Vitger I really want to go to study in Germany, however, some issues arose. To date, I'm a second year of high school in Belarus, the level of German – complete 0. I understand from reading the forum, I need to go to Germany to learn German courses and then enroll in college in Germany. When should you begin to execute and deal with other documents, if I want to start in Germany in September and October 2009? At the time, I will teach the courses German language, can I work in Germany? How much do I need money (for services + financing) in total? Am I eligible to choose a school German language itself, or only those schools that provides your company? Interested in Dortmund. May someone from the veteran tells the strongest school of German in Germany? Katryn Good day! After the second year of high school in the cis countries you can go to Germany only in the specialty in which learning is now (or at sister). But admission to universities in Germany must take the test on the dsh German language skills. Pull up to the required level of knowledge can be courses at the university, but on condition that a certain level you already have. With zero knowledge of the language to do these courses, unfortunately, is impossible. Therefore, you must first enroll in courses in German in Belarus and to obtain the level of B2. On this level, and 700-800 hours of language study, you will be able to enroll in college, and German already complete their education at university.


All bearings, independent of their type, should always be checked for each diagnosis (testing backlash, listening to foreign metallic noise). It may be noted that the replacement wheel bearing is a routine work, but it must be remembered, and the recommendations of the manufacturers. If you have any accompanying noise when driving or riding (difficulty of the wheels) – the first sign of "disease" bearings. But as soon as it happens depends on the quality of bearings in the first place on your luck. Plays an important role and coverage of roads (as far as bearings for cars) – is not always possible to go on perfectly smooth surface, hence the wear bearings. You ask the question: "How many bearings can withstand?". The answer – a lot and very little.

Year, and maybe even a season of active driving on the road will lead to bearing wear (whatever they are good build nebyli). From three to five years will serve bearings for the "walk and not training." Bearings can simply "kill" skating on the wet asphalt in the rain or after it. There have been cases that on the morning of the wheel roller is very difficult to turn and even a very strong your friend is not able to cope with it. In most cases you should not really worry about and experience – all fixable. I also want to note that the negative effect on the bearings have a large (Unintended) load – kicks, jumps. On personal experience I can say that timely maintenance, inspection in the diagnosis, moderate off-road riding – one hundred percent will increase the life of your bearings. Now there are many bearing producers, both domestic production and foreign. Impossible to give specific recommendations as to specific design is necessary to select certain bearings.

Construction Of Turnkey Cottages

Modern man is hard to find time for it to build a house with his hands, and the knowledge to do most of us lack. Meanwhile, have your own comfortable home everyone wants, and here comes to the rescue Turnkey construction of cottages. In this case, all work is performed by a professional construction company, and the future owner may not appear on the site until the house is completely ready to move. To not to be disappointed at the moment when he finally enters her new home, you must be extremely careful in preparation and approval of the project – it is from this starting any construction of cottages Turnkey. Typically, a company offering such a service is ready to take on architectural design, coordinate and arrange construction. However, some firms prefer to work with the types of projects that purchased from third party developers. Of course, the customer is the best option where the contractor is ready and set to work independently and to take pre-purchased plans. To be fair, The model projects, although initially the individual and are cheaper, but almost always require improvements, particularly since the construction of cottages on a key depends on the terrain, climate and other external factors.

Even the replacement of materials in the construction requires recalculate all parameters of the future home again. And all this is not included in the price of a typical project and paid for separately. An important step is the preparation and budgeting. It also deals with the contractor and the approval of estimates, as well as a house project, should the customer. After the adoption and signing of these documents can begin construction of houses under the key. Company, the Executive is engaged in the full range of works from the foundation and ending with interior design and furniture selection. Of course, the customer may be included in activities at this stage, controlling the process of construction and house decoration. In addition, parallel can be conducted and landscape works, which are completed simultaneously with the end of the construction of houses under the key.


Deciding not to spend money on brokers, I decided to register the company yourself. Experience in such matters, I had no idea, but after reading online about how there is a registration of companies, I realized that nothing daunting is not here, can handle himself. The more so to address this issue, I went for a long time, and even have had the "iron" agreement to lease premises with the consent of the owner to give me legal address (which is already something!). First, I sat down to prepare the constituent documents. My goal was to create a small firm selling advertising space in the media.

Experience in this field, I had a considerable one. So I, without thinking twice, asked for help from his former boss, who opened the safe and a friendly let me read the charter, minutes of meeting of the founders and other documents, which includes registration llc. But I think when wish I would have coped without his help, because on the Internet, today you can find samples of all the constituent documents. In the end, I prepared to register the following information and documents: – through suffering sleepless nights Name Future Ltd – selected me kind of economic activity according to nace classification – the legal address (which was taken care of in advance) – the size of the share capital (chose to start a minimum) – copy your passport (I – the only founder and CEO) – Full name of the chief accountant and a copy of his passport – the charter company – the decision to open llc.

Top Ten Reasons For Treason

One of the most common reason to refer to a therapist – is found cheating. And almost always the woman is experiencing a double burden: to experience the fact of infidelity from a spouse, and feelings of guilt. Recently time in the company believed that the guilt for betraying her husband lies on his wife: that it made little effort to ensure that its hold on infidelity. Is this correct? In fact, the causes of adultery are much deeper. Consider the most common. The first reason.

The husband has an affair, so flattering to his vanity. For such men sex – the recognition or approval of its merits or the kind of match, which can and must win. He believes that the novel "side" raises his social status. This brings to mind an anecdote about a man differs from the boy's only worth of toys? Mistress – an expensive and prestigious "toy". Reason Two.

Many men come to regard outsiders simply because they are bored. If a man is tired from work and from the wife, playing sports, he has no hobbies, he usually has an affair. Mistress for him – the same hobby. Friends who spend time on a fishing trip, who at the stadium, and he – with his mistress. This is a unique way to relax, relieve stress and relax. And the man could in no way neglected duty towards his family and not to treat sex as a sport, not to change partners. Often these men mistress goes into a "sex friend".