Useful Time Management

We know that the time is a valuable resource, but often are not conscious of it because we did not act suitably for its better advantage, next we give some advice to make more cash its use of the time: 1. We do first what we do not like: Ideally all the activities of our life we would have to enjoy them to the maximum, with effort and dedication is possible to obtain it, but in the way it is very probable to find us with situations that we do not like absolutely, then that is well first that we must do because otherwise it will become a terrible mental load and we will not be peacefully making the activities that if we enjoyed. 2. We make the activities first most difficult: Normally when we faced an examination said the opposite exactly to us but we were before the disadvantage of the lack of experience and a time reduced enough, now when we spoke of the goals in the personal life or enterprise he is different, finally we must fulfill the responsibilities that we have then the suitable thing is to begin with the most complex things because they demand more attention and energy, that decision will give a sensation us of tranquillity to the hour that we are executing the easiest activities, also the fatigue will feel to a lesser extent. 3. We organize our agenda by precedence: There are situations that require immediate attention then we solve at the moment, we never allow to leave for later what is immediate because from arises the chaos there. In the measurement that we structure all the activities ordenadamente everything will work effectively. 4. It leaves time comforts: The majority of the cases happens that the anticipated time to develop an activity extends, knowing this we we do not have to work with fit times.