International Airlines Group

The airline Air France unveiled that in recent months he had been beaten by the industrial action, snow and storms of winter in Europe and the United States, and the disruption in Egypt and Tunisia. Thus, he expressed his inability to achieve its goal of operating profit for the whole year, laid down in 300 million euros. The news also affected the shares of other airlines in Europe. The actions of International Airlines Group, formed last month when British Airways merged with Iberia of Spain, closed by 3.3%, while the shares of Vueling and Easyjet were also affected. The Chief Executive of Air France, Pierre-Henri Gourgeon said that there had been an increased capacity on routes between Europe and the USA.UU., and added that some airlines have put seats on the market more quickly what the economy could justify.

The increase in capacity that we are seeing in this winter season is very high, and much higher What should be, Gourgeon said to analysts. Earlier this week, the airline reported a 4.8% increase in the number of passengers in January, a faster growth than the 3.3% increase in seats that are offered. However, Air France argentina said that it had lost around 46 million euros between October and December, a period in which was forced to cancel about 6,900 flights because of air strikes of traffic control in France and the problems caused by heavy snowfall..

Banks Of Spain

The Bank of Spain or the Spanish central bank is a banking financial institution as its name implies created in principle and private real cash in the eighteenth century more accurately in 1782. This entity in its early days was not listed as a national bank, as this was dedicated to managing and controlling the actual funds managed by King Carlos III, so it was private. It is worth mentioning that this bank before taking the bank name of Spain was called San Carlos bank. In 1783 the bank of St. Charles began to circulate the first notes called bonds, which had a cash value bearer was designed only for the same bank, it is important that this process lasted until the Spanish Civil War which hindered and began to generate losses for years to come, to the extent that the bank manager, the illustrious Francisco Carrabus payment six years jail for such losses. Years later appear in the other major banks banking market which meant for Bank of San Fernando, former San Carlos, named because of the reform that King Ferdinand VII conducted in 1829, a major competition since these new banks also had the ability to create paper money and place in the country market . The next big step came in 1847 was where the bank of Elizabeth II and the San Fernando bank joined or merged, in order to save the latter from bankruptcy. The objective was achieved very satisfactorily and that not only prevent the disappearance of San Fernando bank, but also gave the creation of the San Fernando Spanish bank, which some years later in 1856 would more accurately be the new bank Spain, which remains to this day.

At present the importance of the Bank of Spain lies in the number of functions that this should be done to maintain the stability not only at Spanish but much of the economic stability of Europe, among these we highlight some important features such as: Provide necessary advice to the government or that this requires. Provide treasury services and financial agent in the public debt. Promote and stimulate the functioning of debt payments. Issue the Spanish legal currency. Make the exchange legally. Monitor, analyze and stimulate economic movements made by other entities to which the bank must monitor. Develop, publish and specify the economic indices of the bank, in order to ensure the free functioning of the stock market. Although there are other very important functions that revolve around the bank of Spain, as mentioned above said are just some of the most important and widely recognized today. It is proper to mention when we talk of the bank of Spain, the contributions to this place in public appearances, as among some of the most commonly performed by that bank are the financial advisory conferences and this makes the general public, in order that this is more involved in economic processes in order to achieve economic growth by stimulating investment.