For Minervini

May 28
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Therefore the necessary environment of external market very to be well identified. The FOOT must be a market researcher, what it demands a boarding that considers necessities, desires and emotions. The mind of the consumer is repleta of information, which they need to be identified and refined. The small entrepreneur if involves in an activity of perception and relationship, where each customer perceives one meaning distinct for each product or offered service. The construction of an international culture inside of the organizations, the obligator presence of a qualified professional in terms of international operations, of the construction of abilities is necessary happened central offices of the set of capacities and resources of the small one company, of the strategical positioning in external markets e, lately and of more intense form, the creation of relationship in the chain of international value aiming at to supply a superior value to the foreign customer.

The analysis of all these elements is of crucial importance for the formularization and execution of strategies well-succeeded in the external markets. It is intended to integrate the vision of the elements keys, being they: human resources with international managemental capacity, strategies of international relationships, international strategical positioning, segmentation of international markets and organizacional change. These elements keys closely are related and a joint analysis propitiates greaters chances so that the FOOT can in such a way construct an only position in the international markets and, to create a sustainable competitive advantage throughout the time. For Minervini (2001), to insert itself in the international market through the exportation it is a school of growth of the management, therefore exportation is connected to the commitment with the quality, creativity and professionalism. The exportation cannot be considered with last resource when the domestic market or the management of the company is in crisis, therefore if the company did not get success in the domestic market, hardly will have success in the exterior.


May 18
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Anfavea, in the October month, the six manufacturers who more venderam light commercial automobiles and in the retail had been: Fiat (24.17%), VW (21.08%), GM (19.67%), Ford (9.97%) Renault (4.56%) and Honda (4.03%). No longer accumulated of January outubro/09, market share thus is distributed: Fiat (24.50%), VW (23.08%), GM (19.82%), Ford (10.18%), Honda (4.28%) and Renault (3.90%). The industry continues with the foot in the accelerator. Ford, for example, finishes to announce investment of 4 billion to increase the productive capacity in Brazil. The sensation is seemed a race of kart where three> competitors are in the straight line with the foot glue in the accelerator. The curve if approaches, somebody goes to have that to take off the foot, but nobody wants to be the first one. However, newness is what the consumer desires.

But, will be ready it to take for house everything that will be produced? So far the reply he was yes. Although the announced Global financial crisis, the national automotiva industry almost did not give account to supply the appetite of eager consumers for placing in the garage the new car. In such a way thus, that the mattered ones abocanharam good part of the market. But, they will continue the warm sales of cars? Nobody will know to say with exactness. However, the palpite is that they must fall in relation to the rhythm who came keeping until September. Hamdi Ulukaya understands that this is vital information. The fall of the sales is not alone that must worry the entrepreneurs of the sector.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Business

May 7
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Most people when they start a business the first thing you look at the advantages and disadvantages of business in which they invest their money and their time, and that they are more confident that the Internet business can be as transparent convenient and like any other has its disadvantages they’ll explain everything you need to know all this about the ups and downs in the business of the Internet. Disadvantages know that I started with the disadvantage that my parents always tell me that if I have to say two good news and bad that start with the bad to good sweeten the bitterness of the poor. Well let’s start with the disadvantages of Internet businesses to have an easier way to understand, let’s do it by enumeration. (1) Some of the disadvantages of this type of business is that you can be fooled and not know who you picture or by deception. (2) Another can not work as expected or does not work as fast as expected without having to have the result you expected. (3) The chances that you deceived in this kind of business are 100% to 55% know that because the Internet is full of people who only want your money, and as I tell them full of “skilled.” (4) The following drawback to this type of business is that sales are slower than usually because they are very few people are assured of buying a product online and have become aware that up to it, know that because there are many scams on the Internet and that everybody knows and nobody wants to be deceived.