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Management leadership style, standards, procedures, the media that use, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of the people that make up the Organization, configure the set of elements that comprise a company’s culture. Here, the importance of being attentive in the way how the company has been sold to develop, how has been his behavior, which has been achieved with this, where you have been its obstacles, conflicts, as well as determine where have manifested their strengths, their weaknesses and that has been done with regard to them. Therefore, it will always be a responsibility management remain vigilant that way its management, its integration with the work equipment is cohesive, innovative, creative, functional, that generates actions that give way to a positive behavior, where the organizational climate shows how flagrant organizational culture, commitment, performance, productivity in everything that aims to achieve. Also we are reminded, that corporate culture refers to the system of conduct, rituals and shared intentions that is typical of the staff of a company and which distinguish the group or the Organization of other similar entities. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from James Woolsey Jr.. Each company through its operation, results, essential functions, commitment, knowledge, they show what has been how to perform, interpret its current leadership management and how this has given way to integrate groups, its commitment in the performance of functions, their achievements, their scope, their rituals to operate. Also, points out that organizational culture encompasses everything that is expression of the feeling of the collectivity of individuals in an organization, such as for example, styles of work, organizational structure, social relations, internal, fundamental administrative decisions, their own way of reacting to unexpected events or problems, the assumptions on which operates with regard to right or wrong ways of doing things, the criteria with which a correct or incorrect behavior in reference to styles of directing is evaluatedorganize, relate, etc. All these aspects make up an organization’s internal culture. .

The Site

Oct 1
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In accordance with the related site, the consultation to the SPC and Serasa is restricted to the establishments that pay taxes to these entities and these authorized establishments only can make consultation of cadastros pendencies through telephone and/or Internet. The publication I register in cadastre of it of the SPC and Serasa is not allowed. However, the natural person can make gratuitously a consultation to know if its name consists in the list. The only way is appear in person to a point of attendance of these armed agencies of identity and CPF. Details can be found by clicking Hamdi Ulukaya or emailing the administrator. According to Brazuca, to enter in contact with the Serasa: the person who is negativada must enter in contact to know on the rank of next attendance in its city, or to visit the site If the natural person will be registered in cadastre in this agency – the great majority of the commercial establishments and banks register in cadastre consult it of the SPC and Serasa before accepting checks, opening new accounts, to accept parcelamento – will be very difficult to get credits, to have banking account, to use check for payment of goods and services, also another operator of credit card that has not placed its name in the Institution blocks the use of this service, what it is a crime and a desrespeitosa attitude with customer. Thus being, alone he has a way it customer to solve the problem and to clean its name next to the SPC and the Serasa: 1.Pagando the debt: Thus, after the natural person to quit the pendency, the SPC and Serasa have five days to remove the name of the person of its cadastros. If to pass of five days, these agencies can answer for actions at law, as, for example, moral suit for damages. 2.Por result of the stated period five year: In this direction justice establishes that no natural person can have its name in it registers in cadastre five years for more than.


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The participation of the 20 bigger banks in operation in Brazil jumped in ten years (between 1996 and 2006) of 72% for 86% of the banking assets. the institutions had been intent in the regions South and Southeastern, that represent 84% of the credit bank clerk (given of 2006). This sample a jump of 15,9% on the parcel observed in 1997, of 73%.Paralelamente, in the same period, the regions north, northeast and center-west had reduction of 41,4% in the relative participation of the total of bank credit, of 27,8% for 16,3% of the national total. According to work, the number of banks in Brazil fell of 230 for 156 between 1996 and 2007. Already the participation of the 20 bigger financial institutions in the total of asset of the system went up of 72% for 86,4% between 1996 and 2006. In accordance with the Ipea, this concentration reflects, in good measure, the reduction of the presence of public banks, that had shrunk of 32 for 13 between 1996 and 2007. The participation of the public banks in the total of asset of the system fell of 50,9% for 29,6% between 1996 and 2006. The Ipea says that the reduction of the importance of the public banks in Brazil reflects a trend world-wide, that took the privatization of 250 financial institutions between 1987 and 2003. This movement, in agreement with the text, it expressed the predominant vision of ' ' superiority of the forces of mercado' ' of ' ' inefficiency of banks pblicos.' ' In Brazil, the National Treasure destined US$ 50,739 billion to the sanitation of insolvent state banks. For the most part of the cases, it demanded of the States the extinguishing or the privatization of the problematic financial institutions, with the objective to prevent the sprouting of new disequilibria and esqueletos.' ' Concomitant with the reduction of the paper of the State in the banking industry change in the standard of competition in the Brasil&#039 is noticed; ' , it says the study.

For Minervini

May 28
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Therefore the necessary environment of external market very to be well identified. The FOOT must be a market researcher, what it demands a boarding that considers necessities, desires and emotions. The mind of the consumer is repleta of information, which they need to be identified and refined. The small entrepreneur if involves in an activity of perception and relationship, where each customer perceives one meaning distinct for each product or offered service. The construction of an international culture inside of the organizations, the obligator presence of a qualified professional in terms of international operations, of the construction of abilities is necessary happened central offices of the set of capacities and resources of the small one company, of the strategical positioning in external markets e, lately and of more intense form, the creation of relationship in the chain of international value aiming at to supply a superior value to the foreign customer.

The analysis of all these elements is of crucial importance for the formularization and execution of strategies well-succeeded in the external markets. It is intended to integrate the vision of the elements keys, being they: human resources with international managemental capacity, strategies of international relationships, international strategical positioning, segmentation of international markets and organizacional change. These elements keys closely are related and a joint analysis propitiates greaters chances so that the FOOT can in such a way construct an only position in the international markets and, to create a sustainable competitive advantage throughout the time. For Minervini (2001), to insert itself in the international market through the exportation it is a school of growth of the management, therefore exportation is connected to the commitment with the quality, creativity and professionalism. The exportation cannot be considered with last resource when the domestic market or the management of the company is in crisis, therefore if the company did not get success in the domestic market, hardly will have success in the exterior.


May 18
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Anfavea, in the October month, the six manufacturers who more venderam light commercial automobiles and in the retail had been: Fiat (24.17%), VW (21.08%), GM (19.67%), Ford (9.97%) Renault (4.56%) and Honda (4.03%). No longer accumulated of January outubro/09, market share thus is distributed: Fiat (24.50%), VW (23.08%), GM (19.82%), Ford (10.18%), Honda (4.28%) and Renault (3.90%). The industry continues with the foot in the accelerator. Ford, for example, finishes to announce investment of 4 billion to increase the productive capacity in Brazil. The sensation is seemed a race of kart where three> competitors are in the straight line with the foot glue in the accelerator. The curve if approaches, somebody goes to have that to take off the foot, but nobody wants to be the first one. However, newness is what the consumer desires.

But, will be ready it to take for house everything that will be produced? So far the reply he was yes. Although the announced Global financial crisis, the national automotiva industry almost did not give account to supply the appetite of eager consumers for placing in the garage the new car. In such a way thus, that the mattered ones abocanharam good part of the market. But, they will continue the warm sales of cars? Nobody will know to say with exactness. However, the palpite is that they must fall in relation to the rhythm who came keeping until September. Hamdi Ulukaya understands that this is vital information. The fall of the sales is not alone that must worry the entrepreneurs of the sector.

In October

Jul 5
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Therefore, in its evaluation, worse of the current crisis not yet passou.' ' In its catastrophic forecasts it even sobrou for Brazil: ' ' – And the recovery (of the Brazilian economy) will not only depend on what the country to make, but also on the recovery of the economy the global level. What it means to keep one active monetary politics in function of the rhythm of the economy and the behavior of inflao.' ' Although the opines ' ' contundentes' ' to say the minimum, Roubini is a voice that must be listened to. Part of its fame must it an article published in February of 2008 under the heading ' ' The risk of a sistmico financial melting: the twelve steps for the disaster financeiro' ' , in which it elencava the 12 steps that, under its judgment, the economy would give in direction global to a financial crisis. In greater or less measure, all had been marked. In October of the last year Roubini ' ' revisitou' ' its 12 steps. To follow I reproduce them as its author: ' ' First: this is worse as already it is occurring – to an intense increase of the insolvency in other forms of debt of unsafe consumption: credit cards, personal loan, credit estudantil Room: while it has a serious uncertainty how much to the losses with that monolines insuring of credit goes to ahead arcar of the unreliability of RMBs, CDO and other toxic products ABS Asset Backed Securities, it is now clearly that these bigger losses are muitssimo of what the package of 10-15 rescue billion with that the regulators are trying to patch the situation. Fifth: the market of loan of real the commercial property soon goes to try a similar melting to the one of subprime great risky and reckless part of these used to finance LBOs (Leveraged Buyout) great institutions as the insuring ones of credit, some deep hedge or a great broker of insurances can go to the bankruptcy, leading to still bigger a sistmico risk that of that they had bought insurances of counterparts that cannot pay.