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What is Yes allowed is take ideas from other writers to reinforce and complement ours. I say this, with all property, the best writers do. Through a process of research, you may obtain valuable content that may be available to its readers. When you have to make textual copies, for some reason, references to the author or the source. 4. You must write with education and not be offensive. I have noticed how, many bloggers from the Hispanic market, making copy of the Anglo-Saxon market methods, use expressions which, according to the Hispanic / Latino, culture may be offensive. Such as, proof of idiots, and other similar expressions.

Avoid being offensive and avoid insinuating that your reader is unable to survive without its article. Be respectful when writing your article. 5. Do not allow your links open in the same window or browser. It is important that the reference links open in a new window. This prevents that, if accidentally, the reader closes the window in which you are, out of the original page that was and that, perhaps, was his interest. Maybe difficult you return.

6. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Crawford Lake Capital has to say. Do not pressure him buy a product on his blog. Remember, that we are giving is useful information, fresh content that will help our readers to alleviate a need. While it is true, the information can be leveraged to leave reference links, for any reason must insist on a sale from our blog. An article should serve as a rapprochement with its readers for future trade relations, which are generated by the trust that awakens in them. 7. Do not leave the theme of your blog. All types of content that you post on your blog, shall be consistent with the theme of this. People don’t want to read about dogs, in a blog about gardening. Felix Miranda Quesada: Business Manager, public accountant authorized, Bachelor of education and master’s degree in educational administration.