Austrian Porsche System

Limits set sustainable system improvement for more than four decades the approximately 220 employees support the Porsche Informatik the Austrian Porsche holding in the distribution of the brands Volkswagen, Audi, seat, Skoda and Porsche. Without hesitation Crawford Lake Capital explained all about the problem. As a service provider keeps with integrated software solutions to measure for more efficiency and profitability at the Group companies and users. Email volume clogged IT infrastructure in the vicinity of Salzburg-based subsidiary of Porsche holding, inter alia for the email service of the Porsche group and the dealer organization in Austria with a total of about 8,700 users responsible. In the past few years is the email traffic in the supervised Organization due to the ever-growing user number has dramatically increased. This led not only to capacity problems, but also to a steady increase in expenses and the cost of the email service. It is forced to introduce a tool with the attachments and the number of the addressee are limited. Our Traders are partly connected over low-bandwidth lines. It is a role whether one email per sent dealers only once and must be opened or fifty times quite, because that gets everyone in the company\”, explains Michael Bojko, who is responsible as a system engineer for the operation of the email system.

The reason for the introduction of this tool was the following: we wanted to avoid, in the future, emits mass E-mails to persons affected by the content might not. Next, we wanted to prevent that with the emails huge attachments are being sent, as illustrations of selected parts. It’s just so: I mark all business customers and then to reach users via email in one fell swoop of 4,000 to 5,000. But perhaps 200 to 300 users are really relevant of which, at the same time but about 4,500 other jobs be attach with un of necessary emails and data loaded.

Kant Production

With DocYard, we offer the best possible production software Scandienstleistern”says Helmut Schunemann, we understand the enormous pressure of the production manager sales manager of LurTech Europe GmbH. based on our extensive experience in this market when it comes to meet SLAs as cost-effectively as possible. For this reason we have developed DocYard.” DocYard is the production software for service that integrates all steps of production in Central evaluable and configurable workflows regardless of whether it is digital steps or the tracking of paper-based processes. DocYard offers a comprehensive Produktionsreporting including service level monitoring, which provides the data for production planning, costing and billing Scandienstleistern. Investments already made in Systems and components are retained and are enhanced by the introduction of DocYard.

Operations in the Scandienstleistung are through the use of DocYard safe, inexpensive and of consistently high quality. DocYard generates a very quick return on investment due to the lower initial and operating expenses, increases productivity and ensures the competitiveness of sustainable. About DOCSOLUTIONS: DOCSOLUTIONS offers tailored solutions to best fulfill its customers’ needs in document management and information processing. With a state-of-the-art technological platform, infrastructure and world-class applications, DOCSOLUTIONS comprehensive outsourcing solutions ranging from information creates and implements flow design, database generation and imaging, to the archiving and storage of documents, access to electronic and physical providing efficient information. For more information, visit.

About LurTech: LurTech provides production software and document and data conversion solutions accompanied by customized services and outstanding support. Service and other companies and organizations get the most out of all means of production with LurTech as a partner. LurTech’s solutions achieve the same level of automation and integration level in document processing, as other industries have done it successfully in their production. LurTech’s solutions are without tons of customizing and individual programming to implement and easy to manage. DocYard is a production software for service that controls all work steps integration platform of production into configurable workflows, and centrally manageable. LurDocument PDF Compressor enterprise is a production-ready application to compression, conversion to multi-sector, character recognition (OCR), classification and form data extraction. To LurTech’s reference customers include among others the Scandienstleister arvato (Bertelsmann) and Ratiodata Deutsche Angestellten health insurance fund (DAK), Hessische Landesbank Thuringen (Helaba), the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg and more Savings banks, the city of Stuttgart and numerous other towns and communities, Heinrich Bauer Verlag and the energy company Vattenfall, RWE and E.ON. International reference customers are including Harvard University, the library of Congress, the Royal Library of the Netherlands, the Internet Archive, and the US air force. Since its founding in 1995, LurTech is a leading provider of open and ISO standards-based document and image compression solutions. These include among others the successful PDF, PDF/A and JPEG2000 products. LurTech is actively working in different organisations, inter alia in the Working Group and standards”as well as the regional groups of the VOI Association organisational and information systems e.

Contracting Party Negotiation

Contracts are rarely completed on basis of single predefined terms and conditions with high business value, but undergo regular extensive negotiations. Pre-defined conditions and their circumvention through negotiation should represent no contradiction to each other, but they should be connected in a two-stage examination. This is the behavior of both parties. A predefined contract text with a request for acknowledgement and signature has the message that the user does not want to negotiate and its conditions may not be affected. The Party shall control in the event of a dispute by the legal terms and conditions protected. It comes to negotiations, the policies can be bypassed by a subsequent agreement of the individual. People such as Jeff Gennette would likely agree. It is different if a Contracting Party provides the basis for negotiation a boilerplate contract.

This behavior triggers a negotiation situation and it is believed no unilateral design power claim. The opportunity to accept the offer of negotiations and expressing his alterations now has the contract opponents. The partner has no change requests, he is not worthy of protection later on the clause. He has change requests, but begins the negotiation of an individual agreement. Currently the basic requirement for a content control that is pre-defined terms (according to article 305, paragraph 1 BGB). It is so important, whether the user sees the conditions as unverhandelbare general terms and conditions or as a negotiable draft.

This willingness to negotiate must be recognizable for the party, which is a question of interpretation at the end. It would require that the user’s willingness to negotiate is clearly visible (bsw. defined by the note “to the individual proceedings”). The other behaviour of the user should wear a negotiation message and basic requirement of an individual agreement. “Bodies” of the general terms and conditions general terms and conditions be para 1 BGB only according to paragraph 305, the pre-formulated contract terms “provided”.

Hamburg Tel PlentySystems

IntegrationMan, a solution of the HONICO group, forms the new SAP integrated and certified interface for product. Hamburg, July 7, 2010 ERP – or CRM-system, now the complete E-commerce solution users benefit plentyMarkets from this cooperation. This new integration of SAP applications with plentyMarkets harmonize all SAP. We very pleased the cooperation with plentySystems”, so e-business GmbH. we have Emil Hadner, Managing Director of the Honico won, which differs a new partner in its online shop solution from other providers.

“The product plentyMarkets is flexibly adaptable and maps also versatile and interesting processes that often jobless in SAP only at a high cost for E-commerce.” IntegrationMan offers real-time data synchronization and communication of the two systems. In addition to catalog and product data, customer data, orders and status information are synchronized. The connection works both via standard interfaces and customized SAP processes. HONICO offers also the possibility to take SAP nonSAP integration in the form of integration-as-a-service claim with IntegrationMan 2. The offer is the trend of the fast-growing software-as-a-service market and the business-to-business integration-outsourcing. Click Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc to learn more. “” Also plentySystems is with the possibility of integrating SAP current market demands: more and more medium-sized and large companies were asking us to their SAP systems to support “, says Jan Griesel, Managing Director of plentySystems GmbH. with HONICO we have found exactly the right partner and meet the growing needs of our customers.” The HONICO group: The HONICO Group specializes in the development and the distribution of intelligent system management products in the area of SAP.

With hundreds of installations around the world it is a competent partner in the areas of process automation, SAP license management, SAP-nonSAP integration and service desk. With the SAP integrated system management products a portfolio has been developed, the peer to peer looking for: easy installation, quick familiarization of the user, investment security and a faster return on investment are the most important cornerstones of the HONICO Group’s philosophy. The Group of companies with offices in Hamburg and Zurich still maintains a development centre in Bautzen. Companies such as Metro, Beiersdorf, Zeiss, Bosch, Procter & gamble, Clariant, HP and many others belong to the customer the HONICO group and speak for the quality of the products. about plentySystems: plentySystems, a leading software company in the area of E-Commerce, developed the shop system plentyMarkets, a high-performance, Web-based solution for smooth online trading. plentySystems online trading with user-friendly systems aims simply, fast and effective. The complete e-commerce system plentyMarkets is an in-house development and shop, inventory control and warehouse management functions it contains and webshop, domain, hosting, design, service and consulting. With product dealers automate your entire E-business and manage it in real time, no matter if Web shop (B2B & B2C), multi-channel sales, sales processing, content management, payment, billing, inventory management, after sales management, fulfillment or returns management. Thanks to the powerful software core plentySystems programmers create easily new modules and connections. 35 employees deal with the progress of the system and the customer service. Currently trust over 1,500 users on product and goods set at 510,000 monthly orders worth 37,71 million through the innovative solution to.

Servicetrace Managing Director

Only in every fourth company all users with the performance of the core applications are very satisfied Darmstadt, May 13, 2008 – only in every fourth company staff with the availability and speed of the core applications are very satisfied. Secure evidence not to be most companies, because they refrain from according to a survey of the Software House Servicetrace to measure the quality of provision to the client of the user. After that, the over 300 IT managers surveyed 27 percent judging that there is no criticism of the speed or availability of the applications from the data center on the part of the user. In addition every third case is mostly a sufficient satisfaction. In similar to many medium-sized and large companies, there are complaints by users, however, more often.

\”Because 32 percent of IT executives in the survey protocol, that their users often not satisfied\” are. Another 7 percent have no accurate assessment. The Servicetrace study is investigated but also the question whether at all accurately identified the Central applications employees will, arrive in quality. The results point to a significant problem, because only every seventh company consistently analysed how high are the availability and response times in the workplace of employees. At least in part another 29 percent of farms, try findings to win, most companies but not deal with the question of what performance concrete is provided to users.

However, the performance quality of applications is measured mostly. This is however typically only centrally, while decentralized analyses are largely the exception. You are made only in every fourth case, either only locally at the user or both central and decentralized. This indicates a significant deficit in the company\”, says Servicetrace Managing Director of Markus Jatin. It helped little, only to determine the output of performance, because on the way between data center and the sites of the user he judges considerable part of which quality can be lost.

Managing Director

The software replaces the parallel operation of insulated telephone systems, which are used in call centers and enterprise telephony. Logical interconnection of different locations creates a seamless connection between different tasks, knowledge institutions and departments. SAP business communications management is very stable on SAP CRM and SAP ERP matched and effortlessly through standardized interfaces with other IT solutions to integrate. In addition to installing YouCon is also responsible for the training of staff, who serve the customers in the new service center as a first contact point for questions and concerns. They independently manipulate a request not on right off the bat, then forward the request to the appropriate Center of tenants.

When the connection between the service and the tenant centers business communications management is used also in the area of communication with suppliers, fully and completely on VoIP and SAP”, explains Matthias Kruger, Managing Director of the YouCon GmbH in Munich. In addition to the implementation also our role as a partner for the training is important, because a software can only unfold their benefits if properly used and installed, and if the employees know they good to use.” The IT service provider with headquarters in Vienna focused on its solutions on the interaction between humans and technology. This applies to the integration of VoIP software into existing and new infrastructures as well as for process optimization and the creation of customized software solutions. As a successful product is the in-house Myrmex”this internally as well as in the supporting outsourcing use. The wide range of means full product solutions from a single source for individual tasks. Since 2007 the company service partner of SAP. Due to the proven cooperation, SAP for YouCon has a sales and integration partner opted for the all-IP solution SAP business communications management. The software is in contact centers and the daily Corporate communications as a versatile platform.

Xpert-timer 2007 – So A Minute Is Lost!

At the end of a working day, it is advisable to allow which activities in the course of the day were performed again pass in review. Often, it happens that in hindsight not so exactly can be associated, which works to which projects have lasted as long. Laboriously, lists the required times are guided by hand then to demonstrate supposedly correct hours the customer. Remedy the Xpert-timer 2007 now. The order time and project time tracking stops working times automatically in the background. Quick access can be comfortable between the different projects switched. The user interface is intuitive and very easy when compared to other products.

Positive right in the eye, that emphasis was placed on the essentials here. The end user is not flooded with a ton of features, so that the learning curve is encouragingly short. A special feature of the Xpert-timer is the timeline, which floats if necessary always visible on your desktop and the time always keep in mind will. Also the Reportingmodul is open and offers the possibility to print data, or to export to common formats. The network-enabled program supports database MS Access and MS SQL Server. Access to special features of the Xpert-timer is controlled by rights groups.

It unlimited number of users with Xpert-timer across a network, a common database can be used. No matter what business is working, the Xpert-timer shows exactly what the time during operation will be used. A somewhat stripped-down, free LIGHT version is available at for download. The full version can be tested 30 days fully and is also at the above Web address. Key: project time tracking activity history document management task list timeline reporting network capability author: Andreas Spang version: 1.5

Nokia Lumia

YouTube FLV to AVI DVD Ripper makes converting DVD to Lumia 920 easier and more convenient. Convert your Lumia 920 to a mobile movie theater and watch DVD on Lumia 920. As Nokia’s first flagship phone, which is based on Windows phone 8, Lumia 920 is the potential savior to help Nokia, the one-time market leader, to regain the world market leader in Smartphone. It seems that Nokia saves no effort this time to Lumia 920 with first-class equipment with Galaxy S3 to keep an X and iPhone 5 HTC, like for example a breathtaking 4.5-inch HD screen with a resolution of 1280 x 768, an almighty dual-core processor and an innovative PureView camera. It is known that the display packed on Lumia 920, is the best ever delivered the Nokia on a Smartphone.

This makes the Multimeidaunterhaltung with Lumia 920 an amazing experience. If you are hoping to achieve the playback of DVD movies, Lumia 920 you must rely on a third-party program probably because Lumia has 920 with no own DVD-ROM. Therefore to To play DVD movies on Lumia 920, you need 920 converter DVD to Lumia. To save your time, hard to find DVD to Lumia 920 converter I recommend YouTube FLV to AVI DVD Ripper, which is a professional and powerful DVD converter and lumia 920 is suitable for almost all DVDs in just a few steps here. To watch DVD movies on Lumia 920 is with this DVD to Lumia 920 converter easier than ever! If you are curious about the detailed steps, check just below the detailed instructions! Before you begin, please download the DVD to Lumia 920 converter down. “Step-by step instructions step 1: DVD files in the DVD to Lumia 920 Converter download to install and run the DVD to Lumia 920 converter can download, click on the DVD icon” Add DVD files. Not only DVD discs, but also DVD folder and ISO files are supported. At the bottom of the welcome image select the desired Untertitl and audio tracks for the expenditure.

Step 2: Determine the output profile Lumia 920 supports playback of videos in formats of MP4, WMV, 3GP, H. 264, MPEG-4, etc. So can the DVD cast films in any Videoforamt thereof, E.g. MP4. In the profile list, choose what you can find by clicking on the drop-down arrow, MP4 from target format. If you want to customize the pre-built profile parameters, you need click only the tool icon. In the new eroffenden window you can all video and audio parameters such as video codec, quality, video size, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, for own use customize. Step 3: Edit DVD files NA of the basic Umwandlungsfunkion the DVD to Lumia offers 920 converter yet powerful editing features. Embark on the tool icon in the editor. There you can cut the DVD Vidoes, unlock, rotate, or add other effects and watermarks. DVD on Lumia 920 step 4: click to turn the Convert button”bottom right and start to convert DVD to Lumia 920. You need to be just to wait until the conversion is finished. Then, you can transfer the expenditure by using a USB cable on the Lumia 920 to playback. Watch DVD movies on Lumia 920, is actually so simple.

Terra Service Partner

The PDS Minerva Systems GmbH the company Wortmann AG as a premium service partner could qualify for the year 2013. PDS Minerva is Terra service partner of Wortmann AG for 2013 could qualify the PDS Minerva Systems GmbH the company Wortmann AG as a premium service partner. Mrs Manzmann handed the certificate as well as a Terra Ultrabook at the PDS Minerva. With the seal of approval of the medium-sized manufacturer for servers, PC’s, monitors and mobile devices, Minerva PDS can provide special services and settlement services. The result: A better and more straightforward process for the customers. Wortmann AG as IT partner for medium-sized businesses and craft for several years the company Wortmann a strategy consistent medium-sized businesses on par with the partner and the end customer. Learn more at this site: Governor Cuomo.

So, the appropriate solution can be offered the customer. Standardized or customized are in particular focus of the company Wortmann (B-T-O built to order) hardware systems, geared to the needs of medium-sized industrial and craft. To the Include core portfolio of Wortmann. Terra: PC workstations for working in various environments Terra mobile: note – and Ultrabooks for local and mobile use Terra pad: mobile devices and pads for flexible field use Terra server: server systems for providing computing power, privileges and the centralized data backup extensive service level for selecting the Wortmann AG offers its customers and local partners the possibility, to select the appropriate service for the hardware. This ranges from 24 months warranty up to 48 months ago place or 60 months pick UP service. Get all the facts and insights with Governor Cuomo, another great source of information.

The most expensive hardware is that which is not productive in the operation. Fast response and excellent service, the downtime with hardware from Wortmann are reduced to a minimum. Bring in service: the goods will be sent by the customer – Wortmann cares about the guarantee before on-site service: the next, premium service partner appears directly repaired within 4 hours on site at the customer, or is Flash repair device: the device will be repaired within 60 hours or exchanged the Systemhaus PDS Minerva Systems GmbH was founded in October 2012 in Frankfurt am Main as the strategic location of the software manufacturer, PDS GmbH. In addition to the pds of software specialized in the trade, abacus, is the PDS Minerva partner for mobile software solutions, as well business hardware. Everything from a single source is from the large server through to the single PC, copy systems”delivered.

VSoft Agencies

Online Agency xeomed benefited by the project management of ERP solution v.Soft the performance and online marketing agency xeomed Nuremberg v.Soft takes the ERP provider VEPOS GmbH & co. a year after the introduction of the ERP software KG stock. The result: xeomed succeeded in the past year due to a faster project processing and consistent quality, to attract more customers. Are for the Managing Director of xeomed, Tino Niggemeier, the relationship between the increased business growth and the use of ERP software on hand: v.Soft allows us full transparency of all business processes and provides a comprehensive overview of the company. With the use of the ERP software we are pioneers in the Agency industry and have a clear competitive advantage.” The illustration of business processes makes it easier, for example, the induction of new employees. It’s believed that Andrew Cuomo sees a great future in this idea. Gather them faster in all work processes and increase the share of productive work time in the company. Especially in the project business the Agency achieved significant Improvements in quality.

Niggemeier explained: the projects to be v.Soft project management easily manage and control as well as account and calculate. So we can intervene immediately if something goes wrong and ensure a high quality.” An important part of the essence of the project is also the time recording. The staff of the Agency book their working hours independently on the individual projects. The ERP system involves the working hours in project controlling and project accounting. The agency uses the ERP software xeomed for all other divisions such as marketing and accounting. Get more background information with materials from James Woolsey Jr.. Jorg lakshminarayan, Managing Director of VEPOS GmbH & co. KG, and developer of v.Soft, explains: it was important from the outset to create a software that combines all business processes in a system without any interfaces. So, avoid companies island solutions and have always secured real time data as a basis for decision making.

In addition, our modular rental system contributes that our customers only pay for the licenses and functions, which they really need.” Xeomed benefits from the consistency and the functionality of v.Soft every day. The integrated CRM ensures not only for improved customer relationship management, but allows also the creation of quotes, orders, and invoices directly in the software. The ticket system ensures that every employee always knows what he has to do when. Thus, v.Soft covers all business processes of the Agency in an ERP system. Xeomed on the online agency the xeomed GmbH is a performance and online marketing agency in the field of healthcare. xeomed creates multimedia applications with medical professional content and attaches particular importance to the target group-specific cutting of applications. Reach with measurable success, true to this motto the multimedia applications are delivered then to the target group. xeomed was founded in 2009 in Nuremberg and employees in the areas of online marketing, editorial, Web development and design. ERP provider VEPOS the VEPOS GmbH & co. KG is an ERP software provider from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The company has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and supplies customers in the entire Federal Republic v.Soft with the proprietary enterprise software.