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Oct 13
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We all remember how shook Russia in the 90th and remember how painful it has termed the world crisis on our automobile industry. Despite the assurances of the state leadership to support the industry, kamaz “stalling” on unknown reasons. Reduction, three-, four-, a decrease in wages is all the realities of today. You can talk about it long and hard and not likely we will find the truth, but now we do not know. So, makes it possible for a described above, people stopped trusting kamaz as an employer and orderly rushed in private business. The bulk of the profile is not changed and the topic of kamaz (KAMAZ trucks for sale, sale of spare parts kamaz not recovered. In the city was a whole industry. Who and what and where but not produced, and that just did not sell. Market is deluged with so-called “leftist” and it’s quite willing to buy wholesalers and expenditure by region. As a result, suffered the end user, I mean the driver.

Over time, the law of any business fittest survive. Tom helped to sanction the administration city, city police, the police kamaz, tax, and of course again the competition. Simply put, the “industry” has become more controlled. Now we would like to touch upon only one of the directions of the issue. Over time, sooner or later wear out, not only the “iron” part of the car. In addition to reliability, without significance warmth and comfort of your car. Of course the conversation is about the saloon car, namely, garments, ie: skin booths; cover cpr, covers for steering wheels, car seat covers, mattresses, beds, floor insulation and other At the moment, in the city with interest of producers in this segment of the goods, but what we have. Let us examine meticulously. Cabin (interior) cabins. Zavodskoy option goes to two or three seasons, after which she sags, soiled, torn. The time comes to change. The question is – where to buy? tfa does not sell these products, we have to look at the private producer.

But what we have here, Garage artisans working in a floating schedule, etc. collected from the waste components, fastening their hand stapler. Used a cheap Chinese flock or duplicated imitation leather (VIC), superimposed on a defective sheets of foam rubber. Of course it’s cheap, but will serve this set not more than six months, if ever, get set. Reduce the price on everything. Covers for steering wheels and gearshift cover sew without pads, seat covers car from kopeeshnoy furniture fabrics, mattresses, beds from the waste of skin, laying inside the foam of 60 ku, which a month later flattened and the mattress becomes a cloth hood insulation made from the skin, which in the frost cracks and breaks are not held even a third of the winter, Precleaner for air. Filter density may not only concede women’s stockings. Where is the search for an alternative? Now we talk about the canopy and tents. In Chelny, there are several dinosaurs on the subject, but their proposed prices are high and work with customers leaves much to be desired, but there are vendors that it can compete in quality, but much more attractive price.

Modern Motor Oils

Aug 8
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On the one hand, each owner of the vehicle is aware of mandatory timely procedures for the replacement of motor oil. However, on the other hand, not all understand the importance of proper selection of oil in accordance with Engine type, seasonal and operational conditions. But a variety of options in connection with different characteristics, viscosity and density, as well as the presence of additives, modifiers and additives, allows for selection of oils most accurately. The importance of correct choice is that the bug can cause substantial damage to the engine. Due to improper or insufficient lubrication components and assemblies will be hard to wear that may even lead to jamming the motor. Fairly common misleading arguments is the reluctance of modern high-quality motor oil in vehicles older generations. Is justified that the car was designed and produced, when synthetic oil was not yet.

However, the use of modern Motor oils with similar characteristics will provide "the heart of the car" more protection due to modern additives that can generally extend its life and increase the reliability indices. What is with regards to the parameters that should be selected motor oil, then in the first place will be indicators viscosity. That's viscosity determines the properties of the oil to remain fluid and lubricating all sliding surfaces, and does not solidify even at extreme temperature loads. After all, it should be noted that the temperature range engine is quite wide. When engine temperature equal to the environment, and in winter it can be -40 C, performance at 90 C on the dashboard report only the coolant temperature. While the motor oil can work in the engine, where the temperature dostigaet150-160 C. Temperature Motor oils will depend on the mode of operation of the engine, but rather on the number of turns at high torque, which can be sufficiently high during sudden overtaking, driving up the hill and with the load. An important characteristic of motor oil is its ability to uniform lubrication mechanisms in different temperature ranges, which is achieved by the addition of various modifiers to ensure stable operation. Also additives used in modern Motor oils may form the protective tungsten or molybdenum film on the surface of metal parts. It is therefore timely replacement and proper selection of engine oil will not only ensure the stable operation and motor protection, but also can increase the capacity and lifetime of the units of the automobile.


Jul 16
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One of the most important parts of uaz and other machines – rechargeable battery. Its proper operation and maintenance – a pledge the normal functioning of the car. Survey of batteries should be held regularly and especially carefully. The battery should be kept in a clean and fully charged, to protect the findings and tips from the battery wires oxides in accordance with the table grease car. For each technical examination is necessary to clean this spare uaz, cleaned the vents in traffic jams. Check the electrolyte level and refilled with distilled water. For each technical examination is necessary to check state of charge and repair the battery load with a fork.

Assess the state of the uaz parts on the audit of its load with a fork as follows: 1.If the voltage of each element battery for 5 to remain unchanged at 1,7-1,8 in, the battery is properly and fully charged. 2.If the voltage of all battery cells equally and within 5 to remain constant and equal to 1.4 – 1.7 at. The battery requires charging. 3.If stress of all elements of the same and equal to 0,4-1,4, the battery is defective. 4.If voltage in different cells and is characterized by 0,2 or 5 to fall to 0,4-1,4 in, the battery needs charging or repair.

When testing a battery batteries, one of the most important parts uaz, load-leveling fork holes in the cover elements have to be equipped with plugs. Elements, the density of the electrolyte in which lower than 1200 to check the load plug is not recommended. The car manufacturer is set by the battery electrolyte with a density of 1270 g/m3. Depending on the degree of low battery electrolyte density (at 15 C) will be: a fully charged – 1270 discharged to 25% – 1230, discharged to 50% – 1190. Battery discharged more than 25% in winter and more than 50% in the summer, it is necessary to put on the charging. Should not allow long battery discharge and a current of great strength (at cold start engine in the winter), as it leads to warping of the electrodes, dropping out of active mass, and shorten the life of the parts uaz. Operation of the battery must be carried out in accordance with uniform rules of care.

Rent A Car For Business Trips

Apr 17
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Our drivers are ready at the appointed hour, at an agreed place to meet you or your business partners to quickly, professionally and comfortably deliver anywhere in Kiev and Ukrainy.Arenda car with a driver for Long-distance travel. From door to door, from town to town. You do not have to waste time and frustration searching for parking places and the correct address. rent a car with a driver will not think about how quickly to get into this or that place destination. Professional driver, knowing the terrain, will carry out transfer to Kiev or Ukraine.Uslugi your personal driver for transport services to delegations, exhibitions, organizations, businesses and representatives, dignitaries, businessmen and just good people. Accuracy and punctuality, appearance of the vehicle and its driver, the optimal route selection – that's the criteria that we guided in its work.

If you're going on a business trip to the city of Kiev and is not guided in the streets, then order the service rent a car with driver and providing an e-mail tentative schedule of meetings with the addresses, we are for you to develop an individual route of movement to maximize the productive use of your time and deneg.Transfer, meeting and seeing off at airports and train stations. You or your friends / colleagues arrive at the International airport "Borispol", or arrive by train, our company offers shuttle service from the place of your arrival in any place of Kiev or Ukraine. You save your time when each minute counts and get the maximum pleasure and comfort. Transfer to Kiev – Borispol, Borispol – Kiev