvel of Internet business that promises you a license to print money? (Been there, done that).

I am sure that by now I think I will get to the perfect solution to this problem and I were still open. But I will offer my two cents for what it's worth. Let's start a new generation with one parent stay home with children. Like old older people like to say. And not always have to be in the mother-house, a lot of parents can fill this need and do an excellent job, I heard a couple of them first hand. We live in a new millennium, where the dot-com millionaires are made every day.

So I'm going to do to earn a living online from my solution, because it is the only way a parent can stay home without breaking the family budget. And I'm not talking about paid surveys, stuffing envelopes, secret-buyer, or (god like) of telemarketing! Usually this is too little, too late. Realistically, a business from your home, you should set aside some funds for initial expenses.

Express Loans

An unforeseen investment in the House and it is a negative Schufa entry is German banks, do most difficult credit without Schufa ‘ possible who does not know that? The washing machine breaks, pending the renovation of the apartment or car is lacking some more cash for the new request. In this case, loans are an often used solution to do the upcoming investment. Want to take out a loan in Germany is however before the banks and credit institutions a Schufa information obtained. This fails however negatively for the applicants on the basis of lack of credit in the past, the faces are once long and big disappointment. But this must not be, people with a sufficient credit rating can obtain loans and emergency loans without Schufaauskunft lenders from abroad. There are also requirements to the borrowers such as E.g. a steady income, the lender from abroad (often with the Switzerland-based) but are as regards the creditworthiness in the Schufa holding back.

A such intermediaries for fast credits without Schufa is e.g. the company Bon credit. Requirements for a loan without Schufa Bon credit are as follows: the age of the applicant must be between 18 and 75 years of age, the applicant requires a residence in Germany and must have a steady income. This applies to E.g. workers, civil servants and pensioners and self-employed. Persons who do not have a regular income, like E.g.

unemployment, Hartz IV recipients, entrepreneurs, housewives or students, rely on a co-applicant, which meets the above criteria. Under the above conditions, it is possible to obtain a loan despite any endorsements at the Schufa in Germany. Nothing in the way is the desired acquisition from this side.

Secretary State

Dissimulation, real politik of Nati Natilandia is a State of progress, where all is harmony and love. What nice your House!, says Lupe Bronco vocalist. By air, the grupero Paseo Santa Lucia; sees how wonderful by land it rises to urban transport to realize its modernization. Yes, it is Natilandia, the land where the PRI made Government got us fully in progress. But the reality is different: the massive destruction of jobs zahiere to those who have less inflation make-up that it is reflected in the saquedas wallets and purses. According to official data, 500 thousand Monterrey lived in extreme poverty conditions-nes until sep-September of 2008. Do not you think, dear reader, that this figure has easily doubled?.

Rapacious corruption in the municipality of Monterrey could not be bounded by the Government out of respect for autonomy, but that respect not existed to impose its candidate for Governor and co – quetear with other parties politi-cos to achieve partnerships that did not prosper. Gotten into the Organization of the Forum and After its candidate, Nati forgot segment imported – you security and despite the fact that alleged drug traffickers threatened rei-teradamente of death to Marcelo Garza and Garza, said not knowing that they were members of organized crime here. The same thing happened with the visit of the Secretary of State of United States, Hilary Clinton. Learn more at: 4Moms. He showed him the Monterrey’s progress, but hid you the poor and homeless. So clear that the Executive sees only what is good and if it is questioned your answers remind us of that famous phrase of Carlos Salinas de Gortari on PRD members: I see them nor hear them. And on the party front nor are firefighters, are political, nor are nothing what cynicism! BOX girl image rented months have passed since the publishing micro received payment by concept of advertising from the State Government.

A bureaucrat named Placido Gonzalez Salinas are placidly sitting in front a desktop full of payable invoices. With perverse pleasure, Placido crushes with its tortuismo employment which generate these micro-enterprises which began to bid farewell to designers, columnists and contributors. Printing presses have stopped receiving work and low consumption of paper, inks and plates. Where was the anti-crisis Plan? And protect employment?. Not only publications bear official publicity. They contain ideas, culture and points of view. In short. There are uncleanliness in finance at Natilandia. Little by little the truth will come out.