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The program VentFax & Voice (Private version) is designed to transmit and receive circuit-switched telephone lines of general purpose, fax (color or black and white) and voice messages, combining the functions of a fax machine and answering machine. VentFax is running 32-bit operating systems MS Windows (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT4, 98, ME) and 64-bit operating systems, MS Windows 7, Vista, XP, as a device for sending and receiving data using installed in your computer modem. The program can send and receive both fax and voice messages. In the Private version provided only the manual mode of transmission and reception of messages. Taking faxes, the program will save them as graphic files (TIFF), if desired, these files can be printed using the application manager messages. With Message Manager, you can monitor the actions taken and prepared to voice messages, view faxes and send them to print. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from G.E.Corporation.

Also, spread files into folders, delete them. When properly installed the program you will have a virtual printer VENTAFAX, with it you can send a document from any application Windows. If your modem supports voice features, you can organize the answering machine. If the possibility of conventional answering machine you do not meet the mechanism can be remotely control an answering machine. With remote control, you can listen to voicemail messages received from any touch-tone phone, but to create voice menus. To do this in an editor Remote Scripting.

To record a sound file when you send or record replicas answering service as possible from any application for recording and using the built-in tools. Program also allows you to talk through the modem, without using the telephone. However, provided that your modem supports speakerphone. As a headset, you can use a microphone and headphones included in the socket of the modem or audio device to podsoedenennye computer. The program can also record phone conversations. If you have a modem with built-in procedure, determine the number, the program provides automatic number identification for incoming calls. To store the information of all received and outgoing calls is logged. Telephone directory application designed to introduce voice and fax phone is also available the Windows Address Book and MS Outlook.

Webmoney Keeper

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