PRODATA Takes Over The Road Show Management For The Office Gold Club

Feb 23
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PRODATA the Office Gold Club an individual database solution is designed for the Office Gold Club an Association of 24 well-known manufacturers of paper stationery stationery industry, like E.g. Esselte Leitz, edding, ELBA, etc. with headquarters in Dusseldorf. On several road shows product innovations and selected quality products are presented by decision makers an exclusive circle. For other opinions and approaches, find out what SYPartners has to say. Complete data management for the execution and processing of the events in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland entrusted the Office Gold Club on the PRODATA GmbH in Karlsruhe. As a professional IT service provider in the direct marketing, PRODATA for the Office Gold Club designed a customized database solution with various interfaces, E.g.

to the homepage or marketing agency. PRODATA is also responsible for the complete operation of the database including selections and reports. Others who may share this opinion include NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. The Office Gold Club due to the great experience and the wide range of services by PRODATA as IT service provider in the direct marketing has opted for PRODATA. Through regular inspections the data protection authority of Baden-Wurttemberg and as a certified member of DDV, PRODATA could also guarantee a high safety standard. Links: press contact: PRODATA GmbH Kerstin Gardner team leader marketing E-Mail: Tel: 0721-98 171-650 about PRODATA: for more than 17 years, PRODATA supports its demanding customers as a service provider for marketing, sales and E-commerce. The range of services includes consulting, development, or the outsourcing of CRM and direct marketing processes the collection, maintenance, processing and enrichment of customer data. Add to your understanding with Hikmet Ersek. This includes among other things the organisation of customer clubs and loyalty programs or the establishment of Internet portals and client binding systems.


Nov 5
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New pressing the plates directly commit poly at least from Karlsruhe importance on zeitgeist and innovation as manufactory for advertising with many years of experience in the marketing field Agency. This also means to stay abreast of new procedures and methods and to make use of the resulting benefits for customers. Using the technique of direct plate printing and UV direct pressure can be expected now completely new ways of presentation. Whether at trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions or directly at the PoS with the direct pressure of the plates the advertising message on almost any material can be decorated visualize. If you have read about Hikmet Ersek already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The procedure guarantees water resistance, lightfastness and abrasion-resistant pressure on Plexiglas, wood, Forex, polystyrene, Aludibond, glass, stainless steel and all conceivable panels or surfaces to 4.8 cm thickness and surface are 1250 x 2500 mm. Here, the 1440 dpi print resolution ensures even photo quality. For customers, this means above all that straight pieces and Small runs fast, individual and personalized can be printed and would be significantly cheaper than this by the screen printing possible. The individual printing on cardboard or metal cans, for the production of high-quality, personalized mailings, is thus at the same time inexpensive, fast, and allows in less Edition. The sending of mailings was yet budget-dependent and is consequently almost invariably by large companies made the direct pressure of the plates allows now also medium-sized advertising options that are available to which the great houses in nothing.

Federal Chancellor Information

Oct 19
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Decision without pitch after intense discussion of the strategy especially the expertise of blue line in the area of information technology, as well as the strong focus of the dialogue was crucial. The foreground of cooperation are mainly measures for customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. The i.syde Informationstechnik GmbH from bellows in Lower Saxony chooses without pitch blue line marketing + communication from Offenbach as a new agency partner. The decision was made after an intensive strategy interview with the Managing Director. Especially the expertise of blue line in the area of information technology, as well as the strong focus of the dialogue was crucial. The foreground of cooperation are mainly measures for customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. For example, the new corporate brochure for promoting the sales. The i.syde Informationstechnik GmbH is specialized on the development of professional software solutions, especially for public institutions such as the Federal Chancellor’s Office, the Ministry or the Federal Network Agency.

A major focus is to provide high-performance database applications. For more information, the blue line marketing + communication gmbh, by Martin de bus founded in 1998, resided since October 1 in the city of Offenbach. As an owner-run advertising agency for dialog marketing you cared above all customers from the fields of software and IT, financial services, publishing houses, education and tourism. For more information, your contact: Martin de bus blue line marketing + communication gmbh, Kaiserstrasse 28 63065 Offenbach Tel.: 069 469 30 44 fax: 069 469 30 54 E-Mail:

Mix Marketing Instruments

Sep 12
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The classic marketing mix consists of four instruments of the classical marketing mix consists of the 4 essential marketing tools: product, price, distribution and communication. This known as well as 4-P mix (product, price, placement and promotion) product (product selection, quality, design, properties, brand name, etc.) The product policy is the core piece of the marketing management, because it is engaged in the development, production and selection of products that the company edited the market. It deals primarily with the development and production of products that meet the needs of the customer and increase sales. At the same time she has the task to plan the production, so that corporate capacity utilised, financial risks kept low and profit and sales are. Finally, the product policy for product and brand image is responsible. Price the price policy is (list price, discounts, discounts, credit terms) busy with the financial side of market research and the fixing of prices of the products offered by the company to the content. It also includes the payment terms (terms and conditions), which is granted to the customer.

Distribution (outlets, sales area, range, sale places, transport and logistics) distribution policy identifies all processes and decisions. the transportation of the product from the company or its production facility to the customers or end users dealing with that. She can therefore be described as sum of all measures that are aimed to gain presence in the consumer market, the sales goods. Communication (promotion, advertising, sales force, Public Relations, direct marketing) conveys the communication policy of the company to other market actors, to get them to certain behaviors or settings. It aims to inform consumers about product characteristics and-vorzuge, to actively support the sales activities. It will also bind to deepen the product or the brand. Ing.

Satisfied Marketing

Dec 4
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Sales acceleration 2.0: Happy customers to joyful new customer referral marketing is mouth-to-ear marketing. Therefore, the authentic, credible mouth is crucial for successful referral marketing. And not the sales representative, not the glossy brochure and not the advert in a magazine has also: the satisfied clients of the company have a hundred, or even thousands of times. Referral marketing: from the mouth into the ear and directly in the head that applies everywhere, on B2B purchase and procurement markets as well as on B2C consumer markets: who wants to buy a product, change the supplier, or make an investment, provides advance information. He interviewed reliable sources, researched on the Internet and ask friends or business associates. This equally applies to services. Business customers discuss frequently the services of consultancy or IT service providers, private customers inform others about their experiences with doctors: “maybe you have a recommendation for” a good Podiatrist?” Satisfied customers are a good sales person recommendation marketing is so easy! Referral marketing is not even something really new? But in the past few decades, many companies before loud focusing on the goal of “New customers” have lost the most promising route to your destination from the eyes.

Companies that focus only on new customer acquisition, risk to lose their most important advocate and recommendation donors. The regulars are willing quickly with just a little effort and care to other purchase-related recommendations. Enthusiastic customers who want to achieve satisfaction the best salespeople, must meet the expectations of our customers. If customers are to report but by itself and without asking about their experiences with a particular company, its products and services, they must not only be satisfied, but be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is caused by exceeding the expectations of the customers. This required a little imagination is a clear control Business, marketing and sales management, but also a particular setting of the entire workforce. Recommendation marketing in motion bring every entrepreneurial change raises resistance in parts of the workforce.

If people want to break new ground and have other things to do, to leave but old behaviors, they must be convinced and even the most enthusiastic of the new way. An in-house workshop “Referral marketing” with the leading referral marketing specialist Anne M. Schuller can do wonders here. Anne M. Schuller motivates people, persuade people, rips with them and inspires them. You lit the flame of enthusiasm in the hearts and minds of the people, so they fan the fire in the hearts and minds of customers. Enthusiasm by enthusiasm of the loyalty marketing workshop with the bestselling author is an experience that is appropriate also as an incentive for service providers and managers. While are in plenary to lay foundations and technical content, be in specific topics and their implementation around the referral marketing edited single working groups.