I love you my love! Love I you! I know that also love you me. I know that you never if forgot me, and that she feels my lack very. When I came back there and I found it married with this, I was rebelled. I could not accept that you had forgotten me changed, me by another one. But I gave account there that you only made this, because she did not support more to be alone later that I left. It was alone therefore that it arranged this woman. Therefore I pardon you Eduardo. For more information see Dell Inspiron. Pardon I you for having if married with it, my love! What people lived were so strong, so pretty When I was even so, you I thought that I had abandoned you.

But I did not abandon not, I saw you my love? I did not abandon you. now that I came back, we go to be together of new! I know that this to marry was thing of it. Compelled it you, was not? it still found that arranging a son behind it would hold you to the other, and you would forget the love that felt for me! This sonsa already had a son its, and now it loads another one in the belly. But it goes to see who is strongest! She goes to see that she is me that you love, and are with me that goes to be! I do not go to leave its side, Eduardo. I do not go to leave! You only left daqui when to come with me. When you to decide to leave essaznha stop backwards alone, together with the children who it arranged. I do not go to accept another woman in its life, Eduardo! You are mine! He is mine! If he remembers as you liked when you hugged I you thus? I arrived devagarinho when you already were lying in the bed, and I incased my legs in the way them its.


THE MONKEY OF THE WOMAN Animal more esdrxulo exactly is the monkey. It makes each thing of arrepiar bald spot hair. It is the animal that makes more caretas, that they say that is looked like the man. Well, saved some differences, it if he seems same very the man. It is only more complete, therefore to the times he walks of four and he possesss a beautiful tail, thing that man not he has. On the other hand the monkey does not speak, well that it tries, but does not obtain.

the man is an unnatural prattler. I knew a monkey sapeca. The animal was terrible. It moved with that they passed close to it. The women took distance of it, therefore it was alone to see one of them that already he caught in that.

He seems that he did not think about another thing. He imitated all the people in the minimum details. This monkey belonged to old a fatty one that more loved the monkey than to the husband. Manoel was alone daqui, Manoel from there in all I sing and at any time. The husband of the said one whose he is that he died of anger of the terrible monkey. The animal did not leave the sossegado man. It was enough to arrive in house that the overalls already came to pull to it in the col, to frighten the hair, to pull the ears to it, to take off the things of the pocket and so on. The man tried to kill the monkey in any way, but the woman turned one fera. To give to the animal it nor thought. Not to lose the old one, it had that to support overalls. The monkey if became each more irrelevant day.


In that day one very ventosoprava of insistent form against the gigantic pines, that seerguiam valley the rejection, trying half that to observe what it happened to its redor. For all the valley, a calmness could be observed muitoestranha and for times appalling, in that day no bird sang, the sun seretirou and the moon more early nor if it atreveu to shine. The owl ran for seuninho, the eagle if removed of mansinho and the sea decided to be been silent. in the way of as much silence had a house, with bemcampeira style, half-opened window and a man of knees glue to the soil and the facebanhada one in tear. It did not produce sound, was only with the glue face aosolo, as somebody that gives a reverence, or that it asks for to pardon with grandeinsistncia and fervor. He was immovable for hours and hours, later, vagarosamente he selevantou, I obtain nothing led, only if after walking. In recent months, Dell has been very successful. walked for hours and hours, until finally cliff arrived umimenso. In this instant, it kneel itself again, its face in solonovamente glue, as one somebody that does not want, but very needs to make something.

He raised if, it looked at everything to its redor with air of who if it fires, with air deadeus. It came back again if toward itself and it started if to undress in a geste where it selivrava all of its sin. For a few seconds it reflected above all what it passes in the world, it hesitated per some instants, it took breath and it jumped. while it jumped felt the wind to touch its body all, it not if it felt deceased, in contrast felt each more alive time. For poucosinstantes it felt that it could fly and it saw butterflies to bailar of its side.

Equase that acting for instinct freed a great shout, the sun that was ocultosaiu per one minute, and with pretty rays it greeted to it. It also came rain, with its muddy fisionomia, to perhaps paraproporcionar the melancholy that lacked and it falls each faster time, as sefosse a bird that finishes to lose the wings. It had a great noise when its body if shocked against osolo. The boom also had much silence after that if gave. It still had force to open its eyes and to sketch umrascunho of smile. For the entire world that man died, but in its coraofoi the only instant in that living creature was felt


ABANDONMENT I feel myself abandoned, Abandoning for the life. I was led by the time, Is as if she had been dragged for the way it nothing. I do not know what to make, I bet all my hope in a house without foundation. Now all vacant, without having for where to go, nor for where to come back. Nor I know where it was to stop my heart It swims arrives, nothing goes even so Until the time it gave up to wait. My heart only insists on not if to undo of you. I ask for aid, but you simply do not see me. the question that does not want to be silent: Until when waiting for the end? How much time still I will have that to wait for us two? You go exactly it and only come of the waves of the life you can bring me in return.

On My Fianc

I not wise person what it was the love until the soft touch of the skin of it leaned in my skin. I am not saying of love flesh time. Not still. Loved I it more intensely of what never I was capable to love qaulquer one. I perceive I am not much good one loving.

My mother died pra me when I had seven years, and I it could not love more. nor it me. Today I understand very well because it loved more to my father who me. I also loved more it who my mother. For even more details, read what Hewlett Packard says on the issue. My mother closed the eyes for what she happened in house. Or better it looked a point any in the line of the horizon she completely left and me other people’s to its intentions.

But it It saw although all to me the blackout surrounded that me. Saved it me of everything and all. It always was to my side, exactly in the times where I was missed. I repay I eat I could. I became its slave. I became everything that it had, because while enslaved it me also enslaved I it But this had a price. Because it became everything pra me. I became everything of that it wanted to get rid itself It felt falata of seua old life of its freedom of its friends It it felt lack to be in the hand of a man. It got tired itself of being virgin and wanted something that I could not give. I could not I hurt it. I could not feriz it. it wanted to suffer It wanted pain The pain that a man only could give it. It wanted the children of a man. It stopped to take care of of me. She stopped of if mattering with me. She stopped to save me she left and me to fall. I do not know I eat I finish But suspected that it is not good.


CROSSBOW FERA They say that the Bible says that in the end of the times it goes to appear the crossbow fera. It is a fierce animal that goes to destroy all the men. Nobody it goes to be able to fight against it, therefore whose it goes to have an uncommon force. All those that to fight against it, they will be destroyed. Exactly God will only have superior force it.

This type of thing falls well in the head of some sertanejos poor persons the coitados ones start to believe this piously. the poor persons die of fear of the such crossbow fera. It happens that they never turn the thing, nor have ideas of as it is. Antonino was a poor person sertanejo. It had short memory and it believed in everything what the friends spoke. On the crossbow fera then nor if commented. It was one God he rescues in them. The poor person if arrepiava all and died of fear.

Not wise person to read, that she got worse still more the things. Antonino never is to a city. There for 1930 return the progress was not still so accented. One day it had that to go to a city to make a purchase. He did not have nobody to go, much less to go with it. The young man left alone with the information supplied for the friends. It was, but always of eye not to find the crossbow fera. He walked for that one estradona very pretty. He had much pretty thing. Everything was different there. Houses of a side and another one and that road in the way. So that road so wide? people did not need a so wide way thus. But, she did not import herself with that is continued walking.