What Is A "Port "?

Apr 25
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One port is an internal address (interface is) that is predominantly in the network protocols, TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (user datagram protocol) is used for data packets, the right services to the application layer (TCP / IP model) assigned. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Andrew Cuomo on most websites. These data packets are forwarded to the appropriate addresses (ports) through in them and the respective protocols and the information contained therein by each service or protocol processing. An example: data packets that include the TCP port 80 will be addressed by the HTTP protocol of a web server (eg Apache accepted) and processed. A request from this port through a Web browser may have the effect that the web server then a website has. This website may in turn be displayed using a web browser. In general, programs use ports to each other, to communicate through data transmission over a given address (port number), in a network.

In most networks, but listening to the so-called Internet Super Server inetd or its improved version known to him at the port. Only when data arrives on a particular port, the actual network services (daemons) starts. In the above example was taken from me that the Apache Web server listens on TCP port independently with the number 80th Ports can be categorized. So-called Well Known Ports (1-1024) are assigned by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) special protocols ports. Ports with port numbers greater than 1024 are known as Registered Ports, and Dynamic and / or Private Ports. Registered ports can of application vendors as needed for your own – sometimes even proprietary protocols – are registered. Private ports can be used variable, as they are not registered for a specific application or its Protocol. The assignment of the Protocols to the port numbers on most Unix-like operating systems and Unix derivatives – like in the case of Linux – in the file / etc / services.


Dec 13
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Search for search engine by typing a query ‘search engines’ in any search engine. Then, you must be registered in different directories. It also will give a positive result for the indexing of your website. There are two ways to register in the directories is automatic and manual registration is use special registration services in the directories. For example 1ps.ru, autoreg.ru and so on. On the Internet, these services are many, type a query ‘ Registration in catalogs.

” Just want to say that a lot of catalogs are banned by search engines is considered “linkopomoykami and sense from them do not. Especially the automatic registration of your links may stick together. Let me explain why. You pay for the placement of your site from 1 to 50 dollars, like the well-paid and the deed is done, but such registration name and description of your site will be the same in all the directories and search engines can glue them together ie effect is the same as if you have registered your site in the same directory. Yitzhak Mirilashvili is the source for more interesting facts. You can use the Allsubmitter with databases and directories, which greatly facilitates registration in catalogs and most recorded Edit title and description of your site is very convenient. In my opinion the most effective way of registration in the directories is manual. Will be difficult and long, for what will be the result. First you choose the correct directory (it for one thing to check) it can be done as easily dial overgrown “directories, check directories” and you’ll find a bunch of directories.

Secondly every time you register, you can change the name so as a description of your site, in avoid gluing options. Can also register for special services registration in catalogs and from there to register with the directories manually. Another way to increase the citation is to register on the forums. Take advantage of a special program to register for the forums is XRumep 2.9. Forums are very well cited, and therefore cited and your site. Feed ads just affects the citation and traffic to your site. There are many special programs for delivery of your ads. Link exchange is very important, this gives a basis weight to your site. The most important thing is the exchange of thematic links and believe you will succeed in promoting your site. Organize RSS-broadcast material from your site and register your RSS-feed in RSS-directories. This allows you to publish announcements of your content on other sites. Add the website for the ratings. Add the website for social bookmarking as well affect the citation and traffic to your site. Write two or three articles on your site and add them to article directories. Do not forget to insert the page number links to your site. Is there another way is to buy links home or internal pages of your site through the exchange of purchase and sale options. Yes it’s effective, but search engines have begun to combat this phenomenon, and if you notice, you will be removed from the index altogether, so that careful with it. A calculate it easily. Service options give you the code as a script that finds and search engine. I recommend that the system MainLink, there is a possibility spacers links manually, it is safe.

Layout Coder

Oct 19
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To layouts look more clearly placed in them any content. In the slang of designers such content is a fish. If the customer is satisfied appearance of patterns, then comes the next phase of development – layout pages. Layout Coder receives layout templates in the form of conventional images, or broken into layers. His task – turn them into hypertext Web page, complete with them individually cut and prepared for web images. One of the hardest moments in the coder is to ensure compatibility with multiple browsers – programs for viewing Web pages. Web-programming to the programmers come ready-made templates and instructions page designers to work and the organization of site elements. The programmer creates a policy basis for the site, making it from scratch, using a framework or CMS. 4Moms is full of insight into the issues.

The choice of programming language in this case – the question unimportant. Safety There are many sites that are significant resources. On these resources can be located users' personal data (such as personal correspondence, addresses, phone numbers) or financial information (such as banking sites). Breaking these resources may result in financial losses as a direct and indirect, associated with dissemination of confidential information or simply an attacker can damage the contents of the site. For many sites it is important to provide some level of security. The required level of security depends largely on from settling down on the site. The advantages that accrue from the company Web site, it always advertising with the power itself, the creation of the site is already advertising action, attention to your company. Having paid once for creation site, you get constant use their own vehicle for marketing activities.

Source of detailed and relevant information about the company's Web site – is primarily of information representation in the network. Internet is available 24 hours a day. During this time, your business can be found dozens of potential clients, and without your direct involvement.


Apr 1
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Here you can see any TV channel characteristics, such as the country broadcasting language or anything else, as well as descriptions of channels. Some services provide program guide, some provide the ability to create a list of favorite channels and so on. Often have the option of searching TV channels by name. All this makes the Internet TV is really convenient. Konchno same bezapilyatsionno to claim absolute superiority of IPTV over normal TV can not.

Since negative It also points to spare. First, the Internet TV services are endless, but they are a special quality do not differ. It often happens that of all the broadcast channels are played very few, so how bad service is moderated. In general, if you type in a search engine query "online tv" you'll find very few really handy resource. If you set a goal to find a really good and comfortable TV-portal that enables watch TV channels in online mode, then the best solution would be to look for any new resources. Interestingly, even as among them can be found fairly good projects. A good example of such a service yaslyaetsya service Online TV – MY-TVset.ru.

It absolutely meets all quality requirements. Administrators are constantly monitoring the health of each channel, thanks to all the threads, mostly, always working. His main advantage is the convenient system navikatsii and functionality: You can watch your favorite TV show while pereklyuchtsya around the menus, login, register, go to the Bookmarks menu, change settings, watch a TV program while not interrupting view broadcast. It's almost like watching one channel on TV and at the same time clicking through other channels until you find what you need. Online TV year after year becoming more popular, many new services, the quality of translations is growing. It is quite possible that in future we will look at favorite shows via online TV, but not on TV. Therefore, if your soidenenie the Internet allows, but does not broadcast on TV channels that you would like to see, look at their online TV service and have fun!

Buzz Followers

May 10
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The concept of a Followers and a following is the same, but with the advantage that immediately you can integrate your list of email contacts to participate, just do not mention 140 characters express ideas, then micro-blogging may not apply, allows you to embed videos and be seen in the same message without leaving the page from a URL, is friendly and easy. I think that summarizes Buzz, however not without its bad stuff, which is that you answer each message appears in your Inbox, which can turn something boring if you use the mail in a more work, less fun, it is clear that this can be solved with a filter. So here’s the topic of buzz, now, the phenomenon that today something interesting, some twitter it was worrying to see how within the network there were many islands and more community is that there will not be productive (or at least for me) to be in service and always goes niches or families that can never arrived, and start really matters: what to use and why? This I should think each person in your house from your laptop, PC, mac or you have, personally I do not have the options, made use Twitter, Facebook and linked in. Now Buzz, as it will try and see if I can post from one at all. Because this proposal would be the ideal of community, which opened and allowed everyone connected with ALL, because there are a few that allow it, but not about the new Google, and it is obvious that everyone wants to be the favorite among Internet commented, a the ego is still above the benefit to humans (transcendental this).

What is clear is that Google buzz is the result of a failed Wave, or at least so it seems, it has several similar characteristics suggest that the issue of wave is not going to evolve, in fact I gave all my invitations and When you do not know who has sent messages there. There happened to them the same? Something interesting that we detected between those who were testing the service and wanted to integrate it with Twitter, it’s not working the import of what I publish on Twitter Buzz actually expect that this will soon be solved if only I see entries in one place , or if Twitter is encouraged to stop import messages from buzz. In short, the possibilities are many, only experience and time will tell how successful was this new accessory from Google.

Eduardo Galeano

Feb 7
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The current economic crisis shows the dismal failure of the free market, elegantly called Centennial capitalism society. As Eduardo Galeano wrote, the market will have to ask for forgiveness on his knees to the world because it has been a relentless God has led us to disaster. That market is supported by the Calvinist culture of success and in the production of luxury as a legitimate target, injected hundreds of billions of dollars in the pockets of the foxes that esquilmaron the henhouse, but allows that they die of hunger or AIDS millions of human beings, and professes the faith of saithe in myths as the famous invisible hand that everything regulates it and controls. Invisible hand consubstantial with the market which is the market itself, the soul of capitalism. Immovable faith of worshippers of the free market in constant economic growth as the only way of salvation will hand the promotion of opulence and wasteful practice, because the objective of the market is not meet everyone’s needs or the growth of the human being but create needs, invent them if necessary, to ensure that constant growth that yields increasingly more buoyant results accounts, because the free market was invented from greed. Not virtues human. So things, perversion comes at the end, as well as establish and enshrine an economy of smoke and speculation (which smells of crime), by pushing down the market get that people live to work (when you can) instead of working to live. And small-scale capitalism invites and pushes the lower parts of the pyramid (classes employed women and socks without remarkable heritage) to participate in the sterile feast of relentless consumption per consumption. At the end we eat too, dilapidamos, charge us little by little the planet, and many are wondering, now that we see the ears to the Wolf, if someone really thinks is that this can grow to infinity.

Text Formatting

Nov 14
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All of the above five types of copywriting one way or another contribute to the promotion of the product, but do it directly is still only three. SEO-copywriting intended more for search engine optimization. And his main goal is raising the ranking of your site and increase attendance. Speechwriting also can not sell, copywriting, as in basic public speaking driving force is the speaker, his charisma and ability to sound beautiful text. What does it take to advertising copywriting (web copywriting and rewriting) has successfully sold? What should be in paper or article to promotion The product was effective? Texts for print advertising and online advertising will differ in some details, but not at its core.

Since in our paper, we consider the question concerning the copywriting for the Internet, We have it in mind. The text for the site and requires a combination of many elements of advertising messages, here are a few: 1. “Delicious” headline. “Read the headlines to five times more than the texts themselves” – Ogilvy on Advertising / D.Ogilvi. The title should “hook” the reader and make reading.

2. Presence in the text illustrations. Many of the best copywriters use in their selling text illustrations. Illustration for the site must also name contain the keyword. Illustration of the keyword in the title is a way to free website promotion on the Web. 3. Key words in the text. Must again remember about keywords. The best option is “Sharpening” articles under the same keyword. That is, in the title, the title and text illustrations, using only one keyword. In the text need to use the keyword several times, preferably in different ways writing. 4. Simple language, clear and relevant subject. It will not hurt and sometimes a drop of good humor and irony. 5. The absence of hype. Article should not “vparivayut”! 6. Readable font. For effective online advertising font size not less than 10, “sans-serif: Arial, Verdana and Arial black, black on white. 7. Text Formatting: selection of key words, short and clear headings, bulleted and numbered lists, short paragraphs, the most important phrase in beginning of the text. 8. Article solve the problem of the reader responds to a question that he asked the search engine generates a lot of useful information. 9. A detailed description of the topic, highlighting unique or new features. 10. A call to action at the end of the text: “buy now”, “to order” and “send a request,” contact information “contact us” and the ease of placing the order. The presence of the aforementioned 10 signs albeit not guarantee 100% success but sales of the product will be provided!

Creative Commons

Dec 31
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Give your readers to include their own fantasy! And never use a license like Creative Commons – then your image just pokradut. 4. Set captcha and verify that its "reveal all" is not less than 10 minutes. If a visitor can read the captcha the first time – it means it's too simple. Complicate captcha.

Allow visitors porazgadyvat puzzle. For example, I saw a captcha, which is on each letter was drawn by some zverushka (cat or pig). To enter the correct answer, you had to choose only those letters, which were drawn seals. The whole joke is that the size of these zverushek was microscopic. Tell where fur seals, and where the pig – is almost unreal. That is the perfect example of a captcha. 5. Break down each article into multiple pages and 'Napichkivayte' its key words so that it was disgusting to read.

Have you even once read an article on multiple screens? Agree – this is terrible! Have to constantly scroll the screen to scroll, on which tires index finger on his left hand. Much easier – to break an article 5-10 pages and click. 2 paragraphs on this page – this is just what you need! Please note that the long boot (not less than 20 seconds), the next page will the reader to relax and further comprehend just read the content. 6. On any event, inform the reader through the e-mail. Once you get your e-mailbox reader (such as when he introduces it in the field comment) – immediately send him some letter (this can be done automatically). For example, report the topic for the next item. Or about the site development plans for the next 2 months. And if you do not have what him to write – it does not matter – write about how you enjoy what he reads your site. Do not forget to duplicate their email and send an e-mail visitors daily. A better – twice a day. 7. Use the PDF. HTML – it's yesterday. In addition, you can not guarantee to control appearance of your page in html, because different browsers interpret it differently. Therefore, you seem to be more convenient to use PDF-ohm at every opportunity. He has some very tangible benefits. For example, he loaded a lot slower and sometimes freezes transforming the process of obtaining the required content for the reader on a real quest! This is exciting! 8. Be mysterious. Not post information about yourself and contact information prominently displayed. A better – do not place it on the site. Believe me – you are not interesting. People sneeze, who wrote an article that they read and they never vinnevozniknet even thought skontaktuvat with him.

Vladislav Smirnov

Dec 29
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But we do not live in the U.S., and our realities are very different from American reality, and read books, the main part of the contents of which talks about how to work well at home, or describes certain gentlemen who have earned millions after reading this very excellent book, I am sorry not interested. Version with a description of experience seasoned by the Russian freelancer is certainly more interesting. Here a little more specific. Still, the experience of each individual thing is purely individual, and it is not the fact that the proposed materials such advice will do you good. The second important point about which many somehow overlooked when looking for a job, no matter what, normal or deleted. He is next! Gentlemen, looking for a job, you really have forgotten that the work – it is time transmit, for which you pay money, you, not you.

Never forget this principle, if only to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. In the third, who told you that you proposed materials will contain all secrets of remote work. Believe me, this will not happen, and you know why. Every malomalski secret or discovery or an unexpected discovery is of considerable commercial interest for its owner, and it is to be used himself, not talking about him or anyone for any money. This is his gold mine, bringing his considerable income, and all that you are invited to buy, easy to find free public access. The question is, why pay money for something, that we can take for free Well the last minute. The most valuable experience – is the one which is derived from my own experience.

You may not be until the end of something sure until you test it yourself. Look for and analyze information independently. Assume it will take some more time, and you make a sufficient number of unnecessary mistakes, but the likelihood that you will find a gold mine, known only to you, is considerably increased. Only in this If you become true professionals.

Important Marketing Tool

Oct 24
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To date, have a website on the Internet is necessary not only for the prestige of the firm. It is necessary for the development and support of almost any kind of business. Site development – an important marketing tool. With a relatively little cost to the manufacturing site, you get a powerful promotional tool to draw attention to the goods or services to your firm. The number of Internet users is constantly increasing, which means that creating a corporate Web site, your company every day to acquire new potential customers.

Studios 'artistic council' for help in making this site. Design studio "hudsovet" for two years successfully working in graphic and web design. Since the founding of the studio engaged in creating web sites and has earned a good reputation. Style of the design studio – is an individual approach to each project, the quality and compliance with the agreed terms. The Internet has become the easiest and cheapest way to get information. The modern CEO has to understand that the manufacturing site will help the company achieve greater success. Design studio "hudsovet" waiting for your suggestions! Web site design and logo design as very important. He should encourage the visitor to stay on it longer and eventually turned into your company. Important point – accommodation and support. Corporate site should be placed on the quality hosting and be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Support site should be a regular, established website is not should be abandoned.