Free Edition Of The Bild-Zeitung

Mar 17
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60th anniversary of the birth of Axel Springer Verlag! With about 2.7 million circulation, the Bild-Zeitung is the highest-circulation daily newspaper of in Germany. 60th birthday the Axel-Springer-Verlag wants to cater to now every household on June 23 with a free edition of Bild newspaper. What is packaged as a gift, is nothing but more than a clever advertising campaign. At Pegasus Books you will find additional information. This issue has apparently not the message character of a normal picture newspaper, but rather chronologically represent the history of the Bild-Zeitung. A related site: crowne plaza rosemont mentions similar findings. The side effect pleasant for the publishing is that the advertising is due to the large spread, would finance the whole operation. So not really a gift, but a good ausbaldowerte advertising campaign, which affects not only people who want to have advertisements, but presented them in the form of a newspaper, but also unnecessarily polluting, since such extensive work of many is unwelcome.

Various associations and institutions have launched campaigns against it. The Association Campact has a form on its website published on the mail a contradiction can be transmitted in the Axel-Springer-Verlag. Over 200,000 of these objections have already been sent. Since the Bild-Zeitung is officially no advertising, a “no advertising” sticker on the letterbox of the postal services are ignored. Thus, this cleverly circumvented and advertising as newspaper delivered free House.

The website has launched with the online shop a sticker campaign. Sticker for mail boxes, car windscreen or other possible bases are sold explicitly for this action. The motif is aimed precisely against this action and only the Bild newspaper as an advertising medium. With these stickers, which are sold to four copies, clarify your position to the Publishing House to and increase the pressure to hot not good this action or if necessary even to cancel. Each of us stopped at a time in which raw materials are scarce, is to recycle and everyone tries to support this through their own actions, is a such Action a slap in the face. Huge amounts of raw materials waste exclusively for advertising purposes as such advertising, contrary to today’s opportunities, not goal-oriented. With these labels, the citizen has the possibility to show the flag, to his opinion publicly. On customer’s request, it is possible, send its data clean pressure to the Axel-Springer-Verlag to leave and to give also a delivery refusal for his address. All these measures enable the citizens to exert pressure on an overpowering group that wants to impose the citizens his opinion and his power.

Dusseldorf Euroweb Foundation

Feb 5
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New donation project of the Euroweb Foundation Paul from Dusseldorf is 15 years and suffers from spastic paralysis. Since this school year, he is a member in the canoe school sports club. It is possible Paul about the sport, to meet other people at eye level and to participate in social life. However he can sit properly and without pain in the kayaks of the Club due to his motor limitation. Paul needs a kayak made for him with especially large boot opening, that finance health insurance companies but not so. A case for the Dusseldorf Euroweb Foundation with their donation project click away”wants to help. Because in many children and adolescents, requires more than the fulfilment of a Christmas wish, to make your life a little more enjoyable. Here click does not start off”and focused on their concerns and special needs. Crowne plaza rosemont is often quoted as being for or against this. This can be for example a special sport kayak, or also urgently necessary care bed. Prerequisite for inclusion in the project is that it is an elementary Need is the family not from its own financial resources can bear and accept also the health insurance companies. The new website with social media such as Facebook, the donation project builds bridges between donors and needy. For the donors, especially the transparency in the foreground should be. They should know for what and who they spend and what they have moved with their donation. The Euroweb swarms project Foundation ensures that all donations are doubled. During one click away “which make athletes such as Maria Hofl Riesch, Fabian Hambuchen, the beach volleyball player Julius Brink and Jonas Radke, wheelchair marathoner Marc shoe and racing driver Pierre Kaffer on the project aware.”

Small Businesses

Jan 12
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Social media seminar in Augsburg, Germany on 23 March 2011 Augsburg, 14.2.2011. To know more about this subject visit crowne plaza rosemont. Social media have become a new field of Public Relations: to develop creative and dynamic strategies, stands at the beginning of a successful social media presence. On 23 March, speakers who outline – online media gmbh provide an in-depth overview of the possibilities offered by the social media for small businesses. For corporate communications, the social Web has far-reaching consequences: maximum transparency and authenticity are crucial to win confidence and sympathy, and to build a positive reputation. A well-thought-out social media strategy can sustainably increase the success of a company on the Internet.

Social media: A new field of Public Relations in social media isn’t there to feed a new communication channel with the same information, but to show commitment and to present the company alive, exciting and varied. Further details can be found at crowne plaza rosemont, an internet resource. The user wants with real people in a critical Dialog appear and interact. To build an authentic and lively presence in social networks, it requires some commitment and professional support: social media can be used to develop of an interesting website only then profitably, if you’re investing time and attention. Want discussions followed, and moderated, user up to date things are brought and entertain at the same time. Social media seminar in Augsburg on March 23 organized the Internet and creative agency outline a workshop on the topic of social media for small businesses: exemplary social media presences and effective strategies are presented and discussed. Participants receive in-depth insight into how the social Web provides companies and meet the construction of meaningful strategies to build a successful online reputation.

Organizational is the seminar on March 23 from 1 pm to 5 pm in the offices which outline – online media gmbh in the Schertlinstrasse 21, 86159 Augsburg instead. Speakers are Josef Schmaus, Managing Director of the outline online media gmbh, journalist and member of the working group social media of the DPRG, and Sonam Flattenhutter, PR editor at outline. Interested parties can register kontakt.aspx at. Press contact: Allison Flattenhutter outline – online media gmbh Schertlinstrasse 21 D-86159 Augsburg Phone: 0821 579 452-10 outline: the Internet Agency outline online media gmbh implements websites creatively and professionally. Everything from a single source with this slogan is efficient teamwork. Multimedia, graphics, film, text, programming: An experienced and dynamic team created comprehensive websites; individual wishes and needs are professionally implemented in future – and growth-oriented concepts.

Description PR

Dec 8
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Joomag – a document network for all cases after her breakthrough in the United States, are becoming more popular documents networks in Germany. As SlideShare, Scribd or Issuu include important research sources on the Internet. Here companies can convey a comprehensive picture of their target groups, by publishing company news and industry information in PDF documents. The selected file appears as article on the network and ready to browse for users. In the following we introduce Joomag and explain why the document network for corporate communications is ideal. Virtual press box to sign up as a company permanently on the market to establish as Joomag, is a regular and above all sustainable communication with target groups. So, companies can use Joomag to present their content in a virtual press box. Because the documents network company can provide free their content for all Internet users. Educate yourself with thoughts from Areva.

So can your company Publish current online press releases with information about your industry and information about their products and services on Joomag. So audiences and media representatives can check here in detail about the company and the special offers. Documents networks journalists that facilitate research work and directly reach target groups, Internet users can on the digital documents that define company on Joomag, easy access from anywhere. At Moorgate Partners you will find additional information. A virtual press box is a further publication in the Internet, and offers an additional point of contact for information about the company. So, organizations achieve even journalists who have not found their website, with the company news. To provide an optimal opportunity to monetize the content media representatives. Achieve their target groups, but also on Joomag directly. Because they search the Internet for answers to their questions and push on the contents, offer the company on Joomag in their virtual press box.

Joomag is so not only for the Press work a useful tool, but also a powerful marketing tool on the Internet. Many documents networks use for optimum range and visibility in addition to Joomag there are many further documents networks providing similar benefits for corporate communications. Each virtual press box creates a new publication and a further point of contact on the Internet. The more points of contact companies for your customers create, the higher the chance that customers find your products and services. Therefore, companies should publish regularly updated content widely on many networks. So, they directly reach their audiences. Adjusting the content on many networks time-consuming of all thing. So, there is a service that does this work for companies. PR-gateway ( to publish your company news by clicking on all the major documents networks. Company Description PR-gateway is a project of Adenion GmbH. PR-gateway ( is an online service, with the Company news and social media news centrally managed and click parallel to several free press portals, news services and social media delivered. Capturing multiple accounts for the individual portals. Thus helps PR gateway companies and agencies to get more coverage for your PR releases on the Internet in less time.

Managing Director

Nov 23
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Many entrepreneurs have the search engine not yet understood as a marketing tool even though search engines now have established themselves in finding industry as the main research instrument, most German companies are found only bad among the related keywords. This brings back a study of randomly 500 company websites were selected and examined for their search engine capabilities. Most were not even the minimum criteria, make a website in the top ranks of search engines. Gross error, such as an always same Web page title, not formatted headings, link desert or even missing links, are the order of the day. If you would like to know more then you should visit Keith Yamashita. This is an interesting trend emerging: while German corporations have recognized the potential of a page optimized for search engines, the topic always still stepmotherly by the medium. It is just the middle class that benefits from a good positioning in the search engines. Tim Schigel is full of insight into the issues.

Lothar Hanke,. Others who may share this opinion include crowne plaza rosemont. “Marketing expert and Managing Director of advertising + design, what advantages does an optimization of the Web site for search engines know: who appears with his information about new products and innovations at the top of the search results, win the race ahead of the competition”, as Hanke. Rarely anyone more than up to the third result page on Google research”. A so called on-page optimization can”, so an optimization of the Web site itself, lead to amazing results. Who chooses an individual and relevant Web page title, with appropriate headings tags marked the headlines and has to provide interesting information, which is already quite far forward in the race for the best seats. The additional fine tuning is concerned then the so called off-page optimization”, so the optimization of Web page to the outside.

This includes a reasonable link and press work. Here, so-called corporate blogs”proved very useful. Regular contact with a company with its customers using a blog as a highly effective online marketing strategy turned out. Advertising + design, Office of communications and marketing is a full service advertising agency from Arnsberg. Specializing in the planning and development of corporate identities, to the production of documents and preparation of marketing strategies, is located us on the success of our customers. With a customized media planning, we define target groups and offer solutions, efficiently and cost-effectively to achieve this. Press contact: Advertising + design Office of communications and marketing at the ancient monastery of 55 59823 Arnsberg Tel: + 49 (2931) 16676 fax: + 49 (2931) 530276 press: eMail: Internet:

Chief Creative Officer

Feb 6
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To Western ears, it sounds like not much. But in a low wage market, this means an enormous purchasing power. And that’s why foreign brands should focus on this income layer. Knowledge is essential to understand the market. Although China looks at first glance very homogeneous, because the largest part of the same ethnic group’s population belongs to the Han Chinese. In fact, there are 26 different ethnic groups in China. The more you take this country under the microscope, it appears more complex. It divides the market into North and South? In town and country? Megacities and large cities? Rice and pasta? In fact, each of these factors must be considered.

And many more. Only the traditional to Western analysis approach, devoted only quantifiable social and economic groups, does not work in China. In Chongqing, the largest city in the world, like flopping a promotional message, the same succeed in Shanghai. This has to do also with the strong with the geographical location and political history segmented consumer habits and different culturally distinct media reception. Best tools in the market and sentiment analysis of the target groups, the Internet offers Chinese habits.

This a media channel stands out in particular: the blog. Meanwhile, every 30 Chinese in blogs is active. And the thousands online diaries provide comprehensive insights into the minds of your target group, despite State control. Companies in the whole bandwidth, what the Chinese really think here. Regardless of whether they are private, a brand, a product, or a globally significant event. Millions of Chinese consumers live their virtual lives through incredibly influential social networks. Google and co. play only a minor role. Check with Ex-CIA director to learn more. Much more important, they are oriented platforms such as Baidu, QQ, Sina, Sohu and NetEase to Chinese needs. In 2005 the five official Olympic mascots were presented for the first time, were the traditional media of full praise. The blogosphere, however, expressed critical and reflected the actual public opinion so in contrast to the controlled media. At all comprehensive market and target group analyses the cultural dimensions may not come: even if China presents the currently most dynamic market to the world, the land of the middle in a way is very traditional: everything is about to build good relationships, and to give the brand a reputation. Remember who the Chinese market will open up, hence the word Guanxi should be”. “” It stands for connections”CLOUT”and the ability to deliver”. Because to exist in modern China, there is one thing above all: strong relationships. Sebastian Adam works with dynamic marketing group in Beijing and the founder and Chief Creative Officer of DMG China, Dan Mintz currently supports, in the nationwide company expansion. Founded in 1993, the DMG is now China’s largest independent full service agency. DMG is headquartered in Beijing and many Offices in China.

Social Media Guidelines For Corporate

Mar 11
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To start with a good feeling in the social media world. More and more decision makers in the marketing and corporate management employs the theme of social media guidelines. It was maybe even a marginal phenomenon that moving employees into the social networks and also about the employer or its themes spoke, a few years ago that now belongs to everyday life. It is even more important today, to install a functioning controlling about all corporate activities in social networks, and this will only be possible if all activities are integrated into the social networks also in the existing marketing mix. Tasks of social media guidelines social media guidelines are first and foremost give security in dealing with social media to employees and managers of the company and help to prevent legal problems.

The Status quo on social networks is usually identical: the majority of the workforce including the entire management have a facebook account and are quickly and easily there in the location, about Company and the competition to express, or intensive research on the competition and the market to operate. The potential impact of their utterances in social media just younger employees are often not clear. Here give social media guidelines specific instructions. Social media guidelines should create awareness of the importance of social media first and foremost for own staff. The task consists not only in the restriction of speech of the employee if that is at all legal but contrary in promoting an active holistic social media communication she organic out sustainably funded from the operational communications. Last but not least, we should underestimate that every single employee should be an active brand spokesperson and multiplier of a company, the chances of which specially makes the social media are immense! Guidelines to show the way, as the company reach its goals in social media want, and tune all employees on this way.