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The study made some changes regarding the first delivery, we are now in an open world where in addition to also use the Knight of the night we will use in some missions to CatWoman, Robin, and Nightwing and as enemies we will find ourselves with Two-Face, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Ra s to the Gul, The Penguin, Bane, among others. L.A. Noire Developer: Team Bondi genre: action release date: May 17, 2011 dealer: Rockstar Games Recomendado: over 18 years L.A. Noire puts us in the shoes of a police detective who must solve a series of cases in the city of Los Angeles. The game gives us the possibility of interrogating suspects, searching for clues and if it were not enough it will be possible to make police persecution. The title is very well made and though we find ourselves with a little simple fighting game in general is pretty special. Dead Space 2 Developer: Visceral Games genre: action release date: January 25, 2011 Distributor: Electronic Arts Recomendado: older than 18 prequel: Dead Space Dead Space 2 leads us to a situation full of terror with a great story that you will enjoy – better said is he will suffer – from beginning to end. Speaking candidly Western Union told us the story.

The game maintains the same system than its predecessor a camera third-person which is very efficient in games of xBox survival horror and a soundtrack worthy of listening. Start a game that soon after you are done again. Gears of War 3 Developer: Epic Games Genero: action release date: September 20, 2011 Distributor: Microsoft Studios recommended: older than 18 prequel: Gears of War 2 one of the prodigal sons of the Xbox 360 comes with the best delivery of the entire series: Gears of War 3. Epic Games surpassed offered in previous games of the franchise and offers us the outcome of the story of Marcus Fenix in the long war against the Locust.