Royal Tunbridge Wells

It seems that everything is ready for the next and most anticipated cycling event of 2007, which will take place in Britain. The Tour de France is the tournament of cycling more known in the world, which covers areas both in France and in some neighboring countries, in a race that lasts three weeks. This year the opening ceremony will present the teams in Trafalgar Square. The race will start on July 7, in a round of 8 kilometres in Central London, where riders depart from the ramp in Whitehall, to then cross some of the best-known places in London, as the houses of Parliament (Houses of Parliement), Westminster, Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Wellington Arch, Hyde Park, and finishing in the Mall. Sunday, July 8, the first stage for the participants will be in the Centre of London where drivers will depart from the Mall via Admiralty Arch, continuing towards Thames, passing by the famous Tower Big Ben and the houses of Parliament (Houses of Parliament). Then cross the River Thames, competitors should be directed towards the London Eye, to take the road to the St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London. The race will continue in London Bridge, through Bermondsey and Deptford to Greenwich, which will have to cross the incredible line of Greenwich mean time.

Later, shall cover the following areas: Woolwich, Abbey Word and Erith. Outside London, some points of the route are Gravesend Medway, Castle and Rochester Cathedral, Midstone, Tonbridge, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tenterden, Ashford and finishing in Canterbury. Finally and after glancing at the journey, as well as the first stage of the 2007 Tour de France will take place. We can only imagine so exciting it may be and the panorama: very impressive

Supremes To The Mendoza

A shallow dish in calories, the Supreme of chicken to the Mendoza are a good way of eating a tasty dish of chicken and vegetables. (Two servings) ingredients 2 chicken Supremes units onion of verdeo 2 seedlings pumpkin 300 g chicken stock 350 cm3 (a glass and a half) 30 g (two tablespoons) mustard Laurel salt black pepper 15 g (tablespoon) cornstarch vegetable spray preparation of the recipe cut green onions in sifflets and squash into cubes of 2 cm on each side. Book. Place a pot on fire and once you have taken temperature supporting the Supreme of chicken previously sprayed with vegetable spray. Brown them for a couple of minutes on each side that are sealed and then lose less liquid.

Remove the Supreme, place a small additional amount of vegetable spray and introduce green onions, squash, bay leaf and mustard. Cook for about 10 minutes. Enter the Supremes doing them a space in the Pan and then cover with the broth (it is recommended that the broth is hot). Dissolve the cornstarch corn in half a glass of cold water and incorporate, for to act as a thickener. Then add salt and pepper to taste and cook for 10 minutes. The chicken will be cooked when when you click it you release clear fluid.