To Be Happy

In this full world of atribulaes, commitments, problems, we need to stop to replenish the power plant that puts into motion in them and the ones of the courage to continue. Thus, we will have the certainty of that this never will dry or ' ' gotejar' ' , therefore we depend on this source to follow the walked one of the life with joy, hope and determination. To speak of power plant means to speak of the person, of its feelings and motivations. It is to speak of the passed, present and future time; it is to speak of as we use the time and of as we become the life less complex when valuing simplicity in the daily one; it is to understand that the happiness is not an arrival station, but one to be happy every day, therefore ' ' a happy life is made of days felizes' '. We lose time searching the happiness, being incoherent and incapable of placing in them in the place of the other.

We do not obtain to change our point of view. Inflexible, we do not perceive our the different limits and skills of if seeing the world and the life. We prevent the cost all to feel pain, in protecting and hardening to each instant not to suffer and we suffer! We suffer very! We do not understand that ' ' the oyster that was not wounded does not produce prola' '. No matter how hard we try, we do not obtain to transform our wounds into pearls, we only find good for being victims, leading in the shoulders the life as a cross that we consider excessively heavy, and excessively cruel insuportvel excessively. The learning of the life can be for the way of the LOVE or PAIN. The first one, nor all obtain, those only privileged ones that they descomplicam the life and they value the simple ones. The majority learns for pain, because we do not understand that ' ' it is necessary rain to be able florir' ' , that the value of the time is not in ' ' how much the things duram' ' , but ' ' in the intensity of as vivemos' '. We do not understand that, in the way them storms of the life, many times we will not be able to change the direction of the winds, but to only adjust the candles.

Many times we transform into winds and storms what it could be an event in our life. To take care of itself is part of being happy daily. Therefore, it reserves time for you, therefore we need to be well now; we need affection, communication, love and col. We need feeling loved in them and loving for in them not becoming bitter people. We need to make difference in the life of the other. Therefore, rescue its happy moments! It sings, it dances and it leaves of being enslaved of the label. It finds a loving one, that is, something or somebody TO LOVE of truth, that makes you to get passionate itself of new for the life, therefore, as in Charlie Chaplin says to them, ' ' the life is very for being insignificante' '. Luciane Mari Deschamps