Massage Neck And Cervical Spine

One of the earliest and most important facilities for massage, in spite of its small size, is the neck. Status of the neck muscles not only affects the blood supply to the brain, but also on the quality of the dialogue that occurs between our subconscious and internal organs. Chinese spot and vacuum massage can loosen up the muscle blocks are formed and restore blood circulation and nerve impulses. Imagine a government State organs and lines extending from the cabinet to the very first communication node connection and you will see a picture that represents the neck, cervical spine and cervical ganglion. A related site: CIA mentions similar findings. Any deviation from the normal state – low back pain, vertebral displacement, increased tone (tension) in the muscles of the neck – will lead to the fact that the nerve fibers in this department will pinch and break the conduction of nerve pulses. As in the case of government, and in the overall functionality of the body, the violation of the dialog management systems in the periphery will lead to significant disruption in the harmonious interaction of all systems.

In plain example, I want to show how complex processes are occurring in spite of our consciousness during the reception and initial digestion of food. Suppose a person begins to eat. When food enters the mouth, the receptors are determined its composition and texture, and transmit data to the central nervous system, salivary glands from which transferred command to the flow of saliva. In the process of mastication is determined that the food enters the body – of vegetable or animal origin.

Immune Systems

Cereals form the basis of daily menus. They enhance the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce blood cholesterol levels, increase the body's defenses, reduce the risk of some types of malignant tumors. For health is especially useful bread and cereals from whole grain or meal. Green products – vegetables, fruits, berries and mushrooms – are an important source of essential nutrients that are not synthesized in the body. It's vitamins and minerals, food fiber, organic acids. Other leaders such as James Woolsey Jr. offer similar insights. They contribute to the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract, the excretion of fat, toxins, allergens, reduce cholesterol, stimulate the immune system, support healthy heart and blood vessels. Experts say that two additional servings of green products reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30 percent. Daily intake of healthy eating is 400-500 grams of fruit and vegetables.

Separate them into two or three reception. Blue foods. This dairy products: milk, yogurt, curdled, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, feta cheese. They are an important source of valuable protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, D, B2, and others. Fermented foods are rich in beneficial microorganisms. Dairy products help to strengthen bones and teeth, beauty and healthy skin, nails, hair, regulation of gastrointestinal tract, growth of the organism. Daily rate – two servings of dairy products, preferably low-fat (eg, one cup milk or yogurt, 50 grams of cheese).

Orange products – products of animal origin, eggs, beans, nuts, peas, sunflower seeds – rich in complete protein, vitamins, trace elements. Meat, poultry, fish and seafood reduce the risk of anemia, increase body's defenses, protect against iodine deficiency. Fatty fish improves heart and blood vessels, improves skin, normalize metabolism. Daily intake of orange products – two servings (for example, 100 grams of beef or venison and 1 / 3 cup walnut). Try to eat lean meat. Meat, fish and poultry is better to cook on the grill or stew with vegetables. At the top of the pyramid healthy food products occupy a small place red – fats, oils, sugar, confectionery, alcoholic drinks. Products in this group are saturated fat, cholesterol, sucrose and the 'empty calories'. Healthy person need not abandon them completely. Attitude to the use of these products with caution. Examples of maximum allowable servings: 1-2 tablespoons vegetable oil, 10.5 grams of butter or margarine, 5 teaspoons of sugar or jam, 150-200 grams of dry wine or 50 grams of hard liquor.

Windows Address Book

The program VentFax & Voice (Private version) is designed to transmit and receive circuit-switched telephone lines of general purpose, fax (color or black and white) and voice messages, combining the functions of a fax machine and answering machine. VentFax is running 32-bit operating systems MS Windows (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT4, 98, ME) and 64-bit operating systems, MS Windows 7, Vista, XP, as a device for sending and receiving data using installed in your computer modem. The program can send and receive both fax and voice messages. In the Private version provided only the manual mode of transmission and reception of messages. Taking faxes, the program will save them as graphic files (TIFF), if desired, these files can be printed using the application manager messages. With Message Manager, you can monitor the actions taken and prepared to voice messages, view faxes and send them to print. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from G.E.Corporation.

Also, spread files into folders, delete them. When properly installed the program you will have a virtual printer VENTAFAX, with it you can send a document from any application Windows. If your modem supports voice features, you can organize the answering machine. If the possibility of conventional answering machine you do not meet the mechanism can be remotely control an answering machine. With remote control, you can listen to voicemail messages received from any touch-tone phone, but to create voice menus. To do this in an editor Remote Scripting.

To record a sound file when you send or record replicas answering service as possible from any application for recording and using the built-in tools. Program also allows you to talk through the modem, without using the telephone. However, provided that your modem supports speakerphone. As a headset, you can use a microphone and headphones included in the socket of the modem or audio device to podsoedenennye computer. The program can also record phone conversations. If you have a modem with built-in procedure, determine the number, the program provides automatic number identification for incoming calls. To store the information of all received and outgoing calls is logged. Telephone directory application designed to introduce voice and fax phone is also available the Windows Address Book and MS Outlook.


Alcoholism – a disease similar to drug addiction, with some researchers believe that it has genetic roots. Nayantara Ghosh-Ersek brings even more insight to the discussion. Among immoderately drinking men only five out of 100 suffer from alcoholism. Unlike simply immoderate drinkers who can not go beyond the 'limits of the past' at reception alcohol, alcoholic drink, completely disabling the self-control. At the same time lose self-control they can from one stack of alcohol. However, the results of long-term alcohol abuse are the same for both categories a drink: it can lead to destructive, antisocial personality changes. If you would like to know more then you should visit Tulip Retail.

In this case, both alcoholics, and immoderate drinkers often neglect proper nutrition. As a result, the level of vitamin B12 and thiamine, as well as a number of mineral substances in the body is sharply reduced, to the detriment of the nervous system. Thus, acute thiamine deficiency leads to disorientation, memory and reduce the appearance tendency to confabulation (inventing non-existent facts), which are filled with memory lapses. Prolonged alcohol abuse leads to increased adiposity and liver. Ultimately, it is very common in drinkers develop cirrhosis. Cirrhosis as a consequence alcoholism – the most common cause of liver cancer. Most often this happens when the diet drinker does not contain enough protein and essential nutrients (especially fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E, thiamin and zinc) needed for the processing of alcohol and removing fat from the liver. Good source of protein and zinc are meat, fish and low-fat cheese.

Enough time in a week there is chicken liver, lamb or calf, to provide your body with vitamin A, thiamine and some vitamin C. The consumption of vegetable oil, eggs and wholemeal you can restore the required level of vitamin E. Useful Properties – moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk of coronary vessels in old age – uplifting. disadvantages – can cause aggressiveness – is harmful during pregnancy – is incompatible with some drugs – can lead to alcohol and hangover syndrome – excessive consumption increases the risk of some cancers – the abuse can cause gout, pancreatitis or a heart attack – continued abuse has devastating effects on the liver.

Scent Spirits

Perfume – a heady breath of luxury, which we have ourselves a ball, and a kind of communication tool, because with it we tell others about his health. Of course, this statement is true only when you have to each case is the appropriate flavor. For example, suitable for official receptions "elegant" flavor. It will be seen by all, without irritating anyone. Erotic fragrance will not irritate your beloved. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hikmet Ersek and gain more knowledge.. Romantic fragrances are for rest. A refreshing good for every day.

Spirits can sometimes be confusing. If you find that the scent of your perfume varies throughout the day, it has quite a scientific basis: a variety of essences, present in perfumes, not evaporate at the same time. Some of them have their fragrance immediately, others it takes time. American Cancer Society has much to offer in this field. What you feel in the first minute, only the original fragrance. Immediately after application, they are showing their beauty as if to attract attention and awaken someone's interest. The duration of the evaporation of spirits – from four to twelve hours, so they say that the main flavors are the nature spirits. Closing shades develop in the last turn, they spread the scent, which for a long time coming from your clothes.

Eau de cologne "arranged" differently. It set the tone for fresh, volatile flavor nuances, they are less saturated. Spirits contains about 35% of the aromatic concentrate and cologne only 3% to 8%. Along with the perfume and cologne is very popular perfume. In some cases, it has almost the same concentration as the spirits in others – more like a cologne.

Choose Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture – an essential element in any interior. Not necessarily home. Recently, more and more you can see the upholstered furniture in the offices of big bosses, the reception, hotels and sometimes even in mass crowds of people, namely those where going to high society. However, in most cases we buy upholstered furniture just for an apartment or house. To learn how to make the right choice will tell you our article.

There is a huge the number of upholstered furniture. The most popular element, of course, is the couch. He is versatile enough to the majority of sofas easily decompose and turn into a full bed. Color and shape of the sofa can be pick up any interior, and sit on it very comfortably. Also very popular form of upholstered furniture is a chair. If the chair is really comfortable and has an ergonomic shape (with a comfortable seat, armrests and back). Rarely in the interior, various ottomans and soft couches.

Meanwhile, ottomans help you get to relax in the evenings sitting in front of TV (they conveniently throw the legs, and at the same time they can be used as additional space), and only a soft couch – it's just the personification of comfort! The choice of upholstered furniture is directly dependent on in which room it will be located. Suitable for the living room couches and a group of armchairs, which can easily accommodate all family members or your guests. Usually this is the classic English-style sofas in printed fabrics. If the room is in the style of hi-tech, then it should be fine Sofa unusual shapes. For example, as you the option of a dozen constituent seats, which provide very broad couch of unusual shape (semi-circular, wavy, and so on). For a country style fits restrained sofa, with large number of items made of wood and upholstered dark skin. Upholstered furniture in modern style – is rounded, wild colors and unmatched comfort. Similar sofas, like himself, interior, can hardly be called practical (They do not decompose and can accommodate no more than 2-3 people), but they are extremely beautiful. If you buy a sofa for office space, then you need a leather upholstered furniture. The color you choose on the basis of own preferences, according to the interior and their own ideas about aesthetics. But the quality of office sofas should be at a height, as compared with sofas for the home, they are much more serious burden, which means you must be sure of their longevity. This is the main reason why it is better to choose a reliable and trustworthy sofas made of leather. Buying a sofa – a responsible job. Need to keep in head of a huge amount of nuances, including the quality of the upholstery, the color and style. However, the reward for the solution of such a severe problem will be interior, bringing comfort and convenience!

Country Councils

Pros and cons It is known that ultraviolet light helps to strengthen immunity, accelerates metabolism, activates the production of vitamin D3, strengthens bone and muscle tissue. Furthermore toyu, several sessions in the tanning bed to prepare the skin for a trip to tropical countries and beach holidays. However, those same ultraviolet rays destroy skin collagen, causing premature aging, make your hair dry and brittle and cause cancer. So a few sessions tanning face and body will give a nice touch, and make you younger, but the abuse of tan will have an impact on the appearance and feel. How much sun do you need? The first type of skin (Celtic), very light, easy to get sun-burned skin with lots of freckles, light blue, light green or light gray eyes, blond or red hair.

People with this type of skin tanning in general is not recommended. Macys gathered all the information. In extreme cases, Use special tools before and after tanning, tanning is not more than 10 minutes, not more than twice a week. The first session is no more than 3-5 minutes. The second type of skin (light-skinned European) light, often burn the skin with a number of freckles, blue, gray or green eyes, light brown hair. Begin to sunbathe with 3 – 5 minute sessions, followed by sessions of 10-15 minutes at most three times a week.

The third type of skin (dark-skinned Europeans) is pretty light, but rarely burn leather, gray or brown eyes, dark blond or brown hair. Sunbathe for 20 minutes, no more than three times a week, enough 5.6 sessions. The fourth type of skin (Mediterranean), dark-skinned, easily ignited skin, brown eyes and brown hair. to get a nice tan will be enough to only 3-4 sessions of 20 minutes. rules of tanning Before visiting the solarium always consult with a physician because There are a number of drugs that increase Sensitivity and provoke allergic to ultraviolet light, reception of which can not be combined with tanning. Not recommended to visit a solarium during pregnancy; people suffering dermatitis, hypertension and liver disease. Be sure to take a cotton scarf to protect hair. Seared solarium, hair loses its luster, fade and become brittle. Do not forget, and dark sunglasses. Do not wash with soap and water immediately before a session, because Soap destroys the protective fatty grease the skin, which can lead to burnout. Sensitivity to uv radiation increases and after epilation. During a session, do not use cosmetics, deodorants, nourishing cream first aromatic oils. Clear off all the decorations. It is better not to sunbathe topless, especially women in their thirties. uv light activates the metabolism, so try after tanning a little rest and relax, drink fruit juice or green tea with high content of vitamin C. So sunbathe with the use, sunbathing pleasure.


In addition, creatine increases muscle glycogen, and this substance is also 'blows up' muscles. Curiously, this is not about biochemical, and 'mechanical' muscle growth, which, however, manifests itself slowly – not before a few months after starting creatine. Remember that the effect of creatine should be 'back' more water. If along the way will you use diuretics, drink lots of coffee, cola, drink alcohol, in short, to dehydrate the body, 'growth' effect of creatine is reduced to zero. Dosage: Take 3-4 grams of creatine per day. Part Creatine inevitably excreted in urine. To 'outwit' the body, divide daily dose into 2-3 doses. Then creatine is assimilated more.

Take creatine immediately after training, as well as after a meal. Particularly well Creatine is absorbed after a cocktail of 50 grams of carbohydrates with high glycemic level and 50 grams of protein. But do not try to stir creatine cocktail. First, drink a cocktail, and only then, after 20-30 minutes, take creatine. The ability of the muscles assimilate creatine increases alpha-lipoic acid. To broaden your perception, visit IWP.

It is widely sold in pharmacies as a vitamin, an antioxidant drug. Daily dose of reception – 1000 mg. Divide it into minidozy 250 mg and take right along with creatine. Arginine Scientists believe that the amino acid arginine – a stimulator of muscle growth as well as hormones. Another thing is that the effect of arginine is weaker. But arginine 'can' what do hormones: Increases nitric oxide in the blood, and she, in her turn, makes larger lumen of the blood vessels. Because of this effect blood flow to tissues increases. In short, arginine acts just like Viagra. For bodybuilders, this means improving the supply of blood, muscle, and this the cornerstone of muscle growth factor and recovery. However, it is about taking an additional plus arginine. As for the direct anabolic effects, the arginine accelerates the growth of muscle contractile elements fibers, the so-called sarcomeres. This effect was repeatedly verified on rats, and beyond doubt. Moreover, this action of arginine is increased if regularly stretch the muscles. It would seem that a weak arginine anabolism can be neglected. However, in reality we are talking about this kachkovoy sensation. Taking arginine and stretching, you can improve the limited nature of the individual potential muscle growth! The shorter arm, the worse it increases. Well, your muscles will become longer with a guarantee! Dosage: Take 2-7 g twice a day. To achieve the pronounced effect of nitric oxide, increase the dose to 4-14 g of arginine. Take on an empty stomach with arginine more fluid. It is best to dissolve the powder in your favorite juice. Start with a quarter of the daily dose, and within a few days, gradually bring it to the desired level. This will reduce the risk of minor adverse effects (the most frequent – nausea). The bitterness of arginine can neutralize, if it be mixed with ascorbic acid or lemon juice. Glutamine This amino acid is similar to creatine. It accumulates fluid inside muscle cells, 'Blowing' their volume. This effect persists even in the strict diets. So if you want to find 'relief', without losing the muscle volume, glutamine – your first mate. However, this is not the most important thing in glutamine. Half an hour after receiving glutamine is released growth hormone – the most powerful anabolic hormone. Dosage: To ensure secretion of growth hormone, take 5 grams of glutamine and 5 grams of arginine twice a day. The first method – the end training, the second – after 6 hours. Both are best stir in the protein shake.

The Number

It should be noted that the CD-car radio more practical, reliable, reasonable in price, but they are different, a good choice is to buy a car radio with mp3-decoder, which give you the opportunity to listen to more songs without changing the drive in an mp3. Most new models of DVD-Unit – combined player and minitelevizor, allowing you to watch your favorite movies on DVD media. Analyze in detail car radios alpine: power, number of channels, input / output, Tuner – are common to all radio, on a closer look at each of these items. Output power radio: An important indicator for selection of car audio is the nominal power. Rated power – the maximum power value at which the radio will run for life. More than this value, the better will sound.

It is for this characterization is required to make a choice. Number of channels: The number of channels corresponds to the number of connected speakers. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kohl’s. Additional connectors car audio (input / output): If choice of car radios should pay attention to the number of inputs and outputs, which may in the future is needed. Be sure the connected device firm must meet the exit, which This device is connected. Line level inputs / outputs radio: If you're a good surround sound with special effects, the key parameter when choosing a car radio for you to be number of line inputs / outputs, as they are designed to connect avtousilitelya. However, the possibility of the line inputs are not limited to them can be connected to an equalizer or crossover. Tuner radio: Because radio is the radio, an integral component of a FM / AM-tuner. The main tuner is the range of possible frequencies, in most cases 80 – 110MGts.

Will be enough. We advise to take the same into account the number of memory cells. With the development of techniques and varied types of tuners, to date, many car radio digital tuner with auto searching radio waves. Digital tuners are different, in their selection should take into account the sensitivity and the ability to switch the signal to stereo or mono, as these parameters determine the reliability of signal reception. Most car radio equipped with the function RDS, which allows display information transmitted by radio stations.

Respiratory Viruses

Prevention and treatment of acute respiratory disease, SARS, influenza, sore throats, colds and other infectious upper respiratory tract. Prevention of tuberculosis and the extension of the period of remission: Given the fact that the trace element iodine has a natural quality to stimulate the production of antibodies to the virus, enhance resistance to bacterial infections and stress, strengthening the immune system, is in itself a preventive daily intake "YantarYod" avoiding infectious diseases or greatly facilitate their flow. However, if you avoid the disease completely still failed, it is recommended in addition to the main reception of the product to connect to treat: – sore throat, sore throat, cough: Rinse mouth and throat with a solution "YantarYod" (Solution: 1 part warm (30 C) boiling water 1 part "YantarYod") every 2 – 3 hours – the common cold: bury solution (1 part warm (30 C) boiling water 1 part "YantarYod") in the nasal passages every 2 – 3 hours in acute fever, as decrease in its intensity – frequency of use decreased. For assistance, try visiting Ali Asaria. You should know that the "YantarYod" used a special form of elemental iodine (I-1) contained in a bound state with an organic base (high-polymer matrix). Thanks to this formula, the product of the human hormonal system independently regulates the amount of assimilable iodine. Dr. For even more details, read what Crawford Lake Capital says on the issue. Gerard Addonizios opinions are not widely known. This means that perenasytit body with iodine, using the "YantarYod" impossible.

So recommended method for treating acute respiratory infections, viral respiratory infections, sore throats, etc. applicable to children. Iodine – is a powerful natural antibacterial agent that had existed since the creation of the world before the advent of viruses, bacteria and other viruses and bacteria have not learned to adapt to the iodine (as opposed to antibiotics and antiviral drugs, produced by the modern pharmaceutical industry), so getting into the environment with a high content of iodine, Viruses and bacteria are killed.