Kai Sannwald

‘ Magazine ‘Travel & prices’ acknowledges carrying out customer-friendly car rental bookings Munich, 17 January 2013 confirmation for a carefree full-service holiday car: the Leisure magazine travel & prices “the Fair Play has the Sunny Cars rental car brokers seal 2012” awarded. The magazine had carried out a test of car rental portals and paid tribute to the customer-friendly processing of bookings at sunny cars as a result. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out henry yaschik. Sunny Cars could meet important criteria for the award: so the first found rental price is not increased during the test booking, also there is no default insurance premiums and benefits in the booking process on. Also the terms and conditions of the intermediary were considered to be customer-friendly, and the transfer before the rental free of charge and the cancellation of the rental car are possible at sunny cars until five days before the rental for a maximum of 25 euros. Credit: Steffan Lehnhoff-2011. Another requirement of the portal test of travel & prices”: at least one classic payment method should free to be offered. At sunny cars there is PayPal, debit or credit card as a payment option, also the credit card charges are applied. Will be charged at least 14 days prior to the reserved rental.

Anyone looking for the telephone contact to the broker, benefited reservation center also this was on call in the from a standard fare an evaluation criterion in the car fares & Portal test “. We delighted the confirmation of our high standards of quality and performance claim on behalf of an anonymous media tests performed by this renowned journal”, affirms Kai Sannwald, owner and managing partner of Sunny Cars. We would be no low-cost provider, but convinced by applying a high-quality price / performance ratio. Therefore we emphasize even at the car rental product that contained all important inclusive services in the offers, and vacationers can be traveling all around carefree with their holiday car.

Market Share

In the relentless struggle for market share blows you in 1964 the German GM subsidiary to attack with American design characteristic still the cute Palm-sized biscuits from the craft bakery around the corner? Above a dome, mostly unverziert and below the complete bottom of frosting? That was an American at the bakers’ and for us kids, that catapulted into our fantasies in the sweet new world”. It had to be there: deeper, bigger, wider. Teng Yue Partners is actively involved in the matter. Also the design of the new upper class Opel has been proven with these attributes, production of which started fifty years ago, in February 1964, in Russelsheim, Germany. With 4,85 m in length and width of 1.90 m, the car in the American garment was 12 cm and 9 cm wider than the previous model and appeared in a different world. The seller’s guide sent prior to sale strives to prepare the new smooth-surfaced design according to: hotfix to the nearly 3000 traders exaggerated chrome decoration was deliberately. The previous chrome strips in the fuselage have been omitted. In its place, a continuous light rim, that straight line runs from the headlights to the tail light occurs skillful contour design.

A clear outline of the surfaces is achieved by the edge of the light in the architecture, making the car look lower and langgestreckter.” Design as an attack on the rival Mercedes 220 SE and BMW V8 which seems the motto of strategists in Russelsheim, Germany have been, which necessarily wanted to score points by highlights in the facilities (V8 engines in the Admiral and diplomat) at moderate prices in the upper segment. The majority of potential buyers decided yet for the two expensive broadcast but more prosperous six-cylinder models of the competitors Daimler Benz. We had to, said Opel’s chief engineer Hans Mersheimer, the German businessman finally a few more rungs up the ladder offer., knew how to report the mirror.

Sixt: At Munich Ostbahnhof

Sixt car rental companies at his station at the East station in Munich popular 24-hour service at central point also offers 24-hour service truck to the every day and night time available Munich, November 30, 2009 – the Sixt AG, Germany’s largest car rental company and worldwide provider of high quality mobility services, offers its customers at Munich station near the Ostbahnhof from tomorrow Tuesday, December 1, a 24-hour service. So that customers can access around the clock, every day in the year on the mobility solutions from Sixt. The offer includes the normal car rental with attractive car models from small city cars to the upper-class sedan as well as the truck rental from the retail to 7.49-Tonner. Rail passengers have the ability, upon arrival in particular later a vehicle in reception to take or give thanks to the advanced services on one of the main traffic junctions of the Munich City. In addition, is now also the rental of trucks each day – and night-time possible. As well, customers can take to the regular opening hours to complete the comprehensive mobility service provided by Sixt in the nearby station Einstein Street.

The station at Munich East station is also directly accessible 089 / 45 08 80 64, station Director Sascha van Eikelen is available for information like the. Of course, the entire range of Sixt in the Internet and is available. Dirk Hunten, regional manager Bavaria from Sixt Rent a car: many customers appreciate to be able to rent their vehicle around the clock and on weekends and holidays. The popular 24-hour service from Sixt is available now at a central point in Munich now also for trucks. Thus we confirm our claims, even easier and more flexible to make the car rental. Sixt: Sixt AG with headquarters in Pullach near Munich is a global provider of high quality mobility services. Founded in 1912, with around 4,000 is along with licensees and partners Service points in more than 100 countries represented. Sixt is the market leader in Germany and Austria, and one of the largest independent full-service-leasing car rental. The Sixt Group generates revenues of 1.8 billion euros (2008) and employs more than 2,800 people (2008, without licensee). More information: Sixt AG Jens Heinen, Frank Elsner / Frank Paschen Sixt Central Press Office tel.: + 49 5404 91 92 0 fax: + 49 5404 91 92 29

New On The CMT Stuttgart 2012

2012 Dehtleffs Reisemobile of summer edition visitors experience the CMT Stuttgart in Hall 1 at stand D 72 a premiere. Dethleffs presents its new models from January 14 to 21 before the summer edition. The campers come in a partially integrated and a built-in version. Read more from Uwe Brings to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Evan concept offers viewers an insight into future developments. The Internet portal auto.de reveals what the camper of the future might look like. Dehtleffs caravans are already numerous supporters. In the future are supposed to be yet compact and multifunctional equipped models.

Proof of this target development is the summer edition, which will be presented this year’s CMT in Stuttgart. The summer edition of I/T 6701 is available in two fully equipped variants. Both, the partially integrated as well as the integrated version, come up with a good value for money. Dehtleffs describes the vehicle as a motor home for holidays, leisure and business. Individual elements can complement according to use or take out. The concept study is Definitely worth a look.

Visitors of the CMT Stuttgart can read about developments in the East of Hall 1 entrance. Who is whet the appetite can take mobile even a special home. Dehtleffs sold the 80 000th mobile with special paint, leather upholstery and complete equipment worth about 60,000 euros. Bids can be made during the exhibition on site or via eBay. At the end of the auction is on the last weekend of the fair. The proceeds benefit a new aid project of the Dehtleffs Family Foundation in Romania. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Are Cars Like Women?

There are some parallels between cars and women – a humorous discussion with Embassy cars occupy a very high priority in the world of men for generations. Cars are far more than just a practical and comfortable means of transport on wheels. Cars embody passion, strength and beauty. Many men spend even name their cars. Most female names of course. Men love their cars – that always have been, and will probably always remain. Thus much time and money is invested in the care, beautification and improvement of cars. Car tuners are probably the most extreme in this respect.

Not infrequently, bank accounts are plundered and literally the last dime into new tuning parts such as spoilers or underbody lighting and automotive spare parts such as, for example, an intercooler. There sometimes more time and attention is given to the vehicle as the own girlfriend or wife. Many relationships have gone in fractions, because the man ultimately the beauty on four wheels the Chose beauty over two legs. But there are also men who seem to confuse their wives with their cars. There begins the man at some point, not only for his car, but also for his wife to buy spare parts and build a. In such cases, a separation is the probably the best solution from the perspective of involved female – with many females like myself seem himself such an overhaul also loving. May be the comparison between cars and women slightly lagging, but certain parallels are there already. Not for nothing, the bonnets are topped by fancy cars always with beautiful women.

Word games are downright essential: many cars look from back great and are an absolute disappointment from the front. Many cars sparkle and shine from the outside and are completely dirty inside. A car costs a man money and needs lots of attention and care. The hot chassis of a car is worthless if there is nothing under the hood. If a car is old, the paint goes off. Sometimes drive (s) without a car better than with. You could do so forever. With all of these statements, you can the word car easily replace with the word woman. But now seriously: Cars are really like women? Maybe some of them. A little bit at least. But in the end it is so: even the most exotic and most expensive car in the world is in effect just a car and can never be a great woman. Who sees this differently, has the most beautiful in the life to date missed.

Relocation Fever: Vans At Low Prices

Avis and Miet24 offering price blockbusters to the end of the season stress move: just about cheap rent Berlin, August 13, 2009 German so often move like never before. In 2007, there were more moves than ever before according to a study of the energy Techem. Every eighth (11.6 percent) moved. The car rental company Avis responds to sustained relocation willingness, especially among students and attracts with its bargain prices to the Umzugssaison. For mere 39 Euro you get a retail at more than 110 locations also available on, the universal portal for rental items in limited action. Larger scale parades get away well. At 104 locations available, also the heavier guns such as the truck can be hired MB Atego 7.49 Tonner for only 79 euro a day. Organize moving from A to Z: on Miet24 also plenty useful commodities find themselves next to vans, changing the budget like oblivion get and yet essential be can.

Moving blankets and cartons, skateboards, risers, ladders, all kinds of tools, furniture lifts, winches and much more is available in abundance. The rental portal offers just for students and apprentices a complete theme world studies & University”, which still once clearly summarizes the basics of student needs. The broom closet is the cash cow”no more dead capital, says Robert R. Bukvic, Managing Director of Miet24. “Because: anyone who would like to relieve his broom closet, can his unused belongings even rent so no sleeping capital”, Barbara adds. More and more people are discovering the rental option in the Internet as a low-cost variant for themselves. For even more analysis, hear from Hamdi Ulukaya.

Temporary items mean often advertisement out money and are real space rogue. Rental items, however, come into their own only when necessary and be sent following just the landlord back. Unbeatable prices in the prestige range of Porsche 911 S Coupe, convertible, Cayman, Cayenne and Boxster S convertible: Avis offers currently also the Porsche models of Miet24 for 119 euros. The stormy sports cars are available for rent at 69 sites. About Avis Avis, founded in 1946, and since 1965 in Germany, is one of the leading car rental companies worldwide. The company is represented with a fleet of more than 350,000 vehicles in 170 countries. Avis Germany is Oberursel/Taunus, Germany. The network includes more than 330 stations and a fleet of average 23,000 vehicles. Uniquely, the Avis Prestige are cars that Avis offers an extensive portfolio of lifestyle-oriented cars. In addition, it is Porsche’s exclusive car rental partner Avis. Numerous awards document the high level of service: so the ServiceRating GmbH was awarded Avis already for the second time in a row the test verdict “excellent” (2008). At the ADAC rental car test 2009 notification reached above-average reviews and at the prestigious World Travel Awards 2009 chose international travel experts Avis right in several categories at number one. About Miet24 the Miet24 GmbH was founded in the year founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Berlin. With around 850,000 rented articles Miet24.de course in 16 main and almost 2000 categories as one of the world’s largest market places for rentals on the Internet. All tenants can make free use of the marketplace. Opens up an additional and modern sales channel for rental through Miet24. For one, the rented items are sorted by their applications. On the other hand, the integrated ZIP code search helps quickly locate of regional landlord on Miet24. The aim is a steadily growing range of rental items in a portal, according to the “all out of hand principle”, to summarize.

Hessian Friedrichsdorf

Natural gas truck man reduce noise pollution by local residents and environment are increasingly suffering from more and more noise. It draws attention on Wednesday, April 24, a global day of action. Noise is also an always topical subject at the delivery transport for food markets. Meyer’s freshness logistics here makes a contribution to the pacification of logistics from the Hessian Friedrichsdorf. In the Berlin area and food the company supplies supermarkets with low-noise trucks powered by natural gas. Friedrichsdorf, 24 April 2013 – Meyer logistics will fall with fresh service and not by noise in supplying supermarkets. Therefore the company has invested and has quite some time 15 natural gas-powered vehicles, whose Motoren to average five decibels are quieter than comparable truck with a diesel engine.

The natural gas trucks of special logistics companies that supply food retailers with chilled and frozen goods, drive tires with quiet running profile. Their loading areas are also equipped with silent laufboden one enable silent discharge at the supermarket. Through these measures, the vehicles reach the peak standard and meet the required standard of the sound value of below 60 decibels to protect of the residents of food markets. Noise avoids Meyer logistics, also by no unnecessary trips are made. Because the trucks have multi-Chamber systems, article can be transported at the same time, that require different temperatures. The frozen pizza on the whipped cream to tomatoes and apples we can deliver the whole range of freshness with a single vehicle and must not three ancestors”, Matthias Strehl, Member points out the Meyer logistics management, the benefit for local residents. For us it is important, not longer than is necessary to affect the neighborhood supermarket “, he explains.

The natural gas trucks are better for the health of not only because they are low-noise. They produce fewer emissions, because the cooling machine is driven by the natural gas unit of the truck engine. This is by the way also significantly quieter than a diesel cooling. We have decided also in cooling for a sustainable option because we want to achieve a genuine improvement in ecological”, explained Matthias Strehl. For more information see. Press contact: Tobias Low main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 Ludwig Meyer GmbH & co. KG/Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG: established in 1949, specialist for fresh transport and food logistics is an owner-managed medium-sized company. With 1,500 employees and a fleet of around 1,000 vehicles at locations in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden, Meyer supplies the European food retailers, foodservice and catering. The sister company Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG”organizes the full supply of around 1,000 quick service restaurants in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, the Slovakia, Romania and Russia. Its largest customers are Burger King and yum! Restaurants international. Info: