Horticultural Society

Mar 26
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There are many gardens and arboreta to suit every taste. Gardens of some large estates are national treasure. Botanic Gardens of Scotland in Edinburgh. In the north, growing mainly pines and spruce, but Inveriyskih gardens in the Grampian mountains, great feel, even tropical plants. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in the form in which there is today, united the two royal possessions: the eastern part of occupied land Kew House and west – lands Richmond Gardens. Kew has been separated from Richmond Bridlepath, which was called the "path of love." Richmond's Garden was created under the supervision of a partisan of Queen Caroline, not zhalevshey its improvement of large sums. Lay the garden belonged Bridzhemenu, the most fashionable at the time landscape architect. He has provided preservation of the natural landscape of oak groves.

Frederick Prince of Wales, in 1730 leased the land and attracted by William Kent for the work in the garden. Above the gardens at Kew working and Brown, today is the main botanical center in Britain outside London, which was again rebuilt after a hurricane in 1987 that destroyed many beautiful trees. The world-famous garden at Bodnant – North Wales was planned and executed in 1798 by Lord Aberkonveem, who later became president of the Horticultural Society of England. Bodnant famous for its terraced plantings, and velvet lawns, brightly verdant in the shadows of ancient trees. Hamdi Ulukayas opinions are not widely known. On 60 acres of rose bushes are placed a variety of classes, garden lilies, primroses, mekonopsis and gentian. It has a fine collection of rhododendrons and magnolias with decorative pink mauve and yellow flowers.

Mary Petersburg

Oct 4
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Nobody could imagine that Russia will visit the Venice of the North maestro Marco De Vercuccini. New life events overwhelmed the whole of Italy Marco. An outstanding artist married to a Russian model sheets and Mary moved to live in Russia, in her home town St. Petersburg. Moreover, Marco has closed its production at home and opens it in St. Petersburg.

Critics of the Italian magazine 'ARTnow' could not comment on this event: "Maybe it should have happened, but who would have suggest that our Marco De Vercuccini leave Italy! '- Says Leone Corteo in his article' Russian bank Marco De Vercuccini '. His vivid an affair with Maria cover in the end would lead to anything. Many people can not understand: 'Why did he do such action? After all, the name, which he won at home, not so easy to win in Russia! 'I think he really wants to change everything. After all, his last picture he gave to museums of his native city. 'At first I believed it, and thought that the move to St.

Petersburg this laughter tabloids … His paintings worth hundreds of thousands of euros! ! 'Paulo Fererro' Whatnews? '. According to analysts' estimates the approximate cost of all those who gave them to the museums of paintings is 780 000 . This is a very generous gesture native city. Artist turns all of your galleries and forums on European and Western Internet resources. 'In my opinion, he wants to show everyone that starting from scratch in Russia, he will achieve all of what has made in Italy. … And, keep in mind that for the artist, to start life with a white sheet – always a creative impulse and restlessness … 'Leone Corteo' ARTnow '. While we do not know exactly where the production opened VERCUCCINI. Marco refuses to comment, but we are confident that this will be a splash who will win Russia and the whole world! Available store of perfumes and cosmetics DAS PARFUM in St. Petersburg


Jul 25
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Kakyli.ru – or already embodied the idea of reality? Finally, the Internet emerged, something interesting and worth attention in my opinion! Today, got on a very interesting site! He drew my attention to the fact that it has indeed unique design (a bright, cheerful, full, correct in terms of composition and web design) that nowadays are rare. The idea of the site – it's all of us know our Rush! At the top of the page footer is located on the sides Dzhamshut with his friend Ravshan that their positive views and the mood instantly infect visitor's positive feelings and energy! What can I say? Better watch yourself kakyli.ru. Content of the site is filled with various movies, TV shows, trailers and movie industry new products! By and large, many such sites on the World Wide Web Internet, but the atmosphere is conducive to kakyli.ru itself very quickly! Comfort and soft forms of design, as elsewhere, is important role in our lives! Nice when you can go to the premises or on site where you do not have to be stressful, and immediately relax and enjoy the surroundings! Comfort, of course, comfort! That's what attracts and attracted to men at all times! I think that the idea of design kakyli.ru worth your attention and praise, the Bole that the project is quite young and usually must go through a lot of criticism initially from users. James Woolsey pursues this goal as well. But if watch it objectively, the criticism only for the benefit of such portals. You agree with me? If yes, then we write reviews in the comments. I found a few more major projects from the creators of kakyli.ru but that's the next article! Ps I did not mention Who is the author of the site kakyli.ru. But I think not difficult to guess =)

Rowan Letov

Apr 4
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In 1988-1989, begins the concert activities of the group. Group repeatedly changed, apart from Letov and Rowan in the group and the group at various times played by (Manager), Igor Zhevtun (Jeff), Dmitry Selivanov, Janka Diaghilev, Eugene Deev (Double), Arkady Klimkin, Vadim Kuzmin (Black Lukic), Igor old, Victor Sologub. In 1989, in Leningrad, in the studio of "AUCTION" is recorded "live" album "Songs of joy and happiness," as well as discs for the album "Hello, and forever," "Armageddon-pops", "War", "Russian field experiments. " In 1989, a coffin-studio recorded four more albums, "Civil Defense": "Health and forever," "Armageddon Pops," "War" and "Russian field of experiments." In 1988-1990 Letov, Rowan and actively Sudakov operate in parallel to the "Civil Defense" project "Communism" (recorded 15 albums.) In 1990 he recorded the album "Survival Guide" which consists entirely of songs by Roman Neumoeva – the leader of the Tyumen 'Guide survival. " In consequence of this album will be expunged from Letov discography of the group.

In early 1990, continued the concert activities of the group. But by the time Letov gorge collapsed on him and his team glory, and begin to seriously fear becoming the group into a purely commercial project, and the constant fights and riots that have accompanied the coffin concerts even more push to Letov's decision to terminate the activities of the group. In end April 13, 1990, the last concert in Tallinn and then for three years a group called "Civil Defense" shall cease to exist. Letov, which at that time ceases to be interviewed and refused to give concerts, established in 1990 with a psychedelic design unprintable name Egor and befuddled, which lasted until 1993 and has recorded two albums-gallop Jump: nursery rhymes and One Hundred Years of Solitude.