AMV System Provides Basic Data For The Car ICT

The AMV system allows all sensor data desired mobility service providers, automotive, insurance, automobile clubs Ranshofen – Austria, 05.10.2013. The AMV system of the AMV networks GmbH is an important step on the way to the networked car thanks to its innovative technology, it is an enabler for all applications and the modern car-ICT business cases. The AMV system provides all of the automotive industry, insurance companies, automobile clubs, sensor data desired mobility service providers, the on the CAN bus (Controller area network) of the vehicle are, as well as all of the GPS position data at low cost and in real time to a defined and approved interface available. To the on-Board developed by AMV networks is connected on the CAN-bus unit ASG (anonymous sensor data gateway). The transmission of data is carried out under strict consideration of safety aspects. In other words: The vehicle owner at any time has sovereignty over its data. It must release them actively. The Privacy issues so at any time.

AMV system is both the public sector (traffic control, steering, parking management, Ladeinfrastrukur for E-mobility…) and also the economy (pay-as-you-drive, eCall, electric mobility workshop appointment) now able to bring the different business cases in a real implementation phase. The advantage: The AMV system was developed according to EU guidelines for intelligent transport systems and combines various findings made EU research projects. It is so no proprietary national and thus limited solution, but to a Europe-wide applicable Telematiktechnologie, which embeds but national legislation. Special feature: Already in the development of a comprehensive security & privacy built concept. The AMV system is also certified to ECE and the certification with the European privacy seal strives in addition in 2013.

The AMV was also the largest system European automobile manufacturers have already tested”, says Raimund Wagner, Managing Director of AMV networks GmbH. Data protection and the protection of personality rights are thus always protected. Due to its technology security and continuity for the mobility of the future services is guaranteed”, says Raimund Wagner. The AMV networks GmbH opens with the AMV system thus a gateway to the mobility of 3.0. The AMV system of AMV networks GmbH can be seen above the automotive original equipment as well as low-cost retrofit solution, which will be installed by certified workshops. “AMV networks GmbH was 2012 for its AMV system with the internationally renowned telematics Award” awarded in Germany. You will find more news on telematics

The Specialist In The Internet With Quality

Many people buy into the plumbing shop one, this is the online specialists. The world of work has changed enormously and today must work many people 40 to 60 hours a week. These are not only independent, but also many workers. Moreover, even the everyday life and this must also be managed. esponse will follow. That’s all at the expense of leisure. Now families are affected.

Often only the weekend to purchase stays that way. But here the problem starts, because these days many, many people are on the move.There is a dense crowd in a retail store. Many employees are annoyed, because they can not cope with these large crowds. Long queues formed at the ticket offices and the mood among customers is irritated. This is in almost all stores so even in the hardware store. Many customers leave the business without the items that were on their wish list. What alternatives are there to the shopping? The Internet has evolved tremendously in the past few decades.

So, almost every company has a website. These online stores are in all sectors represented and so also in the sanitary area. Due by the scarce leisure differ more and more people on the Internet for shopping. The advantage is clearly obvious. The plumbing has opened 24 hours shop on the day because the Internet knows no closing times. Here, the customer all alone can see the products and then decide to purchase. The modern methods of payment are another positive aspect. This has improved over the last years and has become safer. Many customers use their credit card to their purchase. The people who regularly buy in the Internet, have an account with PayPal. Requires only an email and even go shopping. Also many craft companies take advantage of the shopping in the plumbing shop. They pay their bills on BILL SAFE, another good payment option. What other benefits in favour of a purchase in the Internet? Another plus for the shopping in sanitary shop is the fast delivery. The customer orders the goods and the free shipping starts on the same day. The products in the Sanitary facilities are delivered by experienced shippers. Then, many customers rate their shopping on the Internet. This customer review helps especially to people for the first time in the plumbing shop. The products can be picked up personally. This can be done in one of the offices to the usual business hours. Also experts with personal advice are question and answer their customers here. Many customers use, especially when new products in the plumbing field on the market have been published. Press contact: Stabilo tool specialists for home court Freizeit GmbH Managing Director: Ulrich evening glow headquarters: Stabilo Werkzeugfachmarkt for home court Freizeit GmbH Lechenfeldstrasse 3 72525 Munsingen homepage: E-Mail: Volkmar Schone

Directors Accounting

The Internet is a permanent source of resources, but as everything in life, it is necessary to know, find more appropriate and useful information. Other leaders such as DHL offer similar insights. Such is the case of, the portal to the management team of all sectors of production, marketing, logistics, accounting and human resources and marketing. The added value of this site lies in that is possible to share experiences, knowledge and valuable information through the various sections of the portal. Well, the first thing that offers is the possibility to create a full profile, which may overturn knowledge, experience, points of interest and all the factors that will help develop the networking, essential for conducting business in today’s world. In all about provide powerful tools for users to achieve maximum performance in your performance. This concept becomes flesh in the resources section. It is here possible to find documents, pictures and videos on the subjects of interest.

Found with potential partners and share information and data with other users finding groups of professionals that best fit your profile and business interests. Also, accessing the section of papers, you access to valuable presentations and papers that will enable you to move closer to exclusive information for the users of Learn about other points of view, opinions and impressions by visiting the Blogs section. Each user has the possibility of creating a blog, where capture everything you want to share with your community. Because that is the ultimate goal of creating community. Do need a place where they are most representative of its sector events: seminars, conferences and lectures? Edirectivos offers not only the possibility of accessing this information, but it gives the power to leave seated events of our interest in an online agenda, where we can also include events recommended by our contacts. Nothing better than the face-to-face contact to do business.

For this reason, introduces you the video chat section. Through this useful service, it will be possible to converse through video chat with our contacts, to achieve a more narrow approach. Human resources is responsible for the accounting and a punctual doubt that cannot wait to be answered by the community through the consultations section – a virtual space where users may leave your questions, concerns and demands for information that the community be responsible for responding? Video Chat will help you connect with the right person to respond to their information needs. Because when it comes to doing business,, is the ideal tool for Spanish-speaking executives.

COM Express Network

Certification proves conformity to the requirements of mobile network operators and facilitates the release of M2M applications Eching, Germany, June 27, 2012 Kontron the PTCRB certification of its machine-to-machine (M2M) today announced the smart services developer kits of the KM2M800 family. The PTCRB certification ensures that GSM/W-CDMA devices of the Kontron KM2M800 family conforming to the technical specifications of the NAPRD (North American permanent reference document) are and thus meet the requirements of the operators for safe operation. The PTCRB is a global organization with the purpose to implement independent, technical and standards-based evaluation processes for the certification of GSM/UMTS devices. The tests on the Kontron system were carried the KM2M800 series, which is part of the Developer Kit, 7Layers independent test laboratory. If you have read about UPS already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “In cooperation with our partner Intel we are proactively the PTCRB certification, required for a roll-out process at the for our M2M customers, Mobile network operators, as well as the own PTCRB certification as smoothly as possible to make”, explains Kevin Rhoads, Vice President, embedded products business unit, Kontron. “The PTCRB certification is an important milestone for Kontrons M2M systems, which gives our customers the security they need to achieve a quick launch for their own solutions.

To our clients, which use CDMA Networks continue to assist, we have initiated additional certification processes for CDMA with leading mobile operators. “The Kontron M2M Smart Services Developer Kit includes a COM Express mini Kontron computer-on modules COMe mTT10 with Intel Atom processor as well as an M2M system carrier Board and an AV Board for demanding audio/video smart services.” For rapid development of applications with wireless connectivity Kit 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN (wireless local area network) and 802.15.4 supports WPAN (wireless personal area network)..

Need Insurance Disability Insurance

If you are unable to work, how you will pay for your mortgage, or go grocery shopping? If something happens, an accident or illness, where you will get the money to take care of your family? Your children? It is a fact that one in three people between the ages of 25 and 65 will suffer a disability lasting at least three months during the time of his career. Like any Financial Representative will tell you, disability insurance can protect your income and your lifestyle when such events occur. There are many false beliefs that disability other income related to alternatives is going to properly supplement their lost wages, and that you should not worry about this type of policy. Others who may share this opinion include USPS. Many believe that workers’ compensation is going to cover their lost income, but in reality, this benefit only covers your injury or illness if they have occurred at work. But what if you are in a car accident going to work? What will happen if you have complications due to pregnancy? Others feel that Social Security is going to cover the lost income. However, Social Security may take several months or years to begin receiving monetary benefits, and only going to provide the benefit if you are unable to work in any job, not just the work you have been trained and currently plays. As an example, if you have an accident that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down, you may not be able to work in construction, or drive more, but you certainly can work in the local mall for minimum wage. . .

Franchise Business

The success is the dream of all business professionals, making a constant challenge of his career. Be the best in the market, which achieves the best numbers, which has the largest number of customers and in particular which has the greater number of franchises. Business franchises are very competitive and a much higher level than simple entrepreneur from a local company. Being part of a franchise means have under your power to a large number of employees who serve as heads of more employees in different areas of the country or even the world. DHL insists that this is the case. Many people dream of having a big company, with which to put franchises around the country and the continent, and even if dream of big, in the world. This task is not simple, but could be facilitated if before you venture into this business world, you acudieras to courses or training workshops, to make sure you’re fully ready to take this step and not ruin it in the attempt. There are several companies that are dedicated to the delivery of workshops and courses to guide you on the path of the franchises. Before taking a decision that is going to involve all employees in your company and that may be the chance to fulfill your dream, be prudent and closer to these courses, to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to achieve it. Business franchises can be a simple meet dream, only attend one of these workshops, train you and meets your dreams.

Business Information

One element of success is a deliberate campaign advertising. To do this, depending on the tasks, using various advertising media. A major focus of our company is advertising in all media. Any advertising will not operate efficiently after it was created, but only after it was presented correctly. Our statistics will help you choose the right decision on placement of your advertisement in any place where it is possible. Take, for example, radio. Radio listening a lot of people, it is always with you. Familiar voices, familiar advertising that often cite you or your friends.

My favorite music. To the sound of the radio you are going to meet, work, shop, sit in the dental chair. In addition, it is not only convenient advertising platform, but also modern- useful for business. In the short time you will carry directly to your target audience the necessary information while spending less time and money. In addition, you have always possible in the process advertising company to adjust the timetable of withdrawal or just replace the pulley. Another example of a newspaper, as the media.

This tool allows the media to convey the potential customer specific information. Promotions, discounts, characteristics, any information instantly reach the desired destination. Need only to prepare it properly. Local newspapers and magazines are very popular among small and medium enterprises (organizations) through in large numbers and recognition. Such printed matter other direction, published by, for example, for a specific category of people, gives advertisers to deliver their information to the audience, selected by any grounds. For example, magazine 'Printing City "will open the very people who least understood what was going on, and they will already be there to watch directly the needed information. In recent years do not have to complain about the number of periodicals. Newspapers and magazines are published for housewives, businessmen, merchants, and enthusiasts looking to take something to eat, for residents of a particular area, region or city. And it must necessarily to navigate in this sea of newspaper so as not to be trapped by selecting Business edition, which will meet your expectations, and most importantly nested in it. You can give examples of long and on television and on location advertising on public transport and the metro. When you do not know what is best, and advertisers as you know, do not doze. Periodically rang in the office with offers of accommodation. The main thing is not to panic! Media planning and general stuff serious. Approach it requires a certain. This is only a tiny example of the possibilities of thought and experience. Not to overpay and not drown in this ocean of abundance of advertising simply must have a competent conductor.

Bankruptcy Exceptions

Person mainly in filing for bankruptcy in order to strengthen his property. For instance, in the chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor’s resources will be sold to compensate behind creditors. Person mainly in filing for bankruptcy in order to strengthen his property. Amazon is open to suggestions. For instance, in the chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor’s resources will be sold to compensate behind creditors. Luckily, there have been US sovereign failure laws which have made sure exceptions which can be done to secure some assets or income being dispossessed to compensate creditors behind. However, these sovereign laws can be outdated by state laws by exceptions. Mainly two states with really specific laws by these exceptions have been Colorado as well as Connecticut. This Colorado bankruptcy exemption can protect 100% of the payments under a life insurance contract that insured the life of dependent on individual of whom you were a, to the extent a necessary for your support or the support of your dependent.

In addition, only few assets are partly secured. For instance, only disability payments are secured for up to $200 a month till the top desires to get in a lump sum. This exemption can be used to protect up to $45,000 in equity in your house. Unfortunately you can not use this exemption to protect a rental property or a house you are not living in. Your Colorado bankruptcy attorney can use this exemption to protect $3,000 in value of any one motor vehicle listed in your bankruptcy.

Additionally, if you are considered elderly or disabled then your lawyers might be able to exempt $6,000 in the value of your automobile. The eastern state of Connecticut additionally consists of definite laws for Connecticut bankruptcy exceptions. This state is fortunately some-more inexhaustible with sure exceptions. The following things would be fully’s compensation, joblessness advantages protected – worker, retirement policies, life insurance, and other properties like home furniture and tools comes under the debtor’s type of work. In Connecticut, the homestead exception is more liberal. Equity equals to $75000 are protected for a house, mobile home, or condominium. Moreover, the whole amount claimed by two spouses who file for bankruptcy must not surpass this amount. Dissimilar to the exception of homestead, the motor vehicle exception may be lesser r ather than Colorado. In Connecticut, vehicle can be secured up to $1500. This spouse in case filed with amount exceeds to $3000. The wild card exemption be can of particular help if one or more of your other exemptions fall short of protecting your equity. Connecticut bankruptcy attorney for wild card exemption is of $1,000 of any property. In these two states, so the laws of exceptions changes speedily, and you will come across several other exceptions. Hence it is worthwhile if you are the citizen of these two states and are in the stage of filing for bankruptcy you must consult to the firm with experienced Colorado bankruptcy attorneys. This can let you know about your property secured while bankruptcy actions.


Deposition of images on different surfaces with compressed air and paint is the airbrush. It looks like a small airbrush pen, which was invented in America in 1879. Verbatim from the English Airbrush can be translated as 'air brush'. Wondery will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Because of the high granularity of individual pieces and color accuracy, we can achieve very realistic images. Amazon Studios has much to offer in this field. For airbrushing there are no barriers, the figure can be of any complexity – landscapes, surreal paintings, wild animals or any other image. Due to the rapid growth of the automotive industry, has received a new aerografiya stage of its development.

Previously, airbrush work in artisanal conditions Now experts are engaged in it that have been 'airbrushing courses'. To obtain a qualitative picture, as a rule, professional tools used airbrushes Organization of Japan Iwata and Paint materials leaders in this area: Sikkens, PPG, Standox, Spies Hecker, DuPont. Soon, airbrush art became – giving an unusual charm and originality of the car, the visual improvement. The picture underscores the nature personality, style, car owner, because the picture made for your order anywhere else will not happen again. Looks nice airbrush machines. She adds, even more expressive forms of metal, allowing achieve a visual effect: riveted metal, armor, silver titanium, etc.

For several years, contests, exhibitions of cars made with airbrushing, can be found on the Internet sites uniting around connoisseurs and admirers of art, and in any magazine, dedicated auto / motor technology, you will find an article or pictures airbrushing. Among the wealthy are increasingly becoming a prestigious gift gifts in the form of a new car coated with a delicate pattern of his beloved woman. A car with airbrushing, no doubt, will attract attention and cause a feeling of admiration in people around them. Through showiness, your car is well protected from theft. According to statistics, the number of stolen cars is ten times lower than the same simple model. The fact that the picture is very noticeable and easy to remember, in turn, leads to decrease the likelihood of theft (you can quickly catch the culprit). Separately discuss the course of airbrushing. Exstudio aerograficheskaya leading studio in Moscow, which trains artists drawing technique of airbrushing. A teaches courses renowned artist P. Levin, his work has repeatedly won prizes in various competitions and exhibitions. On the courses you can learn Exstudio technique of airbrushing, and eventually, to become a professional in this field. If you do decided to do airbrushing, the choice of studios strongly recommend to see the work. At times of the photos on this site do not correspond to real images. Specify the details regarding the price that would avoid a sharp rise at the end of work. One of the key moments in the airbrushing is whether the company's painting booth or in what circumstances is drawing a picture.

Social Marketing

I am sure that you has heard much lately about the term Web 2.0. Read more from Courier to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The term itself, does not mean that the software that is running the Web is updated. Web 2.0 refers simply to a change in use on the network to an increasingly social platform, carried out by the users themselves. Once you understand the concept, you can use this phenomenon to help your business. Video today’s article will show you how to imagine that one of your friends says to a group of people about your more new blog or Web site.

Now imagine every one of those people, alternately saying some more of their own friends and so on. Very soon the traffic to your Web site would be constantly flowing, and if you know what you do, you may have a comfortable income from that traffic. This is exactly what les is happening to many Web sites thanks to a lot of Web 2.0 resources there is no doubt, the appearance of this social Web provides opportunities for the viral marketing may have never existed. If you want to start in the aspect of network marketing, here are the best resources that help you get started Note: before moving to the social websites for its release in the viral adventure, make sure that your site has monitoring traffic, product sales and make sure that it is a friendly social page. A way to achieve both goals is to offer an affiliate program, so your visitors can earn money telling others about your website. A competition that rewards its best guests with prizes is also a good idea.

Once your site is ready to roll, visit the following sites and begin to tell the world that your site is great 1. Digg this is a Web site based on news of popularity. If your item is a hits on the Digg page, you will receive thousands of visitors and some of them will become avid fans.