A single exists in other industries, such as mining or natural resources, determining conditions of the factors that is decisive. For example, says, that Saudi Arabia exports oil because it possesses that resource, not because it has favorable demand conditions, support, strategies, structures, or rivalry of their companies and related industries. Management should know that the relative importance of the different determinants in an industry dependent on propellants for competitive success in the same. It is wrong to assume that the mixture of the determinants required to achieve success on an international scale is the same for all the industries. In reality, the country or countries that have a critical mass of favourable conditions in the determinants which are most important for that industry, will have an advantage over other countries. Equally, it is wrong to conclude that have advantages in all determinants constitutes the most suitable and sustainable situation. Hold a national advantage in a specific industry depends on the nature of competition in the industry, how these advantages relate to the determinants and how they both change over time.

An advantage in a single determinant (e.g. a specific natural resource) could be more sustainable than temporary advantages in several of them. To all this must be added other factors where management should be prepared according to the characteristics of the national and international stages such as: economic reality, its stability, its casualties, its crisis that crucially affect the financial life of the company, as well as affect the behavior of their consumers in regard to the adquisisicon of the products. New economic openings, partnerships, agreements and everything that this generates for the possibilities to enter new markets, how to protect the already conquered. The actions of competitiveness with the foray into the domestic market and the competitive advantages of the products and services offered. The incidence of political behavior, the intervention of the State in the operating capacity of the enterprise and its impact on organizational behavior. The risk, uncertainty that is generated, to mean that the State takes in relation to the participation of the companies in their economic programmes. Faced with this reality, is born a serious, well defined, where national universities, especially its level pre and postgraduate management schools, should redesign a new Administrator profile and commitment contribute the knowledge needed for that Venezuelan management our case can not only interpret the characteristics of the current scenarios, but be prepared for deal with them, take their profits, successfully venture into them.

CRM Areas

What lies behind the concept of controlling Why is controlling has become so important This will be the two issues, which will deal with this item. Behind the concept lies a management tool for controlling the management and for senior persons in the company. The controlling shares in many aspects. On two major areas will be addressed in this article. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a term often falls into the company. Through ERP – systems will be tempted to use the resources of a company in such a way that creates a more effective use along the value chain. It should be avoided, the resources of the company unnecessarily wasted. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) describes the way how to deal with customers and how the customer should be documented. Recently found benchmarking with competitors and competing products being increasingly used in CRM systems. In both areas, there are a lot of software on data-warehouse basis, whichSimplify operations of the firms will. But the consultation, analysis and simulation is very important with the help of the controlling in these two areas, because the data of the software must be interpreted. With the introduction of sound policies, enterprise-wide, integrated information must be available to as countermeasures in the restructuring of a company, the business reengineering, or when to proceed. The last paragraph of this article one can easily imagine why the controlling has become so important. Through good Controllingsysteme many management decisions can be simplified. The efficiency of the company can be selectively increased, threats can be detected early. In addition, the structure of the enterprise can be adjusted according to market demand and improved.

Useful Time Management

We know that the time is a valuable resource, but often are not conscious of it because we did not act suitably for its better advantage, next we give some advice to make more cash its use of the time: 1. We do first what we do not like: Ideally all the activities of our life we would have to enjoy them to the maximum, with effort and dedication is possible to obtain it, but in the way it is very probable to find us with situations that we do not like absolutely, then that is well first that we must do because otherwise it will become a terrible mental load and we will not be peacefully making the activities that if we enjoyed. 2. We make the activities first most difficult: Normally when we faced an examination said the opposite exactly to us but we were before the disadvantage of the lack of experience and a time reduced enough, now when we spoke of the goals in the personal life or enterprise he is different, finally we must fulfill the responsibilities that we have then the suitable thing is to begin with the most complex things because they demand more attention and energy, that decision will give a sensation us of tranquillity to the hour that we are executing the easiest activities, also the fatigue will feel to a lesser extent. 3. We organize our agenda by precedence: There are situations that require immediate attention then we solve at the moment, we never allow to leave for later what is immediate because from arises the chaos there. In the measurement that we structure all the activities ordenadamente everything will work effectively. 4. It leaves time comforts: The majority of the cases happens that the anticipated time to develop an activity extends, knowing this we we do not have to work with fit times.