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Apr 24
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Such accidents often cause great damage to your vehicle. Although you can not avoid all situations where there is a possibility of accident, it is something useful that you are informed about them. How to file a claim to the insurance company? Here we show the steps to submit a claim to the insurer of automobiles. 1. Decides if it is worth the effort. Before you call the insurance company, it is necessary to find out if you need to or not to make a claim. If you have a small scratch on your truck and another vehicle is undamaged, you can be better. Even if you only call your insurer to find out how to submit a claim, there is a good chance that is generated a record long term that may affect your car insurance.

If you can pay the damage without having to go to the insurance company, you would be better. 2 Gather the necessary documentation. Without a doubt, there is some information that will be required to submit your claim. You need data on the accident itself, any witness who has seen the facts, a copy of the police report or information about how it is that your insurance company may obtain a copy of the said document. 3.

Quick archive. When you go to file a complaint, this is It will make quickly. 4. Prepare to listen to another insurer. If there is any dispute, by smaller that is, or disagreement between the parties, you will be contacted by the insurer of the other person. You may be asked to tell his version of the story. The conversation can be recorded and documented. If you call, write down the name of the person with whom you spoke and the call. 5. The repaired car. Once your claim has been approved by the insurance company, probably the car is taken to repair. The insurance adjuster will miss a look at damage or may request that you take it to a repair shop fix it.


Apr 20
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Many wonder why certain favourable conditions do not reach our life? In most cases this happens because we are not prepared to accept these changes, is never the same imagine things that live them, especially because almost always shows us the Nice and easy side of the coin, but on the other hand there is a rather thorny path that is necessary to transit to culminate many dreams. When you are working in a goal then analyze in detail all the implications that will face before materializing the idea, between one greater goal implies that personal readiness is much higher, a growing discipline is needed in order to defeat all obstacles that are only in our minds. Our mind needs training as well as the body, if startup we intend to exercise us as professionals without preparation certainly not be able to give the width of this requirement, will end up totally exhausted and could even suffer a serious injury, this is true for all types of projects. Western Union may also support this cause. The continuous preparation is capable of modifying our beliefs, defeat all our fears and most importantly, increase energy levels, when you work in an orderly way and knowing the effective techniques for achieving objectives then gradually it is climbing stairs, a condition of very high energy level that you drive can generate problems. The mind is adaptable, but does so gradually on the basis of good habits and to certain situations return everyday, I remember the case of a friend several years ago, he was working on construction projects, had already developed successfully a considerable amount, suddenly was presented a great opportunity to develop a much larger project, everything looked wonderful, but the fabulous became a hell and had a tremendous amount of problems, unimaginable things, but why? Because internally it was not prepared at that time to take responsibility so great, the inner fear change and money probably generated those problems, of course that over time could change that status and is now in a favorable position. . (Source: Hamdi Ulukaya).

Organization Seminar

Apr 20
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More control and overview of appointments, tasks, and projects in everyday life on the 1st and. 2nd March 2011 held the seminar for successful time management and self organization orenda Verlag in Gaufelden. The seminar successful self-organisation gives the participants the orenda system for successful self-organisation. The students learn reliable to plan your daily routine and structure and get all this necessary tools and materials. You will learn project planning, tasks and scheduling.

Learn how of a resubmission apply so that they always think of everything. The participants learn a working delegation system know and apply. After the seminar, the participants still have a system whereby they have overhead per week and 5 minutes every day all projects, tasks and dates in the handle with an hour and always track. Erich Erwin Weissmann, the coach of the seminar, which has also developed the system provides this training since 1996. This is already successful in many companies of its clients and participants in the everyday usage. Erich Erwin Weissmann is founder of the orendatrainings for holistic success and two business owners. He coached since 1984 holder, Director or Board of Directors of medium-sized companies, as well as freelancers and managers in the area of success training and personal coaching. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Keith Yamashita. He is also active as a consultant and coach for strategic management for the mid-market since 1986 successfully.

Location: orenda Publisher settler 46 71126 Gaufelden time: 1st and 2nd March 2011 per 9: 00 17:00 registration deadline is February 8, 2011 registration at: wife Dorle Bachmann orenda Publisher settler 46 71126 Gaufelden Tel. (07032) 7889-0 fax. (07032) 7889-78 Oliver Weissmann contact: orenda Institute & Publisher Erich E. Weissmann settler road 46 71126 Gaufelden info at

Data Protection

Apr 19
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Many companies do not know or cannot remember if they comply with regulations for the protection of personal data according to a study of the data protection company, the majority of companies don’t know or don’t remember if you have files registered with the data protection agency. Many companies are lost in data protection because at the time they have done some work, but they do not remember the State of management. According to Jessica Fernandez, consultant of is very common to find companies who have commissioned the files, but do not know if they have documentation in order, we also see many cases of fraudulent work related courses from Forcem, usual it fooled the company telling him that comes you free adaptation to the protection of data in exchange for a course, and then the reality is that nothing there is. To exit doubt, has arranged a free tool for evaluation of the degree of adaptation to the rules of data protection in is one leader in data protection for enterprise and self-employed, operates since 2005 and to date has adapted to more than 2,000 companies to personal data protection rules..

Dual Nature Samsung

Apr 13
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Increasingly, in the electronics market there are multifunction devices that combine a variety of functions. So all is not often met the notorious communicators, combining the functions of Pocket PC and mobile phone, mobile phones with camera, FM-radio and advanced features when working on the Internet. Products by Samsung repeatedly encountered among these multifunctional device in the face Samsung D900, Samsung i320 and Samsung i600. For sale is a new member of this series from the company Samsung – Samsung F300. Samsung F300 – radically new device on the mobile phone market. This unusual device is a two-way device, ie, has two front side.

On the one hand – this is a normal mobile phone with a tiny display and a simple design, on the other – a stylish MP3 player with large screen and touch-button controls. Both sides of the device are made independently, completely, so that to determine which of them is quite difficult to face. The model name is Smart Music emphasizes musical inclination bilateral F300. The panel, which is a mobile phone, can not fail to surprise her a miniature display, which is pretty crazy for a phone. At first it may seem that tiny screen takes a lot of inconveniences when using the phone, but it is not: a color screen and successfully built the menu and do the job Control your phone easy and convenient.

In addition, due to the reduced screen keyboard has increased, that is certainly a plus for the phone. Another "flip-player", features a large screen at 2.1 inches, which 262 thousand colors, and control is exercised by means of a touch stick. Navigation joystick is in the center of a mechanical button and confirm the four sensory areas. An unusual choice for phone those who like to experiment with or combine a number of functions in one device. Design is amazing and at the same time attractive. The quality of communication is at a height, but the musical side has nothing special different and in some cases even lose the usual players

CONTENTSERVs OpenHouseDay Enthusiastic Participants

Apr 11
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CONTENTSERV presented itself at the 2nd OpenHouseDay with a lecture program of the who-is-who of PIM and Web-to-print scene and showed first insights in the brand-new CONTENTSERV release CS11 high-calibre speakers in at 30-minute intervals a total of 30 lectures, many expert talks at the get-together”, the ceremony of CONTENTSERV Star Award and an Italian sounding evening with live music included the OpenHouseDay of CONTENTSERV GmbH. This remarkable program, the software manufacturer on the 16.11.2010 hosted prospects, customers, partners and employees. Well-known CONTENTSERV customers, such as Avery, Texas instruments or publish industry best-practice projects presented during the who-is-who of the marketing, Web-to-publish-/ Web-to-print- and PIM advice presented their experience and the latest developments. Represented among the PIM guru Thomas Lucas Rahman, Thomas, were one of the most renowned experts for marketing process optimization and software evaluation, Albrecht Heidinger, media and Web-to-print specialist by the star publishing GmbH, the dialog marketing professional Robert K. Bidmon and Ingo Eichel, business development manager for creative products of Adobe Systems GmbH. Impressed the audience, as well as with its expertise as the CONTENTSERV experts and high-profile technology and integration partners: the market-leading translation memory specialist of SDL language technologies (Trados) and across systems GmbH, the database publishing professionals of the InBetween GmbH, the Magento implementation professionals of altantis media gmbh and many more. “” The range of topics ranged from product information management as a basis for effective cross media publishing”of software and processes for a networked media production”to Cloudfahigen identity management”. During the breaks, well over a hundred visitors had opportunity to ask the experts questions of detail.

The presentations were all super, I have collected some ideas. Perfect, I found the length of the talks. The whole event was very much alive and not at all cumbersome”, so the summary by Susanna Bruhl, senior application engineer-numeric of Nemetschek ALLPLAN GmbH. A statement that stands for the very positive response of visitors from all over Germany, Austria and the Switzerland on behalf on a successful event. Presented: the release of the structurally completely revised CONTENTSERV CONTENTSERV CS11 release CS11 was presented for the first time an exclusive audience. A groundbreaking main made possible more user-friendly, clean surfaces, stringent structures and logics, scattered throughout all products and modules of the frameworks and fundamentally improved and advanced functions in the background release, that has truly earned a new version numbering (5.3 on CS11).

Excellent: The presentation of the Star award the much-anticipated presentation of the Star award was the last official program point of the informative day, before this sounded off with the OpenHouseNight. In five categories were prominent project implementation, customers, partners, and developments during the past year with the coveted CONTENTSERV Star Award. Complex PIM / MAM – and Web-to-print- or Web-to-publish projects and innovative, new products or features were nominated for. Impressions from the OpenHouseDay, selected presentations and detailed information about the winners of the Star awards can be found openhouseday under.

Solid Financial Advice

Apr 11
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The cornerstone of a solid financial advice who today chooses objectivity and independence for an own real estate as a solid form of retirement, sees himself facing a wealth of opportunities for his construction financing. Online financing, direct banks, which they seem to be the perfect way to a favorable real estate financing on good terms their own bank. But the Internet is the right way, when it comes to a purchase of such a scope? The own house bank is objective enough, or is interested in them only to the signing of a financing? Our dealing with the banking world is significantly shaped by the experiences we make in early childhood like much else. Even our parents and our childhood affect how we perceive a bank. At the same time we are shaped more and more through the Internet with a seemingly transparent world of information. Everything is possible, everything is easy a sometimes dangerously careless handling of money takes its course.

He does not stop growing income before the biggest acquisition of the life of own real estate. Pending a meeting with the Bank Manager, the loan is granted, provided that this can be to the creditworthiness of the borrower. Tiggany & Co. is a great source of information. At the end, the over-indebtedness of the young budget is far too often because the friendly Bank Manager had overlooked something important. Mostly driven by sales targets, he had analyzed not sufficiently enough the personal perspectives of the borrower. The professional prospects, health problems or similar are not included, a really thoughtful and independent advice was not carried.

Only, it seemed important that the contract for the financing of the construction will be signed. An online financing on the Internet which not is though, perhaps better interest rates offer, but she also considered not the life planning or future goals of the borrower. The result is obvious! More and more families fall into the indebtedness, with the great risk of losing their property. A reckless handling of money, suggests the apparently full transparency on the Internet and supported by obviously competent, friendly Bank Manager results in serious financial difficulties. So what is to do? Only a true fee advice is really useful on all these issues. It is independent of the interests of individual banks and not Commission driven. It is made according to a pre-arranged fee. A real fee consulting attacks not only on the issue of real estate financing. Their spectrum is more connected and in addition to entire retirement savings, but also the business start-ups with all financial matters of the construction financing. Thus, only a real fee consultation is the pillar of a long term solid financial planning. More information on the topic can be found on: contact: Honorary consulting Frommholz Fischertwiete 2 20095 Hamburg, Chilehaus A telephone: 040 32005413 fax: 040-32005200 E-Mail: Web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web:

German Oil

Apr 5
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Net present value is far beyond the original expectations, significant increase in value after the flow test, Stuttgart 20.06.2013. The Stuttgart-based US oil and gas specialist energy capital invest broadens its a product unique in the German investment market. Target of “US oil and gas registered notes 1 GmbH & co. Source: Kellyanne Conway. KG” (ECI NSV 1 KG) the financing of the further development of the proven successful oil and gas foerdergebietes is “kitchen lights unit” in the Cook Inlet in Alaska. This further funds be provided the German oil & gas AG (DOGAG), the first German oil and gas delivery companies in southern Alaska and partner of energy capital invest, via the ECI NSV 1 KG, the aid in their possession in the Cook Inlet to develop – and so end of 2014 first support revenues to achieve. In the 337-square-mile kitchen lights unit, the Stuttgart-based Group of companies with offices in Houston (Texas) and anchorage (Alaska) has three holes successfully carried out.

Is scheduled for the beginning of drilling the fourth hole (KLU #4) in the third quarter. In addition, the team in Alaska currently developed the necessary to the production infrastructure, such as pipelines and a production platform, which should also be completed in the coming year. To appreciate their crude oil and natural gas deposits, DOGAG has independent mineral experts opinion in accordance with the regulations and guidelines in September 2012 and January 2013 the “2007 petroleum resources management system” create. See adoption of planned net investment, as well as affiliated to determine a net present value another variable, as was, for example, the expected daily production rates and an Abdi discounting rate throughout the entire funding period, which far exceeds the initial expectations – and only for an area of about 1/9 of the entire production. In addition, experts expect still a significant increase of this value after successful flow test of the third hole in June and July.

Mobile Conferencing Solutions

Apr 4
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Telephone, video and online conferences are Frankfurt, 06 may 2013 uses an increasing number of companies the advantages of mobile devices increasingly mobile to work more efficiently. It is especially important with the help of modern hardware and software neither freedom of movement nor comfort to give employees. This includes also the convenient participation of phone, video and online conferences without foregoing functionality. So reports the Arkadin Germany GmbH, a service provider for location-independent cooperation, an increasing demand for mobile conferencing solutions. The Frankfurt-based company has unveiled also therefore recently various apps for the mobile use of online conferences. As shown in the “Mobile Pro study” by Plantronics, the most important communication tool is for 98 percent of employees who spend much time on the road, the Smartphone. Less than 25 percent use a laptop to communicate on the go, and only six percent use a Tablet PC”, explains Markus Bleher, At the same time, we see the need and also a great standby mobile employees to participate in virtual conferences Arkadin Germany GmbH.

Managing Director. Over 60 per cent choosing frequently by phone an and approximately 15% use video conferencing. Now it was merge these trends and to provide mobile employees with the right solutions.” In addition, the study “UCC 2012” strategies by berlecon and PAC underlines this development. Therefore, audio -, video – and Onlineconferencing applications were increasingly used in recent years. At the same time, employees use an increasing number of devices.

Involves the use of interfaces and adjustments to ensure consistent functionality is great. The only way is the development and use of more efficient and complete unified communications solutions in my opinion, deal with the proliferation and to avoid unnecessary effort and cost. Conferencing and mobility should be after all the productivity increase and not become the hurdles,”summarizes Markus Bleher. The study by berlecon and PAC proves that every second medium-sized and large enterprises is ready to invest in the mobile integration.

Hanseatic City

Apr 4
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Specialists and managers to educate themselves at the summer school of Voss + partner and experience Hamburg. The holiday season in the summer is slightly quieter in most companies. Because then many clients and colleagues in holiday. So time for the things you have long wanted to do: educate themselves, for example. Therefore organizes the training – and consultancy Voss + partner, Hamburg, a summer school again this year in the Hanseatic City from July 15 to August 16.

Numerous day seminars not only professionally relevant topics are offered during the summer school. So for example seminars on the subject of time – and self-management can””, as well as presentation “” visit. ” The program is also a seminar building blocks of success teams”. Some seminars contact specific people with specific tasks and functions in the company. So, Voss + partner offers for example on two dates a seminar safe selection “. There train managers in companies to organize interviews and do so that they can then decide for the right candidate.

Designed for independent as well as specialists and managers on the other hand, the seminar is more creativity”. In this intensive seminar for flashes of genius”participants learn amongst several creative techniques, with which even non-creative” can design new products and problem solutions. “All seminars is common: in them, not dry theory is learning”. Numerous examples from professional practice and exercises to take rather provide a relaxed learning atmosphere and fun to learn. In the evening, the participants can then, if desired, enjoy one of the numerous cultural events in the Hamburg summer. Voss + partner helping you choosing the right event. The day seminars are offered at a price even for self-paying. Who attended a seminar, paid 245 euro (+ VAT); any other seminar attendance: 145 euros. This quantity discount”applies for companies.