Relexa hotels start social media campaign: come Saturday rise 1000 balloons with the names of the hotels start Relexa-Facebook fans in Hamburg’s skies Relexa unusual campaign: the increasing number of Facebook fans last week led to the idea, upon reaching 1000 fans on the side of the hotel chain, to label balloons with the names of all the fans and from the roof of the Relexa hotel “Bellevue” on the Alster in the air to rise. The unexpected popularity of the fanbase brings those responsible this action, Jenny Essberger and OLAF Dierich, now neatly in sweat. On the coming Saturday, September 25, 2010, balloons are floating around 15: 00 over 1000 hotels in Germany via Hamburg with coupons of 10 Relexa – inasmuch as the two hitherto is not run out of steam. For more information see Like many other companies put also the Relexa hotels since the beginning of the year on the social network Facebook as a modern communication channel.

But the so-called fans at a hotel chain feel so tied, was not expected. The surging interest in the Relexa-Facebook presence last week led to an emotional Thanksgiving contribution of social media officer Jenny Essberger and OLAF Dange: “We are very pleased and now the balloons rise on the roof!” This statement literally took the fan base and suggested to label balloons with the names of all the fans. This idea was picked up and so balloons rise on Saturday, the 25.09.2010, 1000 from the roof of the Relexa hotel “Bellevue” on the Alster. Next to the name vouchers of the ten Relexa will float with the balloons also 1000 hotels in Germany via Hamburg. From spa treatments weekend stays so everyone in Hamburg and the surrounding area has the chance of the thanks action to benefit. In addition to Facebook, use the Relexa hotels on the travel platform Holidaycheck and the short message service Twitter, add current photos on Flickr and videos of the hotel chain for the Google subsidiary YouTube. This interaction should be encouraged with guests, and those who want to become one.

The Relexa hotels so that in the future even more respond to the wishes of your guests and want to move the proactive handling of feedback in the foreground. More information at Relexa Hotel GmbH, Tel. + 49 30 31101164, and. Description of the company whether city or wellness, whether modern or traditional, whether for private or business customers – Relexa offers always the right hotel. The diversity and distinct individuality of the hotels – in combination with international standard and excellent service – are characteristic for Relexa. Each Relexa hotel is different, what connects them is “fine art”. Ten times they find us currently in Germany. PR contact: relexa hotel GmbH an der Alster 14 Jenny Essberger 20099 Hamburg Tel: 04028444239 E-Mail: Web: