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Jul 30
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First that nothing, I would like decirte that something of time is needed to develop the ability and we needed to make an effort us to write articles, for that reason the majority does not do it nevertheless, those that we looked for to take advantage we do if it. Then why to choose the article marketing like tactics to follow? There are 7 reasons here: 1. It is very simple. To people it likes to buy or to be united to the best ones within an area. The writing and an effective article marketing can ayudarte to posicionarte like expert@ in your field.

2. Like an extension of the first point, that is to say, when having a position of expert in your area, services or products, you have the more possibility of affiliating people with your network or if you sell some product either you provide some service, can increase your tariffs and/or receive the more by your products. 3. If your articles are good and it is distributed suitably, you can cause a viral marketing, since your articles could be in many directories specialized within Internet along with some reference to your Personal Site. 4. A great part of marketing in Internet has to do with the motors search like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, reason why it is important to play its game. That is to say, to the motors search it enchants to them the content in the form of articles.

As Carlos Villa left shaped in a commentary in my Blog saying that although it is necessary to recognize the Importance of Marketing with Videos, in Internet the Written Information looks for. 5. All we want to be and to feel informed Through Marketing with Articles well aid to make better decisions. Your articles can serve like initial source of information for the people who read to you.

Suspension Right Air

Jul 19
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This article especially treats on suspension the air, used for young thousands of lowering cars. Although, it has much time to be being used, many say that the product is better, with more quality, citing this having to the danger that runs a person who uses a suspension air. It happens that this product contains air stock market and it can blow up after years of use or for some another unexpected factor as a great hole in the street, etc. Still very requested and one of most expensive, the air suspension is used by the great majority of the store specialized in lowering cars. Before effecting such action, the person is indicated to look information in sites specialized on the product and also to go the store to ask as it is the functioning and its durability and security. It has other metodos to lower the car as thread suspension, cut springs, but the search still is great for the suspension air.

It is necessary also to verify next to the Dentran of its city the possibility to use this product, to see the laws effective on alterations in the characteristics of the vehicle. in So Paulo, they say that it is possible to regularize of the document, however is good for checking in the site of detran. It also talks with the owner of the store on this factor. It also sees the insurance, muitod say that the insuring one has not covered lowered vehicles, thus you prevents ackward surprises after instalao and investments.

Roman Empire

Jul 17
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is observed that the hoteleiro had as main target the travellers of rich classroom. If to observe intently we will see that the term tourist already is entering in vigor. How? Running away a little from the past for the present time the person is considered tourist when the traveller who if dislocates there for one or more different places of its habitual residence and remains for more than 24 hours, but with return intention. Moreover, it does not participate of the market of work in the destination. The emitting nucleus is the place of where it has broken the tourist, that is, it is the city of the customer. Already the receiving nucleus is the place where the tourist is received, according to EMBRATUR. Still more, the tourist flow is groups of people who if dislocate from emitting nucleus to the similar receiving nucleus to make the practical tourism. Old it had the favorable question of motivation and conditions, as well as nowadays, therefore if it did not have where to install the people who would go itself to have, everything would be one baguna, that is, it would have a great confusion.

It is not only enough to carry through an event to attract great masses, or empires, if a capable structure will not have all the sufficient to take care of to the demand the event will not be one of the best ones. Mainly because the guests searched only of subsistence and rest half it are of its regions of origin. Had to this necessity to offer to shelter and feeding the first shelters for return had appeared of 500 B.C., that had this purpose. According to site it in the sample that with the apogee of the Roman Empire had an increment of displacements for all the Europe, North of Africa and East and with this had appeared the Mansiones, Tavernas and Resorts.

What Businesses Need

Jul 16
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You took a serious decision to become a successful Internet businessman. I shake your hand, a colleague – is the right decision at 100%! First, let’s get acquainted. My name is Julia Kolesnikova I’m 23. Now dwell in the glorious city of Petra. I am an independent partner and investor in an international corporation. I want to share with you their knowledge and experience in doing business on the Internet. So, are you ready? Let’s go! Our today’s lesson I want to start with the truism that, nevertheless, are crucial for the future of your business. Where should you start? Here are 14 basic points, without whom today you will not be able to conduct full-fledged business in network.

Opredelites with the theme of your business. What you well understand? In what field you have experience? What can you share, to teach, what problems to solve? IMPORTANT: You will not succeed in business, which does not yet understand, do not know! Look close and familiar to you free! 2.Zapishite specific goals of your business. Why do you all picks? What do you want to achieve? If you want money, write down the exact figure: how much do you want to get your business day, week, month, year? If you want fame and recognition, determine what it means for you specifically? Article about you in the well-known business magazines? Recognition on the street? NOTE: Objectives need to be sure to write on paper! Otherwise, from They sense a zero! Study the literature on your topic. To be always on horseback, and the latest trends, must continuously learn, gain new knowledge.

4. Buy a domain level 2 for your site! IMPORTANT: Businessmen in the free hosting look silly and ridiculous! Business requires investment, albeit small, but the investment! Make your website. Now there are many programs for creating websites that do not require general knowledge of the language html. If you can work in Word, then these programs will learn in no time! Start a blog. IMPORTANT: Direct communication with your audience – the success of your business! Write interesting articles, reviews, reviews on their business. Make a small mailing list for the visitors. Do competent paid and free advertising of your project. Closely monitor the results. Adjust their actions. Experiment looking for new ideas. Constantly (!) Read, listen, you will find information on your topic! Maintain your motivation: – visit the training in personal growth – study achievements of others in their field – keep a positive attitude – believe in yourself – create proper environment. It is these pillars and built a successful business. A solid foundation – the main part of the building! The next time we’ll talk to you about the current trends of business on the Internet.

In Return To The Start

Jul 16
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IN RETURN the START 01-12-2011 Today, I attended a program in the TV, in which the subject was the forms to prevent the cancer. The presenters spoke on high the temperature where the foods are prepared and that they finish eliminating the majority nutrient them and necessary vitamins to our health. I remembered then, with homesicknesses, of the stove to the firewood of my mother, always lighted. We took care of not to forget to full the kettle of iron, to have hot water kills for it. Before initiating its daily tasks, my mother placed on the stove its pans of iron, with the meat, the beans and aipim, for being the foods more delayed to cook, and left them, in fire brando, to go cooking to the few, in amenas, healthful temperatures. Of time in when fire placed plus a firewood wood it not to erase.

Seguidamente it was with the dirty fingers of the coal of the firewood or its hair smelling to smoke, but that food had a very special flavor, the flavor of the patience, the lack of haste, flavor of mother affection. But as to conciliate a stove to the firewood with the speed of an Internet of 15 mega? I smell it of smoke in the hair and the dirty nails of coal, with the good appearance that charges in them in the work? A food that delays three hours to be prepared in a stove to the firewood, with the half hour of recess that we have to lunch? One comidinha with taste of the colony with the preference of our children for fast-food? When our mother made a cake, beaten by hand, went placing pitada of affection in each return that the spoon gave in the basin. It left a little of its energy in the foods that prepared. Today we eat cakes made by machines, beaten for strangers, of certain the energy found in the cake the metal is so cold how much beat that it, and its flavor it has taste of strange people, nothing to see with mother affection. those vegetables fresquinhas, harvested in horta with the vital energy of the land? Without agrotxicos, being days stops in the shelves of the supermarket. milk quentinho, just taken off of the foam cow, full, taken in the cup with a little of sugar and cinnamon? Today some children find that the cow is the petty cash where milk comes packed.

She is, the search for the progress took in them until the moon. I believe that now the search for health and balance in the light one in return to the start, the good and old stove to the firewood, where all the family seated around to be heated and to talk, the parents or the brothers oldest went counting histories, while they taught new, lies of principles, good ways, moral union, values, respect and many other things that already nor we remember more. If you lived this experience, with certainty you feel homesicknesses. What such to return to the start? He will be that still we can?

Romantic Coast

Jul 12
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For all the lovers of navigation, the news of the opening of the new international port of cruises of Tianjin has been received with a great emotion. As of this moment, this destiny will be inescapable crossroads for the cruises that border the Asian coasts. The city of Tianjin has become the new marine heart of Asia. After a whole year of arduous works and preparations for all the tastes, the new international port of cruises has entered service. As it could not be of another way, and still more after all the money and time inverted in the work, this port has happened to appear like one of most important of the northern part of China and between greatest of all the continent.

As far as its physical characteristics, the port extends 625 M.s, which is going to allow to him to welcome two ships of cruises of simultaneous way, offering therefore the possibility of doubling the ship traffic of the cruises in the Far East. Between his comforts, it has the capacity to receive 4,000 travellers, which surely in a pair of years it will take, it to constitute itself like the first harbor station of all Asia. With the inauguration of these new infrastructures, the industralists of the sector have been more optimists about the future of the market of the cruises in Asia. One of the pioneers and main companies of the sector is Coast Cruises, that have wanted to give account of this important event of the universe of the cruises being associated to him through the inaugural return by Asia of their new ship, the Romantic Coast. Indeed, the fleet Coast Cruises that are in permanent communication with extreme Asia to their fleet a new ship of 53,000 tons, that can welcome 1,700 passengers and whose port of mooring is in the new international port of cruises of Tianjin. Coast Cruises is an Italian company and one of first in betting and investing in the Asian market, there for 2006. At present, the global amount of its financial contributions climb to the 50 million Euros. According to the outlined thing in its cronogram of activities so it remains of 2010, Coast Cruises has programmed ten exits of Tianjin for the Romantic Coast, in which a frequency of 120,000 passengers for the Asian destiny is stipulated. Original author and source of the article

In October

Jul 5
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Therefore, in its evaluation, worse of the current crisis not yet passou.' ' In its catastrophic forecasts it even sobrou for Brazil: ' ' – And the recovery (of the Brazilian economy) will not only depend on what the country to make, but also on the recovery of the economy the global level. What it means to keep one active monetary politics in function of the rhythm of the economy and the behavior of inflao.' ' Although the opines ' ' contundentes' ' to say the minimum, Roubini is a voice that must be listened to. Part of its fame must it an article published in February of 2008 under the heading ' ' The risk of a sistmico financial melting: the twelve steps for the disaster financeiro' ' , in which it elencava the 12 steps that, under its judgment, the economy would give in direction global to a financial crisis. In greater or less measure, all had been marked. In October of the last year Roubini ' ' revisitou' ' its 12 steps. To follow I reproduce them as its author: ' ' First: this is worse as already it is occurring – to an intense increase of the insolvency in other forms of debt of unsafe consumption: credit cards, personal loan, credit estudantil Room: while it has a serious uncertainty how much to the losses with that monolines insuring of credit goes to ahead arcar of the unreliability of RMBs, CDO and other toxic products ABS Asset Backed Securities, it is now clearly that these bigger losses are muitssimo of what the package of 10-15 rescue billion with that the regulators are trying to patch the situation. Fifth: the market of loan of real the commercial property soon goes to try a similar melting to the one of subprime great risky and reckless part of these used to finance LBOs (Leveraged Buyout) great institutions as the insuring ones of credit, some deep hedge or a great broker of insurances can go to the bankruptcy, leading to still bigger a sistmico risk that of that they had bought insurances of counterparts that cannot pay.