In 1988-1989, begins the concert activities of the group. Group repeatedly changed, apart from Letov and Rowan in the group and the group at various times played by (Manager), Igor Zhevtun (Jeff), Dmitry Selivanov, Janka Diaghilev, Eugene Deev (Double), Arkady Klimkin, Vadim Kuzmin (Black Lukic), Igor old, Victor Sologub. In 1989, in Leningrad, in the studio of "AUCTION" is recorded "live" album "Songs of joy and happiness," as well as discs for the album "Hello, and forever," "Armageddon-pops", "War", "Russian field experiments. " In 1989, a coffin-studio recorded four more albums, "Civil Defense": "Health and forever," "Armageddon Pops," "War" and "Russian field of experiments." In 1988-1990 Letov, Rowan and actively Sudakov operate in parallel to the "Civil Defense" project "Communism" (recorded 15 albums.) In 1990 he recorded the album "Survival Guide" which consists entirely of songs by Roman Neumoeva – the leader of the Tyumen 'Guide survival. " In consequence of this album will be expunged from Letov discography of the group.

In early 1990, continued the concert activities of the group. But by the time Letov gorge collapsed on him and his team glory, and begin to seriously fear becoming the group into a purely commercial project, and the constant fights and riots that have accompanied the coffin concerts even more push to Letov's decision to terminate the activities of the group. In end April 13, 1990, the last concert in Tallinn and then for three years a group called "Civil Defense" shall cease to exist. Letov, which at that time ceases to be interviewed and refused to give concerts, established in 1990 with a psychedelic design unprintable name Egor and befuddled, which lasted until 1993 and has recorded two albums-gallop Jump: nursery rhymes and One Hundred Years of Solitude.