Secure Internet Transactions

There is no doubt that 3D Secure and Verified by Visa is techniques that are successful in the combat of the fraud and are without a doubt options that the retailers must study with their Supplier of Processings of Payment by Internet. It has been verified that this additional protection reduces the fraudulent transactions and in line increases the confidence of the consumer when paying with credit cards, but is many factors that to consider at the time of deciding to incorporate 3D Secure to a Web site. Carl Buchalet, Chief of a main directorate of the footbridge of Cashtronics payments explains that in Cashtronics he treats individually to each retailer before deciding if to include 3D in his Web site. In our experience in Cashtronics, the advantages for the retailers to add this additional measurement of security are clear: It reduces the risk of transactions fraudulent. The number of conflicts in the transactions falls. It moves away the financial responsibility of the retailer. It reinforces the confidence of the client, which often supposes an increase of the sales. In spite of the clear benefits in the fight against the fraud, these must well be valued against the possible problems and loss of benefits related to the use of 3D Secure: Additional obstacles to the purchase: It has been verified that each field of security that is added to a form in line reduces the percentage of successfully realised transactions drastically.

Bad communication: Many clients do not know what is 3D Secure and, consequently, close the window of the navigator, with the consequent loss of sales. Problems of security: Some banks demand that the client maintains a card with a series of secret codes. This one is frequently the same used card to authorize banking transferences to the banking account, reason why the holder exposes itself to the fraud.

The Marketing Products

The affiliate marketing is an agreement between a retailer in line owner of a product or service, and another person (Affiliate) that decides to represent and to sell products of this person in exchange for a commission by generated sales, through potential clients and/or clicks dirijidos to the Web site of the retailer. The Marketing of affiliate presents/displays a gain situation, as much for the retailer comom for the affiliate, where many exist possibilities of increasing potential of the sales, announcing its products free in ampler market. If You are owner of a product and/or service, your efforts they veran reduced when recruiting the greater number of affiliates than they commercialize its products and services, since it will make not only money much more, but long free time, since it will be the affiliate that is in charge to look for the markets, and clients who buy their product. On the contrary, if You want to be a commercial affiliate and to make money with Internet, you can follow these three steps basic it stops to initiate an effective campaign of marketing of affiliates. The first step is in particular to identify a market niche that interests to him furthermore, that it knows well and it dominates, if is a niche of what You feel enthusiastic, your posiblidades of success estan guaranteed, otherwise she will become bored and she will be forced to leave as soon as they begin to arise the problems, or if the sales begin to be delayed. Centrese in a specific area that you it knows well, will help to remove the best yield him to his efforts. These are some places that you can investigate in – Clickbank Marketplace,,, etc Secondly it looks for good retailers of payment, and products of high conversion. .

Knowledge of the Amazon

So that it can be a well-succeeded company, it is not only enough to have a good product, if it makes necessary to understand and to less foresee the movements of the market forces, being worried about the competition and more about its products and to make of them a differential. TRUFA DE CUPULATE DE A AMAZNIA LTDA, is located in Highway 174, the km 05 Manaus/Am. The companies in the segment of chocolates more are grown, searching if to specialize itself, aiming at to get important competitive differentials with regard to the competition. with this demands fast changes and innovator to have can grow and compete and survive. TRUFAS DE CUPULATE DE A AMAZNIA LTDA plans to bring differentiated innovations and flavors for our National and International consumers and beyond developing the cities where the local producers face difficulties to develop its products, that many times leave to produce in great amounts, due to structure for commercialization, that is, great traders who buy its productions. Forming still one it has equipped with capacity of adaptation to the changes of the environment and market, if anticipating always the competitors. Therefore, the project appears to alavancar the main potentialities of the city and the obstacles that hinder its development in the main sectors primary, secondary and tertiary. To fortify economic activities of the city through actions that promote to add quantitative economic values to the local production and the valuation of the Amazonian products in Brazil in the World.

The Sky

When the things are not going well, it is the first one to dig a resignation and of surplus he takes everybody with it. If this to happen in its company, is necessary to analyze two things: 1.Sua company is not obtaining to hold back good talentos, lacks quality in the management. He is intent. It is hour to leave the comfort zone. 2.Mas if this controlling one was one of that dreams in the mind become vacant, promising even though to vender a land in the moon and everything does not leave the speech He is calm, then the group goes to perceive and will be beating again in its door. This if its company to present some competitive advantages. To create serpents is one inhabits common in our lives, independent of the color, creed, been, place, size etc We need yes to be more intent and not to open our book for any person. Some last years I was in I am Gotardo, MG, carrying through an agricultural consultoria, I could interact very in the motivacional and organizacional area of the company, but I also learned.

My lesson was in the plantation of carrots. An old employee of the company, person in charge in the plantation and cares of this quality of culture explained, me that the spraying (poison) that he made, was necessary to kill or to inhibit the plagues. The excessively well-taken care of ones were calmer, are clearly considering the factor time. What more it called me the attention was to the tranquillity that man mame look like, comparative with my running. I that I am accustomed to still wake up with stars in the sky, working at least 16 hours, only going to lie down to me very late. It was implacable, stopped to the 17 hours and alone he came back the 6 of the morning of the following day.

Enterprise Mission

To have a good and well definite strategy, to concentrate efforts and resources in favor of the strategical planning you are welcome they are valid if the organization will not be supported by a good foundation. This base, according to Coast (2007), is the strategical foundations of the organization. Among them they are distinguished it mission, vision and values. For Chiavenato (2005), mission means a task that is received. It is the reason of existence of the organization. According to Oliveira (2005), the mission also must satisfy the environment external, that is, to offer something that answers its anxiety.

In this direction it is easy to perceive that the strategy must walk lined up with mission, a time that the strategy must reach the objective of the mission, that is, the strategy has as objective to carry through the mission (CHIAVENATO, 2005). In this exactly context, Rodrigues et al (2009) standes out that the mission ' ' it is ample and lasting a declaration of intentions that individualiza and the same distinguishes the organization in relation to others in branch from negcio' '. Barney and Hesterly (2007) strengthen the idea when inferring that the mission of the company defines what the company desires in long stated period and what it must prevent in this half time. For Coast (2007), the mission of a company must answer the two basic questions: What it is? So that it serves? Answering such questionings the elaboration of the mission is possible, that nothing more is of what the reply to these two questions. As mentioned, the mission is a foundation for the company. This foundation is so strong that it can all lead the process of strategical planning of a company. According to Chiavenato (2005): The mission functions as the orienting intention for the activities of the organization and to agglutinate the efforts of its members.