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In all the institutions still exist potential to be developed, that is, resulted better professionals who can generate more and. The search of talentos inside of the proper organization creates expectations of growth in the company and all collaborators. It is a form of awaking the spirit of leadership in each one. Instead of looking people who already if have detached in other companies to fill the leadership positions, the company must think that the best leaders can already be part of its team as a wasted talent. THEORETICAL ANALYSIS the Leadership is necessary in all the types of organization human being, mainly in the companies and each one of its departments. If you would like to know more about Warren Kanders, then click here.

It is essential in all the functions of the Administration: the necessary administrator to know the nature human being and to know to lead the people. (CHIAVENATO, 2001). The leaders influence the people thanks to its power, that can be the legitimate power, gotten with the exercise of a position, reference power, in function of the qualities and charisma of the leader and the power of knowing, exerted thanks to knowledge that the leader withholds. (LACOMBE, 2003). Thus, one concludes that the leadership in the organization is basic for the accomplishments of the activities developed in the company, assuming great responsibility to reach the organizacionais goals. The leadership is an important subject for the managers due to the basic paper that the leaders represent in the effectiveness of the group and the organization. Get all the facts and insights with James Reinhart, another great source of information.

The leaders are responsible for the success or failure of the organization. To lead is not a simple task, for the opposite, leadership demands patience, disciplines, humildade, respect and commitment, therefore the organization is an alive being, endowed with collaborators of the most different types. To lead, of a well clear form, can be understood as efficient and efficient management of the people of a team, so that it reaches the objectives considered for the organization.


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Rattlesnake – PR – 17 the 19 of June of 2008 5,2 PROFILE OF SEARCHED the AGRICULTURISTS figure 03 detaches the etria band of the searched agriculturists. Amongst these, 23.08% are in the etria band of 26 the 35 years, 42.31% have age between 36 and 45 years and 15, % between 46 and 55. For more clarity and thought, follow up with emil michael and gain more knowledge.. But 7.69% have less than 25 years and 11.54% have 56 years more than. Figure 03 – Etria band of the searched agriculturists Source: Elaborated for the authors (2008) In the analysis of figure 04 the degree of escolaridade of the searched agriculturists is observed. Being that, of the total of participants 52.38% they had not only concluded basic education and, 15.38% had concluded average education, demonstrating the low degree of escolaridade of the agriculturists.

Figure 04 – Escolaridade of the searched agriculturists Source: Elaborated for authors (2008) 7.69% 23.08% 42.31% 15.38% 11.54% Up to 25 years Of 26 the 35 years Of 36 the 45 years Of 46 the 55 years Above of 56 years 0.00% 26.92% 15.38% 19.23% 15.38% 7.69% 15.38% Illiterate 1 4 series of education fundamen – such incomplete 1 4 series of education fundamen – such complete 5 8 series of education fundamen – such incomplete 5 8 series of education fundamen – such complete average Education incomplete average Education complete Rattlesnake – PR – 17 the 19 of June of 2008 figure 05 presents the sizes of the properties of the agriculturists. Of the sample, 15.38% of the properties alqueires of total area has less than 2, 30.77% have between 2 and 5 alqueires. Others 30.77% have property with area between 5 and 10 alqueires. But, 15.38% between 10 and 20 alqueires and 7.69% have 20 size above of alqueires. Figure 05 – Size of the properties of the searched agriculturists Source: Elaborated for the authors (2008) In figure 06 it is verified familiar income monthly average of the searched agriculturists.

Enterprise Management

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organizations exist in function of the people and for serviz them, not contrary it. The forms as the people if relate inside of an organization to a large extent (at least in the formal direction) are defined by the adopted organizacional structure, that is, the hierarchic levels and the interactions between the same ones. The formal structure is necessary so that the individual work and in group efficiently is co-ordinated. The structure is ' ' column dorsal' ' of the organization, establishing functions, positions and hierarchies, affecting the degree of internal cooperation, freedom for external contacts, flow between the departmental borders, intensity and direction of communication between leadership and subordinate, forms and strategies of negotiation and the power to decide process, amongst others. From there, it appeared the necessity and the interest for the thematic one through studies on Enterprise Management, where each organization must have as base a organizacional culture, where new organizacionais pacts if they insert of ostensive form, and new forms of comunicacionais relationships are developed becoming present in the company.

This work has as objective generality to identify as if it processes the organizacional culture, from the perception of its collaborators; to observe the processes of relationships in the scope of a small business company? having as model the Sotelha Material of Ltda Construction and as objective specific, to.descrever the organizacional system; To identify the leadership model; to analyze the programs of existing training and development in the company and to ahead identify the used canals of linking for the team of management of people for its performance of the internal public. We know of the importance of the subject organizacional culture, placing in practical in our daily one, as well as, observing the necessity of this, in is inserted in the organizations as transforming agent of changes. To identify as if processes the organizacional culture, from the perception of its collaborators.


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THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PEOPLE IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THE MANAGEMENT OF THE PROJECTS. Rosangela Leidentz, AJES. SUMMARY This atigo, of qualitative nature, has as objective to analyze the application of the Management of Projects today used globally and without distinction for great corporations, governments and small non-profit organizations. The leadership in Management of Projects is a competitive ability highly looked as distinguishing so that new business-oriented projects and development are completed in the stated period and inside of the budget. Professionals who work in the management of projects will direct the prosperous development of new companies. The management of projects becomes, to each day, vital for the reach of success in the development of initiatives of the organizations. Its bigger objective is reflected in the necessity to manage projects that take care of to the strategical objectives of the organization, adding value and that they result in the considered benefits and so that this occurs is necessary that performance of the people in the total context of company. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Projects, Management and People.

1. INTRODUCTION planned Enterprise that consists of a set of interrelated actions and coordinates, for reach of objectives and results, inside of the limits of a budget and a period of given time. (ONU, 1984). The present article sample that the power to decide process in the organizations if converts into the essence of the managemental ability, where the responsibility of the manager is to decide the best alternative for each moment where if it finds the organization, in order to guarantee the results waited in the work of the people (collaborating). It has for general objective to identify, as if of the o process of taking of decision in the organizations in the management of projects and which the importance of the people in this performance. All the organizations depend, in greater or minor degree, of the human performance for the success.

Knowledge of the Amazon

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So that it can be a well-succeeded company, it is not only enough to have a good product, if it makes necessary to understand and to less foresee the movements of the market forces, being worried about the competition and more about its products and to make of them a differential. TRUFA DE CUPULATE DE A AMAZNIA LTDA, is located in Highway 174, the km 05 Manaus/Am. The companies in the segment of chocolates more are grown, searching if to specialize itself, aiming at to get important competitive differentials with regard to the competition. with this demands fast changes and innovator to have can grow and compete and survive. TRUFAS DE CUPULATE DE A AMAZNIA LTDA plans to bring differentiated innovations and flavors for our National and International consumers and beyond developing the cities where the local producers face difficulties to develop its products, that many times leave to produce in great amounts, due to structure for commercialization, that is, great traders who buy its productions. Forming still one it has equipped with capacity of adaptation to the changes of the environment and market, if anticipating always the competitors. Therefore, the project appears to alavancar the main potentialities of the city and the obstacles that hinder its development in the main sectors primary, secondary and tertiary. To fortify economic activities of the city through actions that promote to add quantitative economic values to the local production and the valuation of the Amazonian products in Brazil in the World.


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That measures must be made to diminish the risks of the Investments? Normally, the intention when investing is exactly to see the money to relieve. Therefore, it is important to take some cares, over all in relation the frauds, that can be prevented. It must inquire on investments and companies well, before investing; to speak with other people who already had made similar investments; to get information of state and federal regulating agencies; to never accept any proposal without analyzing minutely about what one is; to prevent investment chances that promise great returns in a space of very short time, that they seem to be ‘ ‘ good excessively to be verdade’ ‘ probably, they are not! Any investment is displayed to the risk of inflationary corrosion, with this the common consumer must be intent that any investment that comes to make, this must at least surpassing the tax of the saving. When if it says in personal finances the principles adopted in enterprise finances very start to be useful. risk of an application can be reduced, but, never eliminated.

This reduction of exposition to the risk happens for the diversification. A principle I validate and essential for the investments is that we do not have to all apply the capital in an only investment. For example, instead of buying an only action, it invests in a stock fund that folloies some index of the stock market. The person who saved and wants to invest, must diversify and follow an order and that she must take in account the age, time of rescue, liquidity and yield of an investment. All objective application income that can be understood as remuneration of applied capital or interests. An investment alone will have success if to get yield on the invested capital as the minimum possible risk. In case that it has diffidence of an investment, it consults the PROCON of the city and discovers if already claims exist on it.

The Sky

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When the things are not going well, it is the first one to dig a resignation and of surplus he takes everybody with it. If this to happen in its company, is necessary to analyze two things: 1.Sua company is not obtaining to hold back good talentos, lacks quality in the management. He is intent. It is hour to leave the comfort zone. 2.Mas if this controlling one was one of that dreams in the mind become vacant, promising even though to vender a land in the moon and everything does not leave the speech He is calm, then the group goes to perceive and will be beating again in its door. This if its company to present some competitive advantages. To create serpents is one inhabits common in our lives, independent of the color, creed, been, place, size etc We need yes to be more intent and not to open our book for any person. Some last years I was in I am Gotardo, MG, carrying through an agricultural consultoria, I could interact very in the motivacional and organizacional area of the company, but I also learned.

My lesson was in the plantation of carrots. An old employee of the company, person in charge in the plantation and cares of this quality of culture explained, me that the spraying (poison) that he made, was necessary to kill or to inhibit the plagues. The excessively well-taken care of ones were calmer, are clearly considering the factor time. What more it called me the attention was to the tranquillity that man mame look like, comparative with my running. I that I am accustomed to still wake up with stars in the sky, working at least 16 hours, only going to lie down to me very late. It was implacable, stopped to the 17 hours and alone he came back the 6 of the morning of the following day.

Enterprise Mission

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To have a good and well definite strategy, to concentrate efforts and resources in favor of the strategical planning you are welcome they are valid if the organization will not be supported by a good foundation. This base, according to Coast (2007), is the strategical foundations of the organization. Among them they are distinguished it mission, vision and values. For Chiavenato (2005), mission means a task that is received. It is the reason of existence of the organization. According to Oliveira (2005), the mission also must satisfy the environment external, that is, to offer something that answers its anxiety.

In this direction it is easy to perceive that the strategy must walk lined up with mission, a time that the strategy must reach the objective of the mission, that is, the strategy has as objective to carry through the mission (CHIAVENATO, 2005). In this exactly context, Rodrigues et al (2009) standes out that the mission ' ' it is ample and lasting a declaration of intentions that individualiza and the same distinguishes the organization in relation to others in branch from negcio' '. Barney and Hesterly (2007) strengthen the idea when inferring that the mission of the company defines what the company desires in long stated period and what it must prevent in this half time. For Coast (2007), the mission of a company must answer the two basic questions: What it is? So that it serves? Answering such questionings the elaboration of the mission is possible, that nothing more is of what the reply to these two questions. As mentioned, the mission is a foundation for the company. This foundation is so strong that it can all lead the process of strategical planning of a company. According to Chiavenato (2005): The mission functions as the orienting intention for the activities of the organization and to agglutinate the efforts of its members.

Source English

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To know if the professionals they speak or it English language was not to the boarding of the question number 6, being the presented results to follow, in Graph 5. Graph 5: The professionals if communicate in English? Source: The author Graph 5 sample that 81% of the interviewed ones say English, a high number significamente, what she points the relevance given to the language for these professionals, being that only 19% do not say the language, percentage this that corresponds the 4 people of a total of 21. Questions 7, 8 and 9 had inquired which age the contact that the interviewed ones had with the English language in the work, either through the communication saw e-mails, telephonic contact and or documents of work, in accordance with what it is displayed in Graphs 6, 7 and 8. Graph 6: Communication Saw Emails. Source: Graphical author 7: Communication saw telephonic contact Graphical 8: Contact with Doc? work s Source: The author Source: The author the results presented graphically present that the biggest contact of the professionals with the English language is carried through by e-mails and documents in the work. In the communication for email, 90% they had answered that the contact occurs frequent for this saw, remaining only 5% for the option ' ' to vezes' ' ; others 5%, for ' ' nunca' '.

The telephonic contact had balanced answers: 43% of the professionals have contact frequent; 52%, to the times, 5% never had only had contact. The results of these boardings they demonstrate that the contact for email has a percentile greater, compared to the telephonic contact. This result if of the one for the advance of the technology and the reduction of costs that this provides for the companies, since the international linkings have a raised cost, and the communication through e-mails does not generate costs for they and with a practically instantaneous act of receiving.


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(MAXIMINIANO, 2000) It is in this scene of fast changes that the organizations use strategies to become different and search ways to be lead of market. To be different in a competitive and sped up world, the organizations start to prioritize the abilities human beings, therefore a significant factor is capacity human being of the organization to establish the competitive differential in the same one. For the attainment of this status one becomes necessary to count on people motivated in the organization, these need to feel themselves important for the company, as basic factor for the success of the same one, therefore it is the human asset of the organization that coexists the oppositions of day-by-day of the businesses. (VERGARA, 2003) Therefore, the motivation in the world of the work is one of the basic characteristics for the confrontation of the complexity of the new times as well as an 0 variable that the managers cannot ignore inside of a small or great organization. (VERGARA, 2003) 6 FINAL CONSIDERAES After to analyze the point of view of some authors, in different situations and times, are impossible not to recognize the extreme importance of the motivation for the development and success of an organization, either which branch of performance will be. Some operational problems exist that occur in the day the day of the companies who well are not known and valued by the responsible controlling. Problems these that hinder the productivity and a bigger quality them products. In this context, it is important to carry through a participativa boarding of the employees, being stimulated them in such way so that they always search to identify the problems and if they feel blunt to decide them.

Adopting this mechanism to stimulate the people who know the work processes at great length, they are few the capable problems of if becoming a barrier for the quality and productivity of the company. At the same time where the motivation if becomes a management tool, it generates benefits for the company, the worker if it feels motivated, more important more and if it becomes compromissado more with the organization. More integrant part of the company passes if to feel each time and with this, if it worries and if it dedicates for the resolution of the problems and fulfilment of the goals. One concludes that, using the motivation as tool, the companies obtain to use its human resources of more efficient form therefore stimulate the employees to contribute with the maximum of its efforts. As Bateman (1998) a person when motivated it works with pontualidade to reach goals of performance. After all the surveys and studies made regarding this subject, also we conclude that the companies are if mobilizing and if bringing up to date each time more in the question motivation. In them you finish three decades, the companies had waked up for the importance of if having motivated employees, as much for the development of the employee how much for the growth organization.