Economic Policy Research

In a crisis, all the developed countries are protectionist (protection of property by non-market economy methods), and, it is a beautiful speeches and appeals to various summits of the economy without barriers. So with November 2008, governments have introduced about 280 of protectionist measures, estimated at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). Protectionism doing absolutely all of the country, okay, if a country has modern production, which is temporarily at times of crisis should be supported, and if it is "fossil" AvtoVAZ, remained at the level of the 70s of the last century? Then protectionism is bordered on madness – just for the money wind. Such production should not defend, but an urgent upgrade, what appears to have convinced the Russian government. Compare annual production rate of machines per worker in the automotive industry: Russia – 2.5; Europe – 9 U.S. – 11 Japan – 16; global average value of – 8.

How many thousands did not feed the collective "bungler" billions of dollars in Togliatti injections of public money (not clear on that) and did not install protective duties on imports of machinery (the worsened economic situation of the Far East), anyway, as a result, staff now have to cut the plant. Moreover, losing time, now I have to act according to the worst scenario, called – "punished the innocent." Under the cut, first of all, get a simple working and lower-level engineers, who in the technical backwardness of the Russian car industry from international standards are not to blame. Perpetrators that the huge subsidies have not helped to establish the plant output demanded products, will not incur penalties. Russia – the absolute leader in the number of "most harmful" protective measures (20), estimated at CEPR. In second place – Germany (15), third place is shared by India and Indonesia (10), fourth – Italy, Spain and United Kingdom (9). To protect the domestic market in 2009, the Russian government (except automobile industry protection in the form of cash grants and the establishment of protective duties for foreign cars to 30%) also raised: the import duty on television sets (from 10% to 15%), taxes on certain types of rolled steel-alloy steel (from 5% to 20%), as well as the pipes of iron or steel (with 5% to 20%), etc. All this shows lack of competitiveness of the Russian economy, as for high-performance, modern industry, producing quality goods, are not necessary protective measures, products of such production is always and without demand. Yuri Chashin 09/16/2009

Tagish Lake

The conscientious handling of landscape and resources is a concern to them. So, for example, 90 per cent are needed energy from solar cells, and in the own small greenhouse are vegetables and fresh herbs pulled. In addition to useful tips and know-how in terms of wildlife, there are therefore for guests also delicious regional food and homemade bread. Who’s for lunch on the go, is not dismissed also without a lunch package. Away schedule and commitments every day can be completely freely. May it be a kayaking tour to romantic bays? Or a boat trip with wildlife viewing? Around the 80-kilometer Tagish Lake caribou, bears, beavers and rare birds of prey roam North American reindeer. Particularly close to get them on an extended hike. The team of the lodge takes guests like via boat to the best starting points and brings them closer to the most beautiful places.

Directly behind the lodge, also begins the climb up the mountain, whose Summit offers a fantastic view over the Lake and the surrounding forest. But not only in the summer, even in the cold season the life plays out most Tagish Lake largely off outdoors. Rapid tours with the snowmobile and quaint snow-shoe hikes are on the program. In the winter, dog sledding trips but undoubtedly are the highlights. If the seemingly endless snow landscape passes and to hear the hackles of rugged Huskies far and wide as a single sound, a feeling of boldness and spirit of adventure is even at die-hard nature boys. Apart from the diversity of flora and fauna are Canada and the only Alaska especially for excellent fishing grounds known removed a stone’s throw from Tagish Lake. It is almost impossible to return after a few hours or a day on the Lake without fishing. Especially die-hard go in winter in freezing temperatures with rod and drill, to satisfy their hunting instinct while ice fishing.