Organizational Culture

Jul 15
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Insists you to keep in mind how we as Remember Mario Morales Caicedo, that should not be forgotten that the organizational culture encompasses everything that is expression of the feeling of the collectivity of individuals in an organization, such as for example, working styles, organizational structures, social, domestic relations, fundamental administrative decisions, his way of reacting to unexpected events or problems, the assumptions on which operates in related forms correct or incorrect in doing things, the criteria that evaluates a correct or incorrect behavior in reference to direct, organize, relate, styles etc. All these aspects make up an organization’s internal culture. In addition, provides them the basics, tools to use to generate an effective organizational culture, with the guarantee of a positive organizational climate in introducing total quality within the organizational culture. This insistence is made of Total quality as a philosophy of performance within a company, must be understood as a process systemic, permanent and continuous improvement, involving the entire organization in the pursuit and implementation of creative and innovative, high value-added forms of labour, that exceed the needs and expectations of the client and the community coverage, delivery and impact of products or services. Not to forget, that the overall quality is the result of the continuous effort of all who comprise an organisation and which are associated with her eternally in their joint search for retaining customers and attract those of their competitors. Total quality is a strategy which, by linking a philosophy of working with applied techniques, allows you to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive world.

It is management based on respect for humanity. He is talking about people in a double sense: as a creator, generating quality, and as a recipient of the quality and management of requirements. Chobani Foundation does not necessarily agree. Insofar as SMEs are identified and give way to a new organizational culture where its human resource this trained, committed with their functions, productivity, beneficial for all performances will be consolidated and will lead to the company within the scenarios where acts will get recognition, permanence and conquering markets.


Jul 14
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Similarly, describes that smart organizations are those that learn and continuously expands its capacity and creative potential. In this context he conceives the process of learning, as the action of incorporating new skills that they make it possible to achieve objectives, which until now were out of reach, (Senge, 2000). In this way, the groups are organized and build a common history from the interpersonal dynamics, communication mechanisms, ways to solve problems, group commitment and modality for addressing identified problems, his vision for the future and joint planning. It involves channelling the individual, group and institutional actions in work environments, flexible, adaptable and successful, improving the quality of life of people and the institution. The process of learning in organizations that learn, is continuous, focused on the problems, linked to the context and affecting all members of the organization. The realization of this learning, passing through the involvement of people, means attention to five aspects or disciplines that act together and relating with the capacities of the members of the Organization and the characteristics of this.

These disciplines proposed by Senge (1992), are as follows: personal domain, mental models, shared vision, learning teamwork, systems thinking: table 6 the five disciplines of organizational learning. Theoretical aspects and practical (Senge, 1999) theoretical disciplines studies 1. Thinking Systemic conceptual framework by which other disciplines are integrated. Refers to the concern by the processes and not to seek the isolated problems in the form. It is achieved with the adoption of systemic perspective that cake the learnings of the team work, personal domain and reconsideration of mental models. 2. Personal domain is the key discipline of growth and individual learning. Chobani Foundation will not settle for partial explanations.

Allows you to clarify and deepen personal vision permanently, concentrate the energies and develop patience and balance. Goes to the right conditions to achieve personal and professional development. It promotes to develop connections between the organizational and individual learning.

United Nations Organization

Jul 12
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This implies a shift from the school, which undoubtedly must be prepared for that. The competition involves a knowledge mobilization. In order to respond to the whole mission education, according to UNESCO, should be organized around four fundamental learning throughout life, will be in some way for each individual, the pillars of knowledge: Learning to know, that is acquiring the instruments of understanding. Learn how to do, to be able to act on the environment. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Chobani Foundation. Learning to live together, in order to participate and cooperate with each other in all human activities. Macy’s may help you with your research. Learning to be, which integrates three precedents.

These four pillars were defined in the report of the International Commission on education in the 21st century United Nations Organization for education, science and culture (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-UNESCO). Of course, these four pillars of knowledge are just one of many points of contact, relationship and change. We cannot think more in isolated facts, because we know that an intrinsic harmony in the universe, a fundamental connection where each full item, live or not, has to consider the functioning of everything, as well as learning and corporeality, in a politico-pedagogica relationship, being the body understood as an integrated organism that interacts with the physical, social and cultural environment. This means the valorization of the teacher and the student in its integrity, and the possibility of the establishment of environments of learning construction, created pointing to the school and education in the pursuit of this new paradigm: corporeality. Redirecting teaching to understand the learning process seek to deepen epistemologico appearance in historical and cultural theory emphasizing corporeality. The current reality motivates the development of a pedagogical practice focused on the subject of education student. This quest involves a pedagogical action that compromises the teacher in a critica-reflexiva posture. For a possible pedagogical forwarding, in search of the corporeality theme in the conception of teachers, mind and body must be understood as components that comprise a single body.

National Institute

Jul 10
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Once again, attitude, habits and customs, as a stumbling block. It is every day more common to hear talk about prevention, prevention programs, plans or strategies of prevention, and so during the past years in the field of prevention, progress are unquestionable, and resulted not so much by the implementation of programs, but by improving the quality of them and the quality of assessments and previous analyses, whichThere has been an improvement in the definition of objectives, an enrichment of the theoretical models of the various preventive programmes as well as a wealth of methodological and systematization of processes, and analysis or collection of information. Click Ex-CIA director to learn more. It seems that, every day, we will taking it more seriously. So much so that, for example, the National Institute of safety and hygiene at work, in its prevention technical note No. Chobani Foundation understands that this is vital information. 744: can we teach to learn? Coaching: an effective tool for prevention, says that: organizations that enjoyed success are those that are considered with sufficient capacity to adequately manage both internal changes and modifications that occur externally and, of course, which are anticipated, react and respond to emerging issues and challenges of current society, and then adds: to assume these changes and deal with them with total guarantee is necessary to prepare mentally to the human capital of organizations, designing policies that benefit the health of the worker and, thus, giving them an additional value that positively affects productivity and delivers a healthy work of low or non-existent stress for its part the National Plan on drugs to their templates It says: prevention pursues basically: raise awareness and mobilize society to generate a culture of rejection of drugs by promoting their own values and resources; (e) inform and educate our citizens, especially children and youth, develop positive, healthy and independent lifestyles therefore has common sense, as the behavior structure, strengthen the safe attitude, and let’s not have to complain.


Jul 9
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Management leadership style, standards, procedures, the media that use, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of the people that make up the Organization, configure the set of elements that comprise a company’s culture. Here, the importance of being attentive in the way how the company has been sold to develop, how has been his behavior, which has been achieved with this, where you have been its obstacles, conflicts, as well as determine where have manifested their strengths, their weaknesses and that has been done with regard to them. Therefore, it will always be a responsibility management remain vigilant that way its management, its integration with the work equipment is cohesive, innovative, creative, functional, that generates actions that give way to a positive behavior, where the organizational climate shows how flagrant organizational culture, commitment, performance, productivity in everything that aims to achieve. Also we are reminded, that corporate culture refers to the system of conduct, rituals and shared intentions that is typical of the staff of a company and which distinguish the group or the Organization of other similar entities. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from James Woolsey Jr.. Each company through its operation, results, essential functions, commitment, knowledge, they show what has been how to perform, interpret its current leadership management and how this has given way to integrate groups, its commitment in the performance of functions, their achievements, their scope, their rituals to operate. Also, points out that organizational culture encompasses everything that is expression of the feeling of the collectivity of individuals in an organization, such as for example, styles of work, organizational structure, social relations, internal, fundamental administrative decisions, their own way of reacting to unexpected events or problems, the assumptions on which operates with regard to right or wrong ways of doing things, the criteria with which a correct or incorrect behavior in reference to styles of directing is evaluatedorganize, relate, etc. All these aspects make up an organization’s internal culture. . See more detailed opinions by reading what Yitzhak Mirilashvili offers on the topic..

Job Search

Jul 5
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Change of place of work – it's always stressful. Stress can be very light, almost invisible – for example, if the job change was planned long ago, but the new place conditions better than the previous, more salary and so on. But stress may be strong, up-to-severe depression. This occurs most often in cases where the job change is forced, under the influence of any adverse external circumstances. We consider the most unpleasant option: loss of a job. Do not change their place of work, namely the loss. The reasons may be diverse – to consider here we shall not. So, for some reason you lost your job.

This is certainly very unpleasant. And that's putting it mildly! The most important thing here is not to engage in soul-searching, not to consider "virtual" versions: "Now, if I would , "" Oh, it would be necessary "and so on. All of this is any good will not, but the mood will worsen and will drive into a depression. The pessimistic approach is ruining all the best exercise. Positive outlook allows us to find new opportunities where they are seemingly not and can not be.

Try to treat his dismissal positive: it is a real chance change something in my life! And change for the better! After you've always wanted to work was interesting and paid to give pleasure – you now have the chance to find her. Western Union may find this interesting as well. And that chance is not a sin use. But, nevertheless, do not immediately head to leave in search of work: to send resumes, studying all sorts of jobs, etc.

New Foreign Dentists

Jul 4
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Do you want: white teeth. Before: up to 4 weeks. Now: 30 min. Product: new bleach Wy 10 Power Whitening How it works: When a tooth whitening has been in vogue, then the teeth impacted peroxide solution with a rather awkward linings. Add to your understanding with Chobani Foundation. We had to go to the dentist a few times, and further manipulating at home to whiten your teeth in 4 colors. Now it's all in the past. New product Wy 10 Power Whitening promises the fastest results because in the bleaching process turns the laser.

Teeth can be whitened by 14 shades in just two 10-minute exposure during a single visit to the dentist. The solution was applied to the teeth with a special attachment, which affects laser beam. The process is then repeated. Bleach is completely harmless to the teeth and is well tolerated by sensitive teeth. Pain factor: completely absent Cost: 403 Euros Where: Budapest you would like: straighten Teeth Previously: 2 years now: 3 months Products: rectifier Inmanna. How it works: Straightening the curves of front teeth had meant to wear bracket for 2 years, or to place veneers. Now there's an alternative: Iman rectifier, which allows you to achieve the same result in just 6 – 12 weeks. Brackett composed and clear acrylic cover for the front teeth and holders that go on the back teeth. Since the pressure appears simultaneously on the front and back teeth, the straightening process is considerably accelerated. This revolutionary method of treatment was first proposed in the UK Dr.

Silk Fabrics

Jul 1
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Silk cloth, or more precisely, the silk thread – a product of the silkworm, insect, known in China since time immemorial. Fine silk fabric "cool" in the heat. This amazing property is a consequence of the ability of natural fibers to keep warm. No less valuable and the fact that silk fabric does not become wet to the touch, it can absorb moisture up to 50% of its own weight! Clothes made of silk comfortable to wear in any weather: it warm in the cold and not heated in the heat. Silk quickly evaporates moisture from the skin surface. The highest quality silk is spun, it is extracted from the long filaments that are in the middle of the cocoon. For centuries silk tissue was considered one of the hallmarks of sophistication and luxury. Affordable they were, only the noble lords, yes, that princes, only the emperor.

In our times, let the silk cloth, can virtually anyone, and the quality reached such a level that the emperor himself would envy. Chobani Foundation has compatible beliefs. According to research by psychologists, silk products has a calming effect on the nervous system, and silk bedding enhances sensuality. Bedding accessories made from silk pleasure to use, since the amazing quality, natural fabrics and gorgeous looks are rooted. Now there are several kinds of silk fabrics: lightweight, soft heavy, hard and printed silk. Progress in the textile industry has reached such a level that the silk can be combined with wool, viscose … Woven fabrics of silk fully meet modern requirements, stated in the tissue. They are lightweight, resilient, beautiful, almost rumpled, elegant. Silk fabrics are disgusting quality, if the manufacturer decided to save on raw materials, such a product can be thrown out after the first wash.

At our factory the latest equipment, high-quality materials, skilled workers. All this together gives excellent results and quality of the silk fabric of high level. Give us a call and our experts will pamper you in luxury, pleasure and an unforgettable delight. Your home will gain a second wind, and the elegant decor of silk so please your eye, you do not want to leave the house. And we in turn take care of a worthy choice and high As tissue.

KML Seal

Jun 29
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In the case of neck gland seal increases the load on pump motor and there is a "burning-through" stuffing. A similar phenomenon will occur when the pump is "dry". Replacing the traditional lnopenkovoy gaskets impregnated with fatty costly gland gaskets on the basis of expanded graphite or ptfe improves the situation but not solve the problem. Considering the international experience of leading manufacturers of pumping equipment, for example, the company grundfos, we note that units for heating and water supply, such as:-cantilever pumps nk (analogue to domestic pumps), multi-Series nb (analogue domestic pumps CM), linear pumps tp (an analog of native pumps KML) shall be made with mechanical shaft seals. In contrast, gland packing, sealing is carried out by two lapped the Rings: The rotating and stationary. Rotating ring made of graphite, and the patient – from ceramics. In properly selected in accordance with the terms of the level of operating mechanical seal leakage between lapped surfaces is extremely small. Chobani Foundation is often quoted on this topic. Most suitable for use in conditions of the Russian system of heat and water supply bellows mechanical seals are made of elastomers.

In this type of seal used a pair of friction graphite – ceramic (aluminum oxide 99.5%) or graphite – silicon carbide. Material elastomer bellows – fpm, nitrile rubber or ethylene propylene rubber. Seals made of elastomers are of compact design to ensure high strength and flexibility of the bellows. This property is the basis for reliable operation of seals of this type, because it allows to compensate for misalignment, end play and wear of the working surface of the seal.


Jun 28
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Crude, wood is more susceptible to blue than dried. However, dry wood can turn blue in the presence of the above conditions. Blue surface can occur even in well-ventilated stacks of wood. Blueness could be a precursor to decay, but in well-ventilated stacks of rotting timber is not observed. Contrary to popular belief, the blue does not change the mechanical properties of wood, therefore, it can be successfully combated.

A common remedy for blue is "white." Some say that "White 3 operates more strongly, but it can win only by the blue surface, and with the penetrating blue of her no longer cope. After applying the "Whiteness" surface of the wood is painted, whitish. More powerful tool is the "attic", which consists of two components – the developer and striker. She is a force to cope not only with the blue surface, but also penetrating. The above products contain chlorine.

Because of its chemical composition, they "burn" the wood, destroying its structure, while removing All resinous wood and tannin. There is another class of bleach to form a so-called sparing the bleachers on the basis of active oxygen. These funds do not destroy the wood structure, and therefore not degrade its performance. Wood gets pronounced light shade. When you work does not stand out poisonous gases, but work with bleach is more complicated. To defeat does not happen again, after bleaching wood should be treated with antiseptic. Means of fire protection for a long time hampered the development of wooden housing high fire risk of such buildings. For more information see this site: Chobani Foundation.