The Insurance

Such accidents often cause great damage to your vehicle. Although you can not avoid all situations where there is a possibility of accident, it is something useful that you are informed about them. How to file a claim to the insurance company? Here we show the steps to submit a claim to the insurer of automobiles. 1. Decides if it is worth the effort. Before you call the insurance company, it is necessary to find out if you need to or not to make a claim. If you have a small scratch on your truck and another vehicle is undamaged, you can be better. Even if you only call your insurer to find out how to submit a claim, there is a good chance that is generated a record long term that may affect your car insurance.

If you can pay the damage without having to go to the insurance company, you would be better. 2 Gather the necessary documentation. Without a doubt, there is some information that will be required to submit your claim. You need data on the accident itself, any witness who has seen the facts, a copy of the police report or information about how it is that your insurance company may obtain a copy of the said document. 3.

Quick archive. When you go to file a complaint, this is It will make quickly. 4. Prepare to listen to another insurer. If there is any dispute, by smaller that is, or disagreement between the parties, you will be contacted by the insurer of the other person. You may be asked to tell his version of the story. The conversation can be recorded and documented. If you call, write down the name of the person with whom you spoke and the call. 5. The repaired car. Once your claim has been approved by the insurance company, probably the car is taken to repair. The insurance adjuster will miss a look at damage or may request that you take it to a repair shop fix it.

Data Protection

Many companies do not know or cannot remember if they comply with regulations for the protection of personal data according to a study of the data protection company, the majority of companies don’t know or don’t remember if you have files registered with the data protection agency. Many companies are lost in data protection because at the time they have done some work, but they do not remember the State of management. According to Jessica Fernandez, consultant of is very common to find companies who have commissioned the files, but do not know if they have documentation in order, we also see many cases of fraudulent work related courses from Forcem, usual it fooled the company telling him that comes you free adaptation to the protection of data in exchange for a course, and then the reality is that nothing there is. To exit doubt, has arranged a free tool for evaluation of the degree of adaptation to the rules of data protection in is one leader in data protection for enterprise and self-employed, operates since 2005 and to date has adapted to more than 2,000 companies to personal data protection rules..

CONTENTSERVs OpenHouseDay Enthusiastic Participants

CONTENTSERV presented itself at the 2nd OpenHouseDay with a lecture program of the who-is-who of PIM and Web-to-print scene and showed first insights in the brand-new CONTENTSERV release CS11 high-calibre speakers in at 30-minute intervals a total of 30 lectures, many expert talks at the get-together”, the ceremony of CONTENTSERV Star Award and an Italian sounding evening with live music included the OpenHouseDay of CONTENTSERV GmbH. This remarkable program, the software manufacturer on the 16.11.2010 hosted prospects, customers, partners and employees. Well-known CONTENTSERV customers, such as Avery, Texas instruments or publish industry best-practice projects presented during the who-is-who of the marketing, Web-to-publish-/ Web-to-print- and PIM advice presented their experience and the latest developments. Represented among the PIM guru Thomas Lucas Rahman, Thomas, were one of the most renowned experts for marketing process optimization and software evaluation, Albrecht Heidinger, media and Web-to-print specialist by the star publishing GmbH, the dialog marketing professional Robert K. Bidmon and Ingo Eichel, business development manager for creative products of Adobe Systems GmbH. Impressed the audience, as well as with its expertise as the CONTENTSERV experts and high-profile technology and integration partners: the market-leading translation memory specialist of SDL language technologies (Trados) and across systems GmbH, the database publishing professionals of the InBetween GmbH, the Magento implementation professionals of altantis media gmbh and many more. “” The range of topics ranged from product information management as a basis for effective cross media publishing”of software and processes for a networked media production”to Cloudfahigen identity management”. During the breaks, well over a hundred visitors had opportunity to ask the experts questions of detail.

The presentations were all super, I have collected some ideas. Perfect, I found the length of the talks. The whole event was very much alive and not at all cumbersome”, so the summary by Susanna Bruhl, senior application engineer-numeric of Nemetschek ALLPLAN GmbH. A statement that stands for the very positive response of visitors from all over Germany, Austria and the Switzerland on behalf on a successful event. Presented: the release of the structurally completely revised CONTENTSERV CONTENTSERV CS11 release CS11 was presented for the first time an exclusive audience. A groundbreaking main made possible more user-friendly, clean surfaces, stringent structures and logics, scattered throughout all products and modules of the frameworks and fundamentally improved and advanced functions in the background release, that has truly earned a new version numbering (5.3 on CS11).

Excellent: The presentation of the Star award the much-anticipated presentation of the Star award was the last official program point of the informative day, before this sounded off with the OpenHouseNight. In five categories were prominent project implementation, customers, partners, and developments during the past year with the coveted CONTENTSERV Star Award. Complex PIM / MAM – and Web-to-print- or Web-to-publish projects and innovative, new products or features were nominated for. Impressions from the OpenHouseDay, selected presentations and detailed information about the winners of the Star awards can be found openhouseday under.

Venice Island

This island located in the country of Italy is divided into six districts (San Polo, Dorsoduro, Santa Groce, San Marco, Castello and Cannaregio) and can be reached by train, road or boat taxi. The first impression is the feeling that it is easy to get lost in the Web of streets and is easier than it seems, with the help of a plane clear channels being really. You are constantly signals throughout the island with the direction to find the ferrovia (train station), the Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s square), Piazza dei Roma (Rome square) and the bridge of Rialto helping you to locate you on the island. See pictures when to go: the best months for travel are April, may, June, September and October. July and August are the hottest months and it is when the city receives more visitors being a little overwhelming as well as at Christmas and at Carnival time. We’ve visited Venice in around September and there it is still enough tourism this month is not anything overwhelming, addition us We have avoided odors of channels occurring in the hottest months and the mosquitoes.

How many days: in any tourist guide tell you that you can visit Venice in 2 days. We have been 4 days and we think that 3 days is too short, ideally between 3 or 4 days depending upon the pace and meteorology. Staying: Venice has more tourist accommodation than any other Italian city. The categories vary from very expensive to more moderate. Our experience and advice is that since you are going to spend all day visiting the city and not you’ll enjoy hotel rein an economic siege. We were housed in the city of Mestre, in Earth sign is the last city before take the bridge to go to Venice. Mestre has its own bus and train station.