Deposition of images on different surfaces with compressed air and paint is the airbrush. It looks like a small airbrush pen, which was invented in America in 1879. Verbatim from the English Airbrush can be translated as 'air brush'. Wondery will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Because of the high granularity of individual pieces and color accuracy, we can achieve very realistic images. Amazon Studios has much to offer in this field. For airbrushing there are no barriers, the figure can be of any complexity – landscapes, surreal paintings, wild animals or any other image. Due to the rapid growth of the automotive industry, has received a new aerografiya stage of its development.

Previously, airbrush work in artisanal conditions Now experts are engaged in it that have been 'airbrushing courses'. To obtain a qualitative picture, as a rule, professional tools used airbrushes Organization of Japan Iwata and Paint materials leaders in this area: Sikkens, PPG, Standox, Spies Hecker, DuPont. Soon, airbrush art became – giving an unusual charm and originality of the car, the visual improvement. The picture underscores the nature personality, style, car owner, because the picture made for your order anywhere else will not happen again. Looks nice airbrush machines. She adds, even more expressive forms of metal, allowing achieve a visual effect: riveted metal, armor, silver titanium, etc.

For several years, contests, exhibitions of cars made with airbrushing, can be found on the Internet sites uniting around connoisseurs and admirers of art, and in any magazine, dedicated auto / motor technology, you will find an article or pictures airbrushing. Among the wealthy are increasingly becoming a prestigious gift gifts in the form of a new car coated with a delicate pattern of his beloved woman. A car with airbrushing, no doubt, will attract attention and cause a feeling of admiration in people around them. Through showiness, your car is well protected from theft. According to statistics, the number of stolen cars is ten times lower than the same simple model. The fact that the picture is very noticeable and easy to remember, in turn, leads to decrease the likelihood of theft (you can quickly catch the culprit). Separately discuss the course of airbrushing. Exstudio aerograficheskaya leading studio in Moscow, which trains artists drawing technique of airbrushing. A teaches courses renowned artist P. Levin, his work has repeatedly won prizes in various competitions and exhibitions. On the courses you can learn Exstudio technique of airbrushing, and eventually, to become a professional in this field. If you do decided to do airbrushing, the choice of studios strongly recommend to see the work. At times of the photos on this site do not correspond to real images. Specify the details regarding the price that would avoid a sharp rise at the end of work. One of the key moments in the airbrushing is whether the company's painting booth or in what circumstances is drawing a picture.

Khrushch Valentine

March 27, 2010 at 19:00 in art-center "Nick" on the 7th floor of the gallery "Athena" in Odessa, on the Greek Square, held the event, which combines painting, collage, light installations and video art-premiere composition by Alexei Bogatyrev, "FAUST." Alexey Bogatyrev. Born in 1962 in Odessa. Since childhood, became interested in sports, played volleyball at the youth national team of Ukraine. He served in the Soviet Army from 1982-1984 in Novosibirsk, where he also continued a career. On his return to Odessa, Alex led Khrushch Valentine – an artist whose name says much fans of non-conformist art of the 1970s, he began to master the skill of the artist. Author events Alexei Bogatyrev, calls him "the end of the world" or "children's room for adults." What kind of art we feel in this March evening? It will be a mixture of poetry, music, video sequence, the play of light and shadow, painting, watching from the walls, like windows neighboring worlds – and all this together will be combined in only one: the creative personality of the creator, the author, who is one of two persons. He and knowing the world Faust and Mephistopheles, the tempter. For even more opinions, read materials from Siemens. Contemporary artist inevitably tempted myself art, joy of creation, the possibility of knowing the Truth.

And he himself laughs at himself, because realize that no matter what, he is just a man. Just a man. But someone with a gift, kindling a Creator creative spark. "The event that I had in mind, like a Zen meditation, – says Alexey Bogatyrev. – I want to be in spite of careful preparation, we now hold, it turned out as an impromptu, and plunged the audience into being in its purest form. Throw away all the stereotypes and algorithms – and simply surrender to pleasure in art, allow yourself feel the emotions and impressions, to open the flow of creativity – here is the true meaning of events that will occur March 27. " Art – is one of the most beautiful way to wake up from sleep and daily life of the mainstream of co-existence with the artist. EVENING PROGRAM 19-00 – Event start, contemplation paintings and video installations 19-20-19-40 Premiere videokompozitsii "Faust" 19-40-20-00 Talk about Faust, art and other lofty matters. 20:00 – Dinner, free communication.


It is inevitable that whoever has an activity on the internet, eventually, receive criticism or negative comments. All those who perform some type of commercial activity are exposed to unfavourable comments or complaints by consumers. Going a step beyond, it could also be that some unfair competitor that makes negative reviews of our products. Against the indexing of sites where we are mentioned negatively, there is nothing that can be done. Once the site has been registered by the search engines, it appears in the SERPs. The peak question is how high will appear. We could consider that if entries are listed starting on page 3, they are harmless, because rarely users take the trouble to go beyond the first or second page, especially if they have found what they need within the top ten on the SERPs.

And with the increasing degree of accuracy that the consultations carried out in the search engines have thanks to the semantic network and other changes in the architecture of the search engines – we can almost assure with a hundred percent of certainty that, if the search with the right words, you will find what you need from the outset. A good idea is to acquire the habit of monitoring our reputation online daily. Googlee your products or your company + problems, for example. This will ensure that there are no users who have linked both concepts. Use search capabilities in real time, in addition to other services that exist to continue the hot trends of Twitter and Facebook, like Monitter. From this site you can have the latest tweets of up to three key terms (defined by the hashtag #) in three parallel columns for clarity. An excellent measure to prevent this type of damage is to include enough textual material to achieve that I will index your name together with the word problem, for example, with a multiplicity of phrases in the style model ABC1, to enjoy without problems.

Successful Experience

You do not need to convince anyone that a big problem in many families with children – is a complete absence of any interest in reading fiction. I want to share how my husband and I were able to interest daughter. Our family is ‘read’. My husband and I can not live without books, and spend the day, and the daughter of interest is limited to TV and PC. And then, when she was 12 years old, decided to give her a birthday unique publication – a collection of Alexander Green‘s ‘Red Sails’. The book is excellent: good print, framed in the best tradition of expensive editions, as for the leather cover, it is so soft to the touch, so nice to keep it in your hands … By the same author: Crawford Lake Capital. .. Daughter and her friends were delighted with our gift.

As a result, all told – “glue” book. Their language is the highest praise. As for the daughter, then, imagine it for three days without stopping, reading donated books, including novels, and the “Golden Chain” and “Running on waves.” After Alexander Green and began to read Jules Verne, and Cooper, and Pushkin. Although this educational moment cost us dearly enough, but my husband and I are very happy that my daughter is reading. It’s worth a lot. I am deeply convinced that literature is not only broadens the mind, but a greater impact on emotional development, which subsequently will form her healthy attitude to life. By the way, gift edition of the “Scarlet Sails” of Alexander Green, we ordered a book online store “Madina – gift books, and exclusive.” Brought it to us on time at a convenient time for us, without delay. And for that we are very grateful.

Kioto Agreement

Once again a very important Summit for those who fails there were this plans Earth, where was not obtained its objective and as it comments very well. The summit of Copenhagen on the climate constitutes a failure that decreases the social credit of the UN and proves the incapacity of the leaders of the planet to put itself in agreement in an essential common project for the survival of the Humanity. Thus the North American newspaper comments, that the world-wide press sets out its perception exceeds she, for example " The Washington Times" it has denounced " fracaso" of the leaders of the world to reach pacts, evoking " cold day for Obama in Dinamarca". For " The Washington Post" , that spoke of an agreement " devoid of ambicin" , " governments must do it mejor". Macy’s Inc. gathered all the information. The newspaper insists to the American Senate to adopt the legislation on the climate, at the moment blocked in the Congress. For the Danish newspaper " Berlingske Tidende" , of preservative ideas, " the leaders of the world were prepared, at a certain time, to conclude an agreement, will that was not in cita". Although " most chaotic of the conferences it must give to the United Nations reasons for a great examination of conciencia" , according to an editorial of this newspaper.

For " Politiken" , of centroizquierda, " the failure is global, not local". " The reality is that the world is not sufficiently mature to be governed in comunidad" , it adds. " The fiasco of Copenhagen or the limits of the Government mundial" , &quot has titled the French newspaper; Him Monde" , according to which " the meeting turned towards the disorder and illustrated the increasing force of China". The adopted text " it leaves the philosophy of the protocol of Kioto, that imposed a limitation of reduction of the gas discharges of greenhouse effect to his participantes" , &quot added rotativo the Portuguese newspaper of reference; Wage of Noticias" it emphasizes: " The system of multilateral negotiation proven by United Nations has been a failure and it will not solve the problem that threatens the Humanidad". .

Mary Petersburg

Nobody could imagine that Russia will visit the Venice of the North maestro Marco De Vercuccini. New life events overwhelmed the whole of Italy Marco. An outstanding artist married to a Russian model sheets and Mary moved to live in Russia, in her home town St. Petersburg. Moreover, Marco has closed its production at home and opens it in St. Petersburg.

Critics of the Italian magazine 'ARTnow' could not comment on this event: "Maybe it should have happened, but who would have suggest that our Marco De Vercuccini leave Italy! '- Says Leone Corteo in his article' Russian bank Marco De Vercuccini '. His vivid an affair with Maria cover in the end would lead to anything. Many people can not understand: 'Why did he do such action? After all, the name, which he won at home, not so easy to win in Russia! 'I think he really wants to change everything. After all, his last picture he gave to museums of his native city. 'At first I believed it, and thought that the move to St.

Petersburg this laughter tabloids … His paintings worth hundreds of thousands of euros! ! 'Paulo Fererro' Whatnews? '. According to analysts' estimates the approximate cost of all those who gave them to the museums of paintings is 780 000 . This is a very generous gesture native city. Artist turns all of your galleries and forums on European and Western Internet resources. 'In my opinion, he wants to show everyone that starting from scratch in Russia, he will achieve all of what has made in Italy. … And, keep in mind that for the artist, to start life with a white sheet – always a creative impulse and restlessness … 'Leone Corteo' ARTnow '. While we do not know exactly where the production opened VERCUCCINI. Marco refuses to comment, but we are confident that this will be a splash who will win Russia and the whole world! Available store of perfumes and cosmetics DAS PARFUM in St. Petersburg

Rowan Letov

In 1988-1989, begins the concert activities of the group. Group repeatedly changed, apart from Letov and Rowan in the group and the group at various times played by (Manager), Igor Zhevtun (Jeff), Dmitry Selivanov, Janka Diaghilev, Eugene Deev (Double), Arkady Klimkin, Vadim Kuzmin (Black Lukic), Igor old, Victor Sologub. In 1989, in Leningrad, in the studio of "AUCTION" is recorded "live" album "Songs of joy and happiness," as well as discs for the album "Hello, and forever," "Armageddon-pops", "War", "Russian field experiments. " In 1989, a coffin-studio recorded four more albums, "Civil Defense": "Health and forever," "Armageddon Pops," "War" and "Russian field of experiments." In 1988-1990 Letov, Rowan and actively Sudakov operate in parallel to the "Civil Defense" project "Communism" (recorded 15 albums.) In 1990 he recorded the album "Survival Guide" which consists entirely of songs by Roman Neumoeva – the leader of the Tyumen 'Guide survival. " In consequence of this album will be expunged from Letov discography of the group.

In early 1990, continued the concert activities of the group. But by the time Letov gorge collapsed on him and his team glory, and begin to seriously fear becoming the group into a purely commercial project, and the constant fights and riots that have accompanied the coffin concerts even more push to Letov's decision to terminate the activities of the group. In end April 13, 1990, the last concert in Tallinn and then for three years a group called "Civil Defense" shall cease to exist. Letov, which at that time ceases to be interviewed and refused to give concerts, established in 1990 with a psychedelic design unprintable name Egor and befuddled, which lasted until 1993 and has recorded two albums-gallop Jump: nursery rhymes and One Hundred Years of Solitude.