CRM System

Often the implementation of crm-system has been criticized regarding its effectiveness. A detailed analysis proves that this criticism arises because of categorical promises providers crm-systems, which results in overestimated expectations among consumers, resulting in a series of "stories of failure." As an example of successful implementation of crm-systems can lead the National Bank of Australia's NAB. The bank took a leading position in the market and was recently named "Financial Company of the Year" by using more than 10 years, crm-system development company National Leads Terradata.2, seven million transactions each day is a bank. Records of all transactions shall crm-system, filling the dossier consisting of 600 parameters for each client. Such a detailed systematization of the need for more accurate analysis of the prospects of a banking services tailored to different customer preferences. "It is difficult to present the work of our without our company a strategic resource – crm-systems. The introduction of crm-system of our competitors only started, and we have long used a system developed specifically for us and we already have a great wealth of experience, "says Gerd Schenkel, vice president of NAB. "With this system we have achieved good results, but we're already working on further development of the crm-system, because the range of services of our bank continues to grow. "Julian Beavis, Vice President Terradata in Australia and New Zealand, said: CRM-system NAB'a is a great example of the breadth of the world as a progressive company to competently use analytical methods and the introduction of crm, to achieve high results. This experiment marks the majority CRM.

Work Without Training

How often have you had to work without training? Because such a situation arose in each – one in the household, who – at work or in business, who – in his personal life. If you are the mistress of the house, and your New Year's Eve cookery book with your favorite recipes severely pogryzla dog. What to do? After all, before the holiday remains a matter of hours! You have to work without training – or rather, is preparing an accelerated pace, re-compile a list of foods to indulge in course fantasy (do not want to disgrace himself in front of family and friends) agree with the desire of financial opportunities. In the end – born culinary masterpieces, and written a new book of recipes. Or – in the office five minutes before the end of the lunch break, an emergency order from the chief, saying that "the only hope for you," and time for the job – no more than an hour. You again have to work without training, frantically running around on the links to find the right EXPLORER'a information. You are the most focus, unable to hear outside sounds, you – like a jet plane: between you and the distance to a runway. Business (and who is doing them, he can not help but agree) – is a chain events, each of which has to work without training.

New day – new challenges – new opportunities – and new people: every day – a cut above. Work without training is always present at events such as trainings and corporate events. Of course, that to them no one ever ready – they do not warn, not to spoil the effect. And in my personal life happened to literally "get out" of the conflict. And as a master succeeded! Thus, summing up, we can conclude that the job without training is useful and desirable for a person because it: helps to activate the imagination, develops the ability to concentrate, and creates favorable conditions for development and personal growth. In today's world there is a whole service sector, which covers a very wide range of activities – industry people working without training. Representatives a call when you need help.

When you need to bring a bright purple 22 ball in kindergarten, to fall on the roof of the car at the crossing at 18:15, while everywhere cork glued to the ceiling … furniture – when you want to break into everydayness, and to prove that a dream so real … Have you thought about how interesting way to live – not knowing what to bring to you the coming day, do not plan ahead and not thinking about the rest, and when each step – this is a challenge and impromptu. And each moment can elevate as well as subvert. Instant reaction, acute hearing, lightning wit and just a smile on your face … because the genius of human nature indestructible … Unfortunately, the speed of our Everyday brings the work "help" to the needs to go to the store, sit with a sick grandmother and the child a ride on the machine. But life still left many dreamers and "madmen", which is essential (!) On the fly helicopters in the maternity ward and change of Santa Claus, sent cards and living wake favorite SMS poetry. So, in this world there is a place for beauty. ___________________________ You go to the blog of copywriter:

Chief Manager

Based on experience in training can be identified The three most significant mistake made subordinate to the interaction with the supervisor. 1.Uverennost that the obvious subordinate should also be obvious leader. Suggesting any ideas officers, employees often speak as if talking to yourself. But people are different. And the head is often simply can not understand the whole "genius" idea of a slave for two reasons: the difference in the vision of the situation and not understanding the language of description. In the first case, the slave tries to convince the head of a department need to pay premiums for a good job, considering that this is a matter of course. But for a manager is not an obvious need such a step.

Moreover, such a move perceived by them as another cost and an attempt to profit at the expense of the company. To convince the manager, you need to think like a manager, look at the situation from his position. What is the value of the work, which department did the importance of paying premiums, and how this award will affect the work of the department. As well as the consequences of failure can lead the award. Then this step is perceived as a leader organizational decision, not "walking on a leash" "uppity" If a slave to speak the language of description, it is particularly clear if the bug is characteristic of experts in such professional fields, on which the head often has a rather superficial view (eg: the work of the chief accountant, programmer).

“To Be Or Not To Be ?

Shakespeare embodied for the world, with its prodigious feather, the dilemma that has followed our history forever. Whether we realize it or not, for us it is different than for Hamlet, the character of the great playwright, "To be or not to be?, That is the question." And beyond the contextual meaning it may have that expression, we conclude that every day, in the different scenarios that we have to move, that is indeed the question: to be or not to be. Being not a reflection on this statement can help us expand our mental framework, then proceed to respond (individually) to increasingly crucial questions whose answers will become something like a personal constitution to follow and respect; questions can range from the choice of our work, studies, family formation, firm or company, to the deepest as: any sense of our lives? It is not surprising that high rates of youth suicides that have plagued our societies in the world for several years, joined the family instability that hits the heart of our societies, whether they are "first world" or "third world" and the growing (though paradoxically creeping) wave of immorality or morality on call as I think their supporters, not surprisingly, again, that the basis of all this mix of events, is a hilarious need to keep us ignorant to the question of being or not being, preferring that way by default , Not Being As we grow, each of us is responsible for deciding whether to join the mass arrebanado the illusion of security (and beyond), because being is just that: to give constructive leave a legacy , encouraging the potential that we possess as human beings, so we become shadows of men and women, sadly destined to perish without further. Do not be mean not to live, not live is equal to go through life thinking the world owes us something, instead of thinking about what we can give us. It Being wonderful But we can make another decision. We can choose to be, without having to wait, because we possess is the most common trap in which we tend to fall, they always want a good girlfriend (or wife if married), we always want good children, friends, neighbors, employees, etc.. And the real problem is not that we want that, but we are not willing to be the best boyfriends or husbands, better fathers, friends, neighbors, bosses or employees. Being an adventure is to live our life with authenticity, character, always creating something new for our loved ones, innovating to create new solutions to new challenges we will face, serving under the rule of the bedrock principles that govern the development, happiness and peace. Being means seek our own path to excellence, with the awareness that the road itself is important, perhaps more than a destination to be reached, then, to be honest with ourselves, we learn not by what we achieve, but what we travel and experience, with a cheerful attitude, but this does not mean we can not shed tears when the tension grows around us, and when we achieve something, we recognize that was the way which helped us achieve our goal, because with all the challenges presented to us, learned, yes, we learned perseverance, courage, faith invaluable virtues that can only hold those who do not hesitate to be who they are, do not hesitate to see life as your chance to love, work and make a difference, even in a single person. And now?, To envision the day ahead, what will we do? .