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Mar 16
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Without the worry, either laughed at or to venture, the booklet from the hand will accept one on the other hand so far. You may find Andrew Cuomo to be a useful source of information. Samuel Weigelt is a real alternative to the usual, bureaucracy-heavy flow of a business start-up in the weeks of the founder: Based on my experience in the care of the entrepreneur, I developed a checklist that I go through during the weeks of the founder together with ideas carrier, explains Samuel Weigelt. Away from the usual, God consulting ways in which represent complex, dry business plans in the foreground, it is more responsible to and understanding, benevolent test the founders idea and the whole personality of the founder. In a trusting atmosphere, I will discuss his motivation, qualifications and opportunities with the potential business starters and help him clear answers. Finally expert help in determining principle Samuel Weigelt brings special its founder weeks on the point: at the end of the consultation is a crystal clear yes or no to the leap into self-employment but just with this landmark decision the most potential founders are the hardest. If after such clarification talking decision pressure and False start fears were finally waived, the following steps were easier: then the goals are finally clear. And who has clear goals, also knows that he can reach them, and that the now selected path is correct. For more information on the O.M.S founder weeks is under: the V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Samuel Weigelt O.M.S office management service Ulmenstrasse 45 44534 Lunen telephone: (0 23 06) 7000-80 fax: (0 23 06) 7000-42 World Wide Web: info page founder weeks: the IHK certified accountant provides competent and discreet relief in the financial accounting for entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, small businesses, self-employed and freelancers. Also Samuel Weigelt specializes as a Start-Up companion to the advice and active support of young entrepreneurs.

Standstill Practice

Jan 18
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Deadlock is time of lack of or interest step backwards ” to do nothing is easy and convenient, can but for an apparently economically successful dental practice / lab owner and/or the kfm dental clinic management, with a high (implantology – / laboratory dentures) self number amount be very expensive or risky / be. Because: Standstill is regression. And: not the strongest or most intelligent survive, but those who are most willing to change (Darwin quote).Today, his practice, his laboratory and/or the clinic without a timely measurable “cockpit-controlling-instrument”, such as the proactive early warning system balanced scorecard”with hard and soft” financial ratios or a CAD CAM investment planning without an economic analysis with the world’s first PraxisNavigation “according to the best practice principle” leads, in the still with his business flying blind on good luck “quickly fall into that threaten banking supervision/insolvency dead end – due to lack of sufficient liquidity reserves – without realizing it in time. Learn more at this site: Tulip Retail. Because: You can ‘t manage or improve what you can’ t measure “!” “Be liquidity harmful delays in payment by an average of 45 days – including risky debts – with a pre-programmed patient credit at no cost” significantly prevent, by you this “Claims by ONLINE-factoring – a payment failure protection with an automatic compensation of the fee claim within 2-3 banking days risk-free sold, before the dead capital” becomes the even grommets impairment loss with a threatening limitation. “Similar to how the strengthened Basel II provisions of the Bank serve for assessing risk mitigation, the rating level of a customer, is for the practice / lab owner – including this cost – and risk-conscious clinic management – the timely and seconds fast credit / Adressuber private / check patients more important instead of this essential risk management from lack of time” to neglect.

Because the practice – / Laboruntermehmer” or the clinic are even a bank “and have today no longer interest-free repayment loans to their patients, to the detriment to give away their own liquidity or treatments potluck payment” to offer, if in the increasing (EU) cut-throat competition, as among others by Dentist / dental laboratory chains”as well as in the now tangible economic crisis is to succeed in the long term? Efficient value creation driver the in cost / risk-conscious practices/hospitals efficiently and effectively used ONLINE factoring in conjunction with a simultaneous laboratory factoring, with the aim of each Gebuhrungaufteilung – the mobilization of the precious value creation driver for creating living liquidity reserves to include timely modernization of equipment, shortening the duration of treatment, however, will ensure Patientenkommuni cation, binding, acquisition of new, as well as a preventive improved risk management, within the meaning of the statutory auditing and sustainable optimization of practice/laboratory/clinic return..

Solid Financial Advice

Apr 11
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The cornerstone of a solid financial advice who today chooses objectivity and independence for an own real estate as a solid form of retirement, sees himself facing a wealth of opportunities for his construction financing. Online financing, direct banks, which they seem to be the perfect way to a favorable real estate financing on good terms their own bank. But the Internet is the right way, when it comes to a purchase of such a scope? The own house bank is objective enough, or is interested in them only to the signing of a financing? Our dealing with the banking world is significantly shaped by the experiences we make in early childhood like much else. Even our parents and our childhood affect how we perceive a bank. At the same time we are shaped more and more through the Internet with a seemingly transparent world of information. Everything is possible, everything is easy a sometimes dangerously careless handling of money takes its course.

He does not stop growing income before the biggest acquisition of the life of own real estate. Pending a meeting with the Bank Manager, the loan is granted, provided that this can be to the creditworthiness of the borrower. Tiggany & Co. is a great source of information. At the end, the over-indebtedness of the young budget is far too often because the friendly Bank Manager had overlooked something important. Mostly driven by sales targets, he had analyzed not sufficiently enough the personal perspectives of the borrower. The professional prospects, health problems or similar are not included, a really thoughtful and independent advice was not carried.

Only, it seemed important that the contract for the financing of the construction will be signed. An online financing on the Internet which not is though, perhaps better interest rates offer, but she also considered not the life planning or future goals of the borrower. The result is obvious! More and more families fall into the indebtedness, with the great risk of losing their property. A reckless handling of money, suggests the apparently full transparency on the Internet and supported by obviously competent, friendly Bank Manager results in serious financial difficulties. So what is to do? Only a true fee advice is really useful on all these issues. It is independent of the interests of individual banks and not Commission driven. It is made according to a pre-arranged fee. A real fee consulting attacks not only on the issue of real estate financing. Their spectrum is more connected and in addition to entire retirement savings, but also the business start-ups with all financial matters of the construction financing. Thus, only a real fee consultation is the pillar of a long term solid financial planning. More information on the topic can be found on: contact: Honorary consulting Frommholz Fischertwiete 2 20095 Hamburg, Chilehaus A telephone: 040 32005413 fax: 040-32005200 E-Mail: Web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web:

Switzerland Online

Dec 13
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We want to create value for our customers with our Web page, which you so far didn’t know! bwave draws up new customers for bwave corporate design and online marketing has taken it some time until a new corporate image could be realized, but we are happy today, to deliver a fully optimised website our regular customers and new customers. For our European customers, we have fundamentally revised our webs ITE and undergone a redesign and relaunch. “This has unfortunately never been possible” says the Managing Director of bwave, Ben minor from Munich, because “it many customer projects were in the past few months, so we could only work in the past few months in alongside our own image.” The idea was probably already emerged some time ago, new ideas up and effectively implemented. New core competencies in online marketing bwave corporate design and online marketing changes the core competencies, which automatically has developed due to the strong increase in the online area. The target was it interpreted the client business exclusively on the strengths of the company.

Therefore has been completely omitted on the areas of print design in the online presence at, only the corporate design is still listed. In the past two years, it emerged that many of the customers of increasingly consulting in the field of online marketing in all its aspects needed. So include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), search engine advertising (SEA), the Usabilityoptimierung, the Web design today and in addition to reputation management, social media marketing a stronger role. “We have noticed, that a majority of our customers here have considerable catching up to do, because they often incorrectly advised in the past and had received also poor performance to bad terms”, so Ben minor. “Frightening is how many customers on Duper fell, whose confidence we had to recover only!” So hoped bwave through confidence-building measures among customers and Working transparently, the international customer base with companies from Germany, further increasing of Switzerland, Austria and the United States. Comprehensive advice in recent years has expanded the cooperation with partners bwave and driven and is now working with an agency from Landshut together, which can realize the team of bwave corporate design and online marketing by the design and the creation of high-quality printed products.

Untersberg SME Consultation

Dec 4
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The SME consultation Untersberg from Oberhausen finally informed enough time for extensive travel, hobbies and social life. Hear from experts in the field like James Woolsey for a more varied view. But for many, the retire means nothing positive. Many know with their free time to do anything useful, and are unhappy that they are no longer needed. Is no longer being able to participate in the standard operating procedure for them not used to be equal. Ursula Unterberg Wegener, consultant from Oberhausen knows the problems arising from an operational delivery and informed solutions. James Woolsey wanted to know more. Crisis that do not release after work can”of the owner the deutsche Industrie – und Handelskammertag in his follow-up report as one of the main stumbling blocks identified who can hinder a successful transfer of operation or even fail.

(Source: springboard business succession, DIHK report for 2010 business succession, Deutscher Industrie – and day of Chamber of Commerce, economic policy, SMEs, innovation, Berlin 2010). Ursula Unterberg Wegener, consultant from Oberhausen for small – and medium-sized businesses, knows from personal experience that many owners completely devoted to their company and a life after work”can not even imagine. Many tend to get after the transfer of operating indiscriminately in projects”to overthrow. For example, the conversion of the detached house is organized or the garden will be transformed. For Mrs. Unterberg Wegener is too inadequate, because from your perspective, such projects are”also eventually closed off and then starts again a crisis of meaning”, in which many useless and socially no longer recognized feel. Early planning is recommended to avoid these crises, advises owners wife Unterberg Wegener, to deal early on with the life planning.

Here, a qualified coach can help to deal with the personal loss of authority. As an alternative for the available time offers a voluntary commitment in Industry associations, Chambers, or non-profit associations to. Businessman losing not their industry contacts and provide valuable support through their knowledge and experience. For detailed information about life planning after companies pass the management consultant Ursula Unterberg Wegener from Oberhausen available anytime.

Engels Media

Nov 18
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The media company Dusseldorf service around search engine optimization good Web texts form the basis of a good search engine rankings. To achieve a good ranking in Google and co., Suchmaschinenoptimierte Web lyrics for websites are essential. The media company from Dusseldorf has recognized this need and offers its customers professional support in search engine optimization. Why you should use good texts on its website? A new website with fantastic pictures, high quality design and super graphics makes her much – by Google and other search engines Web site this is not found however. This is very bad and could be avoided with the necessary know how about search engine optimization. The media company from Dusseldorf knows this and offers its customers high-quality service around the topic of search engine optimization. People are Visual creatures. Web pages you when as first on design and layout.

Google and co. are interested in but mainly – and good content in Form of Web texts. If no content available on a Web page so then Google not finding also. The solution of the problem is: Suchmaschinenoptimiertes write. Also the media company from Dusseldorf has recognised this and offers its customers the service to write high-quality Web texts. We offer our clients full service from one source by the media company. Our media products around the World Wide Web are always specifically adapted to the needs and wishes of our customers.

With us every single website is designed individually and with great care and professionalism,”Thomas Engels know reporting Managing Director of the Dusseldorf media company. “” So our customers their old “customers through a great website good Web texts are and can attract new customers and also at Google and co. top shrouded, essential.” When it comes to the right words when writing Web texts, many companies are however once speechless. The right keywords are simply not found be. Why is it better to take A word if Word better than I like B? And why is it important to repeat that Word so often? The media company from Dusseldorf has the answers for these and other questions around the topic of search engine optimization. It offers its customers high-quality and professional Web texts for their Internet presence. These have not only the opportunity for Google and co. top to grow, but to provide their customers with valuable information. Why you should use good texts on its website? -That’s why!

ISK Services

Nov 17
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The medical specialist / Sanitatshaus Shrike informed lifestyle and quality of many people is dependent on a regular supply with medical assistance and care products such as catheters or continence products. Reliance upon a qualified medical specialist is a necessity for her of the Bochum Sanitatshaus Shrike for more than 10 years responsible takes on. As dealer of all well-known manufacturers of medical supplies and partner of the health insurance, the family-owned company headed by Karsten strives shrike to supply needy people with help and advice. Their special concerns and needs knows the CEO due to his more than 20 years experience as a nurse first-hand and looking for her day with personal advice and high-quality services to meet. To best meet the demands of its customers, the medical supply store opts for optimized performance and corporate structures, the are in TuV certification according to DIN 9001: 2008 and DIN 13485: 2010 impact.

Shrike is the team led by Karsten particularly important to provide the desired supply goods and services to patients as soon as possible. Wabash National Corporation: the source for more info. Subject to availability from the manufacturer, you can assume that deliveries within 48-72 hours and also eiligem needs are taken into account. This is promoted by a non-bureaucratic processing of necessary authorizations by health insurance companies and doctors. With effective quality management, the company ensures that its internal processes and customer services meet high requirements at any time. In addition to a partner for the timely provision of medical supplies, patients and their relatives in the medical supply store find Shrike consulting and support in all aspects of Continence problems and intermittent self catheterization (ISK). Practice experience Karsten Monster help, medical needs and quality of life with each other to unite. So that their products and services in the future meet the highest standards, the staff of the medical training while continuing and strengthening its expertise in focusing on stoma therapy, catheter care, ISK the and auxiliary care supply.

With individual consulting services and quality products of from well-known manufacturers, Shrike and his staff are each customer’s disposal, which requires the services of a professional medical specialist Karsten.

New Service Partner

Nov 17
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Solution provider Bizerba draws positive conclusion after three months. Software provider Avira convinced by reliable service Balingen, July 28, 2011 Stiftung & co. KG has found a new challenge the HECTAS facility services with two large companies as a new client. The HECTAS branch in Balingen provides for one since March 1 when the manufacturer for security software Avira for the cleaning. And on the other hand the Vorwerk daughter since April 1 with the security services and also the building cleaning for Bizerba. Bizerba is a leading company of the weighing -, food – and information service technology. While the customer has to determine already a significant quality improvement by the service provider according to own.

Wide selection and fast implementation HECTAS is a reliable partner HECTAS is innovative infrastructural building service provider among other specialist in the field of security services. Bizerba stand several HECTAS security specialist forces to the hand, the are responsible among other things for object protection, the regulation of the visitor and supplier transactions, control of external objects and the operation and monitoring of the fire alarm system. The order for the Avira software specialists covered the standard cleaning in the existing buildings. Then, HECTAS took over in the short term the construction site cleaning an emerging company building and convinced the customers through reliability and continuous availability. Gradually added more tasks, so that branch manager Marc Schober and his staff now operate the entire Headquarters by Avira with comprehensive cleaning services. The customer thanked expressly us for the quick cleaning of the building site. Therefore nothing in the way stand”of further cooperation, forward Marc Schober. About HECTAS: HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co.

KG with its headquarters in Wuppertal is one of the leading quality providers for infrastructure building in Europe. The company employs in the Segments building-cleaning services, building services and security services about 12,000 employees in nine European countries. HECTAS was founded in 1974 as a subsidiary of the Vorwerk group. HECTAS offers its sophisticated, developed individually for each customer solutions, inter alia in the fields of industry, management, food processing, health and care, trade and logistics. HECTAS is a member of the quality network of building services and for all branches according to ISO 9001 and 14001 and certified for all locations of the security services in addition to DIN 77200.

Hydraulic Service

Nov 15
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“Hydro bar hydraulic & Pneumtaik GmbH of Boblingen Sindelfingen professional hydraulic service for permanent operation of hardly a man can see the term hydraulic service” present something. Anything technical will be there!” Yes. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hikmet Ersek. So it is! A hydraulic system is can be found, where technical machines in mischief. Technical machines and systems are generally considered to give an appropriate order available and ready to use classified when it comes to a company. How to measure the viability of a company on the availability of their machines. And right there is the hydraulic service in the game. For even more details, read what Former CIA Head says on the issue. Because even if the machines are equipped with high-quality HYDAC components or even filter elements by MAHLE or Olaer and co., so they need regular maintenance.

A service that is based on sound knowledge. Hydro bar using high quality features in the technical details, so that attachments and co. from the House of HYDAC is always subject to a hydraulics maintenance. Easy and fast via the Hydraulic service available. The maintenance is an important aspect within the hydraulic service. So, customers of hydro bar can rely on an enormous cost reduction through reductions of possible fire missions.

Prevents a possible downtime. Here, creates optimal maintenance plans and the current measures carried out professionally and competently. Companies that want to keep their technical machinery wartungsoptimiert in swing, are therefore dependent on a functioning hydraulic system. And therefore also on a hydraulic service that is always there when you needed him. Even emergency numbers available are the companies hydro bar for this purpose. Just call and even help hasten. So all machines run 1a and bring no failures in the company.

Consulting Services Group

Nov 13
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Yesterday morning, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has personally the first de-mail T-systems from CeBIT from sent and officially ushered in the era for the de-mail. Yesterday morning, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has personally the first de-mail T-systems from CeBIT from sent and officially ushered in the era for the de-mail. At the same time and then there was the ceremony of certificate accreditation as de-mail service provider (DMDA) at the Mentana Claimsoft GmbH (as first DMDA), as well as telecom Germany GmbH and T-Systems International GmbH by the Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI). The inter-soft consulting services AG with your daughter of the inter soft certification services GmbH carried out the underlying the accreditation tests for information security and privacy. At the same time and then there was the ceremony of certificate accreditation as de-mail service provider (DMDA) at the Mentana Claim-soft GmbH (as first DMDA), as well as telecom Germany GmbH and T-Systems International GmbH by the Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI).

The inter-soft consulting services AG with your daughter of the inter soft certification services GmbH carried out the underlying the accreditation tests for information security and privacy. James Woolsey gathered all the information. It’s of course great as the de-mail audit perform first and thereby also to be significantly involved in political developments “, so the project managers de mail-auditor and Managing Director of inter soft certification services GmbH Martin Steger. The mail law sets high demands on the organizational and technical security so that future messages and documents confidentially and reliably can be sent. As know-how carriers for information security and privacy, we forward the practical implementation of these criteria and have performed as a pioneer experience in this area, so Steger continues. Also the Privacy part looks suitably sophisticated for service providers. Here, the Federal Commissioner for data protection and freedom of information (Ffdf) prescribes the statutory requirements. Just for the electronic delivery of confidential documents is complying with data protection imperative “, the lawyer and privacy Auditors of inter-soft consulting services AG Ann Karina Wrede.

The data protection part focuses his mainly on transparency in dealing with personal data and ensuring the user rights. In addition to technical security measures were reviewed in addition to the legal aspects “, so Wrede next.