The hotels, which value their reputation, you can ask the staff a receipt detailing the cost and deposited items (two copies: you have one, one remains at the reception), in which case the hotel is responsible for the safety of your belongings. Do not lose the receipt, or you do not accidentally give it to hotel staff. But what if such services are not property offers, and you have to take your things at your own risk. There are several tricks you can take: Do not put your passport and money in an envelope. It is better to put the documents in a safe location without envelope and cover. Your passport, bank card, traveler's checks and tickets are worth less, and hardly anyone look and feel, if they lie on their own. They are of little value to attackers, who primarily hunt for cash and valuables.

If you put money and documents in one envelope, it is unlikely that the thief will be carefully fish out of the envelope you money and will take the entire safe deposit boxes konvert.Inogda have a small padlock. If so, you can instead hang your little padlock, and the old castle just put inside the safe. So you can be sure that the key to the box will only vas.Mozhno use a trick to deceive the attacker. Buy a souvenir notes (such notes are sold in our parts of the stationery or toys) and put them in a safe. It is important to all the valuables in the safe box placed so that An attacker first drew attention on them, and not digging further. For example you can put them in a transparent envelope or I've found, simply drag the rubber band and put no envelope, or put in a purse. State inexperienced offenders during burglaries is that they will act in a hurry, will not be able to distinguish fake notes and grab the first thing that comes to glaza.Ne rely on your plastic card.


In any case, it all depends on hotel policy. Average price for three-star hotels of 1500-3000 and guesthouses 1000-1500 baht. Of course, it all depends on season, location, quality rooms and a number of services. At any hotel booking site you can find the location of your choice. So, for 10 days get $ 10,000 baht which corresponds to $ 340.

Pay on the internet for hotels and guesthouses across sites is more profitable booking 90% of cases, rather than pay for them on the spot: can not find seats at the reception or the price will be much more expensive than indicated in Internet. Useful links for accommodation in Thailand: Nutrition How to calculate the budget for food? First, decide how and what you eat. Where you have lunch every day? In the dining room, a cafe with a business lunch or a restaurant, a la card? The average cost that you spend daily for lunch will be a landmark in Thai cuisine without the gastronomic delights. Additional information is available at Andrew Goldberg. Second, think for an average score of the day, it's not that hard to do, focusing on the information from my site. Breakfast is usually provided in hotels and are included in the price.

If not – in any cafe offers breakfast for 100-150 baht. I already wrote about the markets, where you can cheaply try Thai dishes and makashnitsah. Lunch starts at 50 baht, which can be compared with those in the dining room, and the average meal in the range of 200-500 baht excluding alcoholic beverages. The cost of dinner is not too different from a dinner with a minimum queries. Of course, meal for one person with lobster and prawns will not cost 200 baht. So the average expense for food per day is 700 baht per person, and 10 days holiday – 7,000 baht, about $ 240. Tours and transport this item can not be described accurately, the regions are different, as well as guided tours.

Jelenia Gora Valley

The castle is situated almost centrally in the “Jelenia Gora Valley, an area so rich in cultural heritage, that they used the Valley of castles and gardens” was called. Since 1959, the Krkonoe National Park is under nature conservation. Large parts of the giant mountains also by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve under the protection. It has large ski resorts in Szklarska Porba (Schreiberhau) and Karpacz (Karpacz). In addition, this region has a long, turbulent history. Accordingly, there are a number of sights here: Castle ruins of beautifully restored Renaissance palaces, baroque churches, manor houses, Arcade Marketplace, giant wooden houses, watchtowers and military systems from the 1940s.

Palac Paulinum ul. Nowowiejska 62 58-500 Jelenia Gora tel. + 48 75 649 44 00 fax + 48 75 649 44 03 e-mail: Web: press contact: Editor: IDEPOK Institute for German-Polish communication e.V. V.i.S.d.P: ADP General German-Polish news agency editor-in-Chief: Horst Horstmann Robinie trail 3 4 13467 Berlin phone: 030 – 40 50 19 25 fax: 030 – 40 50 19 26 E-mail: partners: Poland reports until the end of September on Poland as a holiday destination. It introduces the different regions, voivodships and interesting cities with her attractions. In addition to the description of the tourist highlights and details of interesting historical facts, the visitor experiences also, where he can good food and drink and accommodation are offered on-site. Here, the whole spectrum is covered: camping bed and breakfast and guesthouses to the sanatorium and 5 star hotel. Spas, wellness, cultural events and active recreation are other highlights of the portal. The page is relaunched in October 2008. Then, the visitor will find here daily news to politics, economy, science, culture, real estate and business. Also in October the same name appears then nationwide Newspaper 6 times a year.

International University Master

"What kind of interest – angered a local resident, the driver taxi, trying unsuccessfully to park their cars on the main street of the village – to come here, get up and eat? "Baikal tract, leading to Listvyanka, because of the greater number of regularly occurring on it accidents, popularly dubbed the road of death. However, the central street of the village also runs the risk of gain notoriety. In one year, killing two of the owner the most notable buildings in the street, "the house Barbie "and" Bears. " On the outskirts of the village, on a steep bank, for several years now unfortunate orphan is an unfinished three-story red brick house, whose owner ended up in the glorious city of Bratsk, and not having legitimize its construction. If you are not convinced, visit Rick Caruso. Once a State has waived the centralized management of tourism in an emerging industry have joined ordinary citizens, offering accommodation, meals and entertainment guests.

This could not affect the structure of the population, the quality of his life, the external appearance of the village. One of the first entrepreneurs took advantage of the situation mediocre, those who had owned a piece of land, house, small food item or a ship. Major efforts are now focused on developing and promoting an ambitious project to create a special recreation area Listvyanka "Baikal-City". At Western Union Company you will find additional information. The project was supported in regional administration, and Listvyanka talked about as a territory, claiming the victory in the All-Russian competition of projects Development of Russia. The project involves the creation of the territory of special economic zones: tax incentives for investors and import of goods not subject to customs fees. In the valley of the Cross in the territory of 380 hectares will be built nearly three dozen hotels, three hundred guest cottages, a huge convention center, water park, designed for five hundred visitors a day, International University Master's, playgrounds, fire station, a helipad, residential housing for staff. Founders of the project expected to increase the share of tourism revenues in a few times. Figure a million visitors a year by 2026 paralyzes the ability of consciousness to the adequate perception of reality completely. Once the project is at the center discussion of the IV Baikal Economic Forum Listvyanka strode into the world economy.

DSH Knowledge

In Austria, you will have to continue their education by the same specialty, that you have already received. In other countries you can change the direction of learning. What foreign languages do you speak: German, English? Do not speak any foreign language, but willing to learn? You close the language of Schiller and Goethe? For admission to universities in Austria and Germany you will need to pass an exam on knowledge of German – DSH test or test Daf. Hikmet Ersek takes a slightly different approach. You can learn here and in English, but basic knowledge of German are all required. So you should start learning the language as early as possible – is useful. Fluent in English and reading Shakespeare in the original? To study in Greece or Switzerland, you will need English.

Upon admission to a university in Switzerland is useful certificate TOEFL. In Greece, the less stringent requirement, but fluency in English to you all the same can not hurt. Do not speak any foreign languages? This is not a reason to quit studying abroad. To become a student at the university in the Czech Republic or Poland, knowledge of the language at an early stage is not required. Also in these countries you can taught in English.

True, the selection of specialties will be considerably less. The financial question is: how much money you or your parents are willing to spend on education? If your financial resources are modest – not upset! For example, public universities in the Czech Republic by foreigners can learn absolutely free of charge (subject to study in Czech). There is also a chance to get a free higher education in most schools Germany. But where has introduced tuition fees 'the price of knowledge' is minimal – about 500 euros per semester. What is the specialty attracts you? Which area do you associate your future? When choosing a specialty, too, is seriously think about it.

Car Rental Service

Book online car rental in Zurich, Switzerland, mallorca, by Hertz car rental agency special offers discounts in the Switzerland. The hotel is located in the Centre of Switzerland Lucerne is a small, but really beautiful city located on the shore of Lake Lucerne. You can the breathtaking mountain scenery of Mount Pilatus, from the city to enjoy Rigi and Stanserhorn. To travel around the city and on the outskirts, opt for car rental in Lucerne. As the city in the middle is the Switzerland, can easily take cities, including Zurich, Interlaken and Bern down to the nearby Swiss. The picturesque city of Lucerne has developed as a major tourist destination in the Switzerland due to its numerous attractions, breathtaking landscapes, its great souvenirs, its popular watch shops and incredible Swiss Alps.

This charming city of Lucerne is filled with many great tourist attractions. One of the city’s most popular landmarks is the chapel bridge. It is one of the oldest bridges in Europe, which was first built in the 14th century. Museum of Switzerland is another popular tourist attraction with an extensive collection of trains, planes, cars and motorcycles. It is a great place to visit for all ages.

Enjoy a movie at the IMAX cinema in the Museum. Culture and Convention Center Lucerne, is another place a visit worth with has a large concert hall, the Congress Centre and the Museum of fine arts under one roof. Some of the other attractions worth visiting are Musegg wall wall, Jesuit church, Lion Monument, Verkehrshaus Museum and Picasso Gallery. If you want to explore the nature and the beautiful surroundings of Lucerne, you can also enjoy a boat trip on the Paddlewheel streamers and motor ships and enjoy the scenic views of Lake Lucerne. You can also go for mountains excursion by cable cars and enjoy a panoramic view of Rigi, Pilatus and the Stanserhorn. Lucerne is a perfect holiday destination with beautiful mountain views, cobbled Limited Street with historic houses, picturesque town square, beautiful lakes, alpine villages, churches and chapels. Free car rental in Lucerne for a cheerful and comfortable ride.

Tagish Lake

The conscientious handling of landscape and resources is a concern to them. So, for example, 90 per cent are needed energy from solar cells, and in the own small greenhouse are vegetables and fresh herbs pulled. In addition to useful tips and know-how in terms of wildlife, there are therefore for guests also delicious regional food and homemade bread. Who’s for lunch on the go, is not dismissed also without a lunch package. Away schedule and commitments every day can be completely freely. May it be a kayaking tour to romantic bays? Or a boat trip with wildlife viewing? Around the 80-kilometer Tagish Lake caribou, bears, beavers and rare birds of prey roam North American reindeer. Particularly close to get them on an extended hike. The team of the lodge takes guests like via boat to the best starting points and brings them closer to the most beautiful places.

Directly behind the lodge, also begins the climb up the mountain, whose Summit offers a fantastic view over the Lake and the surrounding forest. But not only in the summer, even in the cold season the life plays out most Tagish Lake largely off outdoors. Rapid tours with the snowmobile and quaint snow-shoe hikes are on the program. In the winter, dog sledding trips but undoubtedly are the highlights. If the seemingly endless snow landscape passes and to hear the hackles of rugged Huskies far and wide as a single sound, a feeling of boldness and spirit of adventure is even at die-hard nature boys. Apart from the diversity of flora and fauna are Canada and the only Alaska especially for excellent fishing grounds known removed a stone’s throw from Tagish Lake. It is almost impossible to return after a few hours or a day on the Lake without fishing. Especially die-hard go in winter in freezing temperatures with rod and drill, to satisfy their hunting instinct while ice fishing.

1000 Facebook Fans

Relexa hotels start social media campaign: come Saturday rise 1000 balloons with the names of the hotels start Relexa-Facebook fans in Hamburg’s skies Relexa unusual campaign: the increasing number of Facebook fans last week led to the idea, upon reaching 1000 fans on the side of the hotel chain, to label balloons with the names of all the fans and from the roof of the Relexa hotel “Bellevue” on the Alster in the air to rise. The unexpected popularity of the fanbase brings those responsible this action, Jenny Essberger and OLAF Dierich, now neatly in sweat. On the coming Saturday, September 25, 2010, balloons are floating around 15: 00 over 1000 hotels in Germany via Hamburg with coupons of 10 Relexa – inasmuch as the two hitherto is not run out of steam. For more information see Like many other companies put also the Relexa hotels since the beginning of the year on the social network Facebook as a modern communication channel.

But the so-called fans at a hotel chain feel so tied, was not expected. The surging interest in the Relexa-Facebook presence last week led to an emotional Thanksgiving contribution of social media officer Jenny Essberger and OLAF Dange: “We are very pleased and now the balloons rise on the roof!” This statement literally took the fan base and suggested to label balloons with the names of all the fans. This idea was picked up and so balloons rise on Saturday, the 25.09.2010, 1000 from the roof of the Relexa hotel “Bellevue” on the Alster. Next to the name vouchers of the ten Relexa will float with the balloons also 1000 hotels in Germany via Hamburg. From spa treatments weekend stays so everyone in Hamburg and the surrounding area has the chance of the thanks action to benefit. In addition to Facebook, use the Relexa hotels on the travel platform Holidaycheck and the short message service Twitter, add current photos on Flickr and videos of the hotel chain for the Google subsidiary YouTube. This interaction should be encouraged with guests, and those who want to become one.

The Relexa hotels so that in the future even more respond to the wishes of your guests and want to move the proactive handling of feedback in the foreground. More information at Relexa Hotel GmbH, Tel. + 49 30 31101164, and. Description of the company whether city or wellness, whether modern or traditional, whether for private or business customers – Relexa offers always the right hotel. The diversity and distinct individuality of the hotels – in combination with international standard and excellent service – are characteristic for Relexa. Each Relexa hotel is different, what connects them is “fine art”. Ten times they find us currently in Germany. PR contact: relexa hotel GmbH an der Alster 14 Jenny Essberger 20099 Hamburg Tel: 04028444239 E-Mail: Web: