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May 25
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To know if the professionals they speak or it English language was not to the boarding of the question number 6, being the presented results to follow, in Graph 5. Graph 5: The professionals if communicate in English? Source: The author Graph 5 sample that 81% of the interviewed ones say English, a high number significamente, what she points the relevance given to the language for these professionals, being that only 19% do not say the language, percentage this that corresponds the 4 people of a total of 21. Questions 7, 8 and 9 had inquired which age the contact that the interviewed ones had with the English language in the work, either through the communication saw e-mails, telephonic contact and or documents of work, in accordance with what it is displayed in Graphs 6, 7 and 8. Graph 6: Communication Saw Emails. Source: Graphical author 7: Communication saw telephonic contact Graphical 8: Contact with Doc? work s Source: The author Source: The author the results presented graphically present that the biggest contact of the professionals with the English language is carried through by e-mails and documents in the work. In the communication for email, 90% they had answered that the contact occurs frequent for this saw, remaining only 5% for the option ' ' to vezes' ' ; others 5%, for ' ' nunca' '.

The telephonic contact had balanced answers: 43% of the professionals have contact frequent; 52%, to the times, 5% never had only had contact. The results of these boardings they demonstrate that the contact for email has a percentile greater, compared to the telephonic contact. This result if of the one for the advance of the technology and the reduction of costs that this provides for the companies, since the international linkings have a raised cost, and the communication through e-mails does not generate costs for they and with a practically instantaneous act of receiving.

External Areas

May 18
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Small attitudes as to correctly choose some products in the hour to construct or to remodel, can generate significant contributions in many aspects in the way where we live. Simple actions, as to opt to the floor use gram in the pavement of external areas, can leave our more beautiful, safe and ecologically correct cities. Sufficiently used in the exterior, the pisogramas are each time more being spread out in Brazil. Characteristics of the pisograma the floor gram or pisogramas are done parts of concrete, filled with gram and can have varied forms, dimensions, textures and colors. It is a sufficiently practical and versatile product, therefore it does not have necessity of superficial finishing, allowing that the floor is set free to the traffic soon after the nesting. Benefits of the pisograma use the pisograma use, beyond contributing aesthetic for the pavement of external areas, for being done parts of concrete, still generates many benefits: – pisos with little absorption form heat emission; – they protect the gram of crushing in places of circulation of vehicles; – they help in the prevention of overflows, for being pisos sufficiently permeveis, making possible fast absorption and draining of the water of rain for the ground.

What he is very positive, since in the great cities, the difficulty of draining of the water of rain is a great problem, as much that some public agencies already demand drenantes areas for the approval of projects. Maintenance of the pisograma the removal of the parts can be made of sufficiently fast form, without breaking, allowing its reutilizao. Dismissal against floor and rejunte, its maintenance is very easy. It is also the best solution for the creation of green areas for inhabitants or users of buildings in general. Commercialization of pisograma in Brazil the company Betonart Art in Concrete, produces and commercializes floor and floor gram for sidewalk in different colors and formats, products and services of high quality and with design inhaled in the European market. They are resistant parts, can be applied in sidewalk public, streets, squares, condominiums, shoppings, areas of estacionamentos, among others. Beyond the pisos and pisograma, the walls and you surround of concrete are innovative and creative options for constructive projects, therefore they allow to the development of different formats and perfect drawings with rabbets and finishings.