The Existence

Oct 31
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The quality of life depends on individual factors, that one that in which the proper man if propitiates, without presenting the possible efforts to change the joined picture. unhappyly caused by the lack of instructions, spaces and time. Also it can be originated by the obesidade, as example the infantile one, leading to an increase of the mass of fat in the body. For (NAVARRESE FRELUT and, 2000) the obesidade for the adults also as an extreme accumulation of fat mass. Also being able to be to occur to the obesidade as factor and consequence with the existence of an excess of alimentary ingestion, sedentarismo, complicated intrafamiliar relationship, it weans precocious, introduction of solid foods, substitutions of meals for snacks and difficulties in the interpersonal relations (FIELDS, 1995). It is interesting that these factors must be observed for the difficulties of social supports, upheavals in the social life, as anxiety, depression where the same ones as examples of children will not have stimulatons to carry through activities in groups in the school, the groups of tricks and other activities as challenges of fights that will make with the emagrecimento work and to face the scale.

The depression has increasing interest for much people as it affirms Luiz, et all, (2005). The depression has excited increasing interest, mainly skin presence with that this diagnosis has been made. But, during much time one gave credit that the children rare presented depression. Currently they exist you evidence, derived from a substantial number of studies, of that depressive upheavals also appear during infancy and not only in the adolescence and the adult life (LUIZ, et all, 2005). 7 Fica clearly, that depression has generated an importance of character of upheavals generated in children or adolescents and adults. This depression generates difficult situations in people who need to develop activities in groups of schools, the work, in the club and in the proper spaces of houses.

In English

Oct 17
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It characterizes itself for symptoms of carelessness, inquietude and impulsiveneness. Ele called to the DDA times (Riot of the Deficit of Attention). In English, tambm called ADD, ADHD or of AD/HD1. It can be asked: It would not be limit lack? How much to the adolescents &#039 appears the question of the vice with asdrogas in such a way; ' lcitas' ' , those that are set free as: the cigarette and olcool e, the illicit ones that they are marijuana, cocaine, crack and others, even so setenham many children who already they are vitiated e, when young work appears questodo, the pregnancy and some roberies even though to support the vice. It is if living a difficult moment in the society. It will be that it had an inversion of values? The father started to eat the ribs, the foot, the head naesperana of that if the son (a) he ate optimum piece, he would enxergaria, comvislumbre, a world better e, in this context, it, the father, lost the authority. Authority in itself brings the respect, consequently the value, the moral and the ethics. The adolescent and the young contemporary of certain formaacredita to be it always it ' ' owner of verdade' ' he enters in quarrels comagressividade, ' ' of the nothing and for nada' ' , with its parents, for quererresolver ' ' coisas' ' that for times they would not have and nor taisdiscusses would fit.

' ' We see the world not as it is, but as we are – ouseja, as we were conditional to see it. When we open the mouth to describe oque we see, in the truth we describe we ourselves, our perceptions, nossosparadigmas. When the others people disagree with us, immediately achamosque have something of missed with them ' '. ' ' The paradigms are powerful, poiseles create the lenses through which we see the world ' '.

PCNs Language

Oct 16
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One perceives that these judgments are made on the part of professors who costumam to use as referencial of education of second language the foreign country, making certain distanciamento enters the reality of the pupil and the culture of the country of the studied language. Many researchers affirm that if he cannot learn a language if the education of the culture will not be integrated (JARAMILLO apud UNDERBRUSH LOPES, 1996, p.41). However, she argues yourself that she has cases where people if communicate perfectly in this language without having cultural knowledge, then, ' ' she is possible if to become bilngue without if becoming bicultural while the opposite not verdade' ' (PAULTSON apud UNDERBRUSH LOPES, 1996, p.41). Lopes underbrush (1996, P. 39), also approaches questions as the supervaluation of the culture of English language on the part of the professors, and argues that it has ' ' a necessity to think the English education as foreign language about terms of the Brazilian reality, with the risk of if being leaving to involve for points that do not take care of to the interests of most of alunos' '. According to Lopes Underbrush, an instrumental boarding would recoup the discredit position disciplines which it he arrived, therefore the professors would have an only objective: to teach to read.

This also is the proposal made by the PCNs, alleging that the pupils can use this ability in its immediate social context (BRAZIL, 1998, p 20). However this boarding has distant past of the reality of the public schools, therefore the schools generally focam in exercises descontextualizados through the grammar/translation, provoking the lack of interaction and dinamicidade in the classroom. Another problem that can be observed in the schools, is the insistence of some professors for ' ' pronunciation perfeita' ' , being able to be called ' ' domain cultural' ' 3, and in accordance with Lopes Underbrush (1996, P.